"He must be a really, really important warrior if Pinestar wants to share prey with him."
Snowkit to Bluekit about Stormtail in Bluestar's Prophecy, page 33
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Chapter Number: 2 (of 45)
Page Numbers: 27-46

Chapter description

Bluekit and Snowkit are being washed by their mother while they wait for their father, Stormtail, to appear after hunting. Moonflower is instructing the kits how to act while they wait and points out different Clanmates when Bluekit asks. Dapplepaw and Whitepaw are practicing battle moves together. Stormtail emerges from the barrier behind his hunting patrol with a squirrel. He tells Moonflower that Bluekit and Snowkit looked like they would make great warriors and leaves to go share prey with Pinestar.
Goosefeather emerges from the medicine cat's den and comes to talk to the kits and Moonflower. Pinestar calls Moonflower to talk to him and Stormtail and she leaves the kits with Goosefeather. He leads the kits into the medicine clearing and leaves for a second to take a look at Smallear, who had been bitten by an adder. The kits wander into Goosefeather's den and Snowkit swallows two poppy seeds.
Moonflower finds them in the medicine den, and after finding out that Snowkit would be okay, takes the kits to the nursery. Poppydawn reassures Moonflower that Snowkit will be fine, but is upset that Goosefeather didn't keep an eye on them, and says that if Featherwhisker had been there he would have kept an eye on them.
When Bluekit awakens Pinestar is calling a Clan meeting. She is worried about Snowkit, but upon finding out about the Clan meeting Snowkit is her usual self.
When outside Bluekit wonders why Leopardkit and Patchkit are off to the side, at first thinking they are in trouble, but she realizes they aren't because Swiftbreeze and Adderfang are looking proud of their kits. Patchkit and Leopardkit have their apprentice ceremony and become Patchpaw and Leopardpaw. Patchpaw's mentor is Fuzzypelt and Leopardpaw's is Robinwing. Bluekit and Snowkit want to congratulate Leopardpaw and Patchpaw but Moonflower says they're busy with their new denmates and leads them back to the nursery.





Important events


Leopardkit's Apprentice Ceremony
Pinestar: Leopardkit! From this day forward, you shall be known as Leopardpaw. You will train her, Robinwing. Mumblefoot was your mentor, and I hope you will pass on all the fine hunting skills he taught you.
Everyone: Patchpaw! Leopardpaw!
Reference: Bluestar's Prophecy, page 45
Patchkit's Apprentice Ceremony
Pinestar: Patchkit, I already see your father's courage shining in your eyes. From now on you'll be called Patchpaw, and I give you Fuzzypelt as your mentor. Listen to him carefully because, though he is young, he is clever enough to teach you how to use your courage wisely.
Everyone: Patchpaw! Leopardpaw!
Reference: Bluestar's Prophecy, page 45

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