"What are you doing in our stream? Get out!"
— Boulderpaw to Birchfall and Ivypool in The Forgotten Warrior, page 29

Boulderfur is a large pale gray tom.[1]

Boulderfur was a WindClan warrior under Onestar's leadership in the lake territories. As an apprentice, Boulderpaw was mentored by Breezepelt and demonstrated his mentor's aggression towards ThunderClan. He earned his warrior name, Boulderfur, and fought in the Great Battle, where he died.


In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Boulderpaw is a WindClan apprentice, with Breezepelt being his mentor.

The Forgotten Warrior

Boulderpaw: "I'll fight them!"
Breezepelt: "No, Boulderpaw. This isn't a battle worth fighting. These are just a couple of ThunderClan fleabags."
—Breezepelt calling off his apprentice The Forgotten Warrior, page 30
Boulderpaw is with Breezepelt, Heathertail, and Furzepaw when they meet Birchfall and Ivypool at the stream. They demand to know why they are in WindClan's territory in the first place, despite the stream not being owned by either Clan. When Heathertail asks Furzepaw why she is hanging back from the dispute, Boulderpaw says that he'll fight the ThunderClan cats, but Breezepelt tells him that it isn't a battle worth fighting for.

The Last Hope

He now has his warrior name, Boulderfur. Boulderfur is seen battling Thistleclaw in a flurry of claws, before he is pounced on by another Dark Forest warrior and pushed down to the earth. He is later seen being told to go back to camp after the battle with the Dark Forest.

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