"Your luck is going to run out if you go on tempting fate like this."
This article contains major spoilers for the recently released, The Place of No Stars. This also includes the reveal of the identity of the impostor. Please proceed at your own discretion.
"The training they give us is good. It gives us a chance to make the Clan even stronger. I thought I'd learned all I could, but now I see there are ways to be even more powerful in battle for my Clan."
— Birchfall to Ivypool about training in the Dark Forest in The Forgotten Warrior, page 24

Birchfall is a light brown[6] tabby tom[7] with amber eyes[8] and glossy fur.[9]

Birchfall is a ThunderClan warrior that has served under Firestar's, Bramblestar's, the impostor's, Squirrelflight's, and Lionblaze's leaderships in the lake territories. He was born as Birchkit to Dustpelt and Ferncloud in their second litter, and lost his sisters Hollykit and Larchkit as they starved to death. He was looked after by Cody while his parents grieved for their lost children. Upon reaching the lake, he was apprenticed as Birchpaw to his uncle Ashfur, and later becomes a warrior named Birchfall. He eventually became mates with Whitewing and she gave birth to his kits, Dovekit and Ivykit.

He began training in the Place of No Stars, oblivious to their true intentions much to the chagrin of Ivypool, who was a spy there. He fought for the Clans during the Great Battle, but was regarded as a traitor to ThunderClan and Dustpelt nearly disowned him, but Birchfall and the other trainees were forgiven. He became a grandfather to both Ivypool's and Dovewing's litters, he was distraught to learn that Dovewing intended to move to ShadowClan, but accepted her choice nonetheless. After the impostor is revealed to be Ashfur, Birchfall condemned his former mentor and argued against killing his body in hopes of the real Bramblestar returning.


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The New Prophecy

He is the only son in Dustpelt's and Ferncloud's newest litter, and as the Twolegs begin to tear up the forest, his sisters Hollykit and Larchkit die due to the lack of food. Due to this and his older brother Shrewpaw being killed on the Thunderpath, Dustpelt and Ferncloud find it hard to take care of him after losing three kits, and Birchkit is primarily looked after by Cody, whom he strikes a friendship with. As the Clans band together to find a new home, Birchkit becomes friends with Marshkit, Applekit and Toadkit of ShadowClan, as they were the only other kits around. He is saddened when they have to leave for their new territories, but Firestar makes him an apprentice when they reach their new camp, giving him his uncle Ashfur as a mentor. During this time, he becomes close to the only other apprentice, Whitepaw.

Power of Three

"And don't let Birchfall ruffle your fur. He's bossy with the new warriors, but you'll soon get used to it."
―Hazeltail to Hollyleaf Long Shadows, page 7
Now a warrior with the name Birchfall, he is the older brother to Foxleap and Icecloud, and he and Whitewing become increasingly close, though Birchfall is noted to be a bit bossy with the newer warriors. He and Whitewing become mates and she is later pregnant with his kits. After ThunderClan suspects Sol of murdering Ashfur, Birchfall is chosen to go on the journey to find him. Birchfall is cautious throughout the journey since he wishes to return safely for his unborn kits. He nearly drowns at the sun-drown-place, but Brambleclaw saves him. Once they return to camp, Whitewing gives birth to Dovekit and Ivykit.

Omen of the Stars

Birchfall is proud when his kits become apprentices, and he is shown to be supportive of his daughters, and does not seem to understand why they fight and quarrel since they were so close as kits. Birchfall has been recruited to the Place of No Stars, oblivious to the fact that the Dark Forest is training them ruthlessly to fight against the Clans. There he discovers that Ivypaw is training there as well, and Birchfall is happy to train with his daughter. When the battle against Clans begins, Birchfall initially hides, but decides to fight for the Clans when Ivypool convinces him to. During the battle, his mother Ferncloud and younger brother Foxleap are killed, but Birchfall survives.

A Vision of Shadows

Birchfall: "We'll take [Twigkit and Violetkit] back to ThunderClan now, so that they can be cared for, and then –"
Needlepaw: "They can be cared for just as well in ShadowClan."
Birchfall: "Let me finish. The next Gathering is in a few days, and we can bring the kits there to decide what will be done with them. Is that okay, Needlepaw? After all, we can all agree that what's most important is to get the kits well again."
—Birchfall and Needlepaw The Apprentice's Quest, page 276
Birchfall tells Needlepaw that ThunderClan will temporarily shelter the two young kits they found until the next Gathering, noting that they need be kept well and fighting over it wasn't going to help. Later on, he becomes the grandfather to Dovewing's and Ivypool's litters of kits, and when Dovewing disappears, he grieves for her with Whitewing and Ivypool. However, when she returns, Birchfall is overjoyed to see her, but becomes disappointed when she tells them she intends to move to ShadowClan. He does however, offer to escort her to the ThunderClan-ShadowClan border as a means of spending some last moments with his daughter.

The Broken Code

"But you're still alive. And your Clan needs you."
―Birchfall trying to get Squirrelflight to receive her nine lives Lost Stars, page 248
When Bramblestar dies, he grieves for his leader with his Clan. Though when Squirrelflight postpones getting her lives and name out of grief, he tries to encourage her to become ThunderClan's new leader, to which Squirrelflight snaps at him out of grief. Upon learning that Ashfur killed and possessed Bramblestar's corpse, Birchfall condemns his uncle and calls him a fox-heart who is obsessed with Squirrelflight, and argues against killing the dark warrior within Bramblestar's body, as they don't know if Bramblestar could return if they kill his body.

Super Editions

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"Of course you can do it. I'll be right behind you. I won't let you fall."
―Birchfall to Dovewing about climbing a cliff face Bramblestar's Storm, page 108
In Bramblestar's Storm, he helps his Clan during the mass flooding, and fights against the badgers with ShadowClan. He also grieves for his father, Dustpelt, when he dies during the battle.


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"If one of us is to be forgiven, all must be forgiven."
―Birchfall to Dovewing Dovewing's Silence, page chapter 4
In Dovewing's Silence, Birchfall, along with Blossomfall, Thornclaw and Mousewhisker are regarded as traitors to ThunderClan for training in the Dark Forest. Dustpelt, grieving for Ferncloud, nearly disowns Birchfall because of his actions, not allowing him to see Ferncloud's body or even speaking to him, leaving Birchfall incredibly hurt. He, along with the other trainees, take a new oath of loyalty to their Clan, and are forgiven.

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Birchpaw's apprentice ceremony
Firestar: This is a good day for ThunderClan. By naming new apprentices, we show that ThunderClan will survive and remain strong. Birchkit, from now on you will be known as Birchpaw. Ashfur, you are ready for an apprentice, you will be Birchpaw's mentor. Ashfur, you have known loss and grief, and found the strength to deal with them. I know you will pass on your strength to Birchpaw and teach him the skills that will make him a brave warrior of ThunderClan.
Everyone: Birchpaw! Birchpaw!
Reference: Twilight, page 113

Personality and Relationships

Birchfall is playful and witty. As apprentices, Whitewing requested to delay her warrior ceremony to stay with Birchfall, and they later became mates. Birchfall respects his daughters as his equals and often shares dry jokes with them. For more of Birchfall's personality and relationships, click here!


Birchfall is one of the few kits of Dustpelt and Ferncloud who survived to adulthood. Birchfall's mate is Whitewing, and Dovewing and Ivypool are their children. For more of Birchfall's family, click here!



Author statements

  • One of Kate's favorite warrior names is Birchfall.[10]


  • He has been mistakenly referred to as gray both as a kit and apprentice,[11] and mistakenly called tawny.[12]
  • Birchfall, Mousewhisker, and Blossomfall are mentioned to have fought on the side of the Dark Forest,[13] when in fact, they hid when the battle started until Ivypool convinced them to fight for the Clans.[14]


Ferncloud: "It's time you got some sleep, little one. We have a long journey ahead of us tomorrow."
Birchkit: "Can Toadkit, Applekit, and Marshkit come too?"
Tallpoppy: "No, we belong to ShadowClan. We'll have our own territory now."
Birchkit: "But that's not fair! If they can't come, I don't want to go."
Ferncloud: "Don't be so silly. That's the warrior code. When you're apprentices, you'll meet again at Gatherings."
Toadkit: "It won't be the same."
Birchkit: "And there are no other ThunderClan kits for me to play with."
—Birchkit reluctant to leave his new friends Starlight, pages 109-110

"I can't believe I'm finally an apprentice. I've been dreaming of this for moons!"
―Birchpaw about becoming an apprentice Secrets of the Clans, page 109

Birchfall: "Ow!"
Jaypaw: "If I don't get the thorn out, it's going to hurt a lot more. It's not that big."
Birchfall: "That's because most of it is buried in my paw! It's amazing I made it back to camp at all. Ow! I told you it was huge!"
Jaypaw: "Not exactly deadly though."
Birchfall: "You're not very sympathetic for a medicine cat."
Jaypaw: "I'm here to heal you. If you want sympathy, go to the nursery."
—Birchfall with a thorn stuck in his pad Dark River, page 99

"Birchfall always liked to pretend he was vastly wise and experienced compared with apprentices but Jaypaw hadn't forgotten the fuss he'd made over getting a thorn in his paw."
―Jaypaw's thoughts about Birchfall Dark River, pages 156-157

"The sun came back, didn't it? It's not that big a deal."
―Birchfall to Hazeltail Long Shadows, page 9

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