"That's right. You could have killed us, but you chose not to. If that's what it means to live by your warrior code—that, and the fact you feed yourselves, and find your own shelter—then we want to be part of it."
— Boulder to Cedarstar in Yellowfang's Secret, page 144

Boulder is a big[10] and skinny gray tom[11] with a torn, ragged ear.[12] He has blue eyes.[13]

Boulder was a ShadowClan warrior under Cedarstar's, Raggedstar's, Brokenstar's, Nightstar's, and Tigerstar's leaderships in the forest territories. He was formerly a rogue and a member of BloodClan. He and Russetfur joined ShadowClan as apprentices after witnessing the honor in the warrior code. Boulder trained under Mousewing, though he chose to keep his rogue name. As a warrior, he mentored Wetfoot and led Tigerstar to Scourge in BloodClan. After retiring, he took part in the Great Journey and lived out the rest of his days in the elders' den.


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The Prophecies Begin

"I belonged to BloodClan once. I left many moons ago, but Tigerstar knew about my past [...] I…I tried to tell Tigerstar that Scourge was dangerous, but neither of us imagined what he could do."
—Boulder to Firestar about BloodClan The Darkest Hour, page 273
Boulder is a ShadowClan warrior mentoring Wetpaw. When Tigerstar takes over ShadowClan, he asks Boulder to introduce him to Scourge, leader of BloodClan, so that he could recruit his cats as forces against the other Clans. Boulder is apprehensive about trusting them, and Tigerstar is ultimately killed by Scourge. Afterwards, Boulder joins LionClan and takes part in the battle against BloodClan.

The New Prophecy

"We are going to live in Twolegplace where BloodClan used to rule. I still have one of their former warriors among my elders. He will show us the best places to find food and shelter. Now Scourge is dead, we’ll be the strongest cats there."
—Blackstar about Boulder Dawn, pages 84-85
Now an elder, Boulder is mentioned by ShadowClan's new leader, Blackstar, when the Clan leaders are discussing where to go when the Twoleg's destruction makes the forest uninhabitable. Blackstar reports that ShadowClan plans to take over BloodClan's old territory, and that Boulder would guide them there. However, ShadowClan is persuaded to join the other Clans on the Great Journey.

Super Editions

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"You know, Russetpaw and Boulder are much better at this than I expected. Maybe they didn’t lead such soft lives after all!"
—Rowanberry to Yellowfang Yellowfang's Secret, page 154
In Yellowfang's Secret, Boulder is a rogue living in Twolegplace. After a battle with ShadowClan, he and Red, impressed by the warriors' honor, ask to join their Clan. ShadowClan's leader, Cedarstar, allows them to stay for one moon during which they were to prove their loyalty. He is apprenticed to Mousewing, but declines to add the customary '-paw' suffix to his name. However, a misunderstanding leads Boulder's former kittypet-rogue friends to attack ShadowClan's camp, believing he and Red, now Russetpaw, had been kidnapped. He becomes a warrior and is given Wetpaw as an apprentice, despite the kit not yet being six moons old.


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In Tigerclaw's Fury, Boulder remains in ShadowClan when Brokenstar and his followers are exiled. As ShadowClan struggles with the Carrionplace illness, Boulder accepts the help of Tigerclaw and his rogues, but warns them of the sickness his Clan carries. After the death of Nightstar, Boulder is confident that Tigerclaw is meant to be their leader.

Field Guides

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In Secrets of the Clans, Boulder guides the reader on a tour of ShadowClan's forest camp.


Interesting facts


  • Boulder has been mistakenly called a silver tabby multiple times[18][19] and is depicted as a gray tabby in the field guides.[20][21]
  • Although listed as a rogue,[22][3] he is said to have stayed in ShadowClan during Tigerclaw's Fury.[16]

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Boulder's apprentice ceremony
Cedarstar: Boulder, you too have asked for a place in ShadowClan. From this time on you shall be known as-
Boulder: Hang on.
Cedarstar: What is it?
Boulder: I like my name. Can I keep it?
Cedarstar: Very well. From this time on you will be known as Boulder. Mousewing, you will be mentor to this new apprentice. I trust you will teach him the skills he needs and the behavior expected from a Clan cat.
Reference: Yellowfang's Secret, page 150

Boulder's warrior ceremony
Cedarstar: These two cats came to us from the Twolegplace. At first many of us were afraid that they would not fit into Clan life. I’m pleased to say that we were wrong. Featherstorm, has Russetpaw learned the ways of the Clan and proven herself worthy of becoming a warrior? [...] And Mousewing, can you say the same of Boulder?
Mousewing: He is a true ShadowClan cat.
Cedarstar: I, Cedarstar, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down upon these apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as warriors in their turn. Russetpaw, Boulder, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend this Clan, even at the cost of your own life?
Russetpaw and Boulder: I do.
Cedarstar: (to Boulder) I know that you don’t wish to change your name. StarClan will see you are a warrior by what you do, rather than what you are called. They honor your bravery and determination, and we welcome you as a full warrior of ShadowClan
Reference: Yellowfang's Secret, page 288




Unnamed she-cat:[7] Status unknown



"This is it. Now, remember what I told you. The cat we're going to meet holds command over many cats. You must treat him with respect."
—Boulder to Tigerstar while going to meet Scourge The Darkest Hour, page 3

"He wanted me to give up my freedom and join his Clanmates! I nearly clawed off his fur. I didn't need a leader or a Clan. But he kept talking, and some of the things he said made sense."
—Boulder about meeting a ShadowClan cat Secrets of the Clans, page 57

Boulder: "Are you really from the forest? Yeah, you smell of trees."
Pixie: "Get away from them, Boulder."
Boulder: "But I've always wondered what it would be like to live beyond the fence!"
—Boulder and Pixie Yellowfang's Secret, page 97

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