"From this day forward, until he has earned his warrior name... This apprentice will be called Firepaw, in honor of his flame-colored coat."
Bluestar to Firepaw when he receives his apprentice name in Bluestar's Prophecy, manga
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Chapter description

The manga starts with Bluestar observing ThunderClan and thinking of her duty to protect and lead them. She thinks of how every cat's future and safety lies with her but none of the cats realize that their future is about to change. Rusty enters the camp and Whitestorm tells him not to be alarmed. Bluestar thinks that Whitestorm has grown into a strong, brave warrior and she's proud that he's part of her Clan.
Lionheart points out the nursery to Rusty and tells him that the care of the kits is shared by all of the queens. He adds that all cats must serve the Clan above all else. Bluestar pads up to the group of cats and Whitestorm tells Bluestar that Lionheart was convinced that Rusty wouldn't come. Bluestar asks what the two warriors thought of him. Whitestorm tells her that he's strong for a kittypet and Bluestar asks if it's agreed that Rusty should join the Clan, Lionheart tells her that it is and Bluestar leaps on to Highrock and calls for a Clan meeting. Bluestar thinks that she has to be very careful when informing the Clan of Rusty, it could go very badly very quickly.
She starts by announcing ThunderClan's need for more warriors and she adds that they will take in an outsider to train for a Clan meeting. The Clan's unhappy and Bluestar isn't surprised. She continues by saying that she's found a cat that is willing to become a warrior. A pale tabby calls that any cat would be lucky to become an apprentice of ThunderClan and Bluestar counters that Whitestorm and Lionheart agree that Rusty should join the Clan. Another cat asks what Clan he belongs to and says that he doesn't carry Clan scent. The tabby tells the Clan to look at his collar adding that he's a kittypet he thinks that the Clan needs more forest born cats to join, no kittypets to feed.
Lionheart encourages Rusty and Bluestar is glad. Longtail continues to challenge Rusty and Rusty leaps at him. They fight and Rusty's collar is broken off. Bluestar tells the Clan that StarClan has sent it's approval in a battle for Rusty's honor. She continues to say that Rusty is free to join ThunderClan and she renames him Firepaw. She finishes by thinking that the time of the prophecy of fire has come to ThunderClan.





  • Lionheart is mistakenly shown without stripes.[5]

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