Bracken is a tom.[1]

In Tigerheart's Shadow, Bracken is a healer of the guardian cats living in the Twolegplace. The ShadowClan deputy Tigerheart sees Bracken treating Rascal's rat bite, assuming he is a medicine cat. However, Cobweb and Fierce express befuddlement at the Clan term, explaining that Bracken is a healer. Days later, Mittens tells Tigerheart that Boots and Bracken are bringing prey to the cavern, which the Clan cat later sees them deliver.

When Feather and Scowl join the guardian cats, Bracken helps prepare their nest. While Bracken's denmates learn battle moves from Tigerheart, he gathers herbs with Peanut and the other healers. Bracken participates in the fox skirmish, waiting with his denmates to scare them inside wire-mesh cages. Days later, Bracken witnesses Tigerheart and Dovewing announce that they're returning to the Clans.


Notes and references

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