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"Oh, Crookedstar. You've had to walk a dark and terrible path alone. None of these deaths are your fault. I doubt if they're Mapleshade's fault, either. Sometimes bad things happen for no reason, or for reasons we can't understand. Please never feel like you need to suffer alone again. I will always be on your side. I'm your medicine cat. You can trust me with anything."
— Brambleberry to Crookedstar in Crookedstar's Promise, page 485

Brambleberry is a small,[7] lithe,[4] snowy[8]-white she-cat with black spots and blue eyes.[2] She has a strikingly pink nose.[2]

Brambleberry was a medicine cat of RiverClan under Hailstar's and Crookedstar's leaderships in the forest territories. She was a medicine cat apprentice named Bramblepaw with Milkfur as her mentor, and she eventually earned her full name, Brambleberry. Following Crookedkit's injury, he and Brambleberry developed a friendship that continued on through Crookedstar's leadership, and he confided in her about Mapleshade. She agreed to mentor Mudfur when he decided to give up being a warrior to become a medicine cat. After her death, Brambleberry ascended to StarClan.


In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Last Hope

"So? The Clans are like honeysuckle. One tendril chokes the other to reach for the light, believing they grow from separate stems. When the sun shines, young leaves fight for its warmth. The struggle makes the bush strong, each branch seeking out the light and climbing even higher. But when there is no sun, when the leaves begin to fall and the branches wither one by one, the stem must look to its roots for nourishment."
―Brambleberry to Jayfeather about the Clans The Last Hope, page 26
Brambleberry meets Jayfeather when the young medicine cat comes to Moonpool. She tells Jayfeather that StarClan can no longer see the living Clans, and that they fear for them. Then she compares the Clans to honeysuckle tendrils, and she hints that the Clans need to come together to defeat the darkness that will soon descend upon the Clans. When she brings up the fact that Jayfeather is half-Clan, he becomes angry and she tells him directly that the Clans have to unite. She tells Jayfeather to look down from StarClan at his Clans. He does so, and when he tells her he sees no boundaries, she tells him that he needs to see the Clans the way StarClan can see them.

In the Super Editions

Tallstar's Revenge

Barkface recalls that Brambleberry had mentioned sweet-sedge at the Moonstone, and that it would work on Hopkit’s infected wound and his fever. To help save Hopkit, it is decided that the kit will be taken to Brambleberry for treatment.
When Barkface and Talltail arrive with Hopkit at the RiverClan camp, they ask to be taken to Brambleberry, and when three cats glare at him, Talltail tells them that it could be life-or-death for Hopkit, and his life may rest in her paws. Hailstar takes them to Brambleberry's den, and the medicine cat says she has some sweet-sedge to spare. Talltail and Barkface hear a kit crying, and ask Brambleberry if she has a sick kit of her own. She replies that Stormkit fell off a stepping stone. She gives some of the sweet-sedge to Barkface, telling him that Hopkit must swallow the sap of the plant.

Yellowfang's Secret

Bramblepaw is at the Moonstone with her mentor, Milkfur. When Featherpaw states that he does not know what to say, Bramblepaw states that he will know, and her fur glimmers as she touches his shoulder with her muzzle. She then adds that it will be awesome, just as it was when she became Milkfur's apprentice. Featherpaw then thanks her, and Bramblepaw takes her place at her mentor's side.
Later, at the Moonstone, Brambleberry meets Yellowfang who will soon become Sagewhisker's apprentice and she shows her support for the ShadowClan cats.
As Yellowfang and Sagewhisker plod up a slope, Bramblepaw, now with the name of Brambleberry, bounds forward to meet them. Her gaze rests on Yellowfang with friendly interest, and she greets Sagewhisker, asking her not to tell that she had finally found a apprentice. Sagewhisker then introduces her to Yellowfang, her new apprentice, and Brambleberry gives her a nod of welcome. She then introduces herself as Brambleberry, the RiverClan medicine cat, and tells her to come meet the others. Yellowfang pads beside Brambleberry, and she introduces Yellowfang to the other medicine cats as they approach them.
When Yellowfang is about to be made a full medicine cat, Brambleberry pushes up beside the others, eyes shining and pelt gleaming in the dusk. She exclaims that she is very excited for her. After they are done sharing StarClan dreams, Brambleberry is noted to be awake already. She arches her back in a long stretch, and remarks to Featherwhisker that she had a lovely dream. She adds that she got great guidance from her StarClan mentor.
During the next half-moon Gathering, Brambleberry comments that Yellowfang looked tired, and asks if there is sickness in ShadowClan. Yellowfang tries not to show how relieved she is that Brambleberry gives her an excuse for being weary, and replies that it was the usual leaf-bare issues. When Goosefeather snaps at Yellowfang, Brambleberry calms him, laying her tail on his shoulders. She then decides for Goosefeather and herself to lead the way and pads into the tunnel, with Goosefeather at her side. When the other cats rise to their paws, Brambleberry pads up to Yellowfang, and asks if she had bad news. Yellowfang shakes her head, replying that it was merely bad dreams.
When Runningpaw is being told about the other medicine cats, Yellowfang mentions Brambleberry, and that he will like her, as she is kind and friendly. Soon, they arrive at the Moonstone, and Brambleberry and Hawkheart greet Runningpaw warmly.
Featherwhisker soon announces that Goosefeather, his mentor, has died, and Brambleberry expresses her feelings with ready sympathy, and asks him how he feels about being ThunderClan's sole medicine cat.
During the next half-moon Gathering, Yellowfang is relieved to spot Featherwhisker and Brambleberry in front of her, and picks up her pace to catch up to them. She notices that she has a younger cat in front of her, who is a stranger to her. Brambleberry introduces him as Mudpaw, her new apprentice, and announces it proudly upon greeting Yellowfang. When Featherwhisker begins to describe his choice of a future apprentice, Spottedkit, Brambleberry comments that she will be looking forward to seeing her.

Crookedstar's Promise

"The seasons change, Stormkit, but RiverClan never stops being RiverClan. Shellheart will always be brave and loyal, whether there is sun or snow on his pelt. And you will always have the heart of a warrior, no matter what your name is."
―Brambleberry encouraging Stormkit Crookedstar's Promise, page 53
A harsh storm damages the RiverClan camp. Brambleberry is following a queen, Rainflower, who is having small pains before she starts kitting. When Rainflower starts to have more fierce pains, Brambleberry announces that the kits are coming. Shellheart is shocked, and she retorts that the kits won't wait until after the storm is over, and they need to get somewhere safe. Shellheart gets Rainflower up into a tree, and Brambleberry follows, comforting Rainflower while thinking of her mentor, Milkfur, who had passed away a few moons ago and how this was the first emergency she'd handled by herself. She asks Shellheart to get her the herbs from the den, and he leaves. While the pains grow greater, she gives Rainflower a stick to bite down on while giving birth. Rainflower asks if that's all she has, and Brambleberry wisely states it's all she needs, as queens have been kitting since ancient times, and it's the most natural thing in the world. Shellheart then comes back without herbs, and replies that they have all been washed away. Brambleberry closes her eyes, thinking about how many moons it had taken to build that store. Soon after, Rainflower gives birth to two toms, and names them Oakkit after the tree that had sheltered them, and Stormkit after the storm they were born during. Later, once RiverClan is rebuilding their camp after the flood, Stormkit sees Brambleberry working with Fallowtail.
Just before sneaking out of the camp, Stormkit spots her laying out coltsfoot leaves in the sun. He and Oakkit ask what they were for, and where they came from. Brambleberry replies that she picked them beside the waterfall. The two kits plead her to take them so they can go there too, but she replies that they can only leave camp once they're apprentices.
When Stormkit breaks his jaw, Brambleberry makes him swallow some herbs and tells him he needs to stay with her in the medicine cat den until his jaw healed.
After a moon, Brambleberry deems Stormkit is ready to go back into the nursery. When she tells his mother this, Rainflower asks if there's anything else she can do for him, but Brambleberry retorts that he can play and practice hunting like any other kit, and she couldn't wish for anything more. Brambleberry then tells Stormkit that his apprenticeship must be delayed. When Rainflower decides to change his name to Crookedkit, Brambleberry comforts him and jokes that she should be called Swallowherb, because she makes cats swallow herbs.
Because of his damaged jaw, Rainflower neglects Crookedkit. Brambleberry is often seen in her place, comforting Crookedkit and showing a maternal side to him. Later, Brambleberry is talking with Hailstar in her den about Crookedjaw. It is hinted she is talking about his destiny. Crookedjaw overhears them, and gets angry with Brambleberry for not talking about it with him.
After Mudfur wins a fight with Adderfang and gains Sunningrocks back for RiverClan, he says he no longer wishes to be a warrior, and asks to become a medicine cat. Brambleberry accepts him, and Mudfur becomes her apprentice.
Brambleberry escorts Crookedjaw to the Moonstone to receive his nine lives. He stops, and demands to know if there was an omen about him. Brambleberry admits she had seen Crookedjaw with Mapleshade, though she doesn't refer to her by name, and she only knew he had trained him in a place that was dark, cold, and smelled of death. When Crookedjaw tells her he thought she was a StarClan cat, Brambleberry is relieved. She said she knew he had always been so brave and determined, and she couldn't understand why Crookedjaw would train with her.
Brambleberry leads Crookedjaw to the Moonstone. He continues to worry about whether or not StarClan would give him his nine lives, because he had trained in the Dark Forest. Brambleberry doesn't know who will greet him, the Dark Forest or StarClan, but she urges him to touch his nose to the stone.
Later, in the exclusive manga at the end of the book, Brambleberry comes to take Crookedstar to StarClan. She tells him he's done well, and says there is no doubt he'll be remembered as one of the greatest leaders of any Clan. Crookedstar asks her if it is time for him to die, and she replies that it is. Crookedstar stretches, telling her he has achieved everything he had ever wanted, and there are some old friends he wants to see in StarClan. Brambleberry beckons him, and they leave for StarClan together.

Bluestar's Prophecy

Brambleberry is mentioned by Featherwhisker when he talks about catmint. He hopes that the bush outside an abandoned Twoleg nest survives the frost of leaf-bare. If not, he would have to borrow some from Brambleberry. Bluefur thinks about how since it may be the only cure for greencough, it would be humiliating if RiverClan started to bargain the herbs for Sunningrocks.

Leopardstar's Honor

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The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In Secrets of the Clans, Brambleberry is noted to be charming, quick-thinking and good at getting her own way.[9] She is present in StarClan when Mosskit joins, and while she condemns Bluefur's actions, recognizes her logic. Brambleberry supports Snowfur stepping up as guardian for Mosskit.[10]


"It's all you need. Queens have been kitting since the ancient Clans. It's the most natural thing in the world."
―Brambleberry to Rainflower Crookedstar's Promise, page 7

"Perhaps I should change my name. I could be called Swallowherb. See? Because that's what I do. I make cats swallow herbs."
―Brambleberry unsuccessfully trying to cheer Stormkit up Crookedstar's Promise, page 53

Brambleberry: "This is how StarClan sees your home. We see the beauty of it and the richness. We don't see which tree belongs to which Clan. Don't look for boundaries that aren't there..."
Jayfeather: "...look for the boundaries that are. But where are they?"
Brambleberry: "The only true borders lie between day and night, between life and death, between hope and loss."
—Brambleberry and Jayfeather The Last Hope, page 27

Brambleberry: "A kit is coming to join us. Half ThunderClan, half RiverClan."
ShadowClan Warrior: "Half-Clan!"
Brambleberry: "It is an innocent kit."
—Brambleberry defending Mosskit Secrets of the Clans, page 75

Moonflower: "So a kit's life is the price to be paid for the warriors whom Thistleclaw might lead into death. I know that Bluefur believes Thistleclaw would be the wrong leader for ThunderClan. But how do we know that being deputy wouldn't make him a better cat?"
Brambleberry: "We don't know, and neither does Bluefur. She must make her choices based on what she thinks might happen. I don't agree with what she's doing...I would never endanger innocent kits... but I can see why she's doing it."
—Moonflower and Brambleberry discussing Mosskit Secrets of the Clans, page 76

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