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Chapter 10 of "Redtail's Debt" features a certain large gray cat who defeats and prepares to kill Tigerclaw, the future Tigerstar. He's not on the list of minor characters, so I'd like to ask everyone here who he is.

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Ice Shard le Icewing Ice Shard le Icewing 1 day ago

Signature Requests

Currently open! Please contact me through message wall or comments.

  • Please know that there is a wait time
  • Please check above to see if it's open. I will also tell you to check my about page since this can be outdated.
  • No paying or trading is required I do these for free.

Examples: WIP

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Lady Lostris Lady Lostris 5 days ago

Fandom updates in June

Hey all! I went on vacation for a few weeks (as you may have noticed by the wonderful Spongebob456 filling in for me to alert you all about Fandom's Pride initiatives), and it seems like Fandom exploded with new updates and general announcements during that time.

This is going to be a long post, so please bear with me 😅 Per usual, for the full extent of the details, I suggest reading the blogs, but I'm going to try and give you the tl;dr summary of them all (in the order they were published ... so most recent blogs are at the bottom):

1. Celebrate Pride Month with Fandom (click for blog post)

Although time moves quickly and we're already nearing the end of June, it is still Pride Month and Fandom still has events planned! As such, a small rem…

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EvilGodEnjoyer EvilGodEnjoyer 7 days ago

Question! What's the "Adult" Pixel Blank?

I don't really get what they're for?

They're supposed to be adult cats, obviously, but adult cats are considered warriors right? Kind of? And these pixels are being used on warriors... I don't understand this at all. Why make an adult cat pixel and use it on cats who are warriors and are warrior age? They already have the warrior pixels...

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ForalkanBoi ForalkanBoi 23 April

my first super edition

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Shadowshade-sky Shadowshade-sky 14 April

warrior cats that made fatal mistakes that lead to the bad choice

ruby teasing tiny (scourge)

tigerpaw/claw/star scaring tiny

giving tigerpaw/claw/star to thistleclaw to mentor

mapleshade falling in love with appledusk

mapleshade killing appledusk by accident

making goosefeather a medicine cat

pinestar listening to goosefeather because goosefeather wanted to raid windclan's herb storage

bramblestars imposter making flipclaw quit being a warrior and become a medicine cat

i know im missing more scenes, but if you have some scene that i haven't menshined here, then please comment back with my username and fill out this template in the beginning of ur post!:

Hi there! I just want to add on what @Shadowshade-sky just mentioned about warrior cats that made some VERY fatal mistakes!, (plz delete these brackets, then add…

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Vector Sigma Vector Sigma 26 March


Hello everyone!

We've re-added blogs to the wiki, hooray! Just a reminder that we do have blog policy so all blogs must abide by them. This also includes our spoiler policy for River spoilers since leaks are out floating around. Please wait until release for that. The policy is also available below. Have fun!

Violating these rules will result in the blog being deleted by an administrator and the user will be warned:

  1. No fanon or OC content posts: This wiki is NOT a place to share Warriors fanfiction or original characters. Beyond a short description on your userpage, any blogs that contain fanon content will be deleted. There are numerous Warriors OC wikis out there that will gladly host your fanon content.
  2. No irrelevant or insubstantial posts: Blogs…

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LanaTheKit LanaTheKit 9 January 2019

Who is Millie really?

Hi, I'm Lana. I'm here to talk about Millie.

Millie is a personal favorite of mine for many reasons. First of all,  I feel bad for her because Greystripe only became mates with her, only because she reminded him of Silverstream.

Millie may be overprotective but that is only because, during her and Greystripes journey, Greystripe almost died at least twice. 

What was Millie's journey? Here's a summery in Greystripe's point of view.

" Graystripe, a warrior who was separated from his Clan, ThunderClan, after being kidnapped by humans trying to deforest his home. He is then taken in as a house cat by a Twoleg family. He somewhat likes the Twolegs and their kits but he cannot stand to be away from his Clan and his fellow warriors. He makes an attem…

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Thisweirdcat Thisweirdcat 4 January 2019

why Mapleshade is my favorite warriors character

Disclaimer: i am NOT trying to say that anyone's opinion is wrong or invalid if you don't like Mapleshade that's fine with me this is just a blog post about my opinion.

so as you can see by the title Mapleshade is my favorite warriors character (actually she is not 100% my favorite character it's kind of a tie between Mapleshade and Tigerclaw/Tigerstar but i'm just talking about Mapleshade in this blog post) so the reason why i like Mapleshade so much first lets talk about her story. i just always thought Mapleshades story was so interesting the way her kits die and she is blamed for it which leads her to basicly become a cat serial killer. i know that that sounds really sad but keep in mind that i am a fan of horror films/books and that st…

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Lilinkin plot Lilinkin plot 24 December 2018

cats i pity

scourge bullied by his littermates and tigerclaw

tigerclaw given the wrong mentor

tawnypelt left thunderclan because she didn't feel like she was wanted there

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