"Don't ever try to fight BloodClan again. We always win."
— Bone to Barley about BloodClan in Secrets of the Clans, page 143

Bone is a massive black-and-white tom[1] with green eyes.[5]

Bone was the deputy of BloodClan under Scourge's leadership. He was one of the first to seek out help from Scourge in Twolegplace after trouble with a dog. Following the other's toms actions, Bone became a follower of Scourge, eventually becoming his second in command.

He fought in the battle against BloodClan, against the unified Clans. After killing Whitestorm, Bone himself is killed by a mob of apprentices in retaliation for his action against the Clans.


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The Prophecies Begin

Tigerstar: "My name is Tigerstar. I've come from the forest to speak with your leader."
Bone: "What do you want with him?"
Tigerstar: "I'll discuss that with your leader, not with his border patrol."
Boulder: "Scourge needs to hear this ... It could be to every cat's advantage."
—Bone, Boulder, and Tigerstar The Darkest Hour, page 4
Bone is the deputy of BloodClan, serving under Scourge. He and the rest of BloodClan follow Scourge to the forest after their leader accepts Tigerstar's offer.
He participates in the Great Battle and kills Whitestorm, only to be confronted by Firestar and Graystripe. However, before they do anything, he himself is attacked by Bramblepaw, Ashpaw, Featherpaw, Stormpaw, and Tawnypaw, who all manage to kill him once he gives up on the fight against them.

Stand-alone Manga

In The Rise of Scourge, Bone and his companion, Brick enlist the help of Tiny to fight a dog after hearing that he had killed one. Following his victory, Bone follows the newly renamed Scourge as one of his elite and most trusted cats. Bone is later named as the deputy of BloodClan.

Detailed description

Bone is a huge,[6] battle-scarred,[7] black-and-white tom[6] with green eyes,[5] and a scar between them.[8] He has long legs,[9] broad shoulders,[6] and a collar studded with teeth from dogs and claws from cats.[10]


Author statements

  • When asked if Bone's collar color was actually rainbow, Vicky replied that she was stumped with the question, and then said that she imagined his collar as dark blue.[11]


  • Bone has been mistakenly called a warrior,[7] despite BloodClan not being an official Clan.[2]

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Killed victims

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"Bone caught me a few times with an extra mouse in my teeth. When he snarled at me, I would give him both mice and tell him they were an offering for Scourge. He liked that, although he must have known I was lying, just as I knew that those mice would disappear into his own mouth the moment I walked away."
—Barley's thoughts about Bone Secrets of the Clans, page 139
"No cat could have doubted Bone's loyalty to his cruel leader, and perhaps it is a tragedy that he never had the chance to live the life of a true Clan warrior."
—Narrator's thoughts on Bone and his loyalty The Ultimate Guide, page 198

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