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"If you are going to remove your youngest cats, then so must I. ShadowClan cannot be accused of being unfair in battle."
— Blizzardstar to Hazelstar, defending ShadowClan in Code of the Clans, page 53

Blizzardstar is a white tom with green eyes.[2]


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

"Hazelstar? Our queens have spoken. Should we ignore them and fight?"
―Blizzardstar asking Hazelstar if they should still fight Code of the Clans, page 52
Blizzardstar is an ancient ShadowClan leader.
He and his Clanmates have been preparing their skills to fight WindClan over territory. Blizzardstar is about to give the order to attack, when he is interrupted by Oakleaf, one of his Clanmates, and two WindClan cats, Daisytail and Hawkfoot. The three queens try and stop the battle, saying some of its younger participants are no more than young kits, kin of cats like Daisytail, Hawkfoot, and Oakleaf.
The three queens attempt to convince Blizzardstar to change his mind about training young cats, and suggest that each kit should wait until they are six moons old to begin their apprenticeship under the Clans' elder warriors. The kits are far too young to be considered warriors, and Blizzardstar questions whether or not they should really be fighting.
Hazelstar, leader of WindClan, agrees with Blizzardstar, saying that those cats are far too young. She also says that her youngest members will not fight, and Blizzardstar agrees, if only to protect his Clan from unfair bias against them and their youngest kin. As they depart, Blizzardstar tells Hazelstar that his Clan would take the queens' words to heart, and that they would be proposing a new law at the next Gathering.
The battle, the queens' protesting, and the agreement of the leaders eventually turns into the fifth law of the warrior code - kits must be at least six moons before beginning their training as apprentices; this rule would later be taken to heart by all warriors and medicine cats.



Author statements

  • Vicky confirmed on her Facebook page that Blizzardstar is a tribute to Blizz, the creator and webmaster of the popular Warriors fansite, Warriors Wish.[3]

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