"StarClan knew you would be a good leader in your own right. That's why they led your paws along this path. Firestar didn't appoint you to be his echo, but to be yourself. He trusted you to protect ThunderClan, to make decisions for them based on your own judgment and instincts [...] You are the leader of ThunderClan now, Bramblestar. Not Firestar. Be the leader that you want to be. No cat expects anything else."
Sandstorm to Bramblestar in Bramblestar's Storm, page 444

Bramblestar's Storm is the seventh book in the Super Editions.[5] Bramblestar is featured on the cover.[6]


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When water meets blood, blood will rise......

A new Clan leader will be tested.
In the aftermath of the great battle, tensions between the four warrior Clans are running high. Allies have fallen. Loyalties have been challenged. And a new leader has risen to take Firestar's place.
Any cat would find it difficult to follow in Firestar's paw steps, and Bramblestar is already being put to the test. Cats are wounded, prey is scarce, and ThunderClan's strength is not what it once was. If the Clan is to survive, Bramblestar must find his footing quickly—for a new threat looms on the horizon. A storm is brewing . . . a storm the likes of which the warrior cats have never seen, and may not survive.

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Firestar is hunting in StarClan, and smells a squirrel that has swarmed up a nearby oak tree, and thinks that it has been a long time since he tested his tree-climbing skills. Bluestar comes and asks him to walk with her, and questions if he's walked in Bramblestar's dreams yet. He says no, and both reflect on the hard moons after the defeat of the Dark Forest, including the greencough in ThunderClan. They talk about ShadowClan having more elders than warriors, and WindClan losing many good hunters. Firestar feels frustrated, thinking he left his Clan when they needed him most. Bluestar asks him if he could have done anything to prevent what happened, and that he gave them nine good lives. Firestar later meets Cloudstar and purrs, thinking of his journey to rebuild SkyClan. They talk, and the ginger tom is angry that he could not save his Clanmates from the greencough. Cloudstar states that he couldn't have stopped it, and gives Firestar a prophecy: When water and blood meet, blood will rise.
Bramblestar thinks about the Great Battle when Berrynose invites him on a border patrol with Spiderleg and Amberpaw. The leader goes to see Leafpool, who is busy sorting herbs. On the patrol, Amberpaw walks into a stream and is confronted by WindClan cats who say that they are trespassing. After some discussion, Bramblestar leads away his cats. Berrynose comments that ThunderClan has lost many she-cats and that none of the survivors are expecting kits. As they enter camp, Bramblestar sees a branch with claw marks propped up by Jayfeather, one marks for each cat who died in the Great Battle. Dewpaw recites all the names of the cats, and when he gets to Firestar, Bramblestar feels sad. He asks Jayfeather if Firestar walks in his dreams, but medicine cat says no. Bramblestar watches Ivypool take Snowpaw and Dewpaw for battle training. Meanwhile, Poppyfrost, Lilypaw, Seedpaw, and Bumblestripe go hunting while Amberpaw fetches moss for Purdy's den.
Bramblestar discusses with Sandstorm about how there is new hope for their Clan with some new kits. He thinks that she has served her Clan for long enough, hinting that she should join Purdy in the elder's den, but the she-cat remarks that there is plenty of life in her paws yet. As Purdy tells Amberpaw a story, Bramblestar talks to Lionblaze about how Cinderheart may be expecting kits soon. Dustpelt is still filled with grief for Ferncloud, but none of the other cats seem to feel the same way about their fallen Clanmates any more. Squirrelflight sends a hunting patrol by the ShadowClan border, finding that the other Clan has crossed the boundary. Bramblestar notes that some of the former Dark Forest trainees want to fight, but decides to talk peacefully to Blackstar. He leads a patrol over to ShadowClan, and on the way talks to Brackenfur about losing Sorreltail from the battle.
They find a patrol at the ShadowClan border, and are allowed into camp. Blackstar claims that none of his warriors has crossed their boundary. He continues to say that they should mark their borders more often, and leaders angrily decide to strengthen their scent marks. Littlecloud runs to catch up to them, asking Squirrelflight about Leafpool, but Bramblestar makes him leave, as they may be forced to fight ShadowClan sooner or later. He says that the Great Battle is over, but the Clans aren't at peace with one another.
As they return to the Clan, every cat is interested in how ShadowClan is coping after the Great Battle. ThunderClan seems pleased that prey isn't running well for the rival Clan, but Bramblestar feels uneasy. Thornclaw and others think that they need to be taught a lesson, but the leader decides to do it peacefully and organize extra patrols on that border instead of fighting. Briarlight, still not fully recovered from the greencough, flops down in a sunny spot. Bramblestar talks to her, and the brown she-cat says she's fed up with being treated special, and wants to be like any other cat, but Bramblestar tells her that all other cats have traits that make them different as well.
As Purdy goes to tell Briarlight a story, Bramblestar notes it is a full moon and decides to take all five apprentices to the Gathering. As they walk, the Clan notes that the water has risen a bit higher than usual, but Squirrelflight claims it is because of the full moon. Almost afraid that they won't be able to go to the Gathering because of the water, they eventually reach the horseplace, passing WindClan, who seems to be very mysterious. Daisy sees and calls for Smoky, but he peeks at them, and then retreats. As they reach the island, Bramblestar notes the usually sleek-furred RiverClan cats are now ruffled and battered. Bramblestar and the other leaders go up onto the tree, and Blackstar begins to speak the names of all the dead cats from each Clan.
Blackstar protests that they need to remember the dead cats, but Mistystar says they don't remember dead pieces of prey. Angry that his dead Clanmates are compared to pieces of prey and disrespected, he begins to stalk away from the oak tree, but Rowanclaw stops him, saying they cannot be weak and broken like after the battle, they have to be strong and a Clan he can be proud of. Blackstar goes back up onto the Oak, and Mistystar tells them about Petalfur and Mallownose's new kits, two toms and a she-cat. In WindClan, Sedgewhisker and Emberfoot are expecting kits as well. Bramblestar notes that the other Clans seem to be making a huge deal about new kits, and lists the five new apprentices.
A scrap of cloud drifts over the moon, and Onestar claims the Gathering is over. Bramblestar goes over to talk to Tawnypelt, saying that Rowanclaw did a great job talking to Blackstar, and that he'll make a good leader. Tigerheart is looking for Dovewing, but Ivypool tells him that she is in camp. Tigerheart continues to ask if she is with Bumblestripe, but she says that's none of his business. Bramblestar, almost forgetting he is leader and has to order the cats to leave the Gathering, departs, thinking he'd be lost without Squirrelflight as his deputy to help him.
Daisy is worried about Smoky and asks Bramblestar if she can go to the horseplace to check on him and Floss. Bramblestar says he'll go with her after sunhigh, and Graystripe wonders if she is considering leaving ThunderClan since there are no kits to care for. As sunhigh passes, Bramblestar, Daisy, and the three mentors and apprentices walk towards the horseplace. The leader notes the cream she-cat deserves as much respect as any warrior, as she takes care of the kits and does lots of great things for them. Passing the horses quickly, they find Smoky, who says it is great to see Daisy.
Daisy wants to look for Floss, but Smoky tells her Floss is dead, caught by greencough. He leads the queen to her burial spot, Pip the dog is also buried. Daisy realizes that a lot has happened, and Smoky says that she did choose to leave them. The queen sees a new, tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat, and Smoky introduces her as Coriander, and he says that she is replacing Floss. Bramblestar sees Daisy gets angry that the tom has gotten a replacement for Floss, who she thought Smoky loved, and says they should be leaving. As they leave, Bramblestar remembers how Squirrelflight's kits were not actually his own, and as Daisy mourns the loss of her friends, he tells her nothing stays the same forever.
Bramblestar goes on a patrol, and Blossomfall notes the lake is rising. She falls in and has to be rescued. As they continue to check the borders, they see WindClan hunting a bird, which crosses over into ThunderClan territory, where Molewhisker kills it. They get into a brief skirmish, and Hootpaw meows that they need to have the bird because of lack of prey on their territory. His mentor scolds him, obviously not wanting to give anything away. Sandstorm whispers to Bramblestar that Firestar would have given the bird to them, but Bramblestar snaps that he's not him. In the end, ThunderClan gets the big bird and the patrol brings it back to camp. Cats start to crowd around Molewhisker and praise him for his great catch, and he brags that it wasn't that difficult to kill. The leader asks Squirrelflight what the smell of the bird reminds her of. She sniffs it and realizes that it reminds her of the salt water in the sun-drown-place. Bramblestar comments that the wind must have blown the bird all the way over to the lake. Squirrelflight has the Clan come and take a good look at the dead bird, and then says that there's enough for every cat to eat.
Later on in the night, Bramblestar finds it difficult to sleep peacefully due to his nightmares of falling down holes on top of badgers. At dawn, Jayfeather prods him awake, telling him that he has to come see how the plants have been blown by the wind.They travel along the path until they reach the place where Jayfeather and Leafpool had planted herbs, which have been destroyed. He reassures the medicine cat that he will send a patrol later in the day to help them clear up damage done. Jayfeather states that Bramblestar doesn't understand how this is an omen of darkness closing in on the Clan. The leader fears that the Dark Forest might be coming back to attack the Clans, but his medicine cat replies that this is different, and is coming from the wind.
At dawn, Jayfeather and Bramblestar pad back into the ThunderClan camp. Most of the Clan was already awake, and pacing restlessly with the wind blowing their fur. Squirrelflight remarks that the weather reminds her of the day that the tree fell down in the camp. Bramblestar thinks the same, and notices that Dovewing is trying to listen for falling trees, even though she no longer has her super senses. Whitewing sees this too, and convinces her daughter to come and eat a meal. Bramblestar tells Squirrelflight that he's worried about Dovewing, and the she-cat comments that it was hard for all three cats when they lost their powers. He notes that although hard, the gray she- cat seems to be suffering the most.
Lionblaze and Cinderheart pad into camp, with the tom complaining about a tree branch whacking his head. Bramblestar sends Squirrelflight to gather all of the senior warriors, and decides to send out several patrols to both WindClan and ShadowClan. He warns them to take care in the dangerous weather. Seedpaw bounds up to the departing patrols and asks to join, but Bramblestar replies that it's too dangerous for apprentices. He assigns the younger cats to keeping the camp clean. Seedpaw is glad to take charge, and she bounds away. Ivypool is assigned to head to the WindClan border, and Dustpelt is sent to the ShadowClan border.
The leaders of the patrols quickly find cats to join them, and they set off into the forest. Mousewhisker and Cherryfall are by Bumblestripe, and the striped tom suggests that they go to a sheltered place where prey might hide, such as the abandoned Twoleg nest. Cherryfall agrees, so they head there. When the Twoleg nest is in sight, they find Jayfeather and Leafpool's plants crushed by a tree. Cherryfall gasps that Leafpool had worked so hard on it, and Mousewhisker assures her that Jayfeather will make it right again. Bramblestar thinks about Jayfeather's omen, and is nervous about any falling trees, but none look loose enough to fall.
Bramblestar follows Bumblestripe into the nest, and Cherryfall puffs a sigh of relief and mews they are finally sheltered from the weather. He orders to keep watch for prey, and they all do so. The wind drops for a brief moment, and Bramblestar picks up a strong scent of mouse and heard their feet above him. Bumblestripe hears it too, and whispers it's up there, pointing at it with his tail. Cherryfall volunteers to go up, and climbs the slats that were on the far wall. She leaps from the top slat to the wooden branches above the other cats' heads. Bramblestar warns her to be careful, and stalks along the branch. A flicker of movement in the shadows tells Bramblestar there's a mouse there, and Cherryfall gets herself ready to pounce. However, a gust of wind hits the nest and a stone from the roof breaks away.
One of the stones that made the roof was torn away. The young warrior jumps in shock and loses her balance. She wails for help, and Bramblestar asks if she can climb back up. Cherryfall tries to climb up, but her claws can't get a grip. Bramblestar tells Mousewhisker to go after her while he and Bumblestripe collect moss, yarrow, and other things to break Cherryfall's fall if she does slip. Mousewhisker reaches the she-cat and tries to help her up, but brushes her leg and dislodges her grip. She falls, and Bramblestar runs forward to break her impact and succeeds, though his head is hurt. Voices echo around him, and he wonders if he is losing a life, but soon realizes he isn't. He returns to camp with Ivypool's patrol, entering the medicine den to hear Jayfeather grumbling in the medicine den. The blind tom checks him over and offers a poppy seed, but the leader declines.
He sees Purdy struggling to drag bracken across the clearing, and assigns two apprentices to help him with it. Bramblestar moves Briarlight up to sleep in his den, since she's worried about falling trees. The leader moves to sleep in the warriors' den, realizing how much he's missed company. Bramblestar can't sleep, so heads out into the forest, but is horrified when he discovers the lake has flooded. He returns to camp and warns Squirrelflight and Brackenfur, and they try and decide what to do. Most of the dens in the clearing start to have leaks in their roofs, so Bramblestar splits the Clan between the dens that are still dry. He tries to go to sleep, but is roused by Thornclaw, who shows him that the lake has risen to reach camp. Bramblestar orders every cat to leave the hollow, but as they start to exit, the thorn barrier is washed away.
Leafpool leads the Clan to another exit out of camp, and cats begin to climb the steep path. The majority of ThunderClan makes it to the top, and after much effort, Bramblestar, Briarlight, and the remaining group make it to safety last. They gather under the shelter of a large beech tree and try to get some rest while the rain lashes their fur. Bramblestar wakes the next morning to find the entire forest a mass of swirling dirty water and debris. He leads a patrol to investigate the hollow, and finds that their camp is completely destroyed.
Bramblestar announces that they can't shelter here forever, and Ivypool suggests they move to the tunnels. The leader agrees, ordering Lionblaze and Cinderheart to lead them there. Bramblestar helps carry Briarlight to the tunnel entrance, with Millie steadying the she-cat. Each cat takes their turn entering the tunnel, glad to be out of the rain. The leader leads a patrol to check how much the lower tunnels have flooded, and sees that only the cave is swamped with water. After checking that it isn't getting worse, he and his Clanmates return to the group. Cats begin to make nests, as well as split into groups to hunt. Leafpool and Jayfeather go to salvage some herbs from the hollow, while Bramblestar discovers that water from the sun-drown-place has reached the forest. While on patrol, he also learns that WindClan has claimed the border stream for themselves, due to it being their only source of freshwater, even though there is plenty of water for both clans. To his warriors' dismay, Bramblestar leaves and doesn't fight over it.
ThunderClan continues to settle into their tunnel camp, and Bramblestar leads a border patrol. They cross into ShadowClan territory to find their camp has been destroyed, and he offers his sympathies to the cats who meet him. Scorchfur reluctantly grants the ThunderClan cats permission to cross through to RiverClan, so they do so. They slowly make their way over to the other Clan, slogging through floodwaters. Reedwhisker finds them and brings Mistystar, and the two leaders reflect on all the damage that's happened. They leave RiverClan, but hear a call for help coming from further up the Thunderpath.
They realize that it's a she-cat in trouble, and after discussion, decide to help her. The patrol finds the she-cat standing on top of a tub in a large expanse of deep water, and try to work out how to rescue her. Bramblestar orders his cats to start jumping along the windowsills, so they can get closer to the scene. They enter the Twoleg den, to try and attempt to get out at a lower level. Bramblestar exits through another window and paddles to the tub with the she-cat in it, rescuing her. Minty reveals her name, and begs them not to leave her here. The patrol grudgingly agrees that she can return with them, and bring her back to ThunderClan territory.
When the other ThunderClan cats spot Minty, they are skeptical of helping another cat in a time like this. Bramblestar insists that she'd have starved or drowned without them, and orders the apprentices to make her a nest. The kittypet is offered some fresh-kill, but she hastily declines it, thinking that the prey looks unappetizing. The next day, Bramblestar talks with Littlecloud and Rowanclaw in the forest, and they report that Blackstar died so the latter is now ShadowClan's leader. They talk for a while, and then the ThunderClan leader returns to the tunnel and tells Jayfeather what happened. Bramblestar then leads a patrol to the ShadowClan border, where they reset the markers. Seedpaw suggests hunting beyond the ridge, and he agrees that they'll try it later. On their way back to camp, Bramblestar notices Bumblestripe and Dovewing have started to form a rift in their relationship.
The next morning, a hunting patrol is sent to hunt beyond the edges of ThunderClan's territory. Squirrelflight convinces Bramblestar not to exert himself, so he only goes with the patrol partway. He leaves and returns to the tunnel to find Briarlight coughing. The leader asks Daisy if she'll show Minty around the territory, and she agrees, bringing two other cats along. As they prepare to leave, a mudslide occurs at the entrance of the tunnel due to two apprentices scuffling. Four cats are caught in the pile of dirt, but haul themselves free after several moments. Dustpelt comments that maybe it's a good thing, and could be used as a windbreak. Bramblestar agrees, then pads away to check if any cat is injured. Seedpaw and Lilypaw want to help, but when they're turned away, the pair go off into the forest anyway.
Bramblestar goes after them, and sees Lilypaw trapped and being pulled underneath the water. Seedpaw rescues her, and the leader hauls the gray she-cat back to shore. However, by the time Bramblestar goes back for Seedpaw, she isn't breathing. Cinderheart and Brightheart arrive, and the latter tries to get the apprentice to breathe again. However, she fails, and Seedpaw dies. The cats sorrowfully move back to camp, and Brackenfur comes racing up. He grieves for his daughter, while he and Lilypaw comfort each other. Bramblestar carries Seedpaw's body back to camp, wondering if this'll happen again.
ThunderClan sits vigil for Seedpaw and then buries her in the morning. Dovewing mentions that they might be able to raid Twoleg dens for the soft pelts they'd seen, for dry bedding. Bramblestar is surprised by the suggestion and agrees, putting together a patrol to go. They set out and walk along the lakeshore, noting that the flood hasn't gone down. He leads the patrol through the floodwaters and into the Twoleg den, stopping on the upper floor. They fit one Twoleg pelt into a black tub and decide to leave. On their way back, Bramblestar stops to help Jessy free Frankie from where he's trapped behind a transparent wall.
Both agree to be taken back to ThunderClan, so they start heading home. Frankie is put in the tub with the Twoleg pelt, since he can't swim. They cross ShadowClan territory and narrowly avoid a patrol before returning to camp. Jayfeather and Squirrelflight aren't happy that more kittypets are here, but the deputy asks if he brought something useful. He shows her the Twoleg pelt, and she's dismissive, but Daisy thinks it might work well. She pads off to sort patrols, and Jessy, Frankie, and Minty sit together in a tight huddle. Bramblestar looks at them hunched together against the wind, wondering what to do with them.
Bramblestar can't sleep, so he takes Jessy on a tour of ThunderClan's territory. He returns to find Squirrelflight assigning patrols, and then checks on the kittypets. After assuring himself they're okay, his deputy reports that several more cats have fallen ill. Bramblestar adds in that a WindClan patrol was on their side of the stream earlier, and he leads another group to investigate. The patrol goes far out of Clan territory, roughly on the route to Moonpool. They find a fallen tree making a bridge for WindClan to cross, and Bramblestar decides they should dislodge it. They hide as one of the rival Clan's patrol races across the fallen tree, running from Squirrelflight's patrol. Once they leave, the cats work together to haul a bush into the stream. Then, they stand on the bush and push the log, dislodging it and causing it to be swept away. They reset the scent markers and head back to the tunnel. Bramblestar watches as the Clan goes about their duties, feeling content.
Bramblestar meets with Firestar in a dream, and receives a prophecy that water meets blood, blood will rise. He is confused, but the tabby is snapped from the dream and wakes up. Bramblestar relays this prophecy to his medicine cats and deputy, and they promise to keep a look out for it's meaning. He then leaves and takes the kittypets hunting, along with Dovewing. They teach the visitors a hunting crouch, but Jessy asks if they can demonstrate what they can already do and work from there. Dovewing agrees, and Frankie tries to catch something, and she gives him some pointers. Frankie and Jessy try next, and then they go to ShadowClan's border.
Bramblestar meets with Tawnypelt, and the she-cat tells him of ShadowClan's dire straits. However, she leaves after the rest of his patrol and the kittypets arrive. They return to camp, and Bramblestar seeks out Sandstorm's advice. She tells him to do what he thinks is best, since he's leader now. He goes to visit ShadowClan with a patrol, and talks with Rowanstar about the floodwaters. Bramblestar offers his assistance with the kittypets, and the other leader asks how he knows. He finds out that Tawnypelt is who told him, and she defends that she'll always be willing to ask her brother for help. The ThunderClan cats then leave, but Leafpool decides to stay for a few days to help Littlecloud.
They return to camp, and report what happened to Jayfeather and Squirrelflight. He goes inside the tunnel to see dens with dry nests have been set up, and is pleased. The leader goes with Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Squirrelflight to check the water levels in the hollow, and they can't tell whether they've received or not. They decide to mark the water's edge with sticks so they can better check next time. After doing that, Squirrelflight, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze return to camp while Bramblestar stays behind with Jessy. The kittypet tells him about Ziggy and Riga, who are the ones bothering ShadowClan. They return to camp to get a report of ShadowClan crossing the border, and Bramblestar agrees that they should attack the kittypets.
Bramblestar calls a Clan meeting and announces the plan, but many cats are displeased. Squirrelflight supports her leader, and the cats change their opinion and start to cheer for it. Bramblestar picks cats to go from the volunteers, and says that the rest of them will leave at dawn, along with Jessy. The next day, they travel to near Ziggy and Riga's nest. Bramblestar and Jessy jump onto a fence to survey the area, but are soon cornered by four kittypets. They ambush the pair, and the tabby tom yowls for ThunderClan to attack. The warriors steadily beat back the kittypets, and after being defeated, they agree to leave the forest alone.
However, Rowanstar approaches with a patrol and is furious that ThunderClan has interfered. He tells Bramblestar to stay out of their hunting grounds and escorts them to the border. They are miffed by their ungratefulness, but return to camp and are treated by the medicine cats. Squirrelflight says this isn't his fault, and adds that it's behind them now. Sandstorm brings the leader a mouse, and Graystripe comments that Firestar would have done the same thing. Leafpool returns from ShadowClan, saying that Rowanstar made her leave. They tell her what happened, and she calls them mouse brained before disappearing into the medicine den.
A quarter moon later, Bramblestar leads a hunting patrol with the kittypets and is pleased by their progress. However, they run into a fox, and the leader makes quick work of driving it away. He sends Mousewhisker's patrol after it while the kittypets praise him. They begin to work on battle moves, and Squirrelflight arrives. She acts a bit odd when she sees Jessy and Bramblestar together, but after making sure they're okay, leaves to search out traces of the fox. The patrol returns to the tunnel, and he enters. However, it makes him feel claustrophobic so he leaves to check the water levels with Cloudtail. As they approach, both cats are thrilled to see that the flood is starting to die down.
Back in the tunnel, Bramblestar talks to Cinderheart about Lionblaze being able to get hurt, and reassures her. He then meets with Squirrelflight, and the deputy says that he should try and have the kittypets take up less of his time, since they're only visitors. The next day he leads a patrol to WindClan's border, where they are greeted with hostility by Crowfeather. Bramblestar gives them a polite response, which infuriates them, and the ThunderClan cats leave. He returns to find Frankie and Minty missing, and finds the latter sleeping in the sun. The leader brings her back to camp, and then joins with another hunting patrol. That night, he can't sleep, and Squirrelflight says that they should follow Frankie next time he wanders off, and the tabby agrees.
Bramblestar sits with Brackenfur and Dustpelt, talking about repairing the hollow. After being alerted by Squirrelflight, the leader follows Frankie out of camp to see where he goes. He follows the other tom around the lakeshore, and realizes he's headed back to his Twoleg den. Frankie begins to call out Benny's name, and Bramblestar realizes he's looking for his brother. He reveals his hiding spot and offers to help, and they trace back to where he was last seen. They approach a drain and Bramblestar jumps inside, finding Benny's body. The leader drags him up to the surface, and says they'll bury him for a proper farewell. The pair do so, and Bramblestar sits with Frankie in vigil, comforting the tom in his grief.
The two cats later return to ThunderClan's camp, and are fussed over due to looking so ragged. Leafpool leaves to fetch Frankie some thyme for his shock, while Jessy thanks Bramblestar for what he did. The next morning, the leader wakes and leads a patrol along the top border. They follow some badger scent deeper into the forest, but a rook starts attacking Amberpaw. Jessy leaps up, grabbing the rook and killing it. Bramblestar and the patrol discover a rook's nest further up a tree, but decide to leave it and return to camp.
When they return, Bumblestripe leads the leader to see Dovewing, who is calling out into the tunnels. He explains that she wants to be able to hear again, and the leader approaches the she-cat. Bramblestar reassures her that she hasn't let her Clanmates down, and that perhaps their powers were taken away because they aren't needed anymore. He then talks with Squirrelflight, letting her know what happened, and says he's going to have a battle practice with the kittypets. However, before they can leave, Millie reports that fresh badger scent is near the top border. Bramblestar gathers some cats to investigate, and they find an abandoned battle scene soaked with blood. A ShadowClan patrol in the distance looks battered, having retreated from fighting. Tawnypelt spots ThunderClan cats and greets her brother, explaining what happened and asks for help.
Bramblestar's mind whirls with thoughts as he returns to camp, and soon goes to sleep. He meets Yellowfang in a dream, who tells him that blood can bring strength. Bramblestar abruptly wakes and goes to talk to Jayfeather, telling him what he saw in his dream. He then goes back to sleep and peacefully rests until after dawn. Bramblestar calls a meeting with his deputy, medicine cats, and senior warriors, reporting the situation with the badgers. Once the meeting breaks up, he goes with several of the cats to investigate the badgers again. They don't find anything, and return to camp. Squirrelflight and Bramblestar talk about their past, and how he feels he needs to help his sister. The deputy says that if he wants to fight on ShadowClan's behalf, she'll support him.
Bramblestar calls a Clan meeting, announcing that ThunderClan will help ShadowClan with the badgers if they're not driven out in a quarter moon. Every cat but Squirrelflight and Jessy disagree, but he reminds himself that Clan leader's word is law. The deputy breaks up cats into battle practice patrols, and Bramblestar joins with Brackenfur. They work together to teach their apprentices how to fight effectively against badgers, using Ivypool's advice. He returns to camp to check on the other patrols, and learns they've done well. Two days later, the leader finds Tawnypelt while on patrol, and she informs him of ShadowClan's attack plan in a few days. Bramblestar promises they'll be there, and informs Squirrelflight of this. Later, he checks the water levels with Lionblaze, who announces that Cinderheart is expecting his kits.
Bramblestar rallies his Clan together, and then sets out with his chosen cats to fight the badgers. They race to the clearing and find that ShadowClan has already begun to attack, and the ThunderClan leader orders his warriors to do the same. Rowanstar says they didn't ask for help, but Bramblestar retorts that they've got it. He sinks his claws into a badger, driving it away, and then turns to watch his Clanmates fight. The leader thinks they'll win, but spots Tawnypelt about to be killed by a badger. Squirrelflight rescues her, and Bramblestar leaps back into battle. The leader and Jessy lure the badger to ShadowClan's border stream, and jump onto a stump which keeps them above water. However, the badger is swept downstream, and they return to find Dustpelt has died. Bramblestar and Tawnypelt reunite, and he realizes that this has fulfilled the prophecy. ShadowClan leaves, with Rowanstar thanking them for the help, but saying they didn't ask for it.
Two days later, the cats of ThunderClan lounge in the sun after the battle. Jessy and Millie report that the water has gone down, so they can get into the hollow. Bramblestar goes to see, and starts making plans to rebuild the dens. He bemusedly watches the apprentices show the kittypets around camp, and agrees to let Brackenfur start making work patrols. That night, the leader dreams and Firestar appears, telling him of SkyClan. He reassures the tabby that he did the right thing with badgers, and notes to talk to Sandstorm more about SkyClan if he wants to hear. The leader wakes and talks to her, learning about her and Firestar's journey.
Repairs to the hollow progress rapidly, and Bramblestar is pleased with the work done. He talks with Squirrelflight, who asks if Jessy will stay in ThunderClan permanently. The leader ponders this, wondering what it'd be like if the kittypet stayed and became his mate. Cloudtail and his patrol bring their catch to the hollow, and every cat hungrily eats their share. Bramblestar overhears the Clan's chatter, learning that Dovewing and Bumblestripe aren't mates anymore. At Squirrelflight's suggestion, the leader holds Lilypaw's warrior ceremony. He names her Lilyheart, and after, Sandstorm and Graystripe retire to become elders. Frankie decides to join ThunderClan permanently, and is given the name of Stormpaw with Squirrelflight as a mentor.
A ThunderClan patrol returns Minty home, where she joyously reunites with her Twolegs. They return to camp, and Bramblestar sees Squirrelflight teaching Stormpaw about the warrior code. He goes for a walk with Jessy, and the kittypet says she's leaving, to leave him to find where his heart truly lies. Bramblestar is regretful, saying that she would have made a good warrior. She says she knows, and will go wherever her paws lead her next, whether back to Twolegs or as a loner. They say goodbye and part ways.
Bramblestar wakes the next morning, watching his Clan go about their duties. Squirrelflight asks him who should go to the Gathering, and he names some cats to her. She agrees, and he thanks her for her support in these trying times. They briefly brush muzzles, but the deputy quickly moves away to go inform cats about the Gathering. Later that night, ThunderClan travels to the island, commenting about how much it's been damaged. RiverClan and WindClan arrive, and Onestar suggests that they start since ShadowClan isn't coming.
Cherryfall finds the memorial stick among the island wreckage, and the ThunderClan cats explain it to the other Clans. Mistystar and Onestar recount how they remember their fallen Clanmates, and Rowanstar arrives, adding ShadowClan as well. The clearing fills with the spirits of StarClan cats who had died in the battle. Bramblestar suggests an addition to the warrior code, one that says every Clan won't leave each other to stand along in times of great trouble. The leaders agree, and yowls of enthusiasm break out. Bramblestar thinks that this new law will create a lasting legacy, one that will help many cats for moons to come.
In the manga adventure, Squirrelflight is shown watching Fernpaw, Sorrelpaw and Hollypaw's apprentice ceremony. Bramblestar then gives Stormpaw the warrior name of Stormcloud. After the ceremonies, the leader tells Squirrelflight that Lionblaze's kits will make fine warriors. He asks if she's okay, but the she-cat snaps that she's fine. Squirrelflight thinks that she's never felt like this before, and ThunderClan cannot have a weak deputy. The next morning, Squirrelflight is woken late by Bramblestar, and she apologizes. She goes to where battle training for the new apprentices are underway, watches them train with Bramblestar. After watching them try a move, she tries to demonstrate a trick, but loses her balance and falls. Bramblestar rushes over and asks her if she is alright and if she is hurt, making her visit the medicine den. Squirrelflight tells Leafpool she has been feeling unwell lately, and says that if she were any other she-cat, she'd bet Leafpool would say she should be headed for the nursery soon.
That night, Squirrelflight can't stop thinking about a dream she had a long time ago, in which Yellowfang tells her she will never have kits of her own. The deputy feels sicker than ever. She leaves the camp, and is very scared. The she-cat turns to find Bramblestar, who follows her out. Suddenly, Yellowfang comes down from StarClan and says she lied to Squirrelflight. The medicine cat meows that she thought it was for the best, since she had to take care of Leafpool's kits, and thought it was the only way she could persuade her. Yellowfang leaves, and Bramblestar asks what it was all about. Squirrelflight says it doesn't matter now, and says she isn't ill. He asks what's wrong, and she says nothing, adding that they're going to have kits.


Author statements

  • Vicky has said on her Facebook page that this book takes place six moons after The Last Hope.[7]
  • Due to a mistake at the end (in which Graystripe says that his daughter is Mistystar), Vicky has said that this book will be reprinted.[8]


A compiled list of the errors present in Bramblestar's Storm can be found here.

Publication history

  • Bramblestar's Storm (EN), HarperCollins (hardcover), 26 October 2014[5]
  • Bramblestar's Storm (EN), HarperCollins (e-book), 26 October 2014[5]
  • 棘星的風暴 (TW), Morningstar (paperback), 15 January 2016[9]
  • Brombeersterns Aufstieg (DE), Beltz & Gelberg (hardcover), 18 September 2017, translated by Anja Hansen-Schmidt and Friederike Levin[10]
  • Vatukkatähden myrsky (FI), Art House (hardcover), 25. March 2019[11]

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