"Oh StarClan, if ever we needed Ravenwing, it is now! Why did you take him from us?"
— Bloomheart lamenting the loss of Ravenwing in Mapleshade's Vengeance, chapter 7

Bloomheart is a gray tabby tom.[1]


In the Novellas

Mapleshade's Vengeance

When Frecklewish attacks Mapleshade out of her fury, Bloomheart and Seedpelt drag her away from the shocked queen. After Oakstar announces the banishment of Mapleshade, Bloomheart howls his approval. Mapleshade is horrified, reminding Bloomheart that he was her mentor once. The gray tom doesn't look at her, saying that Mapleshade has disappointed him.
As Mapleshade plans to attack Frecklewish, she hears Bloomheart telling a hunting patrol to split up and meet again at a lightning-struck elm. After Frecklewish has been bitten by an adder, Bloomheart calls for her, arriving in the clearing with Seedpelt and Thrushtalon. He tells his Clanmates to watch for snakes, while he bends over Frecklewish, assuring her of their presence. Frecklewish cries out that she cannot see, and Bloomheart bemoans about how they needed Ravenwing, as he had died. He orders Seedpelt to quickly fetch some wet moss to wash the venom out of Frecklewish's eyes, while Thrushtalon is commanded to fetch any fennel scraps he can find in order to save Frecklewish's eyesight.
Bloomheart tells Frecklewish to lie still while she complains that ThunderClan didn't have a medicine cat. Frecklewish asks if she would die, and Bloomheart vows that she wouldn't, under his watch. As she watches him, Mapleshade feels bile rising in her throat.

Pinestar's Choice

He is now an elder. Nettlebreeze mentions him as he tells Pinepaw, Daisypaw, and Littlepaw the story of Frecklewish's death. He mentions that Bloomheart found Frecklewish after a snake spat venom into her eye. There was nothing Bloomheart could do, however, and Frecklewish died a few days later.

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Bloomheart: "Oakstar's right, they don't belong here."
Mapleshade: "You were my mentor, Bloomheart! You know I would never betray my Clan!"
Bloomheart: "You already have. I am ashamed of you."
—Bloomheart to Mapleshade, when the father of Mapleshade's kits is revealed Mapleshade's Vengeance, page chapter 4

Bloomheart: "Frecklewish, is that you? [...] Keep watch for snakes! It's all right Frecklewish, we're here now."
Frecklewish: "My eyes! I can't see!"
Bloomheart: "Oh StarClan, if ever we needed Ravenwing, it is now! Why did you take him from us?"
—Bloomheart after finding Frecklewish injured by a snake Mapleshade's Vengeance, page chapter 7

"[Seedpelt], we need soaked moss, as fast as you can. We have to wash the venom out of her eyes. Thrushtalon, fetch every scrap of fennel you can find in the medicine stores. We have to try to save Frecklewish's eyesight."
―Bloomheart confidently giving orders Mapleshade's Vengeance, page chapter 7
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Bloomheart: "Lie still. We're doing everything we can."
Frecklewish: "But ThunderClan doesn't have a medicine cat! Am I going to die?"
Bloomheart: "Not on my watch."
—Bloomheart reassuring Frecklewish Mapleshade's Vengeance, page chapter 7

"Bloomheart found her. But there was nothing he could do."
―Nettlebreeze about Bloomheart finding Frecklewish and trying to help her Pinestar's Choice, page chapter 2

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