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"We can't trust them! Let WindClan set one paw over our border, and they'll be taking our prey as well as our water."
— Blackclaw to Leopardstar at a Gathering in Midnight, page 47

Blackclaw is a lean,[14] muscular, broad-shouldered[15] smoky-black tom.[16] He has a long tail,[2] long legs,[14] orange eyes,[17] and a torn ear-tip.[18]

Blackclaw was a warrior of RiverClan under Hailstar's, Crookedstar's, and Leopardstar's leaderships in the forest and lake territories. Blackkit was born to Shimmerpelt and Piketooth along with his sister, Skykit. He became an adopted brother to Leopardkit, and he eventually became an apprentice as Blackpaw with the RiverClan leader, Hailstar, as his mentor. He earned his warrior name of Blackclaw, proving to be a head-strong and aggressive warrior. He fathered Mistystar's kits; Reedwhisker, Perchkit, Pikepaw and Primrosepaw. Before retiring to the elders' den, Blackclaw mentored Heavystep, Voletooth, and Beechfur. He soon died of thirst and starvation during a drought, and he ascended to StarClan. He then fought in the battle against the Dark Forest.


In The Prophecies Begin arc

Fire and Ice

Blackclaw is a young RiverClan warrior. At a Gathering, Wetfoot introduces him to Fireheart, and Blackclaw scornfully tells Fireheart who Leopardfur is when he asks. Later, when Fireheart and Graystripe are looking for WindClan, they see Blackclaw and some other RiverClan warriors hunting rabbits in WindClan territory, though Fireheart remarks that they aren't very good at it. Fireheart and Graystripe hide from the RiverClan cats in a badger set. When Blackclaw's hunting patrol is considering going into the badger set in search of a rabbit, Blackclaw tells them not to, saying that the scent of the rabbit they are chasing led away from the set, and the two ThunderClan cats go undetected. Blackclaw fights with Dustpelt during the battle when ThunderClan goes to help WindClan against an attack by ShadowClan and RiverClan.

Forest of Secrets

"I don't believe a word of it! You can't trust a ThunderClan cat."
―Blackclaw after Fireheart and Graystripe rescued his and Mistyfoot's kits Forest of Secrets, page 130
Blackclaw is on a patrol with Silverstream and a younger cat whom Fireheart guesses to be Blackclaw's apprentice, Heavypaw. Blackclaw is on a nearby patrol when Fireheart and Graystripe rescue his and Mistyfoot's missing kits, and he rudely demands to know why the two ThunderClan warriors are trespassing on RiverClan territory. Even after he realizes that they rescued his and Mistyfoot's kits, Blackclaw remains very aggressive and suspicious towards the two young ThunderClan warriors, but is told off by Leopardfur. Blackclaw takes one of his kits and stalks threateningly alongside Fireheart and Graystripe.
When the ThunderClan warriors are brought to confront Crookedstar, Blackclaw claims he doesn't believe them, and argues against Fireheart and Graystripe. He is eventually reprimanded by Crookedstar. When Silverstream observes that the ThunderClan warriors' story makes sense, Blackclaw turns his back with a snort of disgust and walks away. When ThunderClan is attacked by rogues led by Tigerclaw, Blackclaw is among the RiverClan warriors that help drive them away. Later, after Silverstream's kits are born, Blackclaw, Leopardfur, Mistyfoot, and Stonefur return to ThunderClan, and demand that they are given to RiverClan, arguing that kits belong in their mother's Clan. When they win the argument fairly easily, he and Leopardfur seem suspicious of their easy victory.

A Dangerous Path

Blackclaw participates in the raid between ThunderClan and RiverClan at Sunningrocks, fighting with ThunderClan's deputy, Fireheart. Fireheart seems to be having difficulty until Cloudpaw comes to his aid, clinging to Blackclaw's back and pulling him off of Fireheart. It is also noted at the end of the battle that Blackclaw is at the head of the patrol returning to RiverClan territory.

The Darkest Hour

Blackclaw fights off the BloodClan cats along with the rest of the newly formed temporary Clan, LionClan.

In The New Prophecy arc


Blackclaw: "We can't trust them! Let WindClan set one paw over our border, and they'll be taking our prey as well as our water."
Feathertail: "That's Blackclaw. He's loyal to the Clan, but..."
Mistyfoot: "You forget the times when RiverClan has needed help from other Clans. If they had not helped us then, we would not be here today."
—Blackclaw and Mistyfoot arguing at a Gathering Midnight, page 47
At a Gathering, Blackclaw protests when Tallstar asks Leopardstar to let them drink water from RiverClan, saying that WindClan would take their prey, but is countered by Mistyfoot. Leopardstar announces that Blackclaw and Stormfur killed some rats that were in RiverClan territory.


Blackclaw congratulates Hawkfrost after he explores the island and pronounces it a good camp for RiverClan, and the two seem good friends. It is mentioned that he and Hawkfrost drove out a badger that was in RiverClan territory. Blackclaw, along with many others, joins the rebellion against Onewhisker.


Blackclaw: "I don't get it. Surely no cat would be mousebrained enough to drink that."
Mistyfoot: "Mousebrain yourself. Can't you see cats must have picked it up on their pads? You tread in it accidentally, you lick yourself clean, and there you are."
—Blackclaw and Mistyfoot Twilight, page 163
Blackclaw has a new apprentice, Beechpaw. Blackclaw and Hawkfrost start to spread rumors behind Mistyfoot's back, saying she is not a proper deputy, and that Hawkfrost should be deputy instead. When a pool of Twoleg liquid is making the cats of RiverClan sick, Blackclaw helps Hawkfrost build a barrier around the pool, to keep cats and prey from being contaminated, and agrees when Hawkfrost comments that if patrols had been organized properly, they would have caught the threat, another indication that the two cats believe that Mistyfoot isn't a proper deputy.


"The dream seems clear enough to me. Nothing will be right in RiverClan unless we get rid of these two."
―Blackclaw arguing to send Stormfur and Brook away Sunset, page 224
At a Gathering, Blackclaw defends Hawkfrost when he almost starts a fight about RiverClan needing more territory. Blackclaw is one of the many cats that don't wish for Brook to reside in RiverClan, and when Hawkfrost points out that she had chased a squirrel over the ShadowClan border, he demands she be exiled. He quarrels with Stormfur, Brook, and Hawkfrost for a few moments and shortly after this, he is told to break up a fight between Hawkfrost and Stormfur. He pulls Stormfur away more roughly than is necessary, and claws the gray warrior's nose.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

His apprentice, Beechpaw, is appointed a new warrior and receives his name, Beechfur.

Dark River

"It was Blackclaw's idea to push stones into the stream."
―Willowpaw explaining her Clanmate's plan to secure the camp Dark River, page 193
Blackclaw is in charge of overseeing the fortification of the RiverClan camp, in order to make it inaccessible to Twoleg kits. He has the idea to build a dam to make the river wider, and thus less accessible to the Twoleg kits.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

"That's for Leopardstar to say, not you!"
―Blackclaw protesting to Mistyfoot at a Gathering The Fourth Apprentice, page 102
Blackclaw has retired and become an elder. He is at a Gathering, yelling at Mistyfoot that it isn't her decision to send cats with the patrol.

Fading Echoes

Mistystar tells Firestar that Blackclaw, Voletooth and Dawnflower all died from hunger and thirst as a result of the drought.

In the Super Editions

Crookedstar's Promise

"Blackpaw, Skypaw, Loudpaw and Reedpaw fidgeted behind him, eyes shining, their apprentice names still fresh on the tongues of their Clanmates. Hailstar's decision to wait until Leopardkit had reached six moons before he made any new apprentices had been welcomed by the Clan. The young cats had been born so close together that they'd formed a strong bond."
―Narrator at Blackpaw's apprentice ceremony Crookedstar's Promise, page 337
Blackkit and Skykit are the kits of Piketooth and Shimmerpelt, and his mother adopts Leopardkit after her mother Brightsky died. Blackkit and his sister often play with their denmates, Reedkit, Loudkit and Sedgekit. While playing, he hides under Crookedjaw's belly and waits for the 'kit-patrol' to find him. Loudkit scents him and Crookedjaw steps aside and lets the kits jump on top of Blackkit. He then follows his sister and joins in with Frogkit and Sunkit playing moss ball. Blackkit and Skykit scamper to the nursery when Shimmerpelt calls them back.
Several moons later, Blackkit is apprenticed to Hailstar, RiverClan's leader. He is obviously eager for the ceremonies to be over, shown by his constant fidgeting. When the ceremonies are finished, he play-fights with his father, Piketooth. Blackpaw then says he wants to join Crookedjaw, his apprentice, Sedgepaw, along with Frogpaw and a couple of other apprentices and warriors.
When Hailstar announces RiverClan will take back Sunningrocks from ThunderClan, Hailstar states that he only wants his strongest warriors to come, and Blackpaw says he has sharp teeth. He is obviously disappointed, as this would have been his first battle. Though the ceremony isn't shown, Blackpaw is made a warrior, and his name has been changed to Blackclaw. Blackclaw participates in the battle against the rats in the barn. He dives into the brown bodies of the rats and hooking them with his claws and throwing them away, into the shadows of the barn.

In the Novellas

Mothwing's Secret

After Mothwing and Hawkfrost's warrior ceremonies, Blackclaw hushes them for whispering in the warriors' den. While returning from a hunting patrol, Blackclaw slips on a stone trying to avoid thick mud and he gets stuck. Heavystep rushes into camp for help, and Mothwing is reminded of Tadpole's death while Leopardstar pulls Blackclaw free. However, Blackclaw chokes on the mud he'd swallowed, and Mothwing is amazed by Mudfur and Cinderpelt's abilities to resuscitate him. Blackclaw recovers in the medicine den when Mothwing visits Mudfur; she explains to Mudfur that she wanted to help cats like Blackclaw as a medicine cat. Mudfur agrees to let Mothwing help, and later he praises her when she fetches juniper berries and coltsfoot for Blackclaw's sore throat.
Blackclaw rushes out of the warriors' den when Mudfur announces that StarClan sent him a sign approving Mudfur's choice to train Mothwing. When Mudfur falls ill, Mothwing orders Blackclaw and his apprentice, Volepaw, to fetch Leopardstar. At the lake territories, Blackclaw calls for help as he supports Voletooth to the medicine cats' den after his former apprentice is stung by bees. Mothwing asks Blackclaw to come with her to fetch blackberry leaves for Voletooth's injuries. During the Great Battle, Mothwing spots Blackclaw, Heavystep, Voletooth, Dawnflower and Leopardstar as StarClan spirits fighting alongside the Clans.

Mistystar's Omen

"That's because I am old. Blackclaw was only a few seasons older than me! Sometimes I feel as if I've overstayed my welcome here, as if I should be walking in StarClan with Stonefur now."
―Mistyfoot to Mothwing after Blackclaw's death Mistystar's Omen, page chapter 2
While walking back to camp, Leopardstar notes that Blackclaw, Voletooth, and Dawnflower did not survive the drought, and that she had to watch her Clanmates starve because of the lack of prey and water. Shortly after Leopardstar's death, Mistyfoot points out that Blackclaw was merely a few seasons older than her.

In the Tigerstar and Sasha arc

Return to the Clans

Blackclaw is on the RiverClan patrol that confronts Sasha and her kits, Hawk and Moth, when they are crossing the river. When Sasha asks to join the Clan, Blackclaw disagrees and predicts that they will drain their resources. He later trains and hunts with Hawkpaw and Mothpaw.

In the Stand-Alone Graphic Novels

A Shadow in RiverClan

"StarClan, what a bully Blackclaw is."
―Feathertail's thoughts A Shadow in RiverClan, page 60
Blackclaw is on a hunting patrol with Feathertail and Heavystep, the latter of which suggests for Feathertail to hunt by herself since that is what she is used to. The two later meet up with Feathertail to discover Ferncloud trespassing and stealing prey. The two make to attack Ferncloud and Feathertail attacks Heavystep to protect her friend. Blackclaw glances uneasily at Feathertail as he and Heavystep leave to report to Leopardstar. When Feathertail is punished and ordered to clean out the dens, she remarks to Stormfur that Blackclaw must purposefully tear his moss up to spite her.
Blackclaw rushes into camp with news of rogues on their territory. He leads Leopardstar, Stormfur, and Feathertail to the river where Sasha and her two kits are waiting on the stepping stones. The patrol confronts them and Blackclaw accuses Sasha of taking advantage of RiverClan when she asks to join. However, Stormfur and Feathertail convince Leopardstar to allow them to join. He is later on a patrol with Leopardstar, Feathertail, and Hawkpaw when they confront Mudclaw and WindClan trespassing. When Hawkpaw instigates a fight and Leopardstar orders RiverClan to attack, Blackclaw is pleased and fights with Mudclaw. While Leopardstar chastises her apprentice for rushing into battle, Blackclaw compliments Hawkpaw's battle skills and gives him the moniker "little killer." Blackclaw is present when Leopardstar drafts up a patrol to track the fox which attacked their camp, and later goes for a swim with Stormfur and Feathertail.

Winds of Change

During a Gathering, Blackclaw smirks when Heavystep insults Onewhisker's attempts to speak. Mudclaw and Hawkfrost recruit warriors dissatisfied with Onewhisker and Firestar's close partnership, with Hawkfrost insinuating that Firestar plans on taking over the forest just like Tigerstar did, starting with WindClan. Blackclaw joins these meetings, and when Leafpaw discovers the Moonpool, Blackclaw agrees with the others that Onewhisker and Ashfoot must die in order for Mudclaw to secure leadership. During the battle, Blackclaw attacks Owlpaw when Firestar flings him away from the apprentice. Realizing they are outnumbered by the ThunderClan reinforcements, Blackclaw and the others flee.

In the Field Guides

Battles of the Clans

Blackclaw: "Going to see if he has wings instead of the courage of a warrior, are you? Good idea."
Spiderfoot: "Are you really going to push me off?"
Pouncetail: "Not this time. Go back to your Clanmates, and warn them not to underestimate RiverClan warriors again."
Blackclaw: "You missed a chance to show ShadowClan just how fierce RiverClan can be."
—Blackclaw to Pouncetail about killing Spiderfoot Battles of the Clans, page Page 106
Blackclaw leads a patrol consisting of Dawnflower, Reedwhisker, and Pouncetail through ThunderClan territory during the Great Battle, when RiverClan and WindClan are fighting against ThunderClan. Blackclaw knows a perfect place for an ambush, as he had been in the territory previously with Mothwing, and leads the patrol to an abandoned Twoleg nest. When he hears noises inside, he directs them to attack.
Three ShadowClan cats are inside, and Blackclaw and Pouncetail confront Antpelt, pouncing on him and sending him running. The RiverClan cats quickly send ShadowClan retreating. The patrol then finds the ShadowClan warrior Spiderfoot hiding, too afraid to help his Clanmates. Pouncetail directs Spiderfoot to walk up a sloping plank of wood, and Blackclaw thinks he's going to push him off, and compliments him on the idea. When Pouncetail lets the warrior go, Blackclaw angrily tells him he missed a chance to show ShadowClan the strength of RiverClan cats, and Pouncetail replies that there would be no honor in that.

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Mistystar:[19] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Reedwhisker:[19] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Perchkit:[19] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Pikepaw:[19] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Primrosepaw:[19] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Piketooth:[5] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Shimmerpelt:[5] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Skyheart:[5] Deceased, verified StarClan member

Adopted sister:

Leopardstar:[20] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Unnamed kits:[21] Living (As of Mothwing's Secret)



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender unknown


Shimmerpelt ♀
Skyheart ♀Blackclaw ♂Leopardstar ♀
Whiteclaw ♂

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender unknown



Author statements

  • Vicky considers Blackclaw a "sensible option" for the father of Mistystar's kits.[22]


  • Blackclaw has been mistakenly described as dark gray.[23]
  • Blackclaw has mistakenly been described as a WindClan cat,[24] and he was mistakenly referred to as Blackstar.[25]
  • In Crookedstar's Promise, it is said that Leopardstar's generation, including Blackclaw, all decided to wait until Leopardkit reached her sixth moon before they were all apprenticed,[7] but in Leopardstar's Honor, Leopardkit was apprenticed early at five moons old.[26]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • On Vicky's Facebook, Mistystar and Blackclaw remained mates until they died, despite their vocal disagreements.[27] Blackclaw was also described with green eyes.[28]
  • In The Clans Decide during a unofficial Gathering called by Firestar, Blackclaw, Tornear and Nightcloud get into an argument over Blackclaw's claims that RiverClan will invade WindClan's territory. Blackclaw, who was provoked by Tornear, defends his Clan when Tornear says that RiverClan cannot protect their own territory. After this, Blackclaw and Tornear get into a scuffle, with each warrior throwing insults at the other, and their respective Clans. Firestar stops them, insisting he won't let Blackclaw and Tornear kill each other just because of the lack of a full moon. After saying this, with a suggestion from Jayfeather, RiverClan, with Blackclaw included, each hold a vote to decide what to do about the lack of prey.[29]


"Hide me! Don't tell them where I am!"
―Blackkit to Crookedjaw Crookedstar's Promise, page 256

"Since when have ThunderClan cats risked their lives for us?"
―Blackclaw after Fireheart and Graystripe rescued Mistyfoot's kits Forest of Secrets, page 132

"Little killer, you are!"
―Blackclaw praising Hawkpaw A Shadow in RiverClan, page 134

"Blackclaw was nodding agreement, with a hostile glance at the blue-furred she-cat; did he think Hawkfrost should still be deputy? Leafpool wondered. Was Hawkfrost trying to gain followers who were loyal to him alone, and not to the Clan?"
―Leafpool's thoughts about Blackclaw Twilight, page 164

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