"Bluepaw stared at him in dismay. Was this another battle that had been fought in vain? Was the life of warrior nothing more then an endless circle of fighting and vengeance in answer to ancient quarrels?"
Bluepaw thinking about Adderfang's grim words in Bluestar's Prophecy , page 193

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Chapter Number: 13 (of 45)
Page Numbers: 186-195

Chapter Summary

ThunderClan launches their attack. Sunfall hisses at Bluepaw to keep close to him and to not fight a cat bigger then her. Bluepaw stares up at the RiverClan cats, noting they're all bigger than her. Sunfall charges, and Bluepaw follows her mentor, screeching. Pinestar attacks Hailstar, while Sunfall attacks a white tom.
A she-cat races beside her. Bluepaw nips her hind leg. The warrior shrieks and wheels around. Bluepaw is shocked as the she-cat's eyes fix on her, blazing with fury. They charge at each other and Bluepaw ducks under the warrior's belly, making her claws hit stone instead. The apprentice spins around, knocking her opponent off her back, triumphantly. The warrior is enraged, and prepares to fight. Bluepaw aims for her belly, but she is knocked to the ground, and she falls into the drift below. She gets out of the snow pile and sneezes. She tests the air for RiverClan warriors. Bluepaw hears her Clanmates fighting above. By the smell, she guesses that RiverClan had come from there to the rock.
She searches the cliff for a path so she could climb back up. A crunch sounds behind her, and she sees Crookedpaw. She is relieved, but Crookedpaw tells her they are enemies. Bluepaw freezes, and Crookedpaw attacks, punching at her and raking her back. She bites his forepaw and he kicks her away. Bluepaw's hind legs slides onto the ice and she hauls herself forward, slamming into Crookedpaw. Bluepaw launches her own attack, nipping his legs and sinking her teeth into his scruff. Crookedpaw thrashes and she lets go. Crookedpaw says not to expect mercy, and Bluepaw panics. She swipes at Crookedpaw, but his blows are faster. He clouts her ear, and a yowl sounds from behind her. Snowpaw appears, fighting the apprentice beside her until he starts to back away. Snowpaw hisses at her to aim for his muzzle. Bluepaw does as she is told as Snowpaw nips his hind legs. Crookedpaw is forced to his paws. The sisters fight until Crookedpaw races away.
Snowpaw is triumphant, her pelt stained red. Bluepaw wonders how her Clanmates are. Stormtail's patrol comes, and Snowpaw shoves her against a rock as RiverClan retreats. Bluepaw follows Snowpaw and they climb up the rock, thanking StarClan that none of her Clanmates are dead. Adderfang and Tawnyspots tell them about their victories. Pinestar murmurs praise to each warrior as he checks injuries.
Sparrowpelt asks where they had been, and Snowpaw boasts that they had chased off Crookedpaw. Sunfall is proud and praises them. Snowpaw says they make a good team, and Bluepaw nuzzles her sister. Their leader tells them Moonflower would had been proud. Thrushpelt reports no major injuries, and Pinestar signals for them to follow him. Bluepaw trots beside Snowpaw, but pangs of sadness pricks at her. She wishes Crookedpaw hadn't been the one they had fought, saying she had thought they were friends. Snowpaw reminds her that they will always be rivals.
Patchpelt, Poppydawn, Rosepaw and Goldenpaw meet them at the top of the ravine. There is no sign of invasion, and they enter camp. Lionpaw wonders if Bluepaw's ear hurts. She lies, saying it only hurt a little bit. Poppydawn asks if they had shredded them, and Pinestar promises they won't try taking Sunningrocks again. Sunfall reports only a few injuries, and Goosefeather calls to Featherwhisker for cobwebs when inspecting Smallear's injury.
Bluepaw lies down, exhausted. Lionpaw wishes he'd been there, telling her that he would've used the move she had taught her. Bluepaw teases him, saying he only knew one. Lionpaw tells her he would've used his instinct the rest of the time. Bluepaw's purr is stopped when she sees Thistlepaw and Snowpaw together. Adderfang praises his apprentice. Thistlepaw curls his lip, wishing he could get the taste of RiverClan blood out of his mouth. Adderfang grimly promises he'll taste more, and says even if the battle had been won today, they would fight again soon. Bluepaw is dismayed, wondering if the fighting had been in vain.





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