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In The Prophecies Begin arc

Into the Wild

Blackfoot is ShadowClan's deputy, under the new leader and the son of Raggedstar, Brokenstar. He first appears at a Gathering, when Graypaw points him out to Firepaw.
Later, Blackfoot appears in the raid on ThunderClan, in which he kills the ThunderClan elder, Rosetail, while trying to get into the nursery to take kits that they could recruit for ShadowClan, which is against The warrior code. However, before he can get to the kits, he is driven back by Yellowfang, ShadowClan's former medicine cat and a ThunderClan prisoner. Afterwards, Yellowfang says that she was able to defeat him, and that he used to be a bully with no brains. She continues to say that he's strong, but not a clever fighter and that fighting Firepaw was more of a challenge.
When Yellowfang leads the ThunderClan cats on a raid on ShadowClan after they rescue the kits that had been stolen by Clawface and revenge for Spottedleaf's death, Whitestorm is seen chasing Blackfoot away from the ShadowClan camp, along with Brokenstar and his band of rogues.

Fire and Ice

It is mentioned that Blackfoot is one of the rogues that went with Brokenstar when he was exiled from ShadowClan after revealing that he killed Raggedstar, and Blackfoot is one of Brokenstar's followers. Later in the book, when Brokenstar raids ThunderClan's camp in revenge for being driven out, he is seen in the battle, being depicted as a burly white tom with large paws. He goes with the rogues after Brokenstar is blinded and captured and renamed Brokentail.

Forest of Secrets

Blackfoot is one of Tigerclaw's rogue recruits. Tigerclaw seeks help to kill his elderly leader, Bluestar, and a warrior who was once a kittypet, Fireheart. He is one of the cats who participate in the raid on camp so that Tigerclaw can achieve his goals - but like before, he isn't mentioned by name. He is driven out once more.

Rising Storm

Blackfoot does not formally appear, but it is known that he becomes one of Tigerclaw's rogues once more. At some point in this book, when Tigerclaw flees to ShadowClan with the rest of his gang, he becomes the new deputy to serve under Tigerstar.

A Dangerous Path

Blackfoot appears as ShadowClan's new deputy under Tigerstar, and is shown as being completely loyal to his new leader, despite Tigerstar's treacherous, murderous past, which is still unknown to ShadowClan, RiverClan, and WindClan.

The Darkest Hour

When Sorrelkit follows Darkstripe out of camp, she sees him talking to Blackfoot on ThunderClan territory, obviously passing on news.
Afterwards, Blackfoot is in the RiverClan camp as part of the newly formed TigerClan. After Darkstripe fails to do so, Blackfoot, on Tigerstar's orders, obediently murders Stonefur after he had refused to kill his apprentice, Stormpaw, and Stormpaw's sister, Featherpaw, who was Mistyfoot's apprentice.
Later, after Tigerstar's death, Blackfoot reluctantly agrees to merge the ShadowClan half of TigerClan with the other three Clans, who were forming one giant Clan, LionClan, to drive out BloodClan and their leader, Scourge. After BloodClan's defeat, Firestar asks Blackfoot what he plans to do next. He replies that he will go to the Moonstone to receive his new name and nine lives, as he is the rightful leader of ShadowClan. Before Blackfoot leaves, Firestar reveals that he saw him murder Stonefur and warns Blackfoot to not repeat the mistakes of the cats he served under. It is implied that Blackstar is ashamed of his past actions with Brokenstar and Tigerstar. Firestar thinks Blackstar will not shed any more blood needlessly, though he doesn't believe Blackstar will ever be his ally.
Blackstar later chooses a former rogue, Russetfur, to serve as his deputy.

In The New Prophecy arc


At the Gathering, Blackstar is the last to reach the Great Rock. He reports that ShadowClan's prey and water are plentiful despite the drought, and Leafpaw notes that he would say this even if there was no water at all. Blackstar opposed the fact that Mothwing, the kit of a rogue, was becoming a medicine cat apprentice. He made this well known to the other leaders, saying he didn't know if StarClan would even accept her.
At the next Gathering, Blackstar seems to enjoy the fact that the other Clans are having disagreements with each other. He reports that his warrior Tawnypelt has gone missing when the other Clans report missing warriors, though at first he had thought she returned to ThunderClan. He seems to think that hoping for their return is pointless, and that they have seen the last of them. He then goes on to report further Twoleg activity around the Thunderpath.


When Firestar comes to ShadowClan wanting to talk about the Twolegs destroying the forest and scaring off prey, Blackstar denies that they are in trouble of any sort and that the Twolegs will leave soon. When Firestar asks him how his Clan will survive leaf-bare, he responds by saying that ShadowClan can always eat food from the Carrionplace. Cinderpelt then reminds Blackstar that the last time ShadowClan tried that, half the Clan died of sickness. He silences Littlecloud when he tries to speak up, and glares at Cinderpelt when she rebukes him for not listening to his medicine cat.
Blackstar genuinely refuses to discuss any problems with Firestar until the Gathering; and the patrol leaves. Littlecloud later tells Cinderpelt that Blackstar has sent his warriors to Carrionplace to gather rats and crow-food.


Tawnypelt convinces him to go to Fourtrees and meet with the other Clan leaders to wait for the sign from StarClan. He eventually leaves when it is clear there is no sign coming. Later, Blackstar tells Firestar they shouldn't wait any longer for the sign for StarClan because he believes it is never coming. Blackstar then announces that ShadowClan will be traveling to Twolegplace to live where BloodClan did. He says that the Clans should survive on their own.
After this refusal, ThunderClan, along with WindClan, comes to rescue ShadowClan after the Twolegs start demolishing their camp. Blackstar shows his caring side when he is seen protecting the apprentice Smokepaw, who was trying to escape from the Twoleg monsters. Then Blackstar runs back to grab a ShadowClan kit during the escape.
When ThunderClan takes ShadowClan to Sunningrocks, Blackstar shows his relief to Firestar, thanking him. Blackstar's pride gives way, but eventually he lets Leafpool and Mothwing help Littlecloud heal all the injuries. He also finally gives into the fact that the Twolegs are coming and he would be better along with the other three Clans. Later, after ThunderClan had saved ShadowClan and allowed them to stay at Sunningrocks with them, he posted a guard due to his mistrust of them. He refuses any help from ThunderClan while catching prey.
After the Clans spend the night at Barley's farm, some of the cats want to stay there, including Blackstar. He made it clear that he did not want to stay in the mountains, but finally gave in seeing the condition of his Clanmates. When Brambleclaw suggests that Tawnypelt lead ShadowClan on the journey, Blackstar goes against it, wanting to be the only cat in command, but eventually gives in.
When they arrive at the mountains, Blackstar is very reluctant to stay with the Tribe of Rushing Water, but finally, the other leaders and Littlecloud convince him to stay. He is constantly trying to get the other leaders to leave, saying they should leave before more snow moves in.


When the Clans first reach the new territory, he agrees with Leopardstar that they should all move somewhere less exposed, and he is the first to start acting competitively about territory when they near the lake. He speaks for the leaders from atop a tree stump, and tells the Clans that they have reached the right place, but that they will camp where they were for the night and hunt in the morning.
During the meeting the next day, Blackstar silences the dispute between Mudclaw and Onewhisker over the leadership in WindClan, saying they should work it out in private. He then explains they should start working out boundaries for their new territories, and mentions that they will send one cat from each Clan on a patrol around the lake to explore. He is disgruntled that Squirrelflight is also granted permission to go, due to her being an extra ThunderClan warrior. After the patrol leaves, he arranges the hunting patrols.
When the exploring patrol returns, he calls all the Clans together. Brambleclaw jumps up beside him to share the news, and he pulls away from him with a faint hiss. Blackstar and Leopardstar exchange an amused glance when they see there is quarreling in WindClan about who is the rightful leader. Later, he begins a meeting and details to the Clans what ShadowClan's new boundaries are going to be.
After the Clans have settled into the territories, he begins the Gathering at the place they had previously been at, and sits on the tree stump. He confirms that the new boundaries have been set in place as discussed previously, and checks with Leopardstar and Firestar that the new borders are suitable. He agrees with Firestar that Leopardstar shouldn't claim their Gathering place as her territory, as they need to gather somewhere. After an attack by a pair of foxes at the site, Blackstar ends the Gathering quickly.


Earlier, before this book takes place, ShadowClan warriors leave their territory to support Mudclaw in his rebellion against Onewhisker. Two ShadowClan warriors flee into ThunderClan territory, but fall into the camp and break their necks. At the start of the book, Firestar hopes that Blackstar will not blame ThunderClan for the death of his warriors. The bodies of the warriors are returned to ShadowClan, and Blackstar tells the patrol that he knew nothing about his warriors supporting Mudclaw, which may or may not be true.
At the Gathering, he is the second to join Firestar at the great oak tree, where they decide to sit. As the Gathering progresses, he eventually agrees that RiverClan should take the marshy ground that they had previously used for Gatherings. He reports that prey is plentiful in his territory, and that they'd found an old abandoned badger set.
Later, when a patrol of ThunderClan cats come to his camp offering help against two aggressive kittypets, he at first refuses their help and questions Tawnypelt's loyalty at bringing the patrol there. Cedarheart persuades him, and he tells the patrol that they should trap and warn the kittypets that ShadowClan will kill them if there is more trouble. He stays behind to guard the camp, suspicious of ThunderClan's motives. On their return, he thanks them coolly and dismisses them.
At the Gathering, he invites Firestar to start speaking first. When his turn comes, he tells the Clans about ThunderClan's help in dealing with the kittypets, and how they stayed in their nest from then on. When Onestar angrily exclaims that ThunderClan is interfering too much with other Clans, Blackstar tersely states that ThunderClan helped them only once and that they would never be able to set paw on ShadowClan territory without an invitation. At the end, he draws the Gathering to a close.


At a Gathering, Blackstar confidently justifies his attempt to change the border with ThunderClan by saying that Twolegs are having an adverse effect in his territory - Twoleg kits scaring off prey, boats on the lake, and monsters on the Thunderpath. He and Leopardstar, who has similar troubles, believe that the other two Clans should give up some territory for them. This is heavily protested and the issue goes unresolved. Blackstar lets the other Clans know it isn't over.
Later, during Brambleclaw's expedition around the territories, he can tell that Blackstar is just using the Twolegs as an excuse for more territory, as there is plenty of prey around and no serious threat.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

Blackstar tries to take ThunderClan territory (an idea that Firestar partially encouraged, by giving ShadowClan a piece of poor hunting ground), but is beaten by ThunderClan.

Dark River

At a Gathering, he reports that Tawnypelt has three new kits: Flamekit, Dawnkit, and Tigerkit. Many of the cats are shocked at Tigerkit's name because it lives on the horrible legacy of Tigerstar.
He appears at the next Gathering, reporting that all is fine with ShadowClan.


When Berrynose and Birchfall, two ThunderClan warriors, accidentally cross the ShadowClan border, Blackstar finds that a ShadowClan patrol is attacking the two warriors, shortly after Firestar does. He then tells Firestar that he doesn't think the Clan should have settled beside the lake.
Later, when Brambleclaw and Lionpaw come to take Tawnypelt with them to the mountains, Blackstar says that the decision is up to her, thinking that she'll say no. It surprises him when Tawnypelt says yes, and Brambleclaw has to remind Blackstar that he said it was her decision. He lets her go, but reluctantly.


It was revealed in a dream of Littlecloud's that Blackstar was losing faith in StarClan, but he never did anything, only asked Russetfur to do the work for him. It also seemed that he was having second thoughts about living by the lake.
Later when Hollypaw comes and asks for help in a battle against WindClan, Blackstar sends help, but tells Russetfur to organize the patrol.
When Hollypaw, Jaypaw, Lionpaw and Sol are taken to the ShadowClan camp for being on their territory, Blackstar tells Sol that he is thinking it was the wrong decision to have left the forest. Sol talks Blackstar into not believing in StarClan anymore, and convinces Blackstar to declare at the next Gathering that ShadowClan won't be attending Gatherings anymore, for they had turned their back on their ancestors.

Long Shadows

Blackstar is talking to Sol at a meeting. Sol says that StarClan has no power over them, and Blackstar obviously agrees.
He attends a Gathering with Sol informing the other Clans that ShadowClan will not attend Gatherings.
It is revealed by Flamepaw, who was Tawnypelt's son, that Blackstar had converted back to his original name, Blackfoot. He had taken away the tradition of mentors teaching apprentices, and had forbidden Littlecloud to speak with StarClan.
Tawnypelt's kits, Dawnpaw, Flamepaw, and Tigerpaw, along with Hollyleaf, Jaypaw, and Lionblaze set up a false sign from StarClan, to trick Blackfoot into following his warrior ancestors again. At first, he is skeptical, calling it superstitious nonsense because he can not see the warrior of StarClan (who was actually Jaypaw) but when he sees  Raggedstar and Runningnose from StarClan, he agrees and reclaims the name Blackstar, and with it, leadership of his Clan.


Blackstar is seen coming to ThunderClan, along with Rowanclaw, and cats from other Clans (Onestar, Tornear, Leopardstar, and Reedwhisker) to tell Firestar that Sol should be driven out of the forest, since ThunderClan was sheltering the loner while he was being questioned.
Blackstar claims that he wants to hear what Hollyleaf has to say, after she exclaims at a Gathering that she has an important statement to make.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Firestar easily convinces him and the other two leaders to send two warriors each on a patrol upstream to see what happened to the water from the lake. Blackstar agrees, and sends Toadfoot and Tigerheart to represent ShadowClan. When the patrol returns, Blackstar is seen as friendlier than his normal grumpy self, and actually invites the cats into the ShadowClan camp. He invites the cats to rest and have some prey before they go back to their Clans. This shows how desperate the Clans were to get water and how grateful they were to have it returned. Commenting on his personality, Lionblaze mutters to Dovepaw about Blackstar's behavior, asking who he is, and where the real Blackstar is.

Fading Echoes

He shows sympathy towards Mistystar after she announces the death of Leopardstar and then he gives ThunderClan a very long lecture about when to accuse cats crossing borders, after the trouble on the ShadowClan-ThunderClan border. He also expresses grief over his deputy, Russetfur, after she accidentally is killed by Lionblaze in battle when ThunderClan reclaims the poor territory they gave as a gift to ShadowClan. This battle was partially provoked by IvypawHawkfrost, and Tigerstar.

Night Whispers

Blackstar is first seen bending over Russetfur's dead body. When Brambleclaw says that the clearing is ThunderClan's, Blackstar hisses that it was never worth of the blood that has been spilled. He is nudged by Scorchfur to his paws and guided into the trees.
When is time to bury Russetfur, Blackstar says that she died fighting bravely, and ShadowClan doesn't ask any more from its warriors. Then he and Rowanclaw disappear into the leader's den. In the same chapter he comes out and orders the cats to gather around. When ShadowClan practices how to while ThunderClan cats, Blackstar growls that ThunderClan cats are pigeon-brained. After the Clan meeting he orders Rowanclaw, his new deputy, to organize patrols. However, when Rowanclaw asks about new markings, Blackstar says that Firestar chose a dark path when he asked the land back and invites Flametail and Littlecloud to his den. In his den Blackstar asks if StarClan has sent a sign to them. They answer no, and he orders them to go to the Moonpool for answers.
A little bit later, when Flametail returns from the Moonpool, he tells that ShadowClan must break all their allegiances and look after themselves. Blackstar is puzzled, saying that they have no allegiances. Littlecloud argues with Flametail and Blackstar says that he trusts Littlecloud's judgment and thanks Flametail for visiting Moonpool. It is said by Rowanclaw that Blackstar is no fool, and he shouldn't be underestimated.
Next, Blackstar asks if there were more signs. When hears that there were no signs, he asks why he is having such bad dreams. He demands if ShadowClan will be destroyed and who is threatening them, and what their ancestors said. Blackstar turns away after a little talk and disappears into his own thoughts.
When Ivypaw is kidnapped by ShadowClan, Blackstar visits her. He seems to be amused, and expects that she wants to go home. Blackstar tells her that ThunderClan has something they need.
During the Gathering, Blackstar reports that ShadowClan new deputy is Rowanclaw and that they still mourn loss of Russetfur. When Firestar confronts him over his taking Ivypaw hostage, he hisses to Firestar that Ivypaw was on their land, but the ginger tom shoots back that they could've just chased her off and asks what kind of warrior holds a cat too young to defend herself. Firestar tells Blackstar that he's lucky ThunderClan didn't strike back harder, and Blackstar retorts that whatever will happen, ShadowClan is ready.

Sign of the Moon

At the Gathering, he says that they got through the small outbreak of whitecough, though ThunderClan knows that they really had greencough. ThunderClan also gets mad that he said it was only whitecough when they knew that Littlecloud was dying.

The Forgotten Warrior

At the Gathering, he follows Onestar and Mistystar as they jump onto the branches of the Great Oak. He reports that ShadowClan warriors had fought a battle with the two kittypets at the Twoleg nest, and states that they won't be having anymore trouble from them for a while. Blackstar also announces the three new warriors: Pinenose, Ferretclaw, and Starlingwing. He also adds that ShadowClan is strong.
Blackstar is then mentioned by Lionblaze when he brings up Sol and what he did to ShadowClan. He is also mentioned by Firestar when he states that ThunderClan has no quarrel with Sol, but ShadowClan might.
He is then mentioned by Dawnpelt as she threatens a ThunderClan patrol if they set one set marker out of a leaf's depth, Blackstar will know. Hollyleaf then states she'll tell Blackstar herself.
Blackstar is once again mentioned along with what Sol did to ShadowClan.
At another Gathering, Blackstar speaks after Firestar. He is noted to be puzzled by the hostility between WindClan and ThunderClan. He says that, like RiverClan, ShadowClan has had troubles with Twolegs by the lake. Before he can sit down, he is interrupted by Dawnpelt, who asks him if she may speak. He blinks in surprise then dips his head, allowing her to speak. Dawnpelt accuses Jayfeather of murdering her brother Flametail by deliberately drowning him in the frozen lake. Blackstar, along with Mistystar and Onestar, is noted to look uncomfortable. When Firestar asks if any cat takes this accusation seriously, Blackstar says nothing.

The Last Hope

Blackstar is seen at the Gathering and is happy to hear that Jayfeather is still not fulfilling his medicine cat duties. Blackstar is later seen when the four leaders meet to discuss the upcoming battle. Blackstar is not so keen at joining the Clans together, but once aware to the threat he agrees, on the condition that any cat on ShadowClan territory, even a Clan leader, has to listen to ShadowClan cats. Firestar agrees to this condition.
In the Great Battle, Stoatpaw, a ShadowClan apprentice, arrives at the ThunderClan camp and tells Firestar the ShadowClan camp is overrun with Dark Forest warriors and that Blackstar is losing a life. Firestar sends Smokefoot's patrol and Graystripe and Lionblaze to help. When they arrive, Blackstar is still recovering from losing his life in his den, with his deputy Rowanclaw. However, he recovers well enough to defend a ShadowClan cat who is being attacked by a Dark Forest warrior. During the battle he kills Redwillow for betraying his Clan. When the ShadowClan camp is under control again, he sends the ThunderClan cats home and thanks them for their help.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

When the medicine cats have their half-moon Gathering at the Moonpool, Blackstar is one of the cats to greet them as they arrive. He looks on in approval as Littlecloud reunites with Flametail, sharing tongues and purring happily.

River of Fire

Blackstar first appears after Yellowfang comments that Brokenstar's leadership was bad enough. Blackstar admits he thought Rowanclaw would have been a great leader and trusted him as a deputy. However, he then asks what the ginger tom could have possibly done after his Clan betrayed him and followed Darktail. Dawnpelt, Rowanclaw's daughter, sadly agrees with the former ShadowClan leader, as she herself chose to abandon her father, which she admits was a mistake.
A new cat appears, and Needletail asks Blackstar who she is, but Blackstar states he doesn't know. The she-cat then introduces herself as Shadowstar, the first ever ShadowClan leader. Blackstar looks on in astonishment as the ancient cat speaks. Afterwards, Dawnpelt says that it's too late for ShadowClan to be saved, and Blackstar sadly adds that they've given prophecies already, but the rest of the Clans ignore them. Shadowstar, lashing her tail, says that if ShadowClan isn't saved, then more things than a storm will come upon the Clans, causing the StarClan cats, including Blackstar, to fall silent. The silence is broken by Needletail, who says they need to work together on sending a correct message.

The Raging Storm

Firestar gathers some of the former Clan leaders together on the island, and Blackstar is one of the cats present. He is seen shivering a few tail-lengths away from the others. He impatiently flicks his tail, saying they don’t need to stand in the dark to know what’s waiting for the Clans. Firestar turns on him, saying they know what’s coming, but he thinks they’ve been unaware to how ill-prepared the Clans are to face it. Rowanclaw shows up, and Blackstar points out he’s not a leader anymore, his mew hard with reproach, and he gave up his Clan so he could survive.
A bit later, Firestar says the Clans have faced hardships, but they don’t realize how fear can weave between them and greed can drive them apart, and Blackstar snorts, wondering if Firestar thinks the Clans have not learned from Darktail.

In the Super Editions

Yellowfang's Secret

Blackkit is born to Hollyflower along with his siblings.
Blackpaw is later seen plunging into undergrowth with Nightpaw, Clawpaw, Flintpaw, and Fernpaw. The apprentices' mentors are noted to look flustered at their apprentices' energy. Blackpaw then reappears from the undergrowth. He pads over to Yellowfang, limping and saying that he stepped on a thorn. When Yellowfang checks his paw, it has a tiny bramble thorn in it, and Yellowfang takes it out, telling Blackpaw to give it a good lick. Blackpaw rushes back to the other apprentices, thanking Yellowfang as he left.
Blackpaw is seen again when Flintpaw and Nightpaw start to wrestle in the clearing. Blackpaw, Fernpaw, and Clawpaw join in and scatter moss everywhere. Then Hollyflower, Blackpaw, Fernpaw, and Flintpaw's mother, comes and picks up Flintpaw by the scruff and heaves him out of the fight. The apprentices are shown to be disappointed, and then they hurry to gather the scattered bedding as Hollyflower had threatened them.
Later, in the training area, it is shown that all five apprentices are practicing battle moves there. Nightpaw is taken away by Yellowfang, as he is coughing. Blackpaw then becomes a warrior by the name of Blackfoot. Blackfoot is one of the cats chosen to go to the Gathering. When Brokenpaw rushes off to check that the ThunderClan scent markers are on their side of the border, both Raggedpelt and Blackfoot praise Brokenpaw.
When Brokenpaw becomes a warrior by the name of Brokentail, Blackfoot pads over to him and congratulates him on becoming a warrior. Blackfoot is one of the cats chosen to attack the Carrionplace rats. His patrol is chosen to jump out and surround the first few rats. Once Raggedstar and Foxheart lead the rats toward them, Blackfoot's patrol leaps out and circles the rats.
When Yellowfang and Nightpelt return back to camp, Blackfoot is shown to be leaving on a patrol with Stumpytail, Tangleburr, Rowanberry, Deerfoot, and Brokentail. When Yellowfang calls out to the patrol, asking if they are going to hunt, Stumpytail says that they are going battle-training. Yellowfang is surprised, since the Clan needed fresh-kill.
When the patrol returns, Yellowfang is shocked to see how bedraggled and battered the 'dogs' looked. Deerfoot was limping, Blackfoot's shoulder was bleeding, and Tangleburr was missing some fur. When Yellowfang suggests that the worn-out cats should rest, Brokentail retorts, saying that they should only clean themselves up.
Blackfoot is one of the cats chosen to go on a hunting patrol by Brokentail. When Brokentail comes rushing into camp, yowling that Raggedstar was dead, Yellowfang goes out to find Raggedstar and finds him dead. Then the patrol that Brokentail had left came rushing out of the tunnel. Blackfoot, Scorchwind, and Boulder are horrified to find their leader dead.
When Raggedstar's body is taken back to camp, Yellowfang hears angry voices. Scorchwind, Blackfoot, Tangleburr, and Cinderfur were clustered close together, talking. They are angry at WindClan and want to believe that WindClan will attack them since they think they believe that ShadowClan is weak, because they have no leader, and Scorchwind wants to avenge his brother's death. Brokentail looks up and tells Scorchwind that vengeance will be served, but not until they have all grieved.
When Brokenstar returns to the ShadowClan camp, he summons a Clan meeting. He then chooses Blackfoot to be his deputy, and makes Mosskit an apprentice. Mosspaw is apprenticed to Brokenstar, but to many retorts from the Clan. Many ShadowClan cats believe that Mosspaw is too young to be an apprentice. Brokenstar then promises Mosspaw's siblings, Volekit and Dawnkit, to Blackfoot and Clawface. When Featherstorm hisses at her kits that they are too young to be apprentices, and that Mosspaw is too, Blackfoot tells her that she should be proud, since Mosspaw is being trained by the Clan leader.
Brokenstar then calls another meeting, and Blackfoot is shown sitting on the base of the rock with his ears pricked. Brokenstar announces that he wants his Clan to get even stronger, to which Blackfoot suggests to battle-train every day. After Mosspaw is killed, Brokenstar summons his Clan once again. Brokenstar makes many of the older kits apprentices, and gives Dawnpaw to Blackfoot. Brokenstar is shown sitting on top of the Great Rock, with Blackfoot at the foot of the rock and his Clan nearby. Blackfoot is seen leading out a patrol, and the apprentices dragged bedding from the warriors' den.
When Blackfoot's night patrol returns to camp, Yellowfang and Brightflower hurry to them, asking if Marigoldkit and Mintkit had followed their patrol. When Blackfoot says that he hasn't seen Brightflower's kits, Brightflower lets out a wail of terror. Yellowfang explains to Blackfoot that the kits were missing, and that they had hoped that they had followed Blackfoot's patrol. Blackfoot's patrol suggests that they might of followed them but were unable to keep up, and Brightflower gets even more worried. Yellowfang leaves then to find the kits. When Yellowfang, Brokenstar, and Brightflower return with the bodies of Marigoldkit and Mintkit, Brokenstar says that Yellowfang claimed that they had been killed by a fox. Blackfoot suggests sending out a patrol to track the fox, but Brokenstar says that he found no trace of a fox near the kits. When Brokenstar exiles Yellowfang, Blackfoot tells her that he would take her out of ShadowClan territory, but Yellowfang spits that she would go out of the territory herself. It is noted that his voice is heavy with regret.

Firestar's Quest

It is revealed that Blackfoot has already earned his nine lives and his name, Blackstar. He has also appointed Russetfur as his new deputy.
At a Gathering, Blackstar notes that there are more Twolegs and monsters than usual in ShadowClan's territory. He also announces a new warrior, Tawnypelt.

Crowfeather's Trial

At the Gathering, Blackstar lists the names of the cats who died in the Great Battle. Afterwards, Onestar announces Nightcloud's death, and the ShadowClan leader offers his sympathies. Blackstar gives his report after Mistystar, and the Gathering quickly ends.
A moon later at the next meeting, Blackstar lists the names of the fallen. Bramblestar reports that ThunderClan chased a dog off their territory, and the white leader complains that they chased it onto ShadowClan land. When WindClan's troubles with the stoats become known, Blackstar and Mistystar agree to help if it's needed. The meeting then ends, and he gathers his cats to return home.
At the next Gathering, Blackstar lists the names of the fallen, and then reports that ShadowClan's prey is running well. He adds that they'd found some fox scent, but it's faded by now.

Bramblestar's Storm

Bramblestar tells his warriors his going to visit Blackstar and ask about ShadowClan cats crossing the border. Mousewhisker thinks that will just give Blackstar a chance to create an excuse, but Cherryfall thinks Bramblestar will be letting Blackstar know they know exactly what’s going on. Bramblestar takes a patrol and meets a ShadowClan patrol, and explain they are just visiting Blackstar. The ShadowClan leader is standing in the middle of the clearing and Bramblestar is surprised to see how frail Blackstar is. He however remembers Blackstar age and how he has led his Clan through the most terrible battle in history. Tawnypelt reports the ThunderClan patrol wishes to speak to Blackstar. He asks what they want. Bramblestar explains about the ShadowClan scents in his territory, and Blackstar seems astonished although it could be feigned. He says he must be dreaming as no ShadowClan warrior has crossed the border. He tells Bramblestar to strengthen the border marks as they can’t be blamed crossing a few paw steps when they don’t know exactly where the border is. The patrol is shocked, and Bramblestar resists swiping Blackstar’s smirk off his face. Bramblestar tries confronting again, but Ratscar defends his leader. After it’s broken up, Blackstar promises to keep a careful watch of the border and tells Tawnypelt to escort them out.
On the way to a Gathering, Bramblestar wonders if Blackstar has become too frail to keep his Clan together in the aftermath of the Great Battle. Blackstar stays on the ground for the Gathering, and recites the names of the fallen, including cats from WindClan and ThunderClan. Bramblestar thinks he should be doing ThunderClan’s fallen, and remembers how Blackstar also did this on the first Gathering after the Great Battle. It was right at the time but not right now. When he reaches RiverClan’s fallen, Mistystar interrupts. Shocked and horrified, Blackstar protests they need to honor their memory as they are still watching their Clanmates they gave their life for. Mistystar tries to gently tell Blackstar that life keeps going like the seasons. She says that they don’t remember every piece of prey in the last moon or every leaf that has fallen. Blackstar snaps their Clanmates are neither prey nor leaves. Mistystar tries to explain, but the Clans erupt into a clamor with ShadowClan supporting their leader and the rest opposing. Crowfeather asks why only Blackstar may speak.
After they settle, Bramblestar announces his agreement with Mistystar, saying each Clan should honor the fallen in their own way. Blackstar’s neck bristles as he snarls they are quick to forget the alliance they had when it came to fighting the Dark Forest. Bramblestar points out they have broken that alliance and are four again, but Blackstar snaps ShadowClan will not stay to hear their fallen scorned by others. He claims they all owe the fallen a debt. Rowanclaw instantly joins his leader and reassures they haven’t been disrespected and things are changing is all. Blackstar looks bewildered as Rowanclaw tells him that each Clan faces their challenge and nothing stays the same forever. He points out how well ShadowClan is and says they owe that to Blackstar. After a pause, Blackstar takes his place on the Great Oak to properly begin the Gathering. When it’s his turn, he reports of ShadowClan thriving and of Snowbird giving birth to three she-kits. After the announcements, Bramblestar goes to talk to his sister and says Rowanclaw did a brilliant job with Blackstar. He also says that Rowanclaw will be a good leader and it won’t be long. Tawnypelt asks if he means Blackstar is too old to lead. She defends her leader, saying he's wrong and Blackstar is fine. Later after a meeting with a ShadowClan patrol, Graystripe thinks that Blackstar has lost his final life in the storm. Bramblestar thinks it’s important for all Clans to know if a leader dies, but decides to wait for the news to come to him.
Graystripe's theory is proven correct as Rowanclaw reports to Bramblestar that Blackstar lost his ninth life in the recent storm. Bramblestar says his apologizes and admits to himself he is glad Rowanclaw is Blackstar's successor. Rowanclaw seems not unusually subdued to his grief for Blackstar, and leaves for the Moonpool. Jayfeather hears the news and says he is not surprised Blackstar has lost his ninth life as he is old and has been through a lot. Bramblestar later mentions that Blackstar was generous when in Bramblestar’s early moons as leader, and wants to return that favor by helping his former Clan.

Tigerheart's Shadow

Blackstar is mentioned by Rowanclaw to Tigerheart after the ShadowClan deputy asks how his father knew he wanted to be leader. Rowanstar replies that he didn't know, until he was appointed as Russetfur's successor, and then he realized the differences between a leader and a warrior.

In the Novellas

Tigerclaw's Fury

Although not mentioned by name, Tigerclaw thinks of the ShadowClan outlaws, how they disappointed him in standing by his side and fighting to the death while Tigerclaw kills Bluestar. He thinks that they have grown soft by moons surviving alone, too easily cowed by cats fighting to defend their home. Tigerclaw decides he needs more time with them to remind them of the training they had from Brokenstar, whose tactics were very cruel and against the Warrior Code. Tigerclaw later picks up the scent of cats’ fears, and tracks him until he finds a group of former-ShadowClan cats.
Blackfoot protests that they were going to come back for Tigerclaw once their wounds were healed, and he is mistakenly described with one black forepaw. It is also described that Blackfoot was a ShadowClan warrior, loyal to their leader, Brokenstar, before he was taken prisoner by ThunderClan and his followers driven out of the Clan. Tigerclaw could tell that the cats were terrified that he has risen from the dead. He describes they have failed him, and had let themselves lose to a bunch of queens and elders in an unguarded camp. Tigerclaw knew they would do anything he wanted and pushed down the urge to rip their ears for running away. He notes they are his only allies now, and he could shape them exactly as he wanted.
Blackfoot hesitantly points out Tigerclaw’s belly is bleeding, and sniffs the blood on Tigerclaw’s side. Tigerclaw snaps it’s nothing and it will heal in a couple of days. Blackfoot steps back and admits the ThunderClan cats fought more fiercely than they expected, especially Fireheart. He comments that he may have been born in the Twolegplace, but he sure knows how to fight like a warrior. Tigerclaw spits back at him about Fireheart a kittypet and has no rights with the Clans.
The next day, Blackfoot says the sun hasn’t risen, so there will be no ShadowClan patrols around. Tigerclaw leads them into ShadowClan territory where he sees Blackfoot's fur stand on end. When they reach an a line of unmovable bushes that ShadowClan use as a defence, Blackfoot walks along the foot of the branches which dips close to the ground and he mutters there is a way through, mentioned he got through when he was an apprentice. At the other side, Blackfoot comments that a fallen tree looks as if it could make a good den, and bounds behind it for one moment then reappeared on top, yowling it’s perfect, and invites the others to come and see. Blackfoot asks if they shall hunt and get started on a fresh-kill pile. Tigerclaw snarls it isn’t a mini-Clan game, and they will attack ThunderClan again. Blackfoot glances at Tigerclaw’s wounded belly, as if concerned the wound would never heal enough to let him go to battle.
Later, Tigerclaw asks where Blackfoot and Tangleburr are as they should have been back from hunting ages ago. Stumpytail and Clawface reveal they are checking for ShadowClan at the border, in hope of connecting with them again and seeing if they are alright. Tigerclaw finds them and confronts them. Blackfoot stammers they were on their way back, and Tigerclaw asks who they have been talking to. Blackfoot steps forward, and is noted as tall and broad-chested as Tigerclaw. He reveals that there have been so few border patrols and Dawncloud and Rowanberry told them there is a terrible sickness in the Clan, almost every warrior has been affected. He is concerned about the lack of prey his Clan is getting. Blackfoot comments that he was loyal to Brokenstar because he was leader of his Clan. He is still a ShadowClan warrior, whatever happens.
Tigerclaw tells they are forbidden crossing the ShadowClan border, but they wait for a patrol to get more information. A border patrol of Fernshade, Deerfoot and Boulder arrives. Boulder instantly recognizes them. Boulder asks about the rumors of an attack on ThunderClan and Blackfoot comments that’s not why they are here, and he asks about ShadowClan. His sister, Fernshade tells and Deerfoot is hesitant about telling the former ShadowClan warriors, reminding the cats of their past. Tigerclaw orders his cats to leave, and is worried Tangleburr and Blackfoot wouldn’t follow, but they did.
Later, when Tigerclaw returns with news that they will hunt for ShadowClan, Blackfoot is noted to be delighted. He and the other cats take the prey to ShadowClan camp, and all are alarmed at the state of the Clan. Blackfoot agrees that they are not afraid to deliver help, and take the prey to the fresh-kill pile. They discover that Cinderfur, the deputy is dead and Nightstar is too weak to appoint another one. They promise to bring back more fresh-kill to help. The following day, Tigerclaw sends the cats away to hunt for ShadowClan, on the understanding of a session of battle training after sunset.
Tigerclaw brings Mowgli back from the Twolegplace, and Blackfoot is cautious of him, asking if he can be trusted. He explains that he wonders how much they can rely on a cat that turned tail at the first sign of battle, and asks what if he leaves again. Later, when they join a ShadowClan hunting patrol, Blackfoot teases Darkflower to keep her fur on after she mutters are they hunting or talking. After spending some time in camp, Blackfoot is seen talking to Fernshade, and Tigerclaw tells him it’s time they left. Tigerclaw let his companions call their farewells over their shoulders.
After Tigerclaw kills Runningwind, which leads to the death of Whitethroat, Tigerclaw tries to take on the ThunderClan patrol by himself, but Blackfoot arrives with nearly every cat that wasn’t sick, asking Tigerclaw if he thinks they would let him fight alone. Tigerclaw says no, calling him a friend. ShadowClan fights with ThunderClan, and RiverClan arrives, Blackfoot is seen wrestling with some of them. They retreat, and only stop deep within the territory to lick their wounds. Tigerclaw catches Blackfoot’s gaze, and notes he seems to understand what Tigerclaw means that what happened would be reported to ShadowClan as a moment of tragedy for Whitethroat and a cause of revenge against ThunderClan.
After Tigerclaw says they need to go to ShadowClan camp now, Blackfoot bounds up to him, asking if something happened or he had a dream from StarClan. Tigerclaw tells that they just need to be there, and leads them to camp to find that Nightstar has died. Runningnose steps in as a leader and Tigerclaw assists him, acting as a deputy. He orders Blackfoot along with Snag and Mowgli to each take a warrior and an apprentice and teach basic attack and defense moves. They all nod. Later, Tigerclaw hears the sounds of cats, striking, pouncing and retreating as Blackfoot and the others test the Clan.
After Runningnose announces Tigerclaw as the new leader, Blackfoot whispers that Runningnose wants to speak to him. After, Tigerclaw pads to the centre of the clearing and catches Blackfoot’s eye. He notes that he would make him deputy before the moon rose above the treetops instead of Jaggedtooth.

Hollyleaf's Story

Blackstar does not formally appear in Hollyleaf's Story, but is listed in the allegiances. He is briefly mentioned by Hollyleaf as she recalls Sol, and how he made Blackstar give up on his warrior ancestors.

Mistystar's Omen

Blackstar does not formally appear in Mistystar's Omen, but is listed in the allegiances.
He is mentioned when Mistyfoot remembers how he murdered her brother, Stonefur, in cold blood, when they were imprisoned for being half-Clan. Leopardstar believes she never deserved Mistyfoot's forgiveness for doing nothing to stop it, but Mistyfoot asserts that it was Tigerstar and Blackfoot who were responsible for Stonefur's death, not Leopardstar. Blackstar is also briefly mentioned by Reedwhisker and Mistystar, after the latter obtains her nine lives and leader name. Reedwhisker offers to take the news of her leadership, and thus also telling ShadowClan of Leopardstar's passing. After Reedwhisker returns, the new deputy says that Blackstar is sorry to hear of Leopardstar's passing, and cannot await the next Gathering, where he will be able to greet RiverClan's new leader. Mistystar thinks that she will never contemplate forming an alliance with Blackstar and his Clan, as she cannot forgive him for murdering her brother.

Leafpool's Wish

Blackstar does not formally appear in Leafpool's Wish, but is listed in the allegiances.

It is mentioned that Brokenstar was the leader of ShadowClan before Nightstar and Blackstar.

Dovewing's Silence

The Battle Against the Dark Forest is over and the Clans separate once again. Three days later, Blackstar arrives at ThunderClan camp, being held upright by Rowanclaw. Surprisingly, no ThunderClan cat is hostile towards them as their alliance has changed their views. Bramblestar greets the leader and shows him a place to rest his wobbly legs. Cinderheart comments he is so old he barely looks alive. Squirrelflight asks if everything is fine in ShadowClan, and Blackstar says it is in a faint rasping voice. Blackstar is wheezing, so Rowanclaw explains they want to talk of the former Dark Forest trainees. Bramblestar says he assumed that each Clan will decide what to do alone but Blackstar protests. He struggles up and lashes his tail, saying they are still bound by their allegiance during the Great Battle. It’s a problem they face together, so they should sort it together. Bramblestar agrees to meet the other leaders on the island tomorrow. Blackstar promises to send word to RiverClan and WindClan, and asks for permission to cross the territory. Bramblestar agrees, and thanks Blackstar for coming and advising him to get rest before the day. Blackstar just grunts before being guided out by his deputy.
At the Island, Blackstar is first as he waits with Littlecloud, Tigerheart and Ratscar. They wait for the rest of the Clans to come before starting the meeting. Mistystar and Onestar defend their warriors, but Blackstar protests that they broke the warrior code. He looks at his warriors with sorrowful eyes as he says they betrayed their Clan, leader and themselves so they cannot go unpunished. Ivypool starts to explain why they joined the Dark Forest, and Blackstar bristle his fur but Ivypool continues, saying they used personal reasons to recruit them. Blackstar mentions she spoke well, but states he saw his Clanmates attack each other, and asks how that is being loyal or being a better warrior. Ivypool responds that they were given different ways to serve their Clan. After Onestar says he trusts Breezepelt, Blackstar shakes his head and states he can’t agree, and they all feel differently about their cats. He seems confused about their alliance already disappearing. Mistystar insists they should decide for their own Clanmates, but Blackstar protests that they must decide on one action together, it wouldn’t be fair otherwise. Mothwing suggests that the former trainees swear a new oath of loyalty. Blackstar declares he will do this as soon as he returns to camp. The meeting ends and all Clans do this.
A Gathering takes place, and Blackstar’s white pelt is so pale he already looks as if part of StarClan already. He wheezes so softly that cats lean forward to hear. He announces that ShadowClan is stronger than ever as they have rebuilt their dens and secured the borders. ShadowClan's fresh-kill pile is full and they do not fear the coming leaf-bare, although his wide eyes suggest otherwise. He continues to explain that they were troubled by a fox but brave ShadowClan warriors drove it out. He sits down abruptly, clearly exhausted from giving a speech by his heaving flanks. After the Gathering, Blackstar lowers himself gently to the ground instead of jumping.

In the Field Guides

Secrets of the Clans

Blackstar is listed in the "Significant Leaders" section. It is said that he is arrogant and defensive, and since Tigerstar brought him back to ShadowClan from exile, he feels a hint of gratitude and loyalty towards him. Here it is revealed that he was Tallpoppy's mentor.
When Tawnypelt gives the reader a tour of ShadowClan's camp around the lake, she shows the branch that Blackstar makes his announcements from and also comments on how fast Blackstar can climb the tree when he is angry.

Cats of the Clans

Rock tells Mosskit, Adderkit, and Blossomkit that nobody envies Blackstar for having to follow in Tigerstar's paw steps. He is said to have been both Tigerstar and Nightstar's deputy, when really he was Tigerstar and Brokenstar's. Rock says that Blackstar has made his Clanmates proud, confident, brave in battle, and respected once more by the other Clans. He says that Blackstar has a long way to go before the other Clans forget ShadowClan's battle-hungry past, but he should not be punished for having pride in his Clan.

Battles of the Clans

Blackfoot is leading a ShadowClan patrol with Stumpytail and Russetfur that invades ThunderClan territory. A single ThunderClan patrol attacks them, but he is confused by the Lightning Strike from different sides and thinks that all of ThunderClan has them surrounded. He eventually orders his patrol to retreat, and tells Tigerclaw that they'll be back.
Later, he appears as Blackstar in the new territory. RiverClan has been fishing off the halfbridge, which attracts Twolegs and frightens off ShadowClan prey. Blackstar did not want to be the first to start a battle in the Clans' new home, so he talks to Leopardstar peacefully, and she agrees to stop the fishing. However, patrols continue to fish, but just at night, and Blackstar arranges an ambush patrol consisting of Tawnypelt, Rowanclaw, Oakfur and Cedarheart. They attack one of the patrols, and Blackstar confronts Mistyfoot about the problem. He threatens her Clan with outright battle in their camp if they don't stop fishing here and scaring the prey, and tells her she should be ashamed of herself for going back on Leopardstar's promise. Mistyfoot agrees, but after a vague insult directed towards him, Blackstar orders her that ShadowClan be repaid by being given half of RiverClan's fresh-kill till the half-moon to make up for lost prey. He agrees amusedly to Mistyfoot's pleas that the other Clans not hear about the episode, and on leaving, warns her never to trust the shadows.
He later appears in the battle with the foxes. He and his Clan ambush the foxes, herding them towards Fourtrees. With the foxes' cubs as hostages, Blackstar orders them to leave the forest. After they do so, he congratulates Graystripe on the idea and tells him Firestar would be proud of him.

The Ultimate Guide

Blackstar makes the introduction for ShadowClan, describing their reasons for hostility in the old forest, their pride in themselves, and admitting that they have had exceptions to their rule of only Clanborn cats in their Clan--Tigerstar and multiple rogues, as well as the fact that inviting Scourge and BloodClan into the forest was not a good idea.
His own page is featured. Blackstar had helped his Clan become stronger when they were left in ruins after Tigerstar's rule and the battle with BloodClan. He kept faith in ShadowClan's virtues and understood the role it played in the near-death of the forest, but did not apologize, and instead went on calmly and without challenge, even allowing Tawnypelt to go on the journey to Midnight. However, at the new territories by the lake, life was not much easier as Blackstar had hoped, with prey scarce and kittypets and Twolegs pestering his Clan. With Littlecloud's lack of reassurance from their warrior ancestors, he questioned the point of the Clans being here. Sol later took control of ShadowClan, proposing a life in which it was every cat for himself; his prediction of the eclipse was the main reason Blackstar trusted Sol. ShadowClan stopped taking part in Gatherings, Littlecloud was no longer allowed to go to the Moonpool, the leader went back to his warrior name, Blackfoot, and apprentices were no longer trained. Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, Dawnpaw and Tigerpaw all designed a fake sign from StarClan to convince Blackstar to believe in StarClan again, helped by Raggedstar and Runningnose. He fought against the Dark Forest and, the oldest Clan leader, he would always defend the warrior code.
Blackstar is said on Russetfur's page to have appointed her as his deputy. He is also mentioned on Tawnypelt's page. Tawnypelt gained her warrior name and earned Blackstar's trust. On Flametail's profile, he is first mentioned to have began following the preferences of Sol. Flamepaw was angered by this, wanting to be trained as a medicine cat. He had taken part in the plan to trick Blackstar back into belief in StarClan and had later convinced the ShadowClan leader to turn on the other Clans upon a warning from StarClan. He is also mentioned during Tigerclaw's leadership ceremony, where it is told that his support of Tigerclaw had helped him become Nightstar's successor.
He is said on Mistystar’s and Stonefur’s page to have captured Stonefur with Darkstripe and killed him. They both have left their own clans to join TigerClan, all under Tigerstar’s orders. This is also mentioned on Feathertail's page. He is last referred to on Sol's page. The rogue convinced Blackstar to let his cats take care of themselves instead of each other. Blackstar refused to attend Gatherings and did not let his medicine cats go to the Moonpool. A fake StarClan sign by Jaypaw lead him to regain faith in StarClan.

In the Short stories and plays

Beyond the Code: Brightspirit's Mercy

Blackstar appeared at the Gathering, openly revealing that his Clan was starving in the harsh leaf-bare. When Russetfur told him that he shouldn't make his Clan look weak, he replied that it was obvious that the Clans were starving. When Firestar didn't want to admit that ThunderClan had plenty of prey, he asked if he was too scared to admit that his Clan was going hungry, when in reality, it was the opposite.

Ultimate Leader Election: Firestar

Blackstar starts the vote over whether the Clans should unite with Firestar as the leader, and votes for the Clans to stay separate.

On the Warriors app

Blackstar's kit and apprentice names are revealed to be Blackkit and Blackpaw. It is also revealed that he comes from a line of polydactyl cats, and one of his back paws has six toes.
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