Boots is a one-eyed tabby[2] tom.[3]


In the Super Editions

Tigerheart's Shadow

Boots appears unnamed as Tigerheart passes a nest made of furless pelts. The one-eyed tom leans into the nest and laps at an unnamed she-cat, who's noted to have stinking fur.
Mittens mentions that Boots and Bracken are out hunting, so there would be prey for everyone. As Mittens had said, he jumps from a ledge and into the den, Bracken with him. Both toms are carrying prey. The next morning, Tigerheart spots Boots murmuring to Marigold, an old black cat. The guardian cat eventually starts licking her head, working his way down her spine.
Later on, it's noted by Tigerheart that Cobweb's spine wasn't damaged after a fox bit him, and that Boots had checked him. The one-eyed tabby sits with the gray tom as he lays in his nest.

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