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Sunstar wants to claim back Sunningrocks. He is determined to speak Hailstar about the situation. Thistleclaw protests because real warriors do not talk about claiming territory. Sunstar organizes a patrol, featuring Bluefur. When they arrive in RiverClan territory, Crookedjaw, the RiverClan deputy brings them to Hailstar. After the ThunderClan patrol is escorted to the camp, Lionheart asks why RiverClan have such uncomfortable looking nests. Crookedjaw answers that they float when it floods, and leaves to fetch Hailstar. Hailstar emerges from his den, and asks why there were ThunderClan cats in RiverClan territory.
Sunstar argues with Hailstar about Sunningrocks, and states that if there will be a fight, it will be the fault of Hailstar. Bluefur is impressed by her the leading skills of Sunstar. When the patrol is about to return in their own territory, Oakheart appears with a fish. He drops it instantly when he sees Bluefur, and asks Ottersplash why they're here. Ottersplash growls that the ThunderClan cats came to talk with Hailstar. Oakheart begs to talk to Bluefur, so she makes an excuse by pretending that there is a thorn in her paw. Thrushpelt asks if she needs help, but Oakheart tells Thrushpelt that he'll help her. The red-brown tom asks her to meet him at fourtrees that night. He pleads for Bluefur to give him a chance, but she struggles with agreeing.
Ottersplash wants Bluefur to leave RiverClan territory. When she does, Thrushpelt asks if she is okay and questions her about the thorn in her paw. Bluefur pretends to be fine, but Oakheart's words are printed in her mind.




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