"Bluepaw stared after Stonepelt as he padded away to join Adderfang and Tawnyspots at the nettle patch. She felt dizzy with happiness. She couldn't wait till Snowpaw returned so she could tell her sister how much she'd learned. Being a ThunderClan apprentice was the best in the world."
— Narrator about Bluepaw in Bluestar's Prophecy, page 74
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Chapter Number: 4 (of 45)
Page Numbers: 62-74

Chapter description

Bluepaw and Snowpaw are congratulated on becoming apprentices moments after their ceremonies. Rosekit, Sweetkit and Thistlekit are the first to greet the new apprentices. Rosekit states they will miss Bluepaw and Snowpaw in the nursery. Thistlekit states he doesn't why he can't be an apprentice since they aren't that much bigger than him. Bluepaw resists the urge to cuff him when he claims he is already a better fighter than Snowpaw after she offers to teach him the battle moves she learns. Swiftbreeze, Moonflower, Stormtail and Adderfang join in congratulating Bluepaw and Snowpaw. Stormtail indicates to Bluepaw's muddy feet, embarrassing her. Adderfang points out the unexpectedness of the ceremony and implies it was simply to distract the Clan from WindClan's prey theft.
Goosefeather mews that if a battle is going to occur, they will need all the warriors they can get. Adderfang is surprised that Pinestar chose to make new apprentices, not warriors. Snowpaw says she and Bluepaw can fight as well as any cat. Adderfang, amused, tells them that he is sure that they will try their best, however only training makes a warrior. He points out that they have had none. Bluepaw feels small and thinks if StarClan had purposely made her think that she could help out her Clan. A coldness creeps under her pelt, thinking whether Adderfang was right, and Pinestar had only made them apprentices to stop a battle with WindClan.
Stonepelt shakes Bluepaw from her thoughts and states he hopes Bluepaw is ready to climb the ravine again. The coldness leaves her, and she asks her mentor if they are going out. Stonepelt replies that the sooner she starts her training, the better. He states that if WindClan is planning something, she will need all of the training and skills Stonepelt can teach her. Bluepaw feels thrilled that he is going to train her on how to fight WindClan, and follows her mentor to the camp entrance. She relishes the feeling of being a apprentice, thinking that she will not be peering around corners to see what's there like a frightened kit: She will be going all the way into the forest. Bluepaw wonders what he will teach her and show her.
She hears rocks clattering behind her, and turns around to see her sister and her mentor bounding up the ravine. She feels a prickle of jealousy as Snowpaw catches up, and asks if she is going to the forest. Snowpaw tells her that they are, and races ahead of her. Bluepaw notes that her long legs make it easier for Snowpaw to go on up. Sparrowpelt guides her from behind, and calls over to Snowpaw that she can take the route between the two boulders. He tells his apprentice that that way is usually only for warriors. Bluepaw hears, walking faster, dashing as soon as the path flattens, wondering why Snowpaw should be the first one in the forest.
Stonepelt warns Bluepaw to be more careful when scree tumbles down the slope. He says that Clanmates might be following. Bluepaw is frustrated to see Snowpaw disappear, but apologises and slows down to place her paws carefully. Her mentor states that speed is not everything, and a warrior who dashes ahead will catch less prey. Bluepaw thinks that her mentor is wrong, and scrambles up the last steps to the top of the ravine. She joins her sister, who’s already at the top. Bluepaw admires the view, pointing out a fallen tree, asking Snowpaw if she saw Thistlekit and Rosekit playing beside it. Bluepaw notes that they look tiny. Bluepaw raises her paw in hopes that they will look up. They don't, and Bluepaw feels far away from her denmates.
Sparrowpelt calls to Snowpaw that they are going to the river. Bluepaw can't imagine what the river looks like, since she only has seen She asks Stonepelt if they are going to the river too. She is disappointed when the answer is no. Bluepaw sees Snowpaw and Sparrowpelt disappear into the trees, and follows her mentor into the forest. She smells prey, not dead fresh-kill, but live ones, and her mouth waters.
She asks questions of what they are going to do, curious why Stonepelt is being to secretive. She is disappointed when Stonepelt tells her that they are going to gather moss. Swallowing a whine, she remembers that the Clan is more important than anything else, and the elders needed fresh bedding. Bluepaw scrapes at the moss, and Stonepelt stopped her when it carried dirt. Bluepaw watches Stonepelt as he demonstrates how to do it, arching his paw and stretching out his claws, slicing out a piece of moss that was dirt-free. Bluepaw copies him, and manages to leave the dirt behind. Stonepelt purrs approvingly.
Bluepaw continues to cut out moss onto the growing pile to, starting to feel rhythm in her paws. She looks up to Stonepelt, and to her relief, his eyes are glowing. Stonepelt tells her that she is learning and practicing valuable skills, so when she masters it, she would be able to kill prey quickly, and rake an enemy with a flick of her paw. Bluepaw is pleased with the moss she had just gathered. When they need to carry it home, Bluepaw grasps some moss. Stonepelt warns her that it would take longer since she had gathered only a few scraps. Stonepelt shows Bluepaw how to do it, squeezing out the moisture and rolling it, then grippinig it under his chin. Stonepelt says to imagine they were feeding a hungry Clan, and Bluepaw shifts her paws. She copies Stonepelt, dropping both bundles twice before reaching the ravine.
Bluepaw doesn't want Snowpaw to see her like this, and sniffs the air when they reach the top of the ravine. They go down the ravine, and Stonepelt stays a few paces ahead, breaking her fall when she slipped. When they reach the bottom, half of the bundle catches on the walls, out of her grip. She retrieves it and heaves it back into the clearing, embarassed when she shuffles from the tunnel tailfirst with moss trailing from her chin.
Leopardpaw asks if she is busy. Bluepaw drops her moss, telling her that she learned how to use her claws properly and hold two pieces of prey at once. Leopardpaw sniffs, saying in other words she had been gathereing moss. Bluepaw whips her tail crossly as Leopardpaw pads away. She sees Stonepelt, eyes sparkling with amusement. Growlinf under her breath, she makes her way across the clearing and asks if anything in the warrior code states a cat is allowed to put thistles in a denmate's nest. Stonepelt replies he doesn't think so, gathering his moss and entering the elder's den, Bluepaw following.
Larksong is relieved when they come in, since she couldn't sleep another night in the cold. Mumblefoot asks how it is to be an apprentice, and she lies that it is great. Bluepaw hurries to help Stonepelt when he is digging through Weedwhisker's nest by passing him some moss. Stonepelt tucks the moss into the nest, promising that they would bring bracken to bolster the sides. Weedwhisker says its good, and Bluepaw thinks that he didn't say thank-you. They start to work on Larksong's nest, and Weedwhisker complains there is a thorn. Stonepelt finds a piece of tough moss and tosses it away. Weedwhisker says that was the problem with new apprentices; They left every stick and rock behind. Stonepelt tells Weedwhisker the moss would dry when he complains. Bluepaw helps with Larksong's nest, stiff with anger. When they finish, she is worn out. Stonepelt praises her, and she picks a mouse from the fresh-kill pile, bringing it over to the tree stump to eat with the other apprentices.
She eyes Leopardpaw coldly as she settles beside Patchpaw. Leopardpaw says that she bets they didn't say thank you. Bluepaw stares at her, asking if she meant the elders. Leopardpaw says every cat knows they complain all the time. Patchpaw says that Fuzzypelt had said that they are grumpy because they can't do it on their own. Leopardpaw comments they are lucky they don't have to do it, tossing a morsel of thrush to Bluepaw, saying her mouse wouldn't fill her up. Bluepaw feels like a real apprentice and bites into the morsel thankfully.
Stonepelt says he would take her hunting tomorrow, starting at sunrise, saying if she could use her newly learned skills to use. Bluepaw is happy, and thinks being an ThunderClan apprentice is the best in the world.





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