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{{Main Quote
|quote = "The truce only lasts as long as the full moon."
|speaker = [[Snowfur|Snowpaw]] to [[Bluestar|Bluepaw]] about friendships with other cats
|ref = ''[[Bluestar's Prophecy|Bluestar's Prophecy]]'' , page 192}}
|chap = Chapter 13
|chapall = 45
|pages = 186-195
|pov = Bluepaw
|prev = [[Bluestar's Prophecy/Chapter 12|Chapter 12]]
|next = [[Bluestar's Prophecy/Chapter 14|Chapter 14]]}}
== Chapter Summary ==
:[[Pinestar|Pinestar's]] [[Patrol|patrol]] obeyed his order and moved in to attack the [[RiverClan]] cats. [[Sunstar|Sunfall]] hissed at Bluepaw to keep close to him and to not attack any [[cat]] larger than her. To her view, all of the attackers were bigger and ran after her [[Mentor|mentor]] in horror. [[Hailstar]], the RiverClan [[Leader|leader]], gets attacked by Pinestar and Sunfall swiped away a white tom, leaping on top of his opponent. A mottled she-cat chased the [[ThunderClan]] [[apprentice|apprentice]]. Moments before the warrior could grasp her, Bluepaw bit her attacker's hind leg and sent her wheeling around. Shocked as the warrior's eyes fixed on her, Bluepaw noticed they showed signs of blazing fury in the sunlight and saw the she was going to attack her. The young apprentice crouched and braised herself for the fight. The two charged at each other and Bluepaw ducked under the warrior's belly, making her claws hit stone instead. The apprentice spun around and knocked her opponent off of her back, feeling triumph in the process.
== Characters ==
* [[Bluestar|Bluepaw]]{{r|bp|186}}
==Notes and references==
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