"I just thought of something! [...] We must be warriors now, because we've got warriors sleeping here, so this is the warrior's den."
Dewpaw to the other apprentices in Bramblestar's Storm, page 101
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Chapter Number: 8 (of 35)
Page Numbers: 9-128

Chapter description

Bramblestar races back to camp, as fast as possible. Thornclaw, who is guarding the entrance to camp, looks astonished and asks what is going on. Bramblestar yowls that the lake is flooding, and Thornclaw replies that it can't be, and Bramblestar then races back to the lake, and shows him. Thornclaw asks what they should do, and Bramblestar replies that they should go back to camp, and see what everyone else thinks. When they get back, Bramblestar goes into the warrior's den, and wakes up Squirrelflight, and Brackenfur. Squirrelflight asks what's going on, and Bramblestar tells them to come into the clearing, so they can talk without waking the others.
On the way out of the den, Brackenfur accidentely disturbs Graystripe. The senior warrior, awakens, and asks what's going on. Bramblestar explains to them how the lake water rose, but how it shouldn't get as far as camp. Squirrelflight asks the ThunderClan leader what he wants them to do. He replies that they have to figure out what to do with hunting patrols. A sudden screech comes from the elder's den, and Purdy races out, exclaiming that there's water all down his back. Daisy follows Purdy out, and begins to lead him to the nursery. At that moment, Bramblestar begins to hear complaints from all of his Clanmates. 
Cloudtail jumps up, and shakes his head, shooting a disgusted look at the brambles woven over his head. Rosepetal tries to burrow deeper into the moss in her nest, and Berrynose snarls in annoyance, squishing himself into a dry corner. Bramblestar tells Brackenfur to check the other dens, and to see if they're watertight. Squirrelflight asks him if he thinks that they'll need to leave the hollow, and Bramblestar looks at Graystripe, wanting to see what he thinks. Graystripe shakes his head, saying that it'd be worse to go out in the forest. Bramblestar agrees with Graystripe, adding that there's more danger out there anyway. The ThunderClan deputy asks Bramblestar what he's going to tell the others about the lake.
Bramblestar hesitates, before mewing that they'll tell them nothing, and that they'll figure it out soon enough, and that there's no point in scaring them in the middle of the night. The orange she-cat looks as if she doesn't agree with him, but she dips her head, and says okay. Cloudtail out from soaked moss, grumbling that it's no use. Spiderleg adds that they'll all die of greencough at this rate. Bramblestar doesn't know what to say, and then Brackenfur comes out, reporting that the nursery, and the apprentice's den is dry. Bramblestar nods, adding that Jayfeather should be able to fit a couple of cats in his den, and that his den will be sheltered too.
Bramblestar orders Graystripe to take Blossomfall, Dustpelt, and Sandstorm into his den with Millie and Briarlight. He says that all the mentors can bed down in the apprentice's den with their apprentices. He tells Brightheart and Cloudtail to go into Jayfeather's den, and that the rest of them will sleep in the nursery. Sandstorm and Dustpelt bound toward the Highledge, while Berrynose and his mate, Poppyfrost touch noses, before Poppyfrost scurries off to join her apprentice. Whitewing seems reluctant to leave Dovewing, but Lionblaze promises he'll keep an eye on her. Whitewing gives him a grateful look, before bounding into the apprentice's den. Leafpool mews to Bramblestar, that she and Jayfeather have spare dry bedding. Bramblestar tells her to take some to the Highledge, and some to the apprentice's den.
Bramblestar goes to check on everyone in the apprentice's den. He asks everyone if they're okay. Whitewing replies that they could do with more bedding, and Spiderleg adds that they could do with more space. He hisses to Lilypaw to take her tail out of his eye. Amberpaw squeals that it's exciting, and Ivypool protests that it isn't. Bumblestripe mews that apprentices think everything is exciting, but Seedpaw corrects him, saying that checking Purdy for ticks isn't. Dewpaw exclaims that since warriors were sleeping with them, that they must be warriors now. Snowpaw seems to celebrate by yowling no more ticks. Spiderleg meows in her dreams. Poppyfrost orders the apprentices to go to sleep.
All the apprentices obey, and Bramblestar comes out to see Jayfeather carrying moss into the apprentice's den. Bumblestripe calls out thanks to him, and Lilypaw hisses that he burried her. Bramblestar halts Jayfeather, as he begins to turn away, asking if there's any more omens. Jayfeather asks Bramblestar what he's looking for. The blind medicine cat tells him he should thank StarClan that no cats are injured. Bramblestar wonders if there's worse to come besides the storm. Jayfeather asks him if there's something Bramblestar isn't telling him, and Bramblestar tells the gray tabby that they just need to make sure their Clanmates are okay. Jayfeather then pads back to his den.
Bramblestar makes his way into the nursery, and Squirrelflight saved him a spot. She beckons him over. As Bramblestar goes to make his way over, Molewhisker lets out a yelp of pain, hissing that Bramblestar was treading on his tail. Cherryfall swipes Molewhisker across the ear, saying that he shouldn't talk to his leader that way. Bramblestar assures her that it's fine. He squeezes into a gap between Squirrelflight and Birchfall. Bramblestar realizes that only some of his Clanmates are snoring, but the younger warriors were quietly whispering to each other, and laughing, quietly. Bramblestar thinks that it must be an adventure for them. He hopes that it doesn't get any worse. He then hears Purdy's voice beginning to tell a story. Bramblestar closes his eyes, even though he knows sleep won't come to him for awhile.
Bramblestar eventually falls into a soft doze, when a voice awakens him. He looks up to see Thornclaw standing over him. His pelt is dripping wet. The gray light of day filters into the den, but the storm is still going. Rain pelts down from the sky. Thornclaw mews to Bramblestar that there's something he must see. Bramblestar follows Thornclaw out of the nursery. The floor of the hollow is awash with leaves and twigs floating on the water. Part of the thorn barrier had been torn away, leaving a jagged gap. Up above gaps seemed to have opened up in the line of trees. Bramblestar knows that some of them must have fallen. He says that it will take a lot of work to put this right. Thornclaw meows that it only gets worse. Bramblestar stares through the gap, of what once had been the thorn barrier. The water is surging up the slope towards them, the lines of waves breaking  and swirling as they met swift streams that had burst their banks, and now crossed the forest, flattening the undergrowth.
Bramblestar lets out a gasp, exclaiming that the water has reached camp. Thornclaw says that they have to leave. Bramblestar awakens the Clan, and has them all look out through the ragged thorn barrier. Squirrelflight looks out, and asks what they're going to do. Bramblestar bounds up to the Highledge. He pushes past the cats who had sheltered in his den, the previous night. He yowls that the lake has flooded the forest, and that they must leave the hollow. Rosepetal says that it couldn't have, and that the lake is at the bottom of the hill. Bramblestar replies that it isn't anymore. As Bramblestar spoke, water began trickling through the gap in the thorn barrier, mingling with the rain water already there. At first it looked like nothing more, than a shallow ripple, easy to wade through, but then there was a surge of gray waves, sloshing through the thorns, sweeping most of the barrier away, leaving more room for more water to get in.
Yowls of panic arise from the cats of ThunderClan. Brackenfur calls his children, Lilypaw, and Seedpaw over to him, as Cloudtail and Brightheart round up the younger apprentices. Millie asks Bramblestar what will happen to Briarlight, and that she can't swim. Bramblestar assures her that no cat will have to swim, and that there are other ways out of the hollow. Leafpool orders every cat to follow her, as she leads them through a different way out of the hollow. Bramblestar silently thanks StarClan for the steep, twisting paths that led up the cliff, near the medicine cat den. He knows it will be a hard climb, but it's their only escape route. Bramblestar turns to the cats behind him.
Bramblestar orders Graystripe to help Briarlight. Graystripe crouches down, while Dustpelt and Sandstorm help her onto his back. Bramblestar leaves them to it, to join Leafpool and the others. Snowpaw asks how Leafpool knows about this, and Brightheart replies that medicine cats know a lot of things. Bramblestar swallows, nervously, as he looks up at the path. He knows it will be treacherous in this rain and wind. He wonders what if a cat falls and dies. He thinks that it would be his fault. Bramblestar shakes himself, to clear his head. He knows that it's his responsibility to protect ThunderClan, and there's no other way out of the hollow besides this way. He tells Brackenfur and Spiderleg to go up first, and to make sure they can still get out that way. He adds for them to be careful.
Brackenfur springs up the path, with Spiderleg on his tail. Bramblestar narrows his eyes against the rain, to try and see them. He soon looses sight of them. He then hears Brackenfur yowl that it's okay, but that the path is very slippery. He adds for Bramblestar to not try and rush it. Bramblestar nods. He tells everyone to keep moving. He mews to Daisy to go next. He tells Lionblaze to follow her up, to make sure she's okay. Daisy assures him that she'll be fine, and that she's done it before. Bramblestar remembers how Squirrelflight, Brightheart, and Cloudtail had climbed the path with Daisy, and her kits to rescue them from the badger attack. He sends Cloudtail with Amberpaw, since Spiderleg had already climbed it. Bramblestar calls for Dovewing to be next.
Dovewing says that she's not sure she can do it. Birchfall assures her that she can, and that he'll be right behind her, and that he won't let her fall. Birchfall and Dovewing go up the path. Thornclaw goes up next. Bramblestar looks up, and sees that no one has lost their footing. He thinks that they might all make it after all. He tells Molewhisker and Cherryfall to go. Cherryfall goes first. Molewhisker begins to follow her. When he's a few tail-lengths above the ground his pins his ears flat, and his eyes go wide with terror. He wails that he's going to fall. Bramblestar's heart begins to race. He assures Molewhisker that he can do it, and that everyone else has done it. Molewhisker wails that he's slipping, and cries out for help. Bramblestar was about to start climbing to give Molewhisker a boost, when he spots Lionblaze making his way down from the top of the cliff.
Lionblaze begins to instruct Molewhisker of where to put his paws, and how to climb it. Lionblaze and Molewhisker begin to climb together, until they're out of sight. Brightheart and Cinderheart come up to Bramblestar, saying that they're ready. Bramblestar says that he wants to make sure Molewhisker made it first. He hears Lionblaze yowl that him and Molewhisker made it. Bramblestar tells the two she-cats that they can go now. A gust of wind catches Brightheart who is a fox-length behind Cinderheart. She slips, and hangs off the edge of the path, beginning to fall. Bramblestar is just about to leap up to her, when Cinderheart turns back, and fastens her teeth into Brightheart's scruff, and hauls her up, back onto the path.
Bramblestar then feels water against his belly, and looks back. He realizes that the hollow is flooding, and that time is running out. He sees that Graystripe has arrived with Briarlight, and the other cats who had spent the night in Bramblestar's den. Purdy is with them, and Berrynose and Mousewhisker are closer to the bottom of the path, impatiently waiting their turn. The two medicine cats are close to their den, and Rosepetal is hanging back with Squirrelflight. Bramblestar nods for Mousewhisker and Berrynose to go. Squirrelflight tells Bramblestar that Rosepetal's nervous. The deputy asks if she can go with Squirrelflight. Bramblestar says that of course she can. Squirrelflight and Rosepetal then go.
Squirrelflight and Rosepetal eventually make it to the top. He feels Millie touch his shoulder, as she whimpers what about Briarlight, and how they'll get her up. Bramblestar promises that they will. He tells Graystripe and Blossomfall to go next. He asks Sandstorm if she can help Purdy once Graystripe and Blossomfall reach the top. Sandstorm replies that of course she can. Purdy and Sandstorm soon go. Purdy is halfway up when part of the cliff face flakes off beneath his paws, and he plunges backwards in a shower of stones. Sandstorm dives forward to grab him, but is to late. Purdy grabs for a scrawny bush growing on the cliff face. He grabs it, while his hind paws scrabble against the cliff face. He yowls for help. Sandstorm grips Purdy's shoulder fur in her mouth, and tries to pull him up, but fails. Bramblestar tells the waiting cats, that he'll be right back.
When Bramblestar reaches Purdy, he realizes the problem is worse then he had thought. Just above them the cliff face was starting to crumble away, most likely eroded by the rain. Purdy gasps to Bramblestar that he's sorry, and that he'd better live down here. Bramblestar can see that Purdy is trying to be brave, but that he is terrified. Bramblestar responds no, and that they'll get him back up. Bramblestar orders Sandstorm to go back up, and to find a strong ivy stem, and to have Lionblaze help her. Sandstorm objects, saying that Purdy's to heavy. Purdy tries to joke, saying that he ate to many voles, and didn't get enough exercise. Bramblestar replies that they may not be able to bring him up, but that they can bring him down, and once his paws are on firm ground, they'll be able to think again.
Purdy scoffs that it's a lake down there. Sandstorm races to the top. She gives them an ivy tendril, and calls down to Bramblestar, that they're ready. Bramblestar instructs Purdy to grab the stem with his teeth, and he does so. Bramblestar then gets right under Purdy on a different part of the path. He tells Purdy to let go of the bush. Purdy lets go, and gets lowered down the path. Bramblestar then helps him touch his hind paws down on the ground, from below. He calls to Lionblaze and Sandstorm that him and Purdy are now at the bottom of the cliff. Bramblestar thinks that Purdy won't be able to climb up the entire path again, now. Purdy meows that he'll wait out the storm on the Highledge. Briarlight says that she'll wait with him.
Millie says that since Briarlight is, she will too. Bramblestar glances at the water that is flowing into camp. He says that no cat will be left behind. Millie asks what they're going to do. Bramblestar replies that Millie and Leafpool will climb to the top of the cliff. Millie hisses that she won't leave Briarlight. Bramblestar bites back a sharp reply. He understands Millie's concerns for Briarlight, but she isn't helping. Leafpool steps forward, and convinces Millie to climb up with her, and adds that Bramblestar will keep Briarlight safe. Millie hisses to Bramblestar that if Briarlight dies, she'll never forgive him. Bramblestar assures Millie, that he'll protect Briarlight. The two she-cats eventually disappear at the top of the cliff.
Jayfeather mews that he can climb up the cliff. Bramblestar replies that Jayfeather has to stay and help Briarlight, because no cat knows about her condition more than he does. Bramblestar adds silently that he can't have a blind cat dangling off of a cliff. The brown tabby tells Dustpelt that he needs Brackenfur, and his help. He calls to the top of the cliff for Brackenfur to come down. Squirrelflight also scrambles down the cliff, asking him what's going on. Bramblestar replies that they need to find another way out of the hollow, for Purdy, Briarlight, and Jayfeather. He adds that he was thinking they could float them out of the hollow on a branch. Brackenfur asks him if he wants him to look for a branch. Bramblestar replies that they'll use the Stick of the Fallen.
Jayfeather asks Bramblestar if they can use a different branch. Bramblestar points out that it's the strongest and longest piece of wood in the camp. He adds that if they use it, maybe their fallen Clanmates could help them, and that they need StarClan's help more than ever. Dustpelt and Brackenfur exchange a glance, as if wondering if their mates were watching them right now from StarClan. Brackenfur and Dustpelt drag it over to Bramblestar and the others. Brackenfur remarks that it isn't floating very well, and Bramblestar meows that it's because the water's shallow right here. Brackenfur pushes it out to deeper water. Squirrelflight begins to lead Purdy, Jayfeather, and Briarlight onto the stick. Bramblestar tells her that she should go back on top of the cliff with the others.
Squirrelflight begins to reply a sharply, but Bramblestar cuts her off, saying that he won't stop her. Squirrelflight snorts and continues to head deeper into the water. Bramblestar sees that Briarlight can barely keep her head above the water, so he tries to help her. Briarlight keeps on having a hard time, so Squirrelflight comes up with an idea to help her. Squirrelflight brings Briarlight a bundle of twigs, and tells her to shove them under her belly, and it might hold her up a little bit better. Briarlight lets go of Bramblestar, and Squirrelflight puts the twigs under her. The twigs boosted her enough to keep her muzzle clear from the water.
The others are waiting for Bramblestar, Squirrelflight, and Briarlight by the branch. Pushing it ahead of them, they began to wade to the entrance of the camp. For a few moments Bramblestar begins to wonder if they had the strength to push their way against the strong, and violent current. He keeps a close eye on Briarlight. A squawk sounds from Jayfeather, as he looses his balance, and his head is pushed under the water. Bramblestar plunges under the surface after the gray tabby. A thrashing tail hits Bramblestar in the ear. Bramblestar lashes out his paws, and sinks his claws into Jayfeather's fur. He drags Jayfeather upwards, and both their heads break through the surface. Jayfeather sputters his thanks to the ThunderClan leader.
The current is swirling around them, as they force their way through the gap. Outside the ThunderClan camp, the flood stretches in all directions. All Bramblestar can see is floating debris and trees on the surface of the flood water. He then tells Briarlight, Purdy, and Jayfeather to climb up onto the branch. Purdy says that he doesn't think it will work. Squirrelflight replies that Twolegs do it all the time, and that they see them floating on flat things. Purdy hauls himself up onto the branch, while Brackenfur and Dustpelt steady it. Once Purdy was crouched on the stick, he seems to balance quite easily. He purrs that he reckons he can teach Twolegs, calling them by the name of Upwalkers, a thing or two. Jayfeather quickly climbs onto the branch, but Briarlight can't.
The black she-cat asks Bramblestar and Squirrelflight what she should do. Squirrelflight seems to have come up with an idea, as she swims back into the camp. When Squirrelflight comes back out of camp, she's dragging the ivy tendril that they used to help Purdy with her. Squirrelflight says that they can use it to tie Briarlight to the branch. Bramblestar holds Briarlight's legs up, while Squirrelflight ties the tendril around her. Briarlight mews that it feels secure, when Squirrelflight's done. Squirrelflight tells Briarlight to tell her if she feels like the tendril begins to come loose. The four other cats, begin to guide the branch through the water. Once they got outside of the hollow, it became so deep, that Bramblestar had to start swimming. Bramblestar's legs kept getting caught in brambles and in debris, so he began having to pull hard to get his leg out. Wind begins to ruffle the water, and rain pelts into his face.
Bramblestar silently prays for StarClan to save them, as everyone begins to struggle, dangerously. Bramblestar soon has to grip the branch with his teeth, and paddle with all four of his legs. Water gushes into his mouth, and he keeps swallowing it, making it almost impossible to breathe at all. Beside him, Brackenfur is having the same trouble, and the only way he knows that Squirrelflight and Dustpelt are afloat is because he only catches glimpses of their fur. The four cats are eventually able to touch the ground again. Bramblestar lets out a gasp of relief, as he feels his paws touch solid earth. Purdy heaves himself off the branch, and Jayfeather scrabbles after him. Squirrelflight begins to tear at the ivy tendrils that hold Briarlight, when a brown wave crashes against the branch, knocking Squirrelflight over, and tipping the branch, trapping Briarlight under the surface.
Bramblestar goes under the surface, and hauls Squirrelflight back to her paws, he then grips the branch, and tears the ivy tendrils free with his claws. He knows Briarlight is now free, but he can feel her sinking helplessly down into the flood. Bramblestar and Dustpelt both dive down, grabbing Briarlight, and hauling her up to the surface. Briarlight lays unmoving, water trickling out of her mouth. Squirrelflight wails that Briarlight can't be dead. Bramblestar remembers how he promised Millie he would keep Briarlight safe. Jayfeather pushes past Bramblestar, hissing that he won't let her drown. There's agony in his voice, as he tries to pump the water out of Briarlight's chest. Bramblestar remembers how Jayfeather had failed trying to rescue Flametail from drowning, and had nearly drowned himself.
Suddenly Briarlight's body jerks, and she coughs up water. Bramblestar feels dizzy with relief, as Briarlight asks if they made it. He replies they did, and Squirrelflight gives him a lick on the ear, and says that they should get Briarlight back to Millie and Graystripe. Bramblestar can see that Briarlight is to weak to walk. He says that he'll carry her. The others help haul Briarlight up onto his back. Bramblestar is about to start walking when he sees Jayfeather pacing beside the water. He asks Jayfeather what's wrong, and the medicine cat replies that the Stick of the Fallen is gone. Bramblestar says that it's gone, and that it must have been washed away. Jayfeather wails that it held the memory of their Clanmates who had fallen during the Great Battle.
Bramblestar corrects him, saying that the cats of ThunderClan hold those memories in their minds and their hearts, and that the Stick of the Fallen saved Briarlight, Purdy, and him. He adds that once the storm is over and the flood recedes they can make another stick. Jayfeather mumbles in agreement, and turns away. Brackenfur takes the lead as the seven cats begin the walk up the hill. Closer to the cliffs the going is easier, because the ground was more open. But Bramblestar doesn't dare go closer to the edge, because of his fear, that the wind could blow him right of his paws. Squirrelflight announces that she's going to fetch some of the others to help. As she sprints up the hill, Bramblestar wonders where the orange she-cat gets her energy from.
Squirrelflight soon is seen coming back with Millie, Graystripe, Lionblaze, and Cinderheart. Millie asks Briarlight if she's alright, as she covers her daughter in ferocious licks. Briarlight replies that she's fine, and that her Clanmates looked after her. Millie turns to Bramblestar, blinking in gratitude. She tells him that she thanks him from the bottom of her heart. Bramblestar feels embarrassed as he mumbles that every cat helped Briarlight. Lionblaze steps forward, telling Briarlight to let him carry her. Bramblestar and the others finish the treck uphill. He sees that Sandstorm had gathered the rest of the cats under a beech tree. It wasn't much shelter, but it was better than nothing. The beech trees branches lashed in the wind and rain, but didn't snap. Bramblestar tells everyone that they'll stay under the beech tree until the storm passes. He adds for everyone to get some sleep while they can.
Bramblestar is only half aware that Squirrelflight comes to sleep next to him, as he dozes off. Bramblestar awakes with a strange calm the next morning, wondering for a moment, why he's not on the Highledge in his den. He then remembers the Clan's desperate escape from the hollow in the middle of the night, last night. He gets to his paws, and pads out from under the beech tree. He can see the entire flood from the top of the hill. Pale gray water and floating debris is all he can see. He realizes that RiverClan has been completely flooded. He thinks that WindClan should be okay, because their camp is pretty high up. His belly lurches when he looks at ShadowClan territory. The flat area of pines is waterlogged, with only the top halves of the trees sticking up above the water. Birchfall gasps that this is terrible, as he pads up next to Bramblestar.
He asks what has happened to the other Clans. Bramblestar replies that they need to worry about their own Clan first. He adds silently to himself that ThunderClan is in no state to help the other Clans. More warriors come out from under the beech tree to observe the damage the flood has done. Bramblestar meows that he wants a patrol to come with him to check the hollow. He tells Cloudtail, Brightheart, Cherryfall, and Birchfall to come with him. Bramblestar leads them part way down the cliff, until they can get a good look at what happened to the hollow. There is no Highledge, no clearing, and no dens. Bramblestar's belly lurches, as he realizes that their home is gone. Cloudtail wails to StarClan, asking what they are going to do.





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