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Personality and traits

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Birchfall: "Huh! I don't know why Firestar picked Whitewing. I’d be just as good as her at mentoring."
Sandstorm: "Firestar picks the best cat for the job. Whitewing is older than you. And don't forget she could have been made a warrior much sooner, but she asked to put it off so you wouldn't be the only apprentice."
—Sandstorm and Birchfall about his competitiveness with Whitewing Outcast, page 37
Birchfall cares deeply for his mate.[1] During his apprenticeship, Whitewing and he begin to grow closer, developing a strong bond. When Whitewing is ready to become a warrior, she requests to hold herself back so Birchfall wouldn't be the only apprentice, and she could stay with him.[2] As warriors, he takes her as a mate and they have two kits, Dovewing and Ivypool.[3]

Dovewing and Ivypool

"I’m proud of you. Seeing you in the Dark Forest makes me realize how much I’ve underestimated your skills in the past."
—Birchfall to Ivypool The Last Hope, page Chapter 6
Birchfall was proud of his daughters since they were kits.[4] Unlike his protective parents, Birchfall wanted them to be mature as apprentices. He scolded Dovepaw when she supposedly told childish fibs[5] and got competitive with Ivypaw in a mock battle.[6]
As warriors, Birchfall respected them as equals and told dry jokes around them.[7] When he trained in the Dark forest with Ivypool, he didn't mind being mentored by her and saw it as a bonding moment.[8] However, both his daughters were uncomfortable with this and didn't want to assume the worst of him. Like the other trainees, they helped their father to be reaccepted by their Clanmates.[9]
When Dovewing joined her mate, Tigerstar, in ShadowClan, Birchfall was relieved for her safety, but was still disappointed that she left ThunderClan.[10]


"She gazed at Birchkit, her eyes glittering with fear, and Leafpaw guessed she had dreaded closing her eyes in case she woke to find the last of her kits dead."
—Leafpaw's thoughts on Ferncloud's worry for Birchkit's survival Dawn, page Chapter 9
Ferncloud was a tender and dedicated mother to her son. Despite the hardships of the Great Journey, she persisted to raise Birchkit, though became somewhat worrisome.[11] Due to his littermates dying, Ferncloud struggled to let Birchpaw be independent in his early apprenticeship,[12] but learnt to focus on her queen duties instead.[13]
Birchfall remains close to his mother, doing what's necessary to protect her. When Dustpelt became sick with greencough, he reluctantly stops his mother from going near him.[14] When Ferncloud is killed in the battle with the Place of No Stars and Birchfall is barred from her burial due to being a Dark Forest trainee, he’s deeply disheartened.[15]


Birchfall: "She was my mother. I want to carry her on her last journey."
Dustpelt: "You gave up that right when you betrayed your Clan."
—Dustpelt to Birchfall about his Dark Forest training Dovewing's Silence, page chapter 2
Dustpelt loved his son, instilling good morals into his kits while allowing Ferncloud to take a more comforting role for them. He'd often visit Birchfall's litter in the nursery, being firm yet proud, scolding them when necessary.[16] After the deaths of his littermates, Dustpelt became fiercely protective of Birchkit, pushing Ferncloud to keep going despite her depression, determined to have him survive.[11] Even when they reached a safe home by the lake, Dustpelt didn't want him taking unnecessary risks. Birchkit respected this, listening when he was told to apologize.[17] His father was able to put his protectiveness aside to fondly watch him become an apprentice.[18]
With every kit from the third litter surviving, Dustpelt could let go of his stress and have a more laid back relationship with Birchfall.[19] However, the Great Battle estranged the once close pair. Since Birchfall trained with killers of Ferncloud, Dustpelt lashed out in his grief. He almost disowned his son as a traitor, feeling like he'd gone against everything he'd taught him. He didn't even allow him to be a part of his mother's burial.[15] Slowly, Dustpelt's anger softened, but the two remained strained, acting more like mere Clanmates.[20] Birchfall wasn't able to fully reconcile with his father before his death.[21]

Hollykit and Larchkit

"Ferncloud, I’m so sorry about Hollykit. We will make sure Birchkit survives."
—Firestar to Ferncloud about her kits Dawn, page Chapter 9
As a kit, Birchfall shared typical sibling relationships with his sisters, enjoying playing with them and asking many questions.[22] However, the destruction of the forest territories hit the litter tragically, killing Larchkit and Hollykit. As the strongest, Birchkit survived but was too young and sickly to fully comprehend their deaths.[23] Despite this, Birchfall was able to move on, growing up to be a proud and healthy warrior.[24]


"Birchpaw told me... Blackstar waiting on our territory... Had to come alone..."
—Firestar about Ashfur tricking Birchpaw Dawn, page 290
Ashfur helped provide for his nephew when Ferncloud was grieving for her others kits' deaths[25] and was excited when he became his mentor.[26] At first they had a decent relationship, but Ashfur ultimately valued his revenge on Squirrelflight more. He tricked Birchpaw into unknowingly being the trigger of Firestar's attempted murder.[27]
Unaware that Ashfur scapegoated him, Birchfall still respected him as a warrior[1] and grieved for his death. He even journeyed to bring his killer to justice despite having a pregnant mate.[28] When he discovered the circumstances around Ashfur's murder, he quietly accepted his crimes and didn't hold it against Hollyleaf. [29]


"I’ll make sure [Ferncloud] eats the seed. And while she sleeps I can look after Birchkit. He’ll be missing his sister."
—Cody about Ferncloud and Birchkit Dawn, page Chapter 9
Cody briefly cared for Birchfall as a kit, while she was waiting to return to her housefolk. She pitied him for losing his littermates, reminding her of her own kits who were living far away. Taking the role of a queen, Cody helped wash and feed Birchkit, when his mother, Ferncloud struggled with her kits' deaths.[23] Birchkit grew attached to Cody, becoming confused and upset when she had to leave.[30]

Toadfoot, Applefur, and Marshkit

Birchkit: "Can Toadkit and Applekit and Marshkit come too?"
Tallpoppy: "No, we belong to ShadowClan. We’ll have our own territory now."
Birchkit: "But that’s not fair! If they can’t come, I don’t want to go."
Ferncloud: "Don’t be so silly. That’s the warrior code. When you’re apprentices you’ll meet again at Gatherings."
Toadkit: "It won’t be the same."
Birchkit: "And there are no other ThunderClan kits for me to play with."
—Birchkit about Toadkit, Applekit, and Marshkit Starlight, page Chapter 5
After the deaths of his sisters, Hollykit and Larchkit, Birchkit became lonely as a sole kit in the nursery, so he was overjoyed at the chance to befriend ShadowClan kits on the Great Journey, bonding with Tallpoppy's litter.[31] When they had to live separately again once settled by the lake, Birchkit was defiant, announcing it was unfair and refusing to leave them. After some persuasion from his mother, Birchkit reluctantly accepted it, but complained he would be lonely again.[32] As a warrior, Birchfall was mournful that he couldn't have a long friendship with them, wondering what happened to them. While Marshkit disappeared as a kit,[33] and Toadfoot insisted to remain loyal to ShadowClan,[34] Birchfall was able to reconnect with Applefur, as they were fellow Dark Forest trainees. They fought the Dark Forest together in the Great Battle, but Applefur died.[35]

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