"We couldn't [leave you]. Not until we'd seen the wrongs put right."
— Birchbark to Tawnypelt in Darkest Night, page 301

Birchbark is a beige tom.[2]

He is a former warrior of ShadowClan who served under Rowanstar’s leadership and under Darktail as part of the Kin in the lake territories. He was born as Birchkit to Pinenose and Spikefur along with his littermates, Lionkit, Slatekit, and Puddlekit, with Violetkit as his foster sister. He became an apprentice named Birchpaw and chose to submit to Darktail when the rogue leader took over ShadowClan. However, Birchbark, Lioneye, and Mistcloud decided to leave the Kin, but disappeared. Birchbark later appeared as a ghost before ascending to StarClan.


A Vision of Shadows

Birchkit and his siblings are Pinenose's kits, and also have a foster sister Violetkit. They ignore her, however, and stick amongst themselves. As an apprentice, Birchpaw hangs back nervously when Needletail and others openly challenge Rowanstar's leadership. He and Lionpaw argue over a thrush in camp, which horrifies Twigpaw, who was being held captive. She tries to separate them, but they attack her until Tawnypelt sends them away.
When a ThunderClan patrol comes to rescue Twigpaw, and he snarls at the she-cat that she isn't leaving. Birchpaw pins her down, but Violetpaw drags him off and Twigpaw runs to her Clanmates. Crowfrost agrees to let her go, which he isn't happy with. He chooses to remain under Darktail's leadership when he takes over.
Birchbark, Lioneye, and Mistcloud leave the Kin, but since they never reappear, cats wonder if Darktail drowned them. Birchbark later appears as a spirit to the Clans, along with the other missing and dead ShadowClan cats. He fades after Rowanclaw resigns his leadership and goes to StarClan.

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"Birchbark and Lioneye told me they were planning to leave the rogue camp. I haven't seen them since."
—Puddleshine about Lioneye and Birchbark Darkest Night, page 30

Tawnypelt: "It's good to see you once more."
Lioneye: "We never left you."
Birchbark: "We couldn't. Not until we'd seen the wrongs put right."
—Tawnypelt reuiniting with Lioneye and Birchbark Darkest Night, page 301

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