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"Oh, and Mistyfoot? Never trust the shadows. My warriors wear the night like second pelts. If you wrong ShadowClan, you will never be safe in the dark."
— Blackstar to Mistyfoot in Battles of the Clans, page 37

Blackstar is a tall,[18] huge[19] white tom with jet-black paws, one of which has six toes.[20] He has a sleek pelt,[21] a broad chest,[18] black-rimmed ears, and amber eyes.[22]

Blackstar was a ShadowClan leader in the forest and lake territories. He was born to Blizzardwing and Hollyflower as Blackkit along with his littermates, Flintkit and Fernkit; however, his father's identity was kept a secret because Blizzardwing was already mates with Featherstorm. As an apprentice, Blackpaw learned the truth about his father, but never told his littermates. As a young warrior, Blackfoot mentored his half-sister, Dawncloud, and later became Brokenstar's deputy; however, he was exiled along with his treacherous leader, becoming a rogue until Tigerstar seized control of ShadowClan. Blackfoot returned to his status as deputy, and after Tigerstar's sudden death, took over leadership of ShadowClan. At his leadership ceremony, Blackfoot understood the horror he partook in, originally believing to be a loyal deputy. StarClan forgave him, and Blackfoot vowed to do better than his predecessors, earning his leader name of Blackstar. While Blackstar kept his word and led ShadowClan through moons of peace, he retained his Clan's history of fierceness, cunning, and stealth. He led his Clan through the Great Journey, but a rogue named Sol influenced the ShadowClan leader to abandon StarClan until StarClan themselves appeared to restore his faith. During the Great Storm, Blackstar lost his final life, passing his leadership onto Rowanclaw.


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The Prophecies Begin

"Then I'll see you at the next Gathering. And Blackfoot, you would do well to learn from the mistakes of your predecessors. I saw what you did to Stonefur at the Bonehill."
―Firestar warning Blackfoot The Darkest Hour, page 311
Blackfoot is the ShadowClan deputy under Brokenstar. He participates in a raid on ThunderClan, killing an elder, Rosetail, while trying to steal kits from the nursery. However, he is driven off by Yellowfang, ShadowClan's former medicine cat. He, Brokenstar, and several other cats are exiled from ShadowClan, but after Brokenstar's death, Blackfoot becomes one of Tigerclaw's rogue recruits. The ThunderClan deputy seeks help to kill Bluestar, and Blackfoot participates in another attack on the ThunderClan camp.
When Tigerstar becomes leader of ShadowClan, Blackfoot becomes his deputy. After Darkstripe fails to kill Stonefur, the RiverClan deputy, Tigerstar orders Blackfoot to finish the job. Blackfoot reluctantly agrees to unite ShadowClan with the other Clans to fight BloodClan after Tigerstar's death, and after the battle, Blackfoot plans to travel to the Moonstone to receive his new name and nine lives.

The New Prophecy

"Firestar, you're panicking over nothing. Twolegs are mad. Even the smallest kit knows that. True, they knocked down a few trees, but now they've gone away again. Whatever was going on, it's over."
―Blackstar to Firestar about the Twoleg interference Moonrise, page 45
When Twolegs destroy the forest territories, Blackstar initially denies any problem, but intends to bring his Clan to live in BloodClan's old territory. WindClan and ThunderClan rescue ShadowClan when Twolegs destroy their camp, and Blackstar finally agrees to follow the other Clans. After the Great Journey, his Clan settles in a pine forest, but are continuously threatened by vicious kittypets named Jacques and Susan.

Power of Three

"They spoke to us. You were right, Littlecloud. We can't ignore the spirits of our warrior ancestors. Now when they're still watching over us [...] I can't believe I let myself listen to that mange-ridden trickster. He told me StarClan didn't care what happened to us! But they brought us here, made the trees fall so that we had to hear them. I'll make sure no ShadowClan cat is led astray by Sol again."
―Blackstar restoring his faith in StarClan Long Shadows, page 121
Blackstar's confidence that the Clans were meant to be at the lake and his overall faith in StarClan diminishes as the moons progress. He and his Clan participate in the battle of the eclipse, and a mysterious loner named Sol correctly predicts the disappearance of the sun. Blackstar is inclined to listen to the tom, who feeds into Blackstar's doubts, convincing the leader to abandon StarClan. He reverts to his former name, Blackfoot, and refuses to bring his Clan to Gatherings. Raggedstar and Runningnose, along with the help of Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, Jaypaw, Tigerpaw, Dawnpaw and Flamepaw, appear to Blackstar, reigniting his belief in their warrior ancestors, and he reclaims his title as Blackstar.

Omen of the Stars

"I'm still leader of this Clan. And you have betrayed us all [...] I killed one traitor, and now I'm ready to kill another."
―Blackstar to Redwillow The Last Hope, page chapter 24
During a drought, Blackstar agrees to send Toadfoot and Tigerheart as representatives from ShadowClan to go on a journey to find where the water has gone. He and Firestar clash when Firestar demands ThunderClan be given back territory they had granted ShadowClan years ago. When Blackstar refuses, ShadowClan and ThunderClan fight the battle of the border, during which his deputy, Russetfur, is killed. He appoints Rowanclaw as his new deputy, and confides in Littlecloud and Flametail when he has terrible dreams. During the battle against the Dark Forest, Blackstar loses a life, but recovers to kill Redwillow, a ShadowClan warrior who sided with the Dark Forest.

Super Editions

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"Brokenstar, your choice honors me. I'll do my best to serve you and our Clan well."
―Blackfoot after being named Brokenstar's deputy Yellowfang's Secret, page 451
In Yellowfang's Secret, he is born to Hollyflower alongside Flintkit and Fernkit. He is an eager apprentice, and very close with his siblings. He gains his warrior name, Blackfoot, and participates in a battle against rats in the Carrionplace. After Raggedstar is killed, Brokenstar names Blackfoot his deputy and promises Dawnkit to him as an apprentice, who is less than three moons old. When Yellowfang is exiled from ShadowClan after being accused of killing Mintkit and Marigoldkit, Blackfoot offers to escort her from the territory.
"My Clan will not stay to hear our dead warriors scorned by the other Clan! You all owe them a debt, just as we do."
―Blackstar at a Gathering Bramblestar's Storm, page 55
In Bramblestar's Storm, Blackstar has become too frail to keep his Clan together after the battle with the Dark Forest. He begins each Gathering by reciting the names of those who had died in the battle, though the other Clans insist they should move on. Rowanclaw slowly takes over his leadership duties, and during the the Great Storm, Blackstar loses his final life in a flood.


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"Those ThunderClan cats fought more fiercely than I expected. Especially that so-called kittypet, Fireheart. He may have been born in Twolegplace, but he's sure learned how to fight like a warrior."
―Blackfoot to Tigerclaw Tigerclaw's Fury, page chapter 2
In Tigerclaw's Fury, Tigerclaw tracks down Blackfoot and the other rogues who fled the battle against ThunderClan and leads them into the outskirts of ShadowClan territory. When Blackfoot and Tangleburr vanish from their camp, Tigerclaw finds they have been checking up on their old Clanmates, who are sick with Carrionplace disease. With Tigerclaw's permission, Blackfoot helps his former Clanmates hunt. When Tigerclaw fights a whole ThunderClan patrol by himself, Blackfoot arrives with ShadowClan backup. After Nightstar dies and Runningnose announces Tigerclaw as the new leader, Tigerclaw decides to name Blackfoot his deputy.
"Can it go on like this? You say it's my choice to continue, but I feel like this is wrong. Each memory leaves me more shaken than the last. Am I really fit to lead ShadowClan?"
―Blackfoot after his seventh life during his leadership ceremony Blackfoot's Reckoning, page chapter 9
In Blackfoot's Reckoning, following the Clans' victory against BloodClan, Blackfoot heads to the Moonstone to receive his nine lives. Blackfoot fears what StarClan will do to him knowing the atrocities he's committed under Brokenstar's and Tigerstar's reigns. However, StarClan grants him nine lives, with the catch that he relives memories of his past. Blackfoot's father, Blizzardwing, gives him a life for acceptance as Blackfoot recalls learning the truth about Blizzardwing being their father, though the tom never acknowledged it. Raggedstar gives Blackfoot a life for trust, though both toms note that while they made a mistake trusting Brokentail, ShadowClan will only survive if they trust their leader. With Badgerfang's life, Blackfoot relives his nephew's death, and Badgerfang gives him a life for perspective. Gray Wing grants him unity as Blackfoot remembers driving out WindClan from their home, and Blackfoot struggles to explain that he had to obey his leader. Rosetail gives him a life for compassion as Blackfoot recalls killing her. With Bluestar's life of judgment, Blackfoot remembers how eager he was to follow Tigerclaw. After Stonefur's life of integrity and the memory of killing the half-Clan deputy without question, Blackfoot struggles to forgive himself for what he has done, and Nightstar encourages him that every leader has regrets but learns from them and gives Blackfoot a life for loyalty. Shadowstar gives Blackfoot a life for leadership, but warns of potential troubles for the Clans depending on Blackfoot's choices. Blackfoot resolves to make the right ones, and Shadowstar hails him by his new name of Blackstar.

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Personality and traits

As a young warrior, Blackfoot was a bully, critical,[34] but popular among his Clanmates.[35] Yellowfang described him as strong, but not a clever fighter,[36] though he would battle fiercely and despite injury.[37] As deputy under Brokenstar and Tigerstar, Blackfoot was obedient to his authority, even when obeying meant breaking the warrior code.[34] However, he never admitted to regretting what he had done.[38] Upon becoming a leader, Blackstar was hesitant to ally with the other Clans[39] and was generally hostile and distrustful. He was prideful,[40] rarely admitting or acknowledging troubles, such as when Twolegs began destroying the forest territories.[41]
Despite his cold exterior, Blackstar cared deeply for ShadowClan. When he was living as a rogue in exile, Blackfoot worried deeply for his Clanmates, who were starving and riddled with Carrionplace sickness.[42]



"I was loyal to Brokenstar because he was the leader of my Clan, just as every ShadowClan warrior should have been. I am still a ShadowClan cat, whatever happens."
―Blackfoot defending himself to Tigerclaw Tigerclaw's Fury, page chapter 3
Blackfoot served as Brokenstar's deputy, and made no objection to his leader's blatant abuses of the warrior code. He admired the tom even when Brokenstar was an apprentice,[43] and initiated a friendship with him once he was made a warrior.[44] When Brokenstar was revealed to have killed ShadowClan kits, Blackfoot stuck with him in exile.[45] After his tyrannical leader's death, Blackfoot affirmed his belief that he was right to follow his leader.[42]


Blackfoot: "Did you think we would let you fight alone?"
Tigerclaw: "No, my friend. I knew you would come."
—Blackfoot bringing backup for a skirmish with ThunderClan Tigerclaw's Fury, page chapter 6
When Tigerclaw was exiled from ThunderClan, he gathered Brokenstar's followers, including Blackfoot, who became fiercely loyal to the former ThunderClan deputy.[source?] As leader of ShadowClan, Tigerstar reappointed Blackfoot to his position as ShadowClan's deputy, though he saw the white tom's sentiment towards his former ShadowClan Clanmates as weakness.[46] Blackfoot proved his loyalty to Tigerstar by fighting with him against ThunderClan and executing RiverClan's half-Clan deputy, Stonefur, on his orders.[34]


"What’s this? Does the great Firestar think he can go where he likes in the forest?"
―Blackstar when Firestar visits the ShadowClan camp Moonrise, page 44
Blackstar was rarely friendly with the ThunderClan leader, and the two shared a mutual distrust.[47] Firestar's impression of Blackstar was soured only a short while after he had joined the Clans when Blackstar, then Blackfoot, attempted to steal ThunderClan kits, killed the ThunderClan elder, Rosetail, and murdered RiverClan's deputy, Stonefur.[38] Though fighting on opposite sides, Blackfoot was impressed by Fireheart's battle skill given the tom's origin as a kittypet.[48] As leaders in the lake territories, a dispute arose about the ownership of a strip of land along the ThunderClan-ShadowClan border, causing multiple battles. One battle, resulting in the death of his deputy, Russetfur, caused Blackstar to declare that Firestar had chosen a dark path by initially gifting the territory to ShadowClan and killing to reclaim it.[49]

Russetfur and Rowanclaw

"She died fighting. She died bravely. We ask no more than that of our warriors."
―Blackstar after Russetfur is killed Night Whispers, page chapter 6
Russetfur was Blackstar's first deputy. He regretted her death, but affirmed that she died nobly.[49] He appointed Rowanclaw as her successor, and trusted him as his new deputy; however, when Rowanclaw failed to save ShadowClan from Darktail, Blackstar, in StarClan, admitted that he thought Rowanclaw would have made a great leader, but defended his inability to deal with his warriors' betrayal.[50]


Blackstar: "You told a warrior from another Clan about our Clan’s problems?"
Tawnypelt: "I told Squirrelflight. She’s a friend."
Brambleclaw: "And Tawnypelt’s my sister."
Blackstar: "Tawnypelt’s first loyalty is to her Clan—or it should be."
Tawnypelt: "Blackstar, I’ve never given you any reason to doubt my loyalty."
—Blackstar after Tawnypelt brings ThunderClan to attack Jacques and Susan Twilight, page 186
Tawnypelt's status as a former ThunderClan cat made Blackstar wary of her loyalty.[51] When she went missing to depart on the journey to find Midnight, Blackstar assumed that she had returned to her ThunderClan kin.[52] However, he came to value the she-cat, as after Sol, who had convinced ShadowClan to abandon StarClan and the warrior code, left ShadowClan, Blackstar sought her return, as Tawnypelt had temporarily fled to ThunderClan with her kits.[53]


"Sol must be gone from Clan territory by the next Gathering. Or we will unite our three Clans to get rid of him ourselves."
―Blackstar when ThunderClan is revealed to be harboring Sol Sunrise, page chapter 18
Sol was a rogue who predicted an eclipse when StarClan could not, and thus, he gained Blackstar's trust. He influenced the ShadowClan leader, who was doubtful that ShadowClan should have ever come to the lake, to abandon StarClan, the warrior code, and his leader name.[54] However, Blackstar's mind was changed when six apprentices from ShadowClan and ThunderClan prompted a sign from StarClan. Blackstar was furious that he had allowed himself to be manipulated by Sol, vowing never to let him harm ShadowClan again, and the rogue left his territory.[55] Littlecloud claimed Blackstar bore Sol no ill will;[53] however, when ThunderClan was holding the rogue hostage for information about Ashfur's death, Blackstar insisted that the tom was too dangerous to be kept close and demanded he be driven out.[56]




Hollyflower:[57] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Blizzardwing:[7] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Flintfang:[57] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Fernshade:[57] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Mosspaw:[58] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Volepaw:[58] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Dawncloud:[58] Deceased, verified StarClan member
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Badgerfang:[59] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Blossomkit:[60] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Swampkit:[60] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Unnamed kits:[61] Status unknown


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Toys and Plush

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Blackstar and Jayfeather

  • Series 2
  • Though radically different in many ways, these toms both served their Clans in moments of dire need. Although Blackstar did the bidding of ShadowClan's cruelest leaders, when he came to power, he restored ShadowClan’s honor and nobility. And when Jayfeather learned of the prophecy that promised a power greater than StarClan, he set off to save the Clans from darkness—with the help of a certain ancient stick.
  • Also included in a three-pack bundle with the rest of Series 2: Cinderpelt, Brightheart, Ravenpaw, and Sandstorm.
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Blackfoot: "Firestar. So we won the battle after all."
Firestar: "Yes we did. What will you do now, Blackfoot?"
Blackfoot: "Take my Clan home, and prepare for a journey to Highstones. I'm their leader now. We have much to do to recover, but life in the forest will go on as usual."
Firestar: "Then I'll see you at the next Gathering. And Blackfoot, you would do well to learn from the mistakes of your predecessors. I saw what you did to Stonefur at the Bonehill."
Ravenpaw: "I wouldn't trust Blackfoot. He's a troublemaker if I ever saw one."
Firestar: "I know. Don't worry, ThunderClan will be ready if he starts anything."
—Blackfoot and Firestar talking after the battle against BloodClan The Darkest Hour, pages 311-312

"Hope is easy, but it catches no prey. If you ask me, we've seen the last of them."
―Blackstar Midnight, page 264

Blackstar: "What's this? Does the great Firestar think he can go where he likes in the forest?"
Firestar: "I have come to talk to you about what the Twolegs are doing. We have to decide what we're going to do if it carries on."
Blackstar: "We? What do you mean, we? ShadowClan does not talk with ThunderClan, we make our own decisions."
Firestar: "But the forest is being destroyed!"
Blackstar: "Firestar, you're panicking over nothing. Twolegs are mad. Even the smallest kit knows that. True, they knocked down a few trees, but now they've gone away again. Whatever was going on, it's over."
—Blackstar disbelieving that Twolegs are destroying the forest Moonrise, pages 44-45

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"We are still bound by our alliance during the Great Battle! This is a problem faced by all the Clans, and therefore we should deal with it together. There cannot be any inequity between us."
―Blackstar about the alliance during the Great Battle Dovewing's Silence, page Chapter 3

Blackstar: "These cats are still with us, watching the Clanmates they died to save! We need to honor their memory!"
Mistystar: "But Blackstar, life moves on, just like the seasons. We don’t list every piece of prey we’ve eaten in the last moon, or remember every fallen leaf."
Blackstar: "Our Clanmates are not prey or fallen leaves!"
Mistystar: "I didn’t mean…"
Blackstar: "[…] You are too quick to forget that we fought as one Clan against the Dark Forest."
Bramblestar: "But we aren't one Clan now. We are four Clans, just as we were before."
Blackstar: "My Clan will not stay to hear our dead warriors scorned by the other Clans! You all owe them a debt! Just as we do."
—Blackstar about the fallen from the Great Battle Bramblestar's Storm, pages 54-55

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