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Billystorm is a loyal, calm, and kind warrior, who likes to help out around the Clan.[1] He is always level-headed and good at settling arguments, and wants the best for his Clan.[2]



"My place is in the gorge from now on. My family needs me, and this is where I belong."
—Billystorm deciding to permanently live in the gorge After the Flood, page 85
Billystorm is devoted and compassionate to his mate, and helps her when she faces trials in her leadership.[1] Leafstar does love him back, although when he suggests taking their kits to live with Twolegs to that they can be safe, she banishes him for a short time. However, she comes to realize that he only wants the best for her and their kits, and Billystorm decides to stop being a daylight-warrior and live in the gorge full time.[3]

Firefern, Stormheart, and Harrybrook

"But you know that I have another home, too. I think the kits would be better off with me. They can always come back when they’re full-grown."
—Billystorm about taking his kits to live with him in his housefolk’s place After the Flood, page 52
Billystorm loves his kits and only wants the best for them. His kits trust him and love to spend time with him as well, and they are excited when he tells them that they are to live with him in his housefolk’s house. They are confused when Leafstar tells them that Billystorm was mistaken, but are relieved when their parents make up.[1]


Pebblepaw: "Billystorm! It’s okay. They’ve gone."
Waspwhisker: "I’m sorry, Pebblepaw. He’s dead."
Pebblepaw: "No!"
—Pebblepaw grieving over Billystorm Hawkwing's Journey, page 60
Pebblepaw and Billystorm had a good relationship as mentor and apprentice. Pebblepaw loved learning from him, and was deeply affected when he was killed by a badger. She feels as though she could have saved him, and blames herself for his death.[4]

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