"On the far side of the clearing was a vast hill of bones. They gleamed like stripped branches in the last of the watery daylight, some tiny shrew bones hardly bigger than teeth, others as big as the leg bone of a fox or a badger."
— Narrator about Bonehill in The Darkest Hour, page 160

The Bonehill is a pile of prey bones constructed near the river in the old forest that was used as a vantage point for TigerClan leaders to address the Clan during Clan meetings.[1]


The Bonehill was constructed by ShadowClan warriors staying in RiverClan's camp to give them protection, under orders of Tigerstar. The structure is vast, and is situated away from RiverClan's main camp, and is much closer to the river from a smaller stream. It is made of various prey bones of varying sizes, from shrew bones to leg bones from foxes and badgers.[2] The bones creating the hill are said to be sun-bleached in nature.[3] Due to the nature of it, the Bonehill is said to smell of carrion. [4] Its location on the riverbank also clogged up smaller streams, creating near-stagnant pools of water.[2]

Location history

After Tigerstar is killed by BloodClan's leader, Scourge, Leopardstar makes the decision to tear down the Bonehill. She claims to tear it down due to it serving as a reminder of a darker time.[5] In the following moons, the clearing that was used remains abandoned, and filled with the few remnants of the collect bones lying around.[6]


Firestar is given a prophecy following his nine lives ceremony where he encounters the Bonehill in his dreams. However, the structure is made up of both prey and cat bones alike and Firestar is washed away by a river of blood before waking up, the scent of Bonehill still lingering.[7]
Bonehill served as a figure of power for Tigerstar. By constructing it, he was able to look down upon the cats that served him.[1] He used it as a place to preach his ideals and own ambitions to the cats of TigerClan and order cats to death, such as any with Half-Clan blood.[8] Following his death, its presence was seen as a reminder to a darker time to those involved with Tigerstar, and is torn down.[5]

Known deaths

This is a list of deaths, ordered chronologically, that took place at Bonehill.


In the The Prophecies Begin arc

The Darkest Hour

During his leadership ceremony, Firestar watches as a hill of bones appears in the clearing. Due to the unnatural light, he is able to see that it is made of cat and prey bones alike and that despite the bones being clean, reek of carrion. Firestar is given a prophecy about the Bonehill and its meaning, before being washed away by a river of blood.[7]
Firestar, Ravenpaw, and Graystripe sneak onto RiverClan territory to check on Graystripe's kits. The three toms soon find the Bonehill, near the river, away from RiverClan's main camp. Firestar notes that it was only made of prey bones, unlike his dream. Tigerstar sits atop the structure and calls a Clan meeting, ordering the trial of Half-Clan cats, such as Stonefur, Featherpaw, and Stormpaw.[8]
After Tigerstar is killed and the four Clans decide to unite against BloodClan, the Bonehill is torn down by Leopardstar.[5]

In the Stand-Alone Manga

A Shadow in RiverClan

Feathertail recalls painful memories of Leopardstar's alliance with Tigerstar that created TigerClan. She speaks of the tom's hatred of Half-Clan cats and the following death of Stonefur, while he remains perched upon the Bone Hill.[10]

In the Tigerstar and Sasha arc

Return to the Clans

Mothpaw and Hawkpaw are found playing with the remnants of the Bonehill. Leopardstar lectures them on how horrible Tigerstar was and how much pain they suffered because of him.[11]

Book mentions


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Interesting facts

  • By building the Bonehill, Tigerstar broke the fourth rule of the warrior code, which states that prey shall be killed only to be eaten.[2]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In Secrets of the Clans, a 2007 field guide, Leopardstar mentions the Bonehill when speaking of her alliance with ShadowClan. It is mentioned that the construct was built by Tigerstar and his warriors.[12]

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