"Glad to. Good luck on your journey."
— Bob to Needlepaw and Alderpaw in The Apprentice's Quest, page 252

Bob is a large ginger tom.[1]


In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

Bob is first seen by Needlepaw, stretched lazily on the top of a wall. She charges up to him and calls out a greeting. Bob is startled out of his daze, and asks how he can help the two apprentices. Needlepaw explains to him that they are Clan cats, and need to cross the river to get back to their territories. She asks if he knew a way across, and Alderpaw is disturbed that Needlepaw would give out so much information to the kittypet. Alderpaw brushes off his worries, and reassures himself that he probably had no idea what she was meowing about.
The kittypet asks the pair if they had anything to do with the cats that came at sunrise, and Alderpaw eagerly questions him if the cats he saw were a cream-and-brown tom, a ginger she-cat, and a younger orange tabby. Bob nods and says that was definitely them, and mentions they were really upset because they had lost two young cats. Alderpaw asks where they were going, and Bob replies that they were looking for a place to cross the river also. The big ginger tom points his tail down a narrow alleyway, and tells the apprentices that it opens up, and there's a bridge a little ways downstream.
Alderpaw then asks if he had seen a bigger group of cats traveling through Twolegplace. Bob shakes his head and tells them he didn't. Needlepaw than asks him if he could help them get some food and Bob offers them something to eat. He leads them to a shiny fence and shows them where the food would be: a small den. Alderpaw protests going in there, but Needlepaw follows him into the den. After eating, he and Needlepaw leave the den and the two apprentices thank him for the food and the help. Bob wishes them good luck on their journey and they depart.



Bob: "Hi. How can I help you?"
Needlepaw: "We're Clan cats, and we're lost. We need to get back to our territories, and to do that we have to cross the river. Do you know the way?"
Bob: "Do you have anything to do with those three cats who were here at sunrise?"
Alderpaw: "Three cats? A cream-and-brown tom, a ginger she-cat, and a younger orange tabby?"
Bob: "That's them. They were really upset. They said they'd lost two young cats."
Alderpaw: "Did they say where they are going?"
Bob: "You're the cats they lost, right? They were looking for a place to cross the river, too."
Needlepaw: "And did you tell them?"
Bob: "Right down there. That brings you back to the river. A little way downstream there's a bridge."
—Bob telling Needlepaw and Alderpaw where they can cross The Apprentice's Quest, pages 249-250

Needlepaw: "Before we go, could you help us out with some food? We're really hungry."
Bob: "Sure. Follow the wall along to the opening. I'll meet you there."
—Needlepaw and Bob about food The Apprentice's Quest, page 252

"Bob? The kittypet's name is Bob? Weird!"
—Alderpaw thinking about Bob’s name The Apprentice's Quest, page 252

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