"Didn't you realize? We won! Those fox-hearted ThunderClan cats won't set paw on Sunningrocks now."
— Blackbee boasting over RiverClan's victory in Code of the Clans, page 36

Blackbee is a she-cat.[2]

In Code of the Clans, Blackbee is an ancient RiverClan warrior and participates in the skirmish over Sunningrocks against ThunderClan. During the fight, Blackbee is seen chasing away a ThunderClan she-cat with the help of her Clanmate, Eeltail.

After the battle, when Splashheart talks with Aspentail, one of their warrior ancestors, Blackbee is unable to see the StarClan she-cat. Blackbee asks Splashheart if he realized that they had won Sunningrocks from ThunderClan. Blackbee continues to inquire who Splashheart is speaking to, if he is feeling alright, and if he was wounded, to which Splashheart responds by telling Blackbee that he is fine.



"What was that? Are you okay, Splashheart? You're not wounded, are you?"
—Blackbee to Splashheart Code of the Clans, page 36

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