"They love warrior life. Especially Blazepaw. It's like he was born to be a warrior."
Cloverfoot to Tree about Blazepaw in The Raging Storm, chapter 2

Blazefire is a white-and-ginger tom[5][8] with amber eyes.[9]

He is introduced as Blaze, a young kit that follows Spire around and looks up to him. He becomes friends with Tigerheart and Dovewing and decides he wants to come back to ShadowClan to become a warrior like them. Along the way, Spire dies, but Blaze perseveres through the journey and joins ShadowClan, receiving his new name as Blazepaw and Strikestone as his mentor. He later becomes a full warrior named Blazefire.


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A Vision of Shadows

Snaketooth: "Isn’t the storm keeping you busy? We thought you’d be preparing for a flood."
Blazepaw: "Perhaps the sun is shining in ThunderClan territory."
Strikestone: "The sun always shines on ThunderClan."
—Snaketooth, Strikestone and Blazepaw to Bramblestar and Alderheart The Raging Storm, page chapter 22
Blaze is a cat that traveled with Tigerheart back to ShadowClan, and witnesses his resurrection to become leader. When Tigerstar revitalizes ShadowClan, Blaze is made an apprentice and is given Tigerstar's nephew Strikestone as his mentor. He participates in the border skirmish against SkyClan and helps out in his new Clan.

Super Editions

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"Spiresight wanted him to come, remember? I think Blaze will feel he is honoring his best friend's wishes as well as his own."
—Dovewing to Tigerheart about Blaze Tigerheart's Shadow, page 372
In Tigerheart's Shadow, Blaze is a young guardian cat who follows around Spire nearly everywhere. He befriends the young kits of Dovewing and Tigerheart and helps keep them occupied. He becomes fascinated by Tigerheart's stories of the Clans and his status as a warrior, even joining Tigerheart on his patrol back to ShadowClan. However, along the way, Spire dies, and Blaze becomes angry when the cats begin to doubt Spire's directions back to Clan territory. He later helps take care of Berryheart's kits and continues the trek back to ShadowClan when Tigerheart dies. When Tigerheart is revived and becomes leader, he welcomes Blaze and the other cats that joined into ShadowClan.


Author statements

  • Kate thinks that Blazefire is three or four moons old by the start of Tigerheart's Shadow.[10]
  • According to Kate, Blazefire was an abandoned/lost kit Spire found while he was out and about.[4]

Character pixels

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Blaze: "I want to be a warrior!"
Tigerheart: "You're too young."
Blaze: "They're not!"
Tigerheart: "They'll have to train for many moons."
Blaze: "I could train too. Let me come. I can help you scavenge and take care of the kits."
Dovewing: "You're still a kit yourself"
Spire: "Let him join you. It would make my decision easier."
—Blaze wanting to go to the lake Tigerheart's Shadow, page 299

"It has shapes on it, like the shapes Spire used to draw in the dirt sometimes to show me what his visions looked like."
—Blaze Tigerheart's Shadow, page 332

Rippletail: "How are we going to find way home now that Spire is gone?"
Blaze: "Oh, now you believe him? Spire died trying to help you. Are you only bothered that we don't have a guide anymore?"
Rippletail: "Of course not, but how will we find where we..."
Sparrowtail: "Rippletail meant no disrespect. But we need to get home before Berryheart starts kitting."
—Rippletail, Blaze, and Sparrowtail about Spire Tigerheart's Shadow, page 364

"Honestly, we didn't mean to do it. We were just walking in the forest, trying to keep warm, and tasting the air for prey — only there wasn't any. And then we picked up this other scent, coming from the Twolegplace. It smelled of food..."
—Blazefire to Tigerstar about his and Cinnamontail's whereabouts Lost Stars, page 49

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