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"I'll be here if you need me. I love you, Bluefur. Whatever happens, they will always be my kits."
Oakheart to Bluefur in Bluestar's Prophecy, page 454

Below contains in-depth information for chapter thirty-eight of Bluestar's Prophecy. If you are looking for a shorter summary of the entire book, please check the main article.
Chapter Number: 38 (of 45)
Page Numbers: 446-454

Chapter description[]

As Bluefur's Clanmates come into the warrior's den, she asks how the Gathering was. Leopardfoot announces that Hailstar has lost his last life to a rat, and Crookedstar is the new RiverClan leader, with Timberfur as his deputy. She continues, explaining how Brokenpaw had attacked two RiverClan apprentices and Tigerclaw had wanted to join in, shocking Bluefur. Leopardfoot continues to chatter and Bluefur dozes.
Leopardfoot says she is not surprised Bluefur had not come, and tells Bluefur that the blue-gray she-cat is expecting kits. Bluefur is horrified. Rosetail, now awake, happily says that she knew there was something going on between Bluefur and Thrushpelt. Leopardfoot replies she did not know, and Bluefur stops herself from saying that there is nothing going on between her and Thrushpelt. She pleads for them to not tell, and Leopardfoot understands, telling her that she should let some cat know since the toms will be noticing soon. Bluefur murmurs an apology under her breath to Snowfur and Moonflower.
In the morning, Bluefur is aware of the new weight and goes over to Sunstar's den. She tells him she is not feeling well, and would like to be excused from patrols. Sunstar says she must see Featherwhisker if she is not well the next day. Bluefur assures him she is fine, and exits the leader's den. Thrushpelt worries about her, but Bluefur says she is fine, walking away. Thrushpelt falls back, leaving her alone. Bluefur is tired by the time she reaches the ravine, feeling protective of her kits. She goes to the river to meet Oakheart, wondering if he is going to be there. At the riverbank, she is spotted by a patrol of RiverClan cats. Ottersplash and Owlfur are there, along with Oakheart. Oakheart tells his Clanmates to report to Crookedstar. The warriors run off into the trees.
Bluefur calls over to Oakheart, saying she needs him. They talk awhile about Timberfur becoming deputy. Finally, Oakheart sternly tells Bluefur to tell him what is going on. Bluefur takes a deep breath, then tells him she is expecting kits. Oakheart completely misses the point that they are half-clan cats, enthusiastically telling her that they will be great at swimming and climbing trees. Oakheart admits that they being half-clan is a problem, but that he can join ThunderClan or Bluefur can join RiverClan, since it has been done before. Oakheart is surprised that Bluefur does not know Windflight's father had been from WindClan. Bluefur asks if he wants their kits to be the source of shame in the Clan. Bluefur is surprised at what Oakheart is willing to do for his kits, and tells him that he cannot leave his Clan, and she cannot either. Bluefur says that their kits will be raised as ThunderClan, and her Clan will assume a ThunderClan cat is the father. Oakheart asks if there is any cat in particular, and Bluefur tells him no. Oakheart asks what will happen to him. Bluefur says it is not her problem, and feels the kits moving. She turns away, padding towards the trees. Oakheart calls after her, saying that he will be there if she needs him, and that they will always be his kits.





Important events[]

  • Bluefur learns she is expecting Oakheart's kits.[5]


  • In Bluestar's Prophecy, Brokenpaw starts a fight with two RiverClan apprentices,[9] but in Yellowfang's Secret, he starts a fight between two WindClan apprentices.[10] Leopardfoot said that Cedarstar assigned Brokenpaw to clean the elders' den for the next moon in Bluestar's Prophecy,[5] but Yellowfang's Secret doesn't show that happening; even if it did happen, it would have been away from Fourtrees, where she couldn't have heard the punishment, as ShadowClan left as soon as the Gathering was over.[11]


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