"Why risk a battle we don't need to fight? ThunderClan is strong. We have some of the most skilled warriors in the forest. The other Clans know that. Do you think RiverClan will really want to fight over territory they don't need? They use the for basking in the sun, not for hunting prey. We will show them our warriors and pursuade them that giving up Sunningrocks would be a wise decision for both Clans."
Sunstar to the Clan in Bluestar's Prophecy, page 411
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Chapter Number: 34 (of 45)
Page Numbers: 410-421

Chapter description

Sunstar announces that they were going to take back Sunningrocks. Adderfang, Stormtail and Tigerclaw are enthusiastic about claiming their land once again. Bluefur guesses that Tigerclaw was interested in the battle rather then Sunningrocks. When Sparrowpelt asks when they are going to fight, Sunstar replies that he wants to try to win it without a fight. Robinwing, Thistleclaw and Sparrowpelt are doubtful that RiverClan would give it up if they just asked.
The ThunderClan leader asks why they should risk to fight even they don't have to, stating they have some of the most skilled warriors in the forest. The tom says they should presuade them that giving up the rocks are the best for both Clans. Bluefur's father correctly guesses that they were going to send an patrol to their camp. Sunstar says they will tell them that any RiverClan cat that ventures onto it would be shredded. Dappletail argues it will be suicide, while Tigerclaw and Adderfang approve of the plan. Thistleclaw adds that ThunderClan will be even more feared when the other Clans find out RiverClan had given up Sunningrocks without a fight.
Sunstar decides to bring Featherwhisker, Tawnyspots, Lionheart, Whitestorm, Thrushpelt, Adderfang, Stormtail and Bluefur with him. When Thistleclaw is surprised that he isn't coming, Bluefur is satisfied that their patrol would appear more safe and fair. They set out into the rain. Sunstar leads the way across the stepping stones. Bluefur stops at the side of the river, thinking about Goosefetaher's prophecy. She is fearful of the water, but crosses it, leaping onto shore, panting. Thrushpelt says it is easy, amd Bluefur marches away.

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