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|apps=[[Heavystep]],{{r|os2|a}} [[Voletooth]],{{r|np3|a}} [[Beechfur (RC)|Beechfur]]{{r|np5|a}}
|apps=[[Heavystep]],{{r|os2|a}} [[Voletooth]],{{r|np3|a}} [[Beechfur (RC)|Beechfur]]{{r|np5|a}}
|livebooks= ''[[Battles of the Clans]]'', ''[[Crookedstar's Promise]]'', ''[[Redtail's Debt]]'', ''[[Fire and Ice]]'', ''[[Forest of Secrets]]'', ''[[Tigerclaw's Fury]]'', ''[[Rising Storm]]'', ''[[A Dangerous Path]]'', ''[[The Darkest Hour]]'', ''[[Firestar's Quest]]'', ''[[Midnight (book)|Midnight]]'', ''[[Moonrise]]'', ''[[Dawn (book)|Dawn]]'', ''[[Starlight]]'', ''[[Twilight]]'', ''[[Sunset]]'', ''[[Leafpool's Wish]]'', ''[[The Sight]]'', ''[[Dark River]]'', ''[[Outcast]]'', ''[[Eclipse]]'', ''[[Long Shadows]]'', ''[[Sunrise]]'', ''[[Hollyleaf's Story]]'', ''[[The Fourth Apprentice]]''
|livebooks= , ''[[Crookedstar's Promise]]'', ''[[Fire and Ice]]'', ''[[Forest of Secrets]]'', ''[[Rising Storm]]'', ''[[A Dangerous Path]]'', ''[[The Darkest Hour]]'', ''[[Firestar's Quest]]'', ''[[The New Prophecy]]'', ''[[Power of Three]]'', ''[[The Fourth Apprentice]]'', ''[[Novellas]]'', ''[[Battles of the Clans]]''

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"We can't trust them! Let WindClan set one paw over our border, and they'll be taking our prey as well as our water."
— Blackclaw to Leopardstar at a Gathering in Midnight, page 47

Blackclaw is a lean,[14] smoky-black tom.[2]

Blackkit is born to Shimmerpelt and Piketooth of RiverClan, along with his sister, Skykit. After the death of Brightsky, Blackkit gains her sole surviving kit, Leopardkit as an adopted sister. With the rest of RiverClan, he spoils her out of pity. Soon, he is appointed as an apprentice, called Blackpaw, gaining the RiverClan leader, Hailstar as his mentor. Then he becomes known as Blackclaw, proving to be a head-strong and aggressive warrior. He goes on the Great Journey.

At some point, he becomes mates with Mistyfoot and father to Reedwhisker, Pikepaw, Primrosepaw, and Perchkit. For unknown reasons, only Reedwhisker survives to warriorhood. Blackclaw thinks Hawkfrost is the rightful Deputy when he briefly appointed, so helps spread false rumors about the current deputy, Mistyfoot. After Hawkfrost's death, Blackclaw continued to serve a simple loyal warrior, eventually retiring to become an elder. After a drought at the Lake Territories, Blackclaw dies of thirst and hunger alongside few of his Clanmates. He goes to StarClan.


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Detailed description

Blackclaw is a lean,[14] smoky-black tom. He has a long tail,[2] long legs, broad shoulders,[14] and a torn ear-tip.[15]


Author statements

  • Vicky thinks that Blackclaw fathered Mistystar's kits.[16]
    • This is confirmed to be true on the Warriors family tree.[9]


  • He has been described as dark gray.[17]
  • He has mistakenly been described as a WindClan cat.[18]
  • He was mistakenly referred to as Blackstar.[19]

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"Hide me! Don't tell them where I am!"
—Blackkit to Crookedjaw Crookedstar's Promise, page 256

"Your Clan is full of weaklings, and it always has been!"
—Blackclaw to Tornear about WindClan The Clans Decide, page 7
Blackclaw: "Going to see if he has wings instead of the courage of a warrior, are you? Good idea."
Spiderfoot: "Are you really going to push me off?"
Pouncetail: "Not this time. Go back to your Clanmates, And warn them not to underestimate RiverClan warriors again."
Blackclaw: "You missed a chance to show ShadowClan just how fierce RiverClan can be."
—Blackclaw to Pouncetail about killing Spiderfoot Battles of the Clans, page Page 106

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