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In The Prophecies Begin arc

Into the Wild

He and his littermates are taken by Clawface, a ShadowClan warrior, to the ShadowClan camp. They are later rescued by a patrol of ThunderClan and ShadowClan cats who forcefully remove ShadowClan's leader, Brokenstar, from leadership.

Fire and Ice

He is apprenticed to Graystripe, and receives his apprentice name, Brackenpaw. Graystripe takes Brackenpaw on his first tour of ThunderClan territory and compared to his very energetic and jumpy sister, Cinderpaw, he is a very serious apprentice and is ready to learn all he can from his mentor.
While hunting with Fireheart, Graystripe, and his sister, Graystripe falls through the frozen ice, almost drowning. Brackenpaw is frozen with terror, like Fireheart and Cinderpaw, but when Silverstream, a RiverClan she-cat, rescues Graystripe, he is very relieved to see that his mentor is okay.
Afterwards, Brackenpaw's training is left neglected, as Graystripe leaves the camp frequently to meet Silverstream in secret. Due to this, Fireheart is forced to take over most of his training.
Cinderpaw breaks one of her hind legs when she is hit by a monster, preventing her from continuing her warrior training. During a patrol on the ShadowClan border, Brackenpaw finds bones covered with a scent that was mistaken for ShadowClan's, but were actually Brokenstar's. Near the end of the book, Brackenpaw prevented Tigerclaw's patrol from mistakenly attacking ShadowClan in revenge, and brought the patrol back to ThunderClan.
He is part of the patrol sent to help WindClan, but Fireheart asks him to escort Cloudkit and his foster siblings back to the camp safely. He is disappointed not to be in the battle, but does as he is asked.

Forest of Secrets

Brackenpaw starts training with Fireheart more than he is training with his mentor, Graystripe, as he is always arranging to meet with Silverstream. This also lets Fireheart have an apprentice.
While he, Fireheart, and Sandstorm are hunting, they hear Cloudkit's cry for help. When they find Cloudkit, he is cornered by a badger. Brackenpaw helps Fireheart fight off the badger when it turns on him, and is praised.
Later, while Fireheart and Brackenpaw are hunting, he scares Fireheart's prey away as he runs towards him. He claims seeing and hearing the mad ShadowClan and WindClan cats from the previous Gathering. The Clans had come together to invade the camp and kill Brokentail.
Fireheart sends him back to camp to warn Tigerclaw and Bluestar. During the battle, Brackenpaw is one of the cats protecting Brokentail. When Tallstar passes Fireheart, who is struggling with another warrior, Brackenpaw leaps on him to keep him away from Brokentail.
After the battle, Graystripe and Fireheart talk to Bluestar, agreeing that Brackenpaw deserves his warrior name. Brackenpaw then becomes a warrior, with the name of Brackenfur.
When Silverstream is kitting, Cinderpaw sends Brackenfur to find Yellowfang. He later appears with her at Sunningrocks.
Brackenfur is one of the warriors to help Bluestar and Graystripe escort Tigerclaw from Bluestar's den after Tigerclaw leads the rogue cats into the ThunderClan camp to attack.

Rising Storm

As Fireheart struggles to keep up with his new deputy position, he assigns Brackenfur to go on a patrol with Runningwind and Dustpelt. Dustpelt, however, objects that Brackenfur is still limping from the fight and won't be able to keep up with them on the patrol. Fireheart then switches Brackenfur to a hunting patrol with Mousefur and Sandstorm. Later on, he assigns Brackenfur and Dustpelt to guard the camp while he takes Cloudpaw out for training. The same day, Bluestar lists the cats that would be coming to the Gathering, and Brackenfur is assigned to come.
When two sickly ShadowClan cats are found sleeping in ThunderClan territory, Dustpelt, Brackenfur, Mousefur, Runningwind, Swiftpaw, and Ashpaw search the rest of the territory for any other signs of ShadowClan. However, they don't find anything.
A few days later, Brackenfur and Sandstorm escort the elders and queens to the river for water. The group ends up returning to camp after being chased by Twoleg kits, but getting away safely.
After Runningwind is killed by Tigerclaw and a band of rogues, Fireheart tells Brackenfur and Mousefur to bury him at dawn. He is seen after the incident, playing with Willowpelt's kits and flicking his tail for them to chase.
During the fire, Brackenfur is the first to lead the cats away from it and onto the rocks, into the raging storm. The rest of the Clan understand and follow him.
The night of the next Gathering, Fireheart assigns Brackenfur to stay behind and guard the camp, along with Frostfur, Brindleface, Longtail, and Dustpelt, in case Tigerclaw shows up.

A Dangerous Path

Brackenfur is in the warriors den, pacing worriedly. He said he had been expecting Tigerclaw all night, and is shocked when he finds out Tigerstar has taken over ShadowClan. He protests that Tigerstar is a traitor.
Brackenfur tells Fireheart that he thinks something is wrong with Speckletail's kit, Snowkit. He reveals that he had been trying to get to know Snowkit better, in the hopes of mentoring him. Fireheart has Cinderpelt take a look at Snowkit. Cinderpelt soon finds that Snowkit is deaf, so Brackenfur cannot mentor him. Speckletail insists that he will become a warrior and that she will mentor him if she has to. Brackenfur shows Fireheart that Speckletail is attempting to mentor Snowkit, believing that he deserves a chance to become a warrior. Brackenfur asks Fireheart for permission to be excused from some of his warrior duties, so he might be able to help. Not long afterwards, a hawk flies above camp, and not being able to hear, Snowkit did not hide in the nursery like the kits were told to, and is snatched by the hawk. Brackenfur and Swiftpaw chase after it on their deputy's orders, but fail to rescue him, even though they knew there was no hope from the start. Fireheart decides to give him Tawnykit to mentor instead.
Brackenfur is one of the first warriors to agree to and support Fireheart's arranged meeting with WindClan to solve the dispute over Bluestar's accusations of stolen prey, though Fireheart respectfully asks him to stay behind with Frostfur and Mousefur to guard the camp.

The Darkest Hour

Brackenfur follows Goldenflower, Speckletail, and Frostfur into the gorse tunnel. He asks Fireheart if it is true that Bluestar is dead, and he replies yes.
Darkstripe starts going against Fireheart's right for leadership in ThunderClan, and starts reminding him that he is not forest born. Brackenfur and the rest of ThunderClan support Fireheart, and he protests against Darkstripe. Brackenfur stays to share tongues with Bluestar for the last time. When Firestar becomes suspicious of Darkstripe, Brackenfur was asked to watch him. He promises he will do his best.
Darkstripe lies to Brackenfur so he can get away, saying that he has to make dirt, and slips away to meet the ShadowClan deputy, Blackfoot. When Brackenfur goes to check on Darkstripe, he discovers he had fled, and that Sorrelkit is with him. He poisoned Sorrelkit because she knew too much, and Brackenfur feels guilty.
When Brackenfur's apprentice, Tawnypaw, leaves ThunderClan to go to live with ShadowClan, Brackenfur is frantic and stricken with guilt once again, repeatedly apologizing to Firestar, saying it was his fault. Firestar then tells him it was nowhere near his fault. Through the rest of the book Brackenfur is shown still thinking about Tawnypaw.

In The New Prophecy arc


Brackenfur is now a senior warrior under Firestar and has a new apprentice, Whitepaw.
He is first seen organizing hunting patrols one morning. He assigns Brambleclaw to go with Squirrelpaw, but the two end up getting into an argument. A few days later, Dustpelt, after finding Squirrelpaw, tells her that Brackenfur is training with his apprentice, and Mousefur is also with Spiderpaw.
On the orders of Firestar, Brackenfur tells Brambleclaw one morning that he should come to the training hollow and watch the apprentices. Brackenfur puts Whitepaw through a series of fighting moves. He and Mousefur then pit their apprentices against each other.
When Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw disappear, Brackenfur returns from an unsuccessful search patrol with Firestar and Rainwhisker. When Firestar announces that they found no sign of the two cats, Brackenfur says that they must have left the territory days ago, and that there wasn't much point in sending out more patrols to search for them.


After it is discovered that monsters are coming off the Thunderpaths and destroying trees, Firestar dispatches a patrol consisting of him, Brackenfur, and three other cats to come with him to ShadowClan to see if they were having the same trouble with Twolegs as well. When they reach the area that the Twolegs had begun destroying, Brackenfur is horrified upon seeing the destruction. After entering ShadowClan territory, he instinctively crouches down to fight an enemy, even though there was none.
As they go in deeper, he finds a thin piece of wood that reeks of Twolegs. Before the cats can investigate further, they are attacked by a ShadowClan patrol. He is seen fighting a gray tom. However, when Firestar calls for the fighting to stop, he obediently stops his fight.
Brackenfur learns that Dappletail had died from a tainted rabbit, and that Cloudtail and Brightheart had gone missing. After the Clan had sat vigil for Dappletail, Brackenfur is seen with Whitepaw. He tries to reason with her that she can't give up her training to look for her parents. Firestar is forced to step in and agree with Brackenfur. However, he lets them go on a hunting patrol so that Whitepaw can keep a lookout for her parents.


When Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw come home, Brackenfur and Sorreltail are the first to greet them. Both are amazed to see the two cats still alive. When he notices Stormfur with them, Brackenfur glares suspiciously at him, asking if he was on his way home. Sorreltail convinces Brackenfur to allow Stormfur to speak to Graystripe and they all head to Sunningrocks, the new home of ThunderClan.
He later helpfully points out the fresh-kill pile, guarded by Ashfur, to Brambleclaw, Squirrelpaw, and Leafpaw, who had returned from hunting. After Graystripe was captured by Twolegs, the discussion of the new deputy arises, and many of the cats turned to Brambleclaw, while Mousefur and Rainwhisker thought Brackenfur should be deputy. No decision is made, as Firestar appears, angrily telling them that Graystripe was still alive and still the deputy.
At the beginning of the Great Journey, he is seen carrying one of Tallpoppy's kits. He sets the kit down next to her before rejoining ThunderClan. As they enter the mountains, Brackenfur promises Leafpaw that they will find some cobweb and comfrey for Morningflower's paw pad. Further in, Marshkit, one of Tallpoppy's kits, is snatched up by an eagle. Brackenfur is one of the first cats to leap up at it, like he did for Snowkit in the forest. He latches onto the eagle's talons just in time and loosens the hold on the kit so that he falls from the eagle. Later, Leafpaw assigns Sorreltail to watch Brackenfur for a moment, and when Leafpaw checks the golden warrior, Sorreltail promises to keep an eye on him.


After reaching the lake that would hold the Clans' new home, Brackenfur is seen with Sorreltail, receiving orders from Firestar. As all four Clans gather to leave for their new home, Brackenfur is seen leading Longtail over to ThunderClan. He is then assigned to help guard the Clan as they traveled to their new home, with Dustpelt helping him. After finding the stone hollow that would serve as their new camp, Whitepaw is seen asking Brackenfur excitedly if they can go exploring. When Mousefur becomes impatient with Brambleclaw, Brackenfur tends to Mousefur, reassuring her that Brambleclaw was doing his best.
The next day, Firestar assigns Brambleclaw and Brackenfur to be in charge of finding the new boundaries and marking them. He is then seen on patrol when Brambleclaw reports a fox scent. Brackenfur decides to tell Firestar, but keep going with the patrol. The patrol ends up finding an abandoned Twoleg nest, and mistakenly cross the ShadowClan border. A fight ensues until Firestar finds them and orders them to stop. He sends Brackenfur and the rest of the patrol along, but keeps Brambleclaw with him. He later takes Whitepaw out with Spiderpaw, Dustpelt, and Brambleclaw.
A few days after the Gathering, Brackenfur approaches Sorreltail, who was on guard duty, asking if she wanted to go hunting with him later. She happily agrees and Brackenfur gives her ear a lick before leaving her, promising to meet her at sunhigh. That night, Sorreltail and Leafpaw are about to leave camp in search of a new Moonstone when Brackenfur stops them. He is uncertain on letting them leave, until exchanging a long glance with Sorreltail. The next day, the two warriors are sharing tongues with each other.
When Mistyfoot comes to ThunderClan, Firestar summons his senior warriors to hear what she had to say. Upon hearing that Mudclaw, the former deputy of WindClan, was creating a rebellion against Onewhisker, Brackenfur announces that Mudclaw's rebellion would have to attack that night, before Onewhisker received his name and nine lives. He then suggests asking Onewhisker if everything was okay, but the idea is put down by Dustpelt. He later helped fight off Mudclaw and the rebellion, saving Onewhisker's leadership.


When Firestar calls a Clan meeting, he is seen sitting with Sorreltail when Brambleclaw goes over to sit next to them. During the meeting, Firestar assigns Thornclaw, Brackenfur, Dustpelt, and Cloudtail to return two dead ShadowClan warriors to their Clan so they may be buried by ShadowClan.
A few days later, he is seen patrolling the WindClan border with his apprentice, Whitepaw. They move on, when Brackenfur suddenly returns to get Sorreltail, who is talking with Leafpool, telling her that she is expecting Brackenfur's kits. Even though she hadn't told him, Brackenfur guesses that Sorreltail is pregnant with his kits and leads her over to a sunny patch to rest in. He is next seen going to the Gathering alongside Goldenflower.
He then goes hunting with Squirrelflight, Cloudtail, and Spiderleg when they find a queen and three kits on their territory. The queen tells them that her name is Daisy and she left her Twolegs so they wouldn't take her kits away. Brackenfur is doubtful about bringing four kittypets back to the Clan with them, but Cloudtail is confident that Firestar will understand. Brackenfur then carries one of the kits back to camp.
When ShadowClan is having problems with two ferocious kittypets, Brambleclaw brings a patrol with Squirrelflight, Brackenfur, Thornclaw, Cloudtail, and Rainwhisker to the border, where Tawnypelt is waiting for them. After Tawnypelt limps past the kittypets' yard to attack her, Brackenfur and the rest of the patrol attack the kittypets, making them promise not to keep tormenting their warriors.
As badgers raid the ThunderClan camp with the intent of killing all of them, Brackenfur fights by the nursery to protect his mate and unborn kits. Squirrelflight sends him to find Cinderpelt after they learn that Sorreltail's kits are coming. He finds his sister and volunteers to guard the nursery while Sorreltail kits. However, a badger managed to get by him and into the nursery, giving Cinderpelt a fatal blow before being driven out. Brackenfur continues fighting off the badgers and is seen with Firestar. After the fighting is done, Leafpool appears and tells Brackenfur that he has four healthy kits. He thanks her and goes back to the nursery.


With the badger attack over, Brackenfur goes to see his mate, Sorreltail, and their four kits. He is tense and defensive when Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight, and Rainwhisker come in to retrieve Cinderpelt's body, but he calms slightly when he realizes that the cats pose no threat to his mate and kits. He comforts Sorreltail when she learns that her brother, Sootfur, is dead and brings her fresh-kill. He proceeds to tend to his mate and then begins working on repairing the nursery, despite the fact that his own sister, Cinderpelt, had just died. Sorreltail then names the four kits Molekit, Poppykit, Honeykit, and Cinderkit.
He spends much of his time after this in the nursery with his family. At a Clan meeting, he fusses over Sorreltail, who appears to be weak. He urges the distressed she-cat back into the nursery.
He is next seen taking Whitepaw out for training, while Birchpaw watches them in disappointment. When Firestar summons the Clan to tell them of Daisy's leaving, Brackenfur appears from the nursery. After Mousefur calls a Clan meeting, Brackenfur tells Squirrelflight and her patrol what was happening. The issue of not having a deputy is brought up and Firestar is finally forced to accept that Graystripe is never coming back. Firestar considers making Brackenfur deputy until Leafpool receives a sign from StarClan, saying that Brambleclaw should be deputy. Brambleclaw is made deputy and instead of being jealous, though Brackenfur doesn't know Firestar had considered him, Brackenfur supports Brambleclaw's new rank.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

Sometime between Sunset and The Sight, Brackenfur's only son, Molepaw, dies of illness.
The tom is first mentioned to be under Leafpool's care, suffering a case of white-cough along with Birchfall. He is moved out of the medicine den, however, when Jaykit needs room after falling into the gorge. He and Sorreltail worry over him, much to Hollykit's annoyance.
He appears to recover well, and is seen sharing tongues with Sorreltail and Firestar.
Once, Lionkit eavesdrops on Brackenfur, Stormfur, Dustpelt, and Spiderleg after Brackenfur returns from a nighttime hunting patrol. The four discuss the recent move of the ShadowClan border to encompass an empty field, allowed by Firestar. Stormfur and Spiderleg disagree over the wisdom behind Firestar's decision, and the argument escalates to the point that Spiderleg angrily declares that Stormfur is not a ThunderClan cat. Brackenfur breaks up the argument, noting that their disagreement doesn't matter and that the way Firestar handed over the stretch of land made it clear that he was doing ShadowClan a favor, and did not show weakness. He also points out that Onestar has been neutral towards ThunderClan since the badger attack, and that Leopardstar isn't a cat to worry about due to the distance between her Clan and theirs.
He is later seen helping to organize hunting patrols with Firestar and Spiderleg.
When Graystripe returns to ThunderClan, Brackenfur is among the first in the camp to greet his old mentor. He helps to construct a place to sleep for Graystripe and Millie away from the other cats until the warrior's den can be expanded, and he becomes amused when his daughter, Cinderpaw, rushes to help him and reminds him of Cinderpelt.
Later, Brackenfur is noted to be present at the Clan meeting in which Firestar announces that Brambleclaw shall remain as deputy of ThunderClan despite Graystripe's return. Brackenfur is initially upset by the news, showing his loyalty to his former mentor.
Much later, Brackenfur is guarding the entrance to camp when Jaypaw passes him on his way to Moonpool. He is sympathetic towards the young apprentice when Jaypaw mentions that he can't sleep, remarking that battles can cause that reaction. Brackenfur is unsurprised when Jaypaw mentions that he's going into the forest, though he offers to go with him. When Jaypaw turns down his offer, he promises to listen for him just in case, and Jaypaw is relieved to have at least one Clanmate not fussing over him because of his blindness.
When Hollypaw decides to quit her position as Leafpool's apprentice, Firestar calls on Brackenfur to mentor her. Hollypaw notes happily that Brackenfur is a great fighter, and that he is clever and thoughtful, trusting that he'll make a good mentor.
Brackenfur doesn't press Hollypaw about what made her change her mind about her training, and promises her that she'll have to work hard to catch up to the rest of the apprentices. He immediately takes her out on a hunting patrol, rushing her out into the forest until they reach a small clearing where the other mentors and apprentices are waiting, telling the others about Hollypaw's decision. The group goes to a beech tree to hunt, and Brackenfur shows the young she-cat how to stalk mice.
When dogs attack WindClan, Brackenfur is among those chosen to stay and protect ThunderClan camp while others go out to assist the other Clan.
Later, his daughter Poppypaw falls ill. Brightheart send Sorreltail out hunting with him to calm her when Poppypaw is on the brink of death. With Jaypaw's help, though, the young she-cat recovers fully.
He goes with ThunderClan to the next Gathering. He becomes amused as Hollypaw and Lionpaw play-fight on the way to the island, refusing to let his apprentice hide behind him. He is supportive of Hollypaw, as this Gathering is her first as a warrior apprentice.
The next day, Brackenfur attends the Daylight Gathering and watches Hollypaw's fight with Heatherpaw. He cheers on his apprentice as she beats down the WindClan she-cat.

Dark River

While the cats cross the tree log to get the Gathering, Brackenfur lunges forward and catches Berrypaw before he slips into the water. A half moon later, he takes his apprentice, Hollypaw, out for hunting while it rains heavily. When she asks if she would have to fight her new kin in ShadowClan one day, he replies yes and tells her to get back to hunting. Once the rain stops, he takes Hollypaw out again with Cloudtail and Cinderpaw. He and Cloudtail are confused when Cinderpaw recognizes a fox scent and is able to identify it, even though she had never seen one before.
A while later, he gets Hollypaw to train with her brother, Lionpaw, and his mentor, Ashfur. The mentors quiz the apprentices on the strengths and weaknesses of the other Clans before demonstrating how to fight a RiverClan warrior. Then the apprentices try it against each other. Brackenfur is shocked when Lionpaw acts ruthlessly against his sister, crushing her until he is forced to stop.
A few days later, Brackenfur, Spiderleg, and Cloudtail take Hollypaw, Mousepaw, and Cinderpaw out for an assessment. When Mousepaw begins climbing the Sky Oak, Brackenfur calls him back down, but is stopped by Spiderleg. He is then reluctant to let his daughter, Cinderpaw, climb up after him after Mousepaw gets stuck. He is beside himself when Cinderpaw herself falls from the Sky Oak, and worries that she is going to die. After Leafpool and Jaypaw bind her broken leg, he helps in carrying her home.
He attends the next Gathering, where Hollypaw ducks between him and Squirrelflight for warmth. A few days later, he changes his plans with Hollypaw from hunting to fighting as a battle with WindClan was becoming inevitable. She is shocked by the news and slips away to visit Willowpaw in RiverClan, to see if they are really in trouble or not. When she doesn't show up for training, Brackenfur figures that she must have been helping with the defenses in camp. When his apprentice returns from her visit to RiverClan, he is waiting beside Firestar, looking very grim.


After the apprentice ceremony of Icepaw and Foxpaw, Brackenfur finds Hollypaw and brings her on a patrol to the ShadowClan border. There, they witness Firestar break up a fight between Birchfall, Berrynose, and some ShadowClan warriors. He apologizes to Russetfur just as Blackstar appears, openly questioning if the Clans were really meant to settle by the lake after all.
During a hunting session, he gets impatient with Hollypaw when she forgets how to stalk a mouse. Brook kindly reminds Hollypaw to slide her paws over the grass. Later on, Thornclaw, Cloudtail, Ashfur, and Brackenfur all take their apprentices out for training in the hollow. When Ashfur and Lionpaw start a mock battle that turns vicious, Brackenfur steps forward, breaking the fight up. He then reassures the other apprentices that they won't be trained like that, as some of the other apprentices had been worried that that was how they'd be trained.


Two of his kits, Poppypaw and Honeypaw, have their warrior ceremony, taking the names Poppyfrost and Honeyfern. His other daughter, Cinderpaw, can't become a warrior because her leg is injured. With the help of Jaypaw, Cinderpaw recovers and receives her warrior name, Cinderheart, along with Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze by the end of the book.
Brackenfur, Brambleclaw, Hollypaw and Sandstorm go to find out why WindClan is stealing food from ThunderClan territory. They meet Harespring, Owlwhisker, and Ashfoot, the WindClan deputy. Harespring attacks Brambleclaw, and with one swipe Brambleclaw pins him to the ground. Ashfoot begs Brambleclaw to let him go back to their own territory, saying Onestar had nothing to say to them. Brambleclaw then leads the ThunderClan cats back. On the way back, Brackenfur comments on how WindClan cats looked thin.
During the battle against WindClan, Hollypaw is confronted by Weaselfur and Emberfoot. Brackenfur grapples with Tornear and nearly knocks her over while they roll past, allowing Weaselfur to attack Hollypaw. Soon after, he praises Hollypaw for her attack and they team up to drive Weaselfur away. Brackenfur commands her to help Cloudtail while he helps Mousewhisker, who is being attacked by Emberfoot.

Long Shadows

Brackenfur is first seen returning from the dawn patrol with Lionblaze and Sorreltail, though they didn't find anything. He is next seen becoming the mentor to Tigerpaw, after Tawnypelt brings her three kits to ThunderClan to escape Sol. He is later seen by Lionblaze returning from a patrol with Ashfur and Honeyfern.
As more cats begin to get sick, Firestar proposes the idea that all sick cats move to the abandoned Twoleg nest. Brackenfur is the first to speak up, and voices that the idea might work, and the other cats begin to agree. Brambleclaw then assigns Brackenfur in charge of mending the walls so no wind got into the nest. He is then seen working alongside his daughter, Cinderheart.
Brackenfur appears next returning from a border, reporting having seen a fox near the WindClan border. Brambleclaw sends him and Graystripe back out to the border to recheck it. He is seen again repairing the nursery after fire rages through the ThunderClan camp.
After Ashfur is murdered and found near the WindClan border, Brackenfur and the rest of the Clan listen to Firestar make the report. He interprets what Firestar says and openly asks if he was saying one of them, ThunderClan, killed Ashfur, leaving the Clan in silence.


After an unsuccessful meeting with WindClan, Firestar decides to send a patrol to the sun-drown-place to see if they can find Sol. He assigns Brambleclaw to lead and for Brackenfur, Hazeltail, Birchfall, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf to go with him. As the journey begins, Brackenfur shows his experience with crossing Thunderpaths, from when ThunderClan lived in the old forest. He leads the cats several times past cows and through unfamiliar forests. He also explains to Hazeltail what a city was when she thinks they are stars that have fallen down to earth.
Brambleclaw proceeds to lead the cats down the cliff on a rocky path. Birchfall slips, falling into Hazeltail, and Brackenfur stops them from falling any further. When Birchfall is swept away by a wave, both Brackenfur and Brambleclaw jump into the water and swim after him; they manage to save him. Having been unable to find either Sol or Midnight in the cave, the cats then travel into the Twolegplace.
The Clan cats discover a group of rogues living together and learn that Sol once led them, convincing the cats that they have to fight a group of ferocious dogs. After Jingo completes the story, she requests that she learn theirs, and after Brambleclaw and Brackenfur exchange a glance, Brambleclaw tells them about Sol coming to the forest. After they leave the rogues and continue searching for Sol, more dogs find the group of cats and Brackenfur saves Birchfall when he couldn't jump all the way across a gap in a wall.
With the help of Jingo, the Clan cats find Sol living with Purdy, and bring them both back. On their return, when Sol is called forward to be interrogated, Brackenfur prevents Purdy from following him, reassuring him that no one would hurt Sol. Later, Brackenfur is seen training Icepaw, whose training he had taken over from Whitewing, who had joined the nursery. Moments later, his daughter, Honeyfern, is bitten by a snake after rescuing Briarkit from it. Brackenfur and Sorreltail race over to her from the warriors' den, and watch helplessly as she dies. Brackenfur leads Berrynose away from her body so that she could be carried to the center of camp. The way that Brackenfur had treated Berrynose at that moment was like the way a father would treat his son.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Brackenfur is first seen returning to camp after an unusually successful hunting patrol with Dustpelt, Bumblestripe, and Leafpool. Later Jayfeather snaps at him to help the elders, and Brackenfur changes course to their den.
After Rainstorm, a warrior of RiverClan, is brought to ThunderClan after nearly dying from getting stuck in mud, Thornclaw suggests keeping him prisoner and bargaining with RiverClan. Brackenfur tries to defend RiverClan but is quickly put down by Mousefur. Once Rainstorm recovers, Brambleclaw chooses him and three other cats to escort the warrior home.
A while later, using her extra keen senses, Dovepaw tracks Brackenfur and Sorreltail out hunting, and hears Brackenfur congratulate Sorreltail on her catch.
His daughter, Poppyfrost, gives birth to Berrynose's kits, Cherrypaw and Molekit, making them Brackenfur's grandkits.

Fading Echoes

Brackenfur is among the ThunderClan cats that go to the Gathering in the beginning of the book.
When Lionblaze is checking over cats that may be training in the Dark Forest, he notes the unlikeness of Brackenfur being involved and reasons that there would be no weakness for Tigerstar to exploit.
Later, he is seen helping find logs to help prop the fallen tree up so Lionblaze could get to the trapped cats. He also helps gather new bedding.
He continues hauling away branches to the outside of the camp, clearing more space. He participates later in a border patrol with Cinderheart, Bumblestripe, Whitewing and Ivypaw along the ShadowClan border.
Brackenfur is not included in the meeting of the senior warriors, which is presumed to be a mistake, as Brackenfur has been a warrior for a longer time than many of the warriors who were included in the meeting.
In the battle between ShadowClan and ThunderClan, he tells some of the other cats that Brambleclaw wants them to try an out-flanking maneuver by drawing ShadowClan into the trees, as ThunderClan is not adept at fighting in the open. He climbs up a tree with the other ThunderClan cats and flings himself on a ShadowClan cat.

Night Whispers

The golden warrior is first noted by Jayfeather to be snoring in the warrior's den after the battle with ShadowClan. Jayfeather later treats his shoulder wound from the battle.
Later, he leads a hunting patrol, bringing Hazeltail, Toadstep, and Dovepaw. Brackenfur lets Hazeltail lead because her pelt blends in better against the snow. When the patrol splits up so they don't disturb the prey, Brackenfur hunts by the shore. He mentions that there's no prey there when he joins the next hunting patrol.
On another hunting patrol, he walks closely with Sorreltail, making Lionblaze hope to have that kind of relationship with Cinderheart in the future.
Brackenfur is part of the first patrol the day Lionblaze and Dovepaw go to fight the fox that attacked the camp the day before. He is also part of the patrol to ShadowClan to ask for Ivypaw back. He points out that ThunderClan doesn't know for sure if ShadowClan is really holding Ivypaw hostage. Brackenfur doubts Ivypaw's loyalty, much to Dovepaw's dismay.
He is among the cats on the patrol that fetches Ivypaw from ShadowClan.

Sign of the Moon

After Icecloud is rescued from the hole that Hollyleaf disappeared into, Firestar tells him and Dustpelt to build a safe barrier around it so that no one else will fall in. He and Dustpelt are known to be good builders.
Later, when Millie is scolding Blossomfall, he reminds her that the important thing is that they are home, safe and sound. Millie then gets mad and snarls at him.
Brackenfur is part of the night patrol, a friendly contest between cats in ThunderClan. They go to the abandoned Twoleg nest. Their plan is to be the first patrol to capture the abandoned Twoleg nest, and to not be captured. Sorreltail says she knew what he would do, and she was correct. Lionblaze and Ivypool catch Brackenfur, while the others, Birchfall, Thornclaw, and Bumblestripe, see they are defeated. He then asks them what they could've done different to win. After he tells Sorreltail that she did a good job with the game.

The Forgotten Warrior

He is first seen when Sorreltail's patrol returns to report Birchfall's verbal feud on the WindClan border. He affectionately tells Sorreltail that he hopes that she isn't getting into any fights.
He announces after Molepaw and Cherrypaw's apprentice ceremony that Sorreltail is expecting a second litter of kits, due in just under a moon.
When Molepaw and Cherrypaw are attacked by a fox during a training session, Brackenfur is among the cats that rush out to defend them. He, like the rest of the Clan, doesn't believe the two young apprentices when they say that a mysterious cat rescued them and vanished.
While ThunderClan is traveling to the island for a gathering, Brackenfur tells off Dovewing and Ivypool for arguing, saying that ThunderClan has to be united in the face of the hostile Clans and that arguing will upset StarClan. He sits quietly with Dovewing in the clearing. However, he shows amusement at Molepaw and Cherrypaw's excitement for their first gathering.
Later, when Sol arrives back into ThunderClan camp, Brackenfur races into Firestar's den to alert his leader of the new guest.
Sorreltail begins her kitting while out by the lake, and Brackenfur follows the scent trail Dovewing and Jayfeather leave for him to find his mate while they tend to her. He worries over Sorreltail and tries to urge her to eat the medicine Jayfeather gives her. However, her pain prevents her from being able to swallow well. He is overjoyed when his two daughters finally arrive, despite their small size. Brackenfur helps his mate back to camp and into the nursery. Half a moon later, the kits are named Lilykit and Seedkit.
At a Clan meeting, he chastises Foxleap and Dovewing for talking when Firestar needed to make an announcement. Brambleclaw chooses Brackenfur and Dustpelt to block off all tunnel entrances to stop WindClan from invading ThunderClan, but Hollyleaf present the idea of keeping WindClan isolated into a few tunnels in order to control the attack and enable the ThunderClan warriors to fight off the invaders. Brackenfur and Dustpelt block off only the tunnels Hollyleaf points out.
When Hollyleaf begins to train ThunderClan in underground fighting, Brackenfur is in the first group of cats to learn the techniques. He appears to be nervous of cave-ins at first, but is calmed by Hollyleaf. After Thornclaw panics in the dark, cramped spaces, Brackenfur is asked by the black she-cat to lead the cats towards the main cavern. He helps her teach the others by prompting her to tell them how they should move in the confined space and by helping her demonstrate what to do when cornered. He notes that the techniques they are learning could be helpful when fighting at night as well as underground.
When it is revealed that his daughter, Cinderheart, is the reincarnation of his sister, Cinderpelt, he questions Jayfeather about why StarClan would do this to her and what it means for her future. The medicine cat cannot answer their questions, and Cinderheart remarks that she doesn't know who she is anymore. Brackenfur and Sorreltail tell her that they love her for who she is, and that she is Cinderheart to them. Firestar then asks Brackenfur and Dustpelt to help with expanding the medicine cat's den along with the warrior's den.
He is later seen on a hunting patrol, noting that Hollyleaf had to be dragged away from checking the elder's pelts for ticks in order to go on a border patrol. While on the ShadowClan border, he solemnly remarks that he is surprised that ShadowClan fought so hard previously to defend such a useless piece of territory.
Then at the battle with WindClan he is one of three along with Brambleclaw and Hollyleaf to lead a patrol underground as he is the second best at underground fighting after Hollyleaf.

The Last Hope

When Ivypool sends Foxleap to gather a patrol to check the WindClan border to stop the Dark Forest cats, Brackenfur comes along with Graystripe. When the patrol reaches the border, Brackenfur falsely accuses the WindClan patrol of trespassing on ThunderClan's territory. He crouches down, ready to attack when he meets Harespring's gaze. Foxleap and his patrol leave when Birchfall, Mousewhisker, and Ivypool come out from their hiding spot, claiming that they are waiting to see if the WindClan cats would cross.
Later, Brackenfur and Poppyfrost bring Mothwing to the camp to speak with Jayfeather.
Lionblaze mentions that he, Firestar, Sandstorm, and Brackenfur were on the moonhigh patrol.
Brackenfur is seen dragging brambles to the nursery before the Dark Forest's next attack wave on ThunderClan.

In the A Vision of Shadows

The Apprentice's Quest

Just before his apprentice ceremony, Alderkit notes that Brackenfur cannot be his mentor because he only just finished mentoring Sorrelstripe. Later on, Brackenfur is seen organizing dawn patrols with Squirrelflight. Brackenfur soon goes out on hunting patrol with Sparkpaw, Cherryfall and Sorrelstripe.

Thunder and Shadow

When a ThunderClan patrol comes to camp in panic, Brackenfur and Birchfall leap to their paws. It is revealed that a WindClan patrol is fighting a group of rogues, and that they need help. In camp, after a group of ThunderClan cats help fight off the rogues and Alderpaw tells Bramblestar that they were Darktail's rogues, the Clan leader calls a Clan meeting. Brackenfur is seen coming from the warriors' den with Cloudtail, Brightheart, and Thornclaw.
During Sparkpelt's warrior ceremony, Alderpaw recalls how Cherryfall and Brackenfur had announced that his sister had performed brilliantly during her assessment.
At the following Gathering, Rowanstar explains that the group of rogues that attacked WindClan are living near their territory, and Brackenfur asks why ShadowClan won't chase them off.
Many moons after, the day Twigpaw has gone missing, Brackenfur, Whitewing, and Cinderheart are seen padding toward the entrance, heading out on patrol.

Darkest Night

As Squirrelflight sorts out the day's patrols, Brackenfur sits below Highledge, sitting next to Cinderheart and Lionblaze. He lifts his face to the sun, relishing it's warmth.
A SkyClan patrol comes to visit ThunderClan, asking for a few spare warriors to join their patrol to the gorge. Brackenfur sits near Highrock, but crowds near Bramblestar in curiosity as Hawkwing speaks. Later, the golden brown tom is mentioned to have led a patrol, and is due back in camp soon.
When a mudslide occurs in ThunderClan's camp, Brackenfur races out of the warriors den just behind Lionblaze. His Clanmate orders him to clear the warriors and elders dens, and get every cat to the lakeshore. Brackenfur nods to Cinderheart and Bumblestripe, repeating the order to them. He then tells Poppyfrost to get the elders out of danger, and runs to the entrance of camp. Brackenfur tells the cats running past him to head for the lakeshore.
At the Gathering, Brackenfur sits with Cinderheart, whispering in her ear when it's announced Tigerheart has gone missing.

River of Fire

Brackenfur becomes a grandfather to Cinderheart's newest litter of kits; Flykit, Snapkit and Spotkit.
When Twigpaw decides to return to ThunderClan, Brackenfur warmly welcomes her, giving her a friendly nod. He says that it is good to see Twigpaw again, and Brackenfur is not one of the cats who protests Twigpaw's choice to return.
Brackenfur, along with Whitewing, Plumkit, and many others, is one of the cats to catch the belly sickness that plagues the Clans. While Alderheart is not worried for Brackenfur, due to the strength of the tom, it is Plumkit who has his worries. Alderheart continues to search for watermint in an attempt to save Brackenfur and the other cats.
Brackenfur has soon recovered from the sickness, and after a dangerous storm rolls through, the tabby tom is one of the cats who helps repair the camp. He is assisted by Twigpaw and Finpaw, and the three cats begin to repair the nursery, which had taken damage. The den is soon fixed, with Twigpaw saying that Brackenfur is excellent at repairing dens.
His grandson, Fernsong, has kits with Ivypool, making him the great-grandfather of Flipkit, Thriftkit, and Bristlekit.

The Raging Storm

Brackenfur is part of the patrol that finds Tawnypelt, Scorchfur, and Dovewing on the border, waiting to speak to Bramblestar and check on Puddleshine. He, along with Fernsong, escorts them back to camp.
During a Gathering, Brackenfur is one of the cats to call out in protest of Juniperclaw's appointment as ShadowClan's deputy. Shocked, the golden tom asks if Juniperclaw was one of the cats to follow Darktail and his regime. Macgyver joins in, wanting to know why Tigerstar would appoint someone who betrayed ShadowClan. His Clanmate, Sandynose, joins in, yowling that a deputy must be loyal. Brackenfur calls out yet again, saying that this cat could possibly be ShadowClan's leader one day, his pelt bristling in anger over Tigerstar's decision. Raising his voice, Tigerstar silences Brackenfur and the opposing cats.
Brackenfur is part of yet another patrol, this one encountering SkyClan cats at the border. Joined by Lionblaze and Cherryfall, they escort Violetshine, Hawkwing, Sagenose, and Macgyver, who have come to return Finleap to ThunderClan.
At a second Gathering, Brackenfur is present, and when Kestrelflight says that all five Clans must support one another, Brackenfur mews that the Gathering truce was once the only truce they would obey.
When Alderheart returns to camp after visiting ShadowClan to check on Puddleshine, who has been healing nicely, Alderheart finds Bramblestar sheltering near the camp wall with Brackenfur, the pair of toms sharing a quick bite of fresh-kill.

In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

Brackenfur has now retired to the elders' den with Cloudtail and Brightheart. As Bristlepaw delivers a vole to the elders, Brackenfur is seen chatting quietly with Graystripe. He praises the apprentice, to which Bristlepaw admits that she didn't catch it.

The Silent Thaw

Brackenfur and Cloudtail are outside the elders' den when Molewhisker and his patrol bring Rootpaw into camp. He and Graystripe tell Flamepaw, Finchpaw, Myrtlepaw and Baypaw about their days as apprentices in the old forest territories.

In the Super Editions

Firestar's Quest

Brackenfur is first seen sitting beside Willowpelt and Mousefur as Cinderpelt approaches them for Bramblepaw's warrior ceremony.
Brackenfur supports Longtail with the help of Cloudtail after the tabby warrior's eyes had been scratched by a rabbit that had turned on him with filthy claws. The two warriors bring Longtail to the medicine den, and Brackenfur reports what happened to Cinderpelt and Firestar. The cats then question Cloudtail and Brackenfur when they hear what happened to Longtail. Brackenfur repeats what he said to Firestar. Firestar then sends both warriors and Rainpaw back out to finish the hunting patrol. Brackenfur is later seen going hunting with Willowpelt and Graystripe.
Firestar remembers when Cloudtail was a kit, and he and Brackenfur saved Cloudtail, when the Clan is complaining about having a badger in their territory.
After Willowpelt is killed by a badger, Brackenfur and Dustpelt race over to Firestar and listen in horror to what happened. As well as the rest of the Clan, Brackenfur mourns her death greatly.

Bramblestar's Storm

Brackenfur takes part in a hunting patrol, and Bramblestar is satisfied with the load of prey. When ShadowClan cross the border multiple times, Brackenfur asks if they are attacking. Bramblestar takes Brackenfur as part of the patrol to talk to Blackstar about ShadowClan crossing the border. On the way, Bramblestar and Brackenfur talk about Sorreltail, Brackenfur's deceased mate. Brackenfur expresses his grief that she didn’t need to die, and remembers how she didn’t go for treatment right after the Great Battle, but instead went to take care of her kits. By then it was too late to save her. Bramblestar says she was a great warrior and mother. He promises no one will forget her. Brackenfur says every blade of grass reminds him of Sorreltail, and knows she’s watching from StarClan waiting to meet again. He says he will wait forever to see his mate again. Bramblestar reminds his patrol that they are only talking, not fighting. Brackenfur retorts so they will let ShadowClan tear their pelts off. After the patrol returns, Brackenfur says that the ShadowClan cats they saw were very skinny and guesses they don’t have much prey. Later, Brackenfur says that when the moon is extra big, the lake fills up. At a Gathering, Brackenfur points out that WindClan doesn’t just have a problem with ThunderClan. As Bramblestar carries Briarlight to his den to rest in, and Brackenfur helps Briarlight up. As the Clan settles to sleep, Brackenfur and Dustpelt check the dens by making sure the brambles are woven properly and patching any holes.
Bramblestar wakes up Brackenfur and the other senior warriors in the night to talk about the flooding lake. Brackenfur goes to check anywhere in camp where it’s watertight and reports the nursery and apprentices' den is dry. As the hollow is starting to flood, Brackenfur calls for Lilypaw and Seedpaw. The Clan is forced to flee up a cliff face, and Bramblestar orders Spiderleg and Brackenfur to go up first and make sure the Clan can escape. Both toms’ climb the cliff and reach the top. Brackenfur says it is okay, but warns the path is slippery so cats need to take time. Bramblestar later yowls for Brackenfur to come back down the cliff face and help Briarlight escape the hollow. Bramblestar says to use a floating branch, and Brackenfur says that is risky, asking if he wants them to start searching for a branch. Bramblestar wants to use the Stick of the Fallen, and Dustpelt and Brackenfur wades out to get it. Brackenfur remarks it isn't floating well, but Bramblestar tells him to push it out to deeper water. Brackenfur obeys, and says it is better there now. He and Dustpelt keep the branch steady while Purdy climbs on, and helps wrap ivy tendrils around Briarlight to help her stay on the branch. When three cats are on, Brackenfur pushes the branch from behind, but soon is having trouble keeping afloat and breathing. They finally reach land, and Brackenfur helps drag Briarlight out of the water. He leads the group of cats away from the water to join the rest of the Clan.
Seedpaw suggests sending a hunting patrol beyond ThunderClan territory for food, and Brackenfur offers to join the patrol. During the patrol, Brackenfur points out a hazel thicket and bets a moon of dawn patrols that there is something lurking in the bushes. Later, Brackenfur hurtles through the trees and demands to know what's happening to his daughters. Brackenfur wraps his tail around Seedpaw's shoulders after finding out that she has drowned. Brackenfur asks how he can bear it, and says to lose their mother, and now this. Bramblestar says she walks in StarClan now, and lowers himself so Brackenfur can hoist Seedpaw onto his back. Back at camp, Brackenfur offers to help bury Seedpaw's body.
Later, Brackenfur and Dustpelt have moved a branch into the temporary camp to mark where the dens are. Bramblestar suggests putting Purdy and the sick cats the furthest away from the tunnel entrance and the wind. Brackenfur agrees and traces a half circle with the branch. He also suggests putting the medicine cats there so they can be close to the cats that need treatment. Brackenfur and Dustpelt keep working together to make the dens comfortable, ordering the younger cats to drag branches into the tunnels. Brackenfur reassures Dustpelt they won’t mess with the mud, and says to think how comfortable it’ll be when they install the windbreaks. Bramblestar notes how gray Dustpelt's and Brackenfur's muzzles are getting and how stiff they seem. His glad there are younger cats around to help them.
After Bramblestar suggests fighting the kittypets that are attacking ShadowClan, Brackenfur says that they didn’t survive the Great Battle to fight for ShadowClan. Bramblestar still goes ahead with the plan and Brackenfur asks him if his sure he's just not helping settle Jessy's scores with the kittypets. Brackenfur soon bounds to Bramblestar and says Minty and Frankie have gone missing. He claims they were supposed to come on late morning patrol with him. Bramblestar tells him to take different cats, and Jessy offers to come too. Brackenfur accepts, and says she can show him the hunting skills Bramblestar has told him about. As Bramblestar sees how Lilypaw's hunting skills are going, he makes a note to tell Brackenfur how well his daughter is going. When the water recedes enough for the Clan to see the hollow, Dustpelt says they will have to clean the mess and rebuild the dens. Brackenfur points out they will be back home and says that’s the important thing. He suggests starting work patrols as soon as the water level is low enough to let them back in. Bramblestar takes Brackenfur and Graystripe for a patrol to check on strange badger scents. Graystripe starts talking about mates on the way, and Bramblestar thinks they are being harsh as Brackenfur is still grieving for Sorreltail. They reach the area before Brackenfur prods Bramblestar and says ShadowClan is coming. They all hide in the ferns before talking to the ShadowClan leader. He rejects the ThunderClan warriors, and they all head back to camp in silence.
Bramblestar asks for the senior warriors for a meeting, and Brackenfur guesses it's about the badgers. Bramblestar explains about everything to the meeting cats, but Brackenfur thinks ShadowClan should fight their own battles. Bramblestar still decides to go, and Brackenfur is part of that patrol that goes to talk to Rowanstar. On the way, he comments strangeness of the moved borders, and wonders if it will become the permanent borders. Despite Rowanstar's words, Bramblestar decides to attack the badgers, and Brackenfur is in charge of a training session. He steps back to let Bramblestar take lead, but Bramblestar insists he leads. Brackenfur instructs the patrol on a move of jumping on a badger back, and tells Snowpaw to try it on him. Lilypaw joins in, but they can hardly stay on Brackenfur's back for long, slipping off and making themselves vulnerable. Brackenfur murmurs if he was a badger he’d have eaten them now. Ivypool suggests techniques, and the apprentices do much better, even knocking Brackenfur on his side. Snowpaw tenses to claw at Brackenfur’s eyes, and the warrior says to not do it for real. Snowpaw apologizes, but Brackenfur reassures no one is hurt. For the battle against the badgers, Brackenfur stays behind to defend the camp. Dustpelt however, dies in the battle.
When the water level has lowered enough to return back to the hollow, the Clan gets excited but Brackenfur points out they have to rebuild the old dens and offers to go and check the damage on the camp. At the camp, Brackenfur checks the dens and says they lots of brambles to patch the roof of the warriors’ den. He starts asking Dustpelt what he thinks, but remembers that he died. He flinches and admits he doesn’t think he can do it without Dustpelt. Whitewing reassures he knows how Dustpelt thinks as his worked with him for many seasons. She promises he won’t be doing this alone as they’ll all be working together. Brackenfur braces himself and studies the warriors’ den. He says they need a very long bramble or ivy tendril to patch it up, then moss to plug the gaps. He first orders to clean the mud and mess, suggesting to use dead leaves and ferns that are lying around to help clean the mess. Daisy calls to Brackenfur and orders him to clean the nursery first as Cinderheart is not having kits in it until it’s clean. Brackenfur says he only has four paws but will make sure the nursery will be ready. He offers to check what needs to be done right away. Brackenfur seems more energized and purposeful as he asks Bramblestar to start reconstruction of the camp right away. Bramblestar gives him permission to do so. After the rebuilding of the camp, Brackenfur satisfyingly checks each den, seeming at ease working alone with Dustpelt. After Lilyheart's warrior ceremony, Brackenfur thanks Bramblestar, saying he doesn't know what it means to him.
In the manga at the end of the book, Brackenfur is revealed to have become the grandfather to Cinderheart's and Lionblaze's kits; Fernpaw, Hollypaw, and Sorrelpaw, his two granddaughters being named after his former apprentice Hollyleaf, and his mate Sorreltail. He is seen in the crowd for their apprentice ceremony, and Bramblestar also appoints him to mentor Sorrelpaw.

Squirrelflight's Hope

Brackenfur explains to Squirrelflight that the elders' den is in need of repairing, and the deputy insists she'll have the apprentices start repairing it. Later, Bramblestar orders Berrynose and Bumblestripe to take the elders to the nursery for Sunrise to recover.

In the Novellas

Redtail's Debt

Redtail spots him playing with his littermates and Goldenflower's kits near the nursery as their mothers watch them protectively.

Tigerclaw's Fury

Brackenpaw is mentioned as having been the cat who attacked and drove off Mowgli when Tigerclaw asks Stumpytail where he had gone.
On Tigerclaw's way to retrieve Mowgli from Twolegplace, he remembers how Mowgli had had Fireheart at his mercy, before Brackenpaw had attacked and dragged him away.

Leafpool's Wish

Brackenfur heads into the medicine cat's den. When he hears Birchpaw complaining about his eye, he says that he is lucky to be alive. When Leafpool asks what he came for, he says that Sorreltail wanted some tansy for Cinderkit. When Leafpool says that she'll bring some right over, he replies that there's no need to rush. He then asks if something is wrong. Leafpool replies that she's just tired after the battle and that a nursery full of kits doesn't help. She then follows him to the camp entrance where he walks off and leaves Leafpool standing a patch of sunlight. 
Brackenfur asks Leafpool teasingly if she was stealing his apprentice, Whitepaw, after she tells her to go get moss for Firestar. Leafpool replies that Firestar's moss is frosty and that he needs some new moss. Brackenfur agrees. He then listens as Leafpool says that Firestar doesn't act like losing a life is a big deal. Brackenfur then says that Brambleclaw can deal with the patrols. Leafpool then asks if it was right of Firestar to declare Graystripe dead. Brackenfur says that a Clan without a deputy is an odd thing. He then touches his muzzle to Leafpool's head, saying that some absences leave them more vulnerable then a missing deputy.
Berrykit then runs up to them saying that he wants to show Brackenfur this new battle move that Thornclaw taught him. Brackenfur says that he is almost ready. Daisy then calls Berrykit telling him to leave Brackenfur alone. Brackenfur nudges Berrykit towards the nursery and says that the new kits will either help or hinder when they are made apprentices. He then strides off, calling Ashfur to tell him that they can take their apprentices out to train once Whitepaw gets back. 
Later, Leafpool asks Brackenfur what happened to Whitepaw. He remarks that she was hunting a giant hare and that they lost sight of her in some bushes. When they got to her, she looked like how she looked now. Leafpool then asks how big the hare was. Brackenfur says that it was massive and that he couldn't believe that Whitepaw tried for it. Leafpool then tells Brackenfur to hold down Whitepaw's hindquarters. Brackenfur then grunts with the effort of holding her down. After fixing Whitepaw, Leafpool has Brackenfur and Thornclaw carry her back to the medicine cat's den. 

Dovewing's Silence

Brackenfur is seen looking for Sorreltail. After Brightheart suggests him looking for her in the nursery, he is soon heard by Dovewing, and he curls around Sorreltail's still body, muttering to her that she needs to wake up. When the rest of the cats hear him wail for his deceased mate, Millie announces she will go to him, since he shouldn't be left alone right now. Brackenfur sits with his mate throughout the vigil. His eyes are closed although there are doubts that he slept. When it’s time for the burial, Brackenfur is at first hesitant to let anyone touch her, as if they might disturb her. They gently pick her up and carry her with Brackenfur stooping to cradle Sorreltail’s chin with the back of his neck. His agonizing grief clung to his ruffled pelt like mist. Two sunrises after the burial, Brackenfur still visits Sorreltail’s grave often, not leaving them alone to the cold earth nests. No one challenged him, but instead gives compassion for his grief.

In the Field Guides

Secrets of the Clans

In "Brackenfur Speaks: A New Warrior", he recounts his last day as an apprentice when Fireheart takes him out to hunt, noting that at the time he had no clue where Graystripe was and that his mentor seemed to be constantly busy those days.
While out hunting he scents WindClan and ShadowClan and instantly knows that the cats are coming for Brokentail, remembering that the Clans aren't happy with ThunderClan for harboring such an evil cat. Fireheart sends him racing back to the camp to warn Bluestar and Tigerclaw, and Brackenpaw places himself in front of Brokentail's den to protect the prisoner, thinking it odd to be protecting such a cat but doing so anyway out of loyalty to his Clan and his leader's wishes.
After driving off the invaders, he is made a warrior under the name Brackenfur and feels pride for his actions. He thinks on this throughout his vigil despite his weariness after the battle. He observes StarClan and feels comfort that his former Clanmates are watching over him.
He then recalls the day he received Whitepaw as an apprentice, and how much he enjoys spending time with her patrolling and hunting, and that he cannot wait for the day she becomes a warrior and experiences the feelings that he did at his ceremony.

Battles of the Clans

Brackenfur is briefly seen with Dustpelt during the battle with a pack of foxes that had invaded Fourtrees while Firestar and Sandstorm were away. He and the older cat step forward threateningly along with cats from the other three Clans in order to intimidate the trapped foxes.
He is later seen in "Whitewing Speaks: My First Battle" returning to ThunderClan camp at sunset after a training session with his apprentice, Whitepaw, the young white she-cat noting that Brackenfur must have been exhausted from teaching her the leap-and-hold technique. His fur clogs her claws, and she dreads having to clean them out when she gets back to camp.
Hearing crackling undergrowth, Brackenfur freezes and orders Whitepaw back into the camp. When she questions his order, he snaps at her to go, looking frightened. Whitepaw scents something foul and starts to ask him what it could be, but in that moment a badger pokes its snout out of the bushes near them. Brackenfur snaps at her again to get into the camp, and this time Whitepaw listens.
Brackenfur follows Whitepaw and helps his Clanmates fight off the invading badgers. During the battle, Brackenfur's fur, still clogging Whitepaw's claws, impedes her in her attempts to claw the ears of the badger she is fighting.

In the Ravenpaw's Path arc

The Heart of a Warrior

Brackenfur is part of the patrol that helps Ravenpaw and Barley get their barn back from the rogues that control it.
When they reach the farm, Brackenfur joins a hunting patrol with Cloudtail, Brambleclaw and Brightheart. The next morning, he fights the rogues along with the rest of the patrol. The rogues outnumber the Clan cats, however, and the group is forced to retreat.
Brackenfur is seen fighting along with the other ThunderClan cats when they attack the rogues for a second time. He leaves with the rest of the patrol once the rogues had left the barn for good.
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