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In The New Prophecy arc


Birchkit is born in Dustpelt's and Ferncloud's second litter of kits with his two sisters, Hollykit and Larchkit. Birchkit is first seen bounding out of the nursery with his sisters to get a closer look at the visitor, Ravenpaw. Ferncloud tells her kits about Ravenpaw and that he lives at the farm, and Birchkit asks if they could go there. His mother says it would be better for him to wait until he was older. He is later seen playing with his siblings, rolling around and play-fighting.


His sister, Larchkit, dies of starvation because of the Twoleg monsters tearing up ThunderClan's territory. When Ferncloud seems to give up on eating, Dustpelt says that Birchkit and Hollykit still need her and that she must keep strong.


Birchkit's remaining sister, Hollykit, dies of starvation and the cold. He is now the only remaining kit of his litter. When Ferncloud is wailing in grief and shock, Birchkit is seen near her, too worn out to even mew. Firestar promises Birchkit's mother, Ferncloud, that ThunderClan will make sure Birchkit survives. Ferncloud hisses that Birchkit must survive. As Cinderpelt looks after Ferncloud and Birchkit, she comments to Firestar that Birchkit was always the strongest of the three. She also points out that Birchkit would have more milk now.
Cody helps care for Birchkit by washing him and feeding him when she stays with ThunderClan. As Birchkit is washed, he is seen giving tiny mewls of complaint.
One day, the nursery is flooded with rain, and Cody puts Birchkit in the warriors’ den beneath the overhang. Cody looks at a distraught Ferncloud, and says that Birchkit is hungry and crying for food. She says Birchkit could manage if she chews up food and feeds it to him.
Birchkit happily helps Cody by distracting the ShadowClan kits while she checked them for splinters and scratches.
When Leafpaw gives him a half a dose of traveling herbs to prepare for the journey to the Clans' new home, he spits them out and complains to Ferncloud that they taste like crow-food. Ferncloud tells him he has never eaten crow-food before, and he eats the herbs.
When the Great Journey begins, Cody leaves the Clan, much to Birchkit's dismay. He is upset, wondering why Cody can't come.
During the Great Journey, before the Clans meet the dogs, he complains that there is mud in his eye, but is silenced by Ferncloud. When Birchkit shivers with cold, Ferncloud betrays her fear that Birchkit will not survive leaf-bare either. Birchkit makes it known that he misses Cody, asking why she had to leave.
When the Clans reach the Tribe, he is seen playing with Tallpoppy's kits, and a Tribe kit pads over to them and asks them to join the others. He, Applekit, Marshkit, and Toadkit waste no time in rushing over.


When the Clans go to their new territories, Ferncloud says that Birchkit should be getting sleep as they have to move in to their territories soon. Birchkit bounds over, asking if Toadkit, Applekit, and Marshkit can come too. Tallpoppy gently explains that they are ShadowClan and cannot live with ThunderClan. Birchkit says it's not fair and that if his friends don't come, he doesn't want to go. He complains that there aren't any ThunderClan kits for him to play with. Ferncloud tells him that's the warrior code, and Birchkit sadly tells his friends goodbye.
As they go on to their territory, Birchkit gets in the other cats' way, and Ferncloud gently scolds him for it.
When they find the camp, Ferncloud asks Brambleclaw if there is a sheltered place for Birchkit. She worries that he might come down with whitecough if he doesn't have a warm place to sleep. As Squirrelflight is dragging brambles into the nursery, Birchkit is seen pouncing on the end. Ferncloud comes over, and Birchkit immediately stops and walks over to his mother. Dustpelt starts helping, too, and Birchkit hurls himself at the end of the bramble. Dustpelt complains that he's more trouble than a fox in a fit, but Ferncloud counters it was good for him to feel well enough to play.
Later on, a hunting patrol starts to leave when Birchkit says he wants to come, too. Dustpelt sharply says that only apprentices can go hunting, but Birchkit insists he's a good hunter. He spots a bird nearby, and tries to catch it to prove that he could keep up with the warriors. Before anyone can stop him, he wriggles his haunches and jumps at a robin at the edge of the hollow. Brambleclaw and Dustpelt lunge for him, and Brambleclaw catches him first. Dustpelt scolds the shivering kit, asking if he's completely mouse-brained. Birchkit murmurs that he's sorry, and Dustpelt asks if he's thanked Brambleclaw yet. He mumbles his thanks. Dustpelt licks his son fiercely, obviously shaken by almost losing him. He sends Birchkit back to Ferncloud.
When Spiderleg becomes a warrior, Birchkit is seen bouncing around joyfully.


When someone needs to clear the moss, Whitepaw is the only apprentice. Firestar suggests that someone else ought to do it, and Birchkit squeals that he can, claiming he's old enough to be an apprentice. Ferncloud tells him he won't be an apprentice for another moon.
When Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight are fighting, Birchkit loses his balance while chasing his tail and lands in between them. He sees them glaring at each other, squeaks an apology, and bounds away.
Birchkit becomes the first kit to be apprenticed in the Clan's new camp. Firestar calls him up and Birchkit stumbles forward, shaking. Firestar performs the ceremony, renames him Birchpaw, and chooses Ashfur to be his mentor. Birchpaw is very enthusiastic about his new rank as he touches noses with his mentor. Whitepaw is happy she isn't the only apprentice, and the two keep asking their mentors to work together.
During the badger attack, Birchpaw's eye is scratched and swollen shut, but he survives. He and Ferncloud help Daisy and her kits out of camp while the rest of ThunderClan fights the badgers.


After the badger attack, he survives, but has quite a few infected wounds. He has to spend time in the medicine cat den before going back to his apprentice duties. Leafpool is very worried about him, and keeps a close watch on him.
After Birchpaw is able to come out of the medicine cat den, he is seen bouncing around with excitement. He had missed a lot of training while he was hurt, and he was seen itching to get back. Birchpaw is sent out on an patrol by Ashfur, his mentor. During the patrol, they recognize ShadowClan's scent markers on their side of the line. Squirrelflight tells Birchpaw to rush back to camp and tell Firestar. The patrol meets up with a ShadowClan patrol, and there starts to be a border skirmish. Birchpaw runs back to camp. Later, Ashfur sends Birchpaw on a hunting assessment, and they see Firestar in a fox trap, Brambleclaw, and Hawkfrost. He sends Birchpaw back to camp with him, and they call for help. Later, when help arrives, Hawkfrost has died, and Firestar had lost one of his lives.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

Birchpaw is now a warrior named Birchfall. He and Brackenfur were infected with whitecough, but they both recover and are back to their normal selves.
When Hollykit, Jaykit, and Lionkit are being made apprentices, Brambleclaw sits next to Birchfall. Hollypaw wonders if this is because Birchfall will be one of her or her siblings' mentors, but he isn't. Birchfall's former mentor, though, Ashfur, is chosen to train Lionpaw. During the ceremony, Firestar states that Ashfur trained Birchfall, and the young cat was a credit to his Clan.
When ShadowClan moves the border, Birchfall calls for help from the Clan, and he brings them to the scent markers. Birchfall fights well when a battle erupts, and after the fight, he comments that Hollypaw fought like a true warrior.
Later, some dogs threaten the WindClan camp, and Birchfall is on the patrol that chases them out. The patrol succeeds, and he returns with only minor injuries.
Afterwards, he and Berrypaw are seen playing with Foxkit and Icekit.

Dark River

Being one of the more skillful builders in the camp, he goes with a patrol to check if the old fox den is still there and standing. Afterwards, when Millie is about to become a warrior, Birchfall comments that she has the heart of a warrior. After Millie becomes a warrior, Birchfall starts the cheer for her.
Birchfall gets a gets a thorn in his pad, and is treated by Jaypaw. Jaypaw tries to pull it out when Birchfall pulls his paw back, complaining about how much it hurts. Jaypaw says he has to take it out or it will get infected. He also says it isn't that big. Birchfall retorts that most of the thorn is hidden in his paw. Jaypaw spits the thorn out, and Birchfall triumphantly mews that it was huge and that it's amazing he even got back to camp at all. Jaypaw says it isn't very deadly, and Birchfall says he's not a very sympathetic medicine cat. Jaypaw retorts that if he wants sympathy he can go to the nursery.
Birchfall is seen on guard duty when Lionpaw and Jaypaw go to look at an unusual stick by the lake. He calls out, wondering who's there, and Jaypaw and Lionpaw say they're going somewhere. Birchfall purrs, and says that they're going on a nighttime adventure. He says it reminds him of his apprentice days, and he sounds wistful as if it were a long time back. Jaypaw thinks that he loves to pretend wise and all-knowing. Birchfall tells them to watch out for foxes and then lets them go.


Birchfall's old friend, Whitewing, is chosen to mentor Icepaw, much to his dismay. Sulking, he loudly says he didn't see why Firestar chose Whitewing to be a mentor when he could have done the job just as well. Sandstorm walks by, reminding him that Whitewing was a more experienced warrior, and Firestar thought she was best for the job. She also tells him not to forget that Whitewing could have been a warrior much sooner, but she put it off so Birchfall wouldn't have been the only apprentice. Birchfall keeps muttering, but Sandstorm says that he'll get an apprentice soon, for the Clan has plenty of kits. Birchfall doesn't complain anymore, but he still looks discontented. Berrynose whispers something in his ear, and the two walk away. Hollypaw wonders what got into him, thinking he was a young enough warrior to remember being an apprentice, but he had become just as painful to be around as Berrynose.
Soon afterwards, Firestar and his patrol find Birchfall and Berrynose fighting ShadowClan. Hollypaw tries to run over and help, but Firestar bars her way, saying the two toms were in ShadowClan territory. Firestar yells at the cats to stop, and they spring apart. Firestar demands to know what's going on, and Russetfur asks why two ThunderClan cats are on ShadowClan territory. Oakfur scathingly proclaims ThunderClan never cared about boundaries. Firestar furiously looks over at Berrynose and Birchfall. Berrynose says that they didn't know it was ShadowClan territory and that he should tell them to renew their scent markers. Firestar bristles with rage and says he doesn't tell warriors of another Clan to do anything. He also says that if they checked carefully, they would have been able to tell they had crossed the border. Berrynose looks furious, but Birchfall hangs his head and apologizes. Rowanclaw adds they had stolen prey. Truly ashamed and regretful, Birchfall confirms this. Berrynose argues, and Firestar reprimands him, apologizing to the ShadowClan warriors. Berrynose stalks away, but Birchfall dips his head respectfully to Blackstar, muttering his apologies. Firestar tells the pair to go wait beneath the Highledge for them. He is later seen back on apprentice duties as a punishment.
When talking about the Great Journey, Birchfall mentions his ShadowClan friends, Applekit, Toadkit and Marshkit, and wistfully wonders what happened to them. Berrynose replies sharply that they can't be friends with ShadowClan cats. Lionpaw thought that he could see jealousy in Berrynose's eyes. Berrynose says that ShadowClan nearly ripped Birchfall's fur off during the border skirmish, and Birchfall looks defeated.
Then, when Lionpaw and Brambleclaw go to the ShadowClan camp to ask Tawnypelt if she would go to help the Tribe of Rushing Water, Lionpaw sees Toadfoot and asks him if remembered Birchfall. For a heartbeat, there's a glint of sadness in his eyes, but then he says that they are not friends anymore and he is a ShadowClan warrior now.


Birchfall is first seen happily sharing prey with Whitewing.
Later, WindClan crosses the border, and Birchfall runs back with a patrol to ThunderClan telling Firestar. Graystripe asks if they're in ThunderClan territory now, and Birchfall, who is pacing in agitation, says they've remarked the borders immediately.
Birchfall is standing guard when Jaypaw, who is angry with how Leafpool refused to push Cinderpaw to exercise, storms out of camp. Birchfall asks if he wants someone to go with him, and Jaypaw yells no before heading into the woods.
Birchfall later goes on the dawn patrol. When the rest of the Clan wakes up, they see the dawn patrol hasn't come back yet. After moments of anxiety, Poppyfrost and Birchfall walk in, Birchfall's pawsteps hesitant. They bring Sol into the camp.
WindClan later sneak into ThunderClan camp and launch an attack. After a small fight, they leave. Firestar wants to make sure they've left, so he sends Birchfall with a patrol to check. They try to see where WindClan has left, but they can't see how they entered. Birchfall guess they must have crossed the moorland border. He then says that they should get back to the camp, as WindClan is still on their land. However, WindClan has plans of their own, and they attack ThunderClan once more. Birchfall participates in the battle while RiverClan join in on WindClan's side and ShadowClan enter the fight, backing up ThunderClan until the sun is blocked out. In fear, every Clan scatters back to their own territories, and Leafpool starts treating injuries. Birchfall has a swollen forepaw from the fight.
Later, Birchfall comments that WindClan may be fast, but they're small, which meant they were easy to knock down, once one had a grip on them.
Blackstar and Sol attend the next Gathering only to announce ShadowClan would no longer be attending them and that they have stopped looking to their' warriors ancestors for guidance. Poppyfrost questions their doings on the way back to the camp, asking if ShadowClan aren't warriors anymore. Birchfall replies that it's for StarClan to decide.
Cinderpaw tells Hollypaw she's noticed Birchfall and Whitewing spending more time together and sharing tongues often.

Long Shadows

Birchfall is first seen calling for Hollyleaf on her first day as a warrior. Hollyleaf quickly scampers up, and Hazeltail says that he's bossy with the new warriors, but she'll get used to it. They leave and Birchfall wonders if they'll see any ShadowClan cats. He also says that he wonders if they've turned their backs on StarClan to follow Sol. Hazeltail defends Sol, saying he couldn't have been all that weird, because he knew the sun was going to go out. Birchfall shrugs, saying since the sun came back, it wasn't such a big deal. Brambleclaw remarks they're not going to pay a friendly visit to ShadowClan anyway, but Birchfall argues, saying that ShadowClan fought beside them in the Great Battle and they didn't have to turn enemies so quickly.
On that same patrol, they meet ShadowClan who accuse them of prey-stealing when Hazeltail almost crosses the border. He gets in an argument with a ShadowClan patrol consisting of Ivytail, Snaketail, and Scorchpaw. Birchfall accuses them of listening to a cat that no one's ever met before, and he says they're crazier than a fox in a fit. Snaketail spits out a barbed insult at the ThunderClan patrol, and Birchfall attacks him. Scorchpaw joins in, but Hazeltail drags him away. Brambleclaw scolds Birchfall for not controlling himself, and the young tom apologizes.
When he gets back to the camp, he has to go to the medicine den because of his clawed shoulder from the fight. Leafpool accuses him of picking a fight with ShadowClan cats, but Birchfall protests that they picked the fight with them.
Whitewing was noted to be getting plump, with Birchfall circling around her proudly, indicating that Whitewing was pregnant with his kits. He comforts her after the death of Ashfur, reminding her of the kits she would bear soon.


Birchfall is chosen to go on the journey to find Sol, a loner who might have murdered Ashfur. On the way, he is worried about never seeing Whitewing and his unborn kits ever again. The idea of passing through hedges makes Birchfall dismayed. Prior to the journey, he is seen murmuring to Whitewing to rest and prepare for the kitting. She replies lovingly that she wasn't the only cat that ever gave birth. He says that they will be ripped to pieces. He seems to be against anything dangerous, such as crossing Thunderpaths.
When the traveling cats stop to rest for the night, Birchfall comes back dragging a rabbit. He stumbles into a hazel bush, causing snow to cover him. Later that night, he is seen sleeping beside Lionblaze and Brackenfur. They finally arrive at the sun-drown-place, and he complains about the wind in his fur. Then, on their way into Midnight's den, Birchfall loses hold on the rocks and crashes into Hazeltail, but Brackenfur stops them from going too far.
A giant wave crashes over Birchfall, leaving him struggling to get away. Brambleclaw goes in after him; Lionblaze and Hollyleaf use a branch to get them both out. Birchfall has a hard time grabbing the branch, but he eventually arrives on land. Later, Birchfall is seen sprawled out below a fence after barely making it across a Thunderpath. He remarks that he's got all the warriors in StarClan inside his head.
While at the sun-drown place, he nearly drowns, but is saved. On the way back, he finds sheep wool and brings some to camp for Whitewing and his kits.
Whitewing later gives birth to two daughters, Dovekit and Ivykit, both of whom he is immensely proud of.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

After a six moon time lapse, Dovekit and Ivykit are now six moons old and ready to be apprenticed. He brings them out of the nursery over to the waiting Clan for their ceremony. His eyes glow with pride when they are made apprentices.
When Lionblaze speaks of how great Dovepaw is doing in hunting, Birchfall purrs in approval and tells her that she is doing well and working hard. Whitewing, who he is sharing tongues with, is also very happy to hear about her daughter.
Later, Dovepaw starts talking about big brown animals blocking the river. However, no one believes her, and Birchfall comes to confront her. He tells her to stop making up things for fun, and that she should just say she's sorry. If she's feeling ill, she should go ask Jayfeather for herbs. However, she should stop making up stories to bother warriors who have better things to do than listen to nursery tales. Dovepaw protests that it's true, but Birchfall turns away. He then attends the next Gathering, and is sitting a few tail-lengths away from Leopardstar. He lets out a disdainful sniff and says that Leopardstar couldn't look any weaker even if she were dead.

Fading Echoes

When Heathertail and Breezepelt return Ivypaw and Dovepaw to the camp, Birchfall is seen coming out of his den with interest to see what is happening.
When the old tree falls into the camp, Birchfall works hard to clear it away with the rest of his Clan.
In the warriors' practice battle, he is stopped by his own daughter, Ivypaw, when she uses one of Hawkfrost's techniques. When it is over, he and Dustpelt are still fighting, and seem to enjoy it. Birchfall compliments Ivypaw on her fighting skills, saying that they were good moves for an apprentice. He comments on how it was a good move, and that he'll be watching for it in the future.

Night Whispers

Birchfall is first seen after the battle with ShadowClan helping Spiderleg carry Firestar to the camp. His teeth are buried in Firestar's scruff and he heaves Firestar's body over Spiderleg. Later, Lionblaze is seen trying to sleep when Birchfall, snoring, flops his legs onto Lionblaze's belly for the third time. Lionblaze wishes he could sleep and he heaves Birchfall off him.
Later in the book, he is seen digging a hole to put prey in it so the ground will freeze and keep the prey fresh. Millie is seen anxious about Briarlight having to do too many exercises, but Jayfeather says she will be ok, and she should go help Birchfall with the prey-hole. Millie finally goes to help, and they work together. After the hunting patrol arrives, Millie says they have to dig the hole farther, but Birchfall says he wants something to eat first.
When Jayfeather has a vision of the Dark Forest cats attacking ThunderClan, Birchfall is seen in battle shrieking with agony as merciless claws tear him open. When Ivypaw is hungry, Birchfall flings up prey from the hole and tells her to eat what she wants; whatever she doesn't eat will be saved for later.
He goes on a patrol near the moorland to catch prey. Later, when Lionblaze meets the fox, he is seen pacing around him, ear and tail twitching. When he replies that they met the fox, Birchfall asks where while flattening his ears and scanning the area. Later, he and Toadstep bring in leaves to plug in holes in the dens. He drops a pile at Lionblaze's feet and asks if he needs more. Lionblaze says yes, so Birchfall nods and leads Toadstep out of the camp.
When Ivypaw is captured by ShadowClan, Firestar announces it to the camp, and Birchfall yowls that they should leave right away.

Sign of the Moon

When Icecloud falls into the hole, Birchfall is one of the cats that come to help. He says that they need something to pull her out with, like a long thick tendril. Ivy won't work, but something like bramble or bindweed would do. Cloudtail finds some ivy, and Birchfall tells him to wrap some around a sapling. Then they can drop the other end to save Icecloud. However, Icecloud is too heavy and can't hold on. Spiderleg offers to throw some more stones and dirt down there so the gap will be smaller, and Birchfall contemplates the idea. He says it might work, but they'd risk burying Icecloud in the process. Lionblaze then offers to go in after her, but Birchfall lashes his tail and says that he shouldn't be mouse-brained, as it's too dangerous. Dovepaw offers to go in as she's the lightest, and Birchfall wraps the tendril around her. They haul Icecloud up, and Icecloud complains that her shoulder really hurts. After Icecloud comes back up, Birchfall gives the vine to Dovepaw and she comes back up too.
Birchfall asks what they're going to do about the hole, as they don't want any other cats to fall in. Spiderleg says it's too big to fill in, and they put a boundary around it. When the patrol gets back to camp, Bumblestripe says he heard Icecloud fell into an underground river. Whitewing corrects him, saying that Birchfall told her it was an underground hole.
Birchfall goes on a dawn patrol with Graystripe, Squirrelflight, and Brightheart. He comes back from another hunting patrol later with Whitewing. They are both carrying mice. When Jayfeather has to go to the mountains, Birchfall wonders why, and he bounds up to Lionblaze asking if he told him. Lionblaze says that he had a sign, and Birchfall wistfully says he wishes he could go. He reminisces about being a kit on the Great Journey and how he'd love to go back now that he's a warrior. Birchfall also remembers that there were cliffs that went down forever, wind that nearly blew his fur off, and the biggest birds he's ever seen. Afterwards, he and Leafpool go hunting by the lake.
When Firestar issues an exercise to split into teams and seize control of the Twoleg Nest, Birchfall is on Brackenfur's team along with Thornclaw and Bumblestripe. They end up going in brambles, and his group are all missing tufts of fur. Birchfall even has a scratch on his nose. After they lost, Brackenfur wants to go over what they've learned and Birchfall, in a heartfelt tone, says they should stay out of brambles. He licks his paw and dabs it on his nose.

The Forgotten Warrior

Birchfall is initially seen when he accompanies his daughter, Ivypool, to gather fox dung to help protect Jayfeather's marigold from rabbits. On the way out of ThunderClan territory, Birchfall informs Ivypool that he has seen her in the Dark Forest, which he just recently joined, badly shocking the she-cat. The tom admiringly says that the cats being trained in the Dark Forest are learning good moves to help strengthen their Clans, indicating that he is unaware of the true intentions of the dead cats mentoring them.
Later he and Ivypool are washing their paws in the stream on WindClan's border and they are confronted by a WindClan patrol consisting of Heathertail, Breezepelt, Furzepaw, and Boulderpaw. He antagonizes the WindClan cats despite Breezepelt's offer to forgo a battle, and is noted by a distressed Ivypool to be uncharacteristically aggressive and battle-hungry. It is only when Sorreltail appears and chastises him that the tabby tom backs down and returns to ThunderClan camp.
Back at camp, his actions are reported to Firestar and Birchfall is chastised by his father, Dustpelt.
Ivypool later spots Birchfall in the Dark Forest alongside Blossomfall when a meeting is called, though they had not seen her, and wonders how Birchfall could stay there, as he is not evil.

The Last Hope

Birchfall is seen training in the Dark Forest. When his daughter, Ivypool, scents blood, she yowls for him and Redwillow to stop. Birchfall halts in the middle of his lunge and stares at Ivypool, asking what was wrong. When Ivypool snaps that she could smell blood and didn't want any injuries, Birchfall blinks in puzzlement. Redwillow then scrambles up from underneath Birchfall's grasp to show Ivypool his nicked ear.
Shortly after Hawkfrost says that Clan cats are soft, Birchfall bristles and denies the statement. Hawkfrost challenges him, asking why he came to the Dark Forest, to which Redwillow replies that he thought they brought them. Before Ivypool demonstrates a move, she barges past Birchfall to hurl herself at Redwillow.
When the battle is about to start he was shown earlier acting strange and nervous. He later disappears along with Blossomfall and Mousewhisker to go to the Dark Forest's army. When Ivypool finds them, she convinces them to fight for the Clans if they hadn't been doing that all along. Later, when Hawkfrost takes them to fight WindClan, Mousewhisker, Birchfall, Ivypool, and Blossomfall reveal to the Dark Forest they fight for the Clans. When Ivypool was fighting Snowtuft and Thistleclaw, Birchfall is seen defending a kit on the other side of camp. Later, Firestar sizes up Birchfall, and asks why he betrayed his Clan. Ivypool defends him saying that he now fights for the Clans, just like she and the others.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

Birchfall goes on a hunting patrol with Ivypool and Sorrelstripe. The three emerge from the undergrowth on their way back to camp just as Cherryfall and Molewhisker are returning from giving their new apprentices, Sparkpaw and Alderpaw, a tour of the territory. Cherryfall notices that Birchfall and his patrol have caught a couple of squirrels and a rabbit between them, and she remarks that they must have had good hunting. Seeing the mouse and shrew Cherryfall is carrying, Ivypool responds that they must have as well. Cherryfall explains that the two pieces of fresh-kill were not caught by her, but instead by Sparkpaw. Sorrelstripe is impressed that Sparkpaw had caught the mouse and the shrew on her first day out of camp, and Birchfall adds that Cherryfall had a good apprentice.
Birchfall leads a search party consisting of Molewhisker, Poppyfrost, and Berrynose to look for Alderpaw and Needlepaw after they go missing on their quest. As the patrol reaches the boundary of Clan territory near the horseplace, they meet up with the two apprentices as they are returning home. Molewhisker rushes up the slope to Alderpaw with Birchfall, Poppyfrost, and Berrynose following close behind while the dark ginger tom races down to meet the ThunderClan cats by the horseplace fence. The four members of the patrol are overjoyed to see Alderpaw. Molewhisker and Birchfall explain that when Molewhisker, Cherryfall, and Sparkpaw returned from their quest without Alderpaw or Needlepaw, everyone in the camp was distraught to think that the two apprentices had drowned, so Bramblestar sent out a patrol to try to find them with Molewhisker to guide it back to the location they went missing.
Needlepaw makes her way down the hill to join Alderpaw and the ThunderClan patrol, showing them that she and Alderpaw have found two kits, Twigkit and Violetkit. Berrynose queries as to where they found the kits and who they are, to which Alderpaw replies that it can be discussed later, but that the kits need care and should be taken back to ThunderClan camp to receive it. Needlepaw starts to protest, but Birchfall interrupts and authoritatively states that it is a good idea, and that Alderpaw, as a medicine cat apprentice, can help watch over them. Needlepaw objects that they found the kits together, and also that she thinks they are what StarClan wanted them to find. Birchfall and the others are surprised at that statement, and Birchfall asks if Alderpaw believes that. Alderpaw is uncertain, but says that they could be what StarClan wanted them to find.
Birchfall decides that for the time being, the kits will be taken back to ThunderClan to be cared for. Before he finishes his sentence, Needlepaw cuts in that the kits can be cared for just as well in ShadowClan. Birchfall silences her with a look, appearing as if he isn't used to handling apprentices who are always arguing. He finishes that with the next Gathering in a few days, they will discuss the kits' future there, but that for now, the most important thing is nursing the kits back to health and that it will be done in ThunderClan. Needlepaw agrees and ducks her head, looking subdued. Birchfall asks her if she is all right returning back to ShadowClan by herself, questioning if she should even be out alone. Needlepaw replies that she'll be fine, and sets off. As she leaves, Birchfall and the rest of the patrol congratulate Alderpaw for how well he has done with the quest.

Thunder and Shadow

Birchfall and Brackenfur spring to their paws when Mousewhisker rushes into camp to relay the news that WindClan cats are fighting a group of rogues on ThunderClan territory. Bramblestar decides to lead a patrol to help Onestar and his cats, choosing Birchfall, along with Lionblaze, Rosepetal, and Cloudtail, to accompany him. When they reach the scene of the battle, Birchfall and the others are shocked to see that WindClan is outnumbered by the rogues, and is losing badly in the fight. The ThunderClan cats immediately leap into the battle on their fellow Clan's behalf. When a tabby tom attacks Cloudtail, Birchfall pulls the rogue off of his Clanmate before moving on to exchange blows with a black she-cat.
When Darktail and Bramblestar call for the fighting to stop, Birchfall and Lionblaze stand protectively in front of the WindClan warriors Emberfoot and Furzepelt, glaring with hostility at the rogue cats. Darktail and his cats decide to leave the Clan cats alone for the time being. The WindClan cats are escorted back to ThunderClan camp to have their injuries treated, and Onestar speaks with Bramblestar, Lionblaze, and Birchfall about the attack. The two ThunderClan warriors inquire as to why WindClan was attacked by the rogues, the light brown tabby directly asking Onestar whether he provoked them.
A few days later, Birchfall goes to the medicine den to have his injured paw looked at by Jayfeather. The gray tabby medicine cat has Alderpaw fetch marigold to use to treat Birchfall's wound as he examines the warrior's pad. Jayfeather is interrupted when Whitewing comes in to the den with a bellyache, and after instructing Alderpaw on how to treat her, he refocuses his attention on the tabby warrior's paw.

Shattered Sky

Birchfall participates in the Clans' first battle against Darktail's Kin, and he receives a shoulder wound. He goes to the medicine cats' den to get his injury treated, and Alderheart puts cobwebs on it. The dark ginger tom assures Birchfall that his wound will heal well. Leafpool puts in that Birchfall won't be able to have a poppy seed for the pain, because they need to save those for cats more seriously hurt. The light brown warrior says that it' fine, and that his wound doesn't hurt that much anyway. Birchfall then thanks Alderheart for treating him and heads out of the medicine den.
Birchfall sits next to his mate, Whitewing, when Bramblestar calls a Clan meeting a few days later. Beforehand, Whitewing wonders what the meeting is about, saying that it better be important, and asking if Bramblestar might have figured out a way to drive out the rogues. Birchfall responds by flexing his wounded shoulder and telling the white she-cat to watch out for flying hedgehogs. When Birchfall hears Alderheart's proposition that they send a quest to look for SkyClan, the tabby warrior is against it, saying that they should focus on driving the Kin out and dealing with what is right in front of them before they rush off to another adventure. Whitewing, however, favors the quest, although she casts an apologetic glance at her mate before speaking up.
Before the final battle with Darktail's Kin, Alderheart spots Whitewing and Birchfall sitting together, sharing tongues. Whitewing suddenly has an idea about a battle strategy that they could use and she rushes off to tell Bramblestar. Birchfall, not knowing why the white she-cat had gotten up so abruptly, rolls his eyes and asks what has gotten into his mate.

Darkest Night

While SkyClan and RiverClan are still staying in ThunderClan camp, Birchfall stands at the center, looking lost. He cranes his neck and scans all the cats to look for Whitewing. Catching sight of her, he gives a delighted purr and rushes to join her. On the way to a Gathering, Birchfall walks further along the shore, shadowing the travelling Clans alongside Thornclaw, Lilyheart, Honeyfur, and Twigpaw.
When a rockfall causes a flood, Lionblaze calls to Birchfall for help. He ducks under Briarlight's hindquarters and lifts her onto his shoulders. Between him and Lionblaze, they take the she-cat out of the medicine den. After escaping, he returns again through the camp entrance, following after Lionblaze with Larksong and Lilyheart. It turns out another rockfall has crushed Snowbush's leg, so Birchfall and Lionblaze crouches either side of him. Alderheart warns them to be careful. The injured tom attempts to walk, but Birchfall and Lionblaze press against him so they may carry him to safety.

River of Fire

Birchfall first appears along with Cherryfall, and Alderheart notices him holding up one of his paws like it was in pain. The tom informs Alderheart that he has a thorn in his paw, and despite his best efforts, he can't get it out. Alderheart tells him that he'll deal with him in a minute after he finishes with checking up on the kittypets. Upon talking with Velvet, the she-cat offers to take out Birchfall's thorn. Birchfall is surprised at her offer, but sits down and allows her to try, remarking that he'd put up with a badger if it meant getting rid of the thorn.
He and Whitewing become grandparents to Ivypool's kits; Flipkit, Thriftkit, and Bristlekit.
Upon seeing that his daughter Dovewing had returned to ThunderClan, Birchfall pushes through the crowd, Whitewing hard on his paws, and demands to know where his daughter had been, clearly worried for her well-being. He then adds that they thought she was dead. He and Whitewing listen to their daughter explain her story, as well as meeting her kits, and by extension their grandkits; Shadowkit, Pouncekit, and Lightkit. Alderheart sees Birchfall and Whitewing's faces fill with deep disappointment as they learn from Dovewing that she intends to move to ShadowClan. Bramblestar offers to send a patrol so Dovewing can be safe as she goes back to ShadowClan, and Birchfall immediately offers to lead it, and takes a pace so he is directly beside his daughter. He then leads the patrol out of ThunderClan, followed by Dovewing and her kits, along with Whitewing and Fernsong.

The Raging Storm

When Tigerstar comes to visit ThunderClan's camp, Birchfall and Whitewing watch him enter from beside the warriors' den.

In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

As Rootpaw brings a vole to the ThunderClan border, a patrol consisting of Birchfall, Berrynose and Poppyfrost find them. Birchfall convinces Berrynose to let them deliver the vole, to which Berrynose reluctantly agrees. Birchfall hangs back in the rear as the patrol takes them to camp.
Birchfall participates in the attempt to unfreeze the Moonpool. Birchfall reminds Tree that he is allowed to intrude in the Moonpool with Leafstar's permission. After Bramblestar's death, Birchfall helps try convince Squirrelflight to go to the Moonpool for her lives, but fails.

The Silent Thaw

Birchfall weaves bramble strands into the warriors' den with Cinderheart and Finchpaw. Later, Birchfall follows Thornclaw out of the warriors' den with Lionblaze and Mousewhisker and eats with the elders. When Bramblestar exiles Squirrelflight, Birchfall and Stormcloud are chosen to escort her off ThunderClan territory with Bristlefrost, Twigbranch, and Lionblaze.

In the Super Editions

Crowfeather's Trial

Birchfall is on a patrol when they find Crowfeather and Harespring on the border, who wish to speak with Bramblestar. When Poppyfrost hesitates, Birchfall prompts her to let them come, as it might be important. When ThunderClan and WindClan join forces to defeat the stoats, Birchfall and Mousewhisker organize the fighters to be ready to spring out and attack the stoats. During the battle, Birchfall is seen with blood running down his muzzle from a wounded ear. The battle against the stoats is a success and all the stoats are driven out. At the next Gathering, Onestar gives thanks to the cats who fought with special bravery, and one of the cats from ThunderClan he mentions is Birchfall.

Bramblestar's Storm

ThunderClan is forced to squish together into dens when the camp floods. Bramblestar squeezes into a gap between Birchfall and Squirrelflight to get more comfortable. The Clan is forced to flee the flooded camp by a cliff face, and Dovewing is hesitant to climb. Birchfall encourages his daughter, telling her he will be behind her and won’t let her fall. Dovewing slowly climbs first then quickens. Birchfall urges her to slow down and says it isn't a race. After the Clan escapes and rests, Birchfall comments on the state of the territory as the lake has flooded it. He wonders how the other Clans are. Bramblestar explains they need to worry about ThunderClan first before the other Clans. He sends Birchfall, Cloudtail, Brightheart, and Cherryfall to check the state of the hollow. Birchfall squelches in the mud after his leader.
After making camp in the tunnels, Squirrelflight sends Birchfall to patrol the ShadowClan border alongside Blossomfall, Dustpelt, and Dovewing. Birchfall later takes a hunting patrol beyond the territory in search of food. During another patrol, Birchfall and the patrol rushes to Bramblestar and report ShadowClan trespassing. Birchfall explains their scents were several tail-lengths over the border.
When Bramblestar decides to check the water level, Lionblaze pushes in between Cloudtail and Birchfall to reach his leader. After reports of the water level going down, Birchfall rushes into the trees to see if this is true. After Frankie goes missing and Millie asks around for him, Birchfall reports he didn’t come with him on patrol. Squirrelflight later tells Cloudtail to check the WindClan border and take Birchfall with him. During a training session, Bramblestar remembers how Birchfall was a Dark Forest trainee, and admits the battle training they received will be useful. Jessy mentions her wound after her battle training, and comments Birchfall will take kittypets more seriously now.

Tigerheart's Shadow

Birchfall and Whitewing become grandparents to their daughter Dovewing's kits; Pouncekit, Lightkit, and Shadowkit.

Squirrelflight's Hope

After a meeting of the leaders and deputies, Bramblestar correctly guesses that Lionblaze and Birchfall would be waiting up for them. He's sharing a rabbit with Berrynose when the Sisters arrive asking for ThunderClan to heal Sunrise. Birchfall is adamantly for turning the Sisters away since their skirmish with ShadowClan. While waiting for StarClan's permission, Bramblestar orders Birchfall, Rosepetal and Bristlepaw to reinforce the nursery. He glares hostilely at the Sisters in camp and later murmurs anxiously with Thornclaw when Larksong falls ill.

In the Novellas

Leafpool's Wish

Leafpool treats Birchpaw's eye, which is injured from the badger attack. She tells him to sit still, saying that she will have Dustpelt come sit on him if he doesn't, but Birchpaw complains that her treatment stings. Leafpool asks him if it was worse than the badger claw and continues to treat his eye, Birchpaw wincing as she does.
Brackenfur approaches and he and Leafpool begin to chat. Birchpaw interrupts, asking if he is allowed to go. Leafpool nods, but reminds him he's not allowed to leave the hollow so that his eye would not be poked with brambles before it healed. Birchpaw exits the den, muttering under his breath, and Brackenfur flicks him with his tail as he passes. He then comments after Birchpaw has left that some cats needed to remember how lucky they were to survive the battle.
He is later briefly mentioned by Leafpool when Whitepaw is injured, saying that Birchpaw will fetch feathers and moss for her nest.

Dovewing's Silence

The Battle Against the Dark Forest is won, but there are many deceased and injured. Spiderleg mentions that Birchfall is taking Foxleap to Leafpool, and both Birchfall and Leafpool will join Dustpelt later. Dovewing feels sorry for her father, as his mother Ferncloud was killed during the battle. When it is time to bury the fallen, Birchfall goes to help bury his mother but Dustpelt steps forward, telling him they can manage. Birchfall states he wants to carry his mother on her last journey, but Dustpelt says he gave up that right when he betrayed his Clan. Birchfall doesn’t argue, but instead walks back to the warriors' den. Dovewing later realizes her father isn't there still, and asks Ivypool if they should get him. Ivypool says he isn't welcome and he knows it because he fought on the side of the Dark Forest alongside the other former trainees so are traitors. Dovewing says that is unfair as they switched allegiance. After the burial, Birchfall and the others have hunted, but no cat thanks them. Dustpelt even walked past Birchfall without looking at him. Dovewing thinks that he isn’t the enemy.
Bramblestar returns from the Moonpool, and notices Birchfall and the others sitting away from the other cats, and Squirrelflight explains to him. Blackstar organizes with the Clans to hold a meeting on the Island to discuss what to do with the former Dark Forest trainees. The ThunderClan former trainees' fur bristles as they tense, and Dovewing wishes that they would stop looking as if they have something to be ashamed of. When Ivypool explains that the Dark Forest used their personal reasons to recruit them, Birchfall nods in agreement. Breezepelt looks smug, and Dovewing is angered. As if reading her thoughts, Birchfall tells her that if one of them is forgiven, then they all must be forgiven. The leaders' decide to have the warriors swear a new oath of loyalty, and they head back to do this. Birchfall, along with the other former trainees are nervous, all tails down with tension. Bramblestar recited the oath, and Birchfall starts first. They recite a little clumsy and uncomfortably, but finish. Some cats still protest, and Poppyfrost glances around as if Birchfall has invited Dark Forest cats into the camp.
This distrust of the former Dark Forest trainees stretches for days, even spreading to the apprentices as Molepaw gives Birchfall a glare. The apprentice later looks at Thornclaw and Birchfall, who are sharing tongues, and mutters that the battle isn't entirely won. When the Clan sort their hunting patrols, Birchfall offers to go with Poppyfrost, but she rejects him for Millie. Dovewing can see the hurt in her father's eyes, and says that she will hunt with him, Thornclaw, Ivypool, Mousewhisker and Blossomfall, thinking she will not let her Clanmates shun them for their mistakes. Birchfall joins the others with gratitude in his eyes. He and Dovewing hunt for a squirrel, circling around it before pouncing and killing with a blow. Dovewing congratulates him, and says she'll take it to the holly bush. Suddenly, Cherrypaw and Molepaw appear and talk of a fox. Birchfall suggests that their patrol takes on the fox now, and Blossomfall agrees. The apprentices fetch Bramblestar while the patrol finds the fox with a trap on its leg and crazed from pain. They attack, with Birchfall and Thornclaw launching himself at the fox's haunches.
They kill the fox, and realize the apprentices' deliberately sent them into danger. Bramblestar takes them all back and calls for the former Dark Forest trainees forward. They all limp forward with Birchfall missing some clumps of fur. Bramblestar convinces the Clan that these cats are heroes, and Molepaw and Cherrypaw apologize to them. Birchfall strokes Cherrypaw’s flank with his tail and says he believes him, and asks to patrol with him tomorrow. Cherrypaw says it will be an honor.

In the Field Guides

Battles of the Clans

In the battle against the badgers, Birchpaw is seen by Whitepaw crouching his back to a stone as a male badger pads menacingly towards him. Whitepaw yowls at him to climb, and Birchpaw seems frozen for a second. Then he turns and starts scrabbling at the cliff. Whitepaw tells him to reach higher, and Birchpaw pushes with his hind legs and sinks his claws into a crevice. Whitepaw hisses to climb higher, and miraculously, Birchpaw heaves himself up the wall. Suddenly, his front paw twists, and his claws fall out of the crevice. He starts slithering down to the bottom where the badger is waiting for him. He falls down and the killing blow is almost struck when Birchpaw squeezes himself out of reach. The badger is furious and tries to break his hiding place. Birchpaw squeals for help, and Whitepaw leaps forward to attack the badger. While it is distracted, Birchpaw escapes, and although terribly wounded, manages to get away to a safe place with his mother Ferncloud.
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