Bracken is a tom.[2]


In the Super Editions

Tigerheart's Shadow

Although unnamed, Bracken is seen by Tigerheart when he spots a nest in the corner of his eye. The dark tabby tom sees a cat licking the paw of another, and picks up the scent of herbs and blood. Tigerheart asks if the tom is a medicine cat, but Fierce is confused by his question. He explains what a medicine cat is, and Cobweb cuts in and says Bracken's just treating Rascal's rat bite.
Later, Mittens says to Tigerheart that he and Rascal saw Boots and Bracken while they were out hunting. The tabby meows that they're bringing back more prey, so every cat will be able to eat. Soon enough, Boots and Bracken come through the entrance of the cavern, dropping off their catch.
When Feather and Scowl join the guardian cats, he helps prepare them a nest alongside Boots and Spire. The guardian cats begin to learn battle moves from Tigerheart, so Bracken and the other healers begin to gather herbs for injuries. Peanut says that there are likely some leaves untouched by the frost, so they all file out of the den.
Bracken participates in helping to catch the foxes, waiting by the traps with the other cats to scare them inside the wire-mesh cages. Days later, when Tigerheart and Dovewing announce that they need to go home, Bracken is seen standing behind them next to Peanut.

Notes and references

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