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In The Prophecies Begin arc

Forest of Secrets

Bramblekit and his sister, Tawnykit, are born to Goldenflower and Tigerclaw. He looks exactly the same as his father and bears no resemblance to Goldenflower, he has the same dark tabby pelt, the exact shade of amber eyes, broad shoulders, and head. Fireheart does not trust him because of this, and is even a bit afraid of the kit, thinking he'll grow up to be the same murderous, ambitious, bloodthirsty cat like his father is. His mother, Goldenflower, also nurses Graystripe and Silverstream's kits, Featherkit and Stormkit, after their mother's death until a RiverClan patrol takes them to their mother's Clan.

Rising Storm

Fireheart is still afraid that Bramblekit will grow up to be a killer and a traitor, just like his father, but Goldenflower always sticks up for him. They talk and Goldenflower tries to convince him that what their father had done does not live on in these innocent kits. Still, Fireheart is wary about them, especially Bramblekit; mostly because he looks exactly like his father, unlike Tawnykit, who does not share that misfortune. Every time he looks at Bramblekit, he sees his father, Tigerclaw, which scares him because he thinks that Tigerclaw will live on in his son.
Later, when a fire spreads through the ThunderClan camp, Fireheart and Yellowfang realize that Halftail and Patchpelt are missing. While Yellowfang tries to rescue Halftail, Fireheart gone to save Patchpelt and he notices Bramblekit, who is trapped on a flaming tree. Fireheart instantly goes to save him, and as they jump down, the tree trunk splinters and falls across the entrance to the medicine den, where Yellowfang and Halftail are trapped. Fireheart comes back to the camp after the fire, and finds Yellowfang dying, from breathing in too much smoke, and Halftail is burned to death. Afterwards, Fireheart starts to think that saving Tigerstar's son might have cost Yellowfang's life.

A Dangerous Path

Fireheart is still wary about Bramblekit, especially when he plays roughly with Snowkit. Fireheart asks Bramblekit what they are doing, and Bramblekit replies that they are only playing. Fireheart then questions him of why Snowkit is struggling and shrieking, and Bramblekit says that he cannot play properly. Goldenflower tells Bramblekit that whenever someone squeals, you have to let them go, and she also tells him to not be rude to Fireheart, since he is the Clan deputy. Bramblekit apologizes to Fireheart and Snowkit, and tells Snowkit that he can be leader this time when they played. When Cinderpelt comes in and investigates Snowkit, the other kits play with him, though Bramblekit and Tawnykit tell Cinderpelt that he is no fun and plays no good games.
Goldenflower tells Fireheart that everyone, including Fireheart, looks at Bramblekit differently because he looks like Tigerstar. She tells him that they both respect him, especially after he saved Bramblekit from the fire. Bramblekit and Tawnykit both go to the fresh-kill pile and fight about who will give One-eye her fresh-kill.
When Bramblekit catches his first piece of fresh-kill, Goldenflower is very proud, and Bramblekit tells Fireheart that Goldenflower told him he would be a good hunter like his father. Bramblekit asks Fireheart if he can bring the mouse to the elders, and Fireheart said that One-eye would like it, and that she would probably think it was worth a story.
Darkstripe takes Bramblekit and his sister, Tawnykit, to go see Tigerstar, their father, much to Fireheart's anger. Fireheart is seen interrupting the kits' conversation with their father, and sending the kits home.
Bramblekit is apprenticed to Fireheart as Bramblepaw. While touring ThunderClan territory, he is almost hit by a monster. He and his sister are told by Fireheart why their father left ThunderClan. Bramblepaw takes it harder than his sister, which he shows by yelling at Fireheart, saying that this was the reason Fireheart and the others in the Clan did not trust him. Firestar is unable to deny his accusations. Later in the book, Bramblepaw's father leads the pack of dogs to ThunderClan. Tigerstar asks Darkstripe to bring his kits to him while the dog pack destroys ThunderClan, but he is caught in the act by Fireheart.

The Darkest Hour

His mentor, Firestar, is now ThunderClan's leader, after the death of Bluestar. Whitestorm tells Firestar that Bramblepaw is a skillful hunter, and that he had lost count of how much prey he had brought in. Bramblepaw tracks Firestar and encounters him looking across at a Twolegplace. Bramblepaw asks him if he misses the Twoleg nest where he grew up. When Bramblepaw had asked him that question, Firestar replies honestly that sometimes he does, but it is a better life in the forest. As they walk back to camp together, it begins to snow and Bramblepaw plays in it, making Firestar wonder if Tigerstar had ever played like that, and when he had become the traitorous murderer he was at that time.
When Sorrelkit is in the medicine cat den, after being fed deathberries by Darkstripe, Firestar asks Bramblepaw to collect the squirrel he had left, and that he has had a long day, so he could eat and rest. Bramblepaw asks if Sorrelkit will be okay, and Firestar replies that he doesn't know. When the ThunderClan cats go to the Gathering, Whitestorm and Firestar agree that they should keep an eye on Bramblepaw and Tawnypaw in case Tigerstar tries to take them away. Firestar tells Bramblepaw that he is shaping up well during a battle-training session. Firestar even sees ambition like Tigerstar's in his eyes, but realizes that Bramblepaw only has ambition to be the best warrior he could be. To Bramblepaw's sorrow, his sister Tawnypaw leaves ThunderClan for ShadowClan, believing that she can never fit in with ThunderClan, because she is being judged because of the fact that Tigerstar is her father.
Bramblepaw and Firestar are out on a training session when Bramblepaw asks Firestar why it is a bad idea to join TigerClan. Firestar is worried Bramblepaw will get angry after hearing that Tigerstar would take over all Clans, but Bramblepaw understands.
Bramblepaw is offered to join TigerClan by his father. However, he refuses the offer, saying that after all Tigerstar had done, he would rather die than join him, proving his loyalty to Firestar and ThunderClan. Firestar thinks it must be humiliating for Tigerstar to be passed over by his son, in favor of his greatest enemy, in front of all the Clans. Tigerstar sneers at him, saying he will be killed along with the rest of ThunderClan.
Bramblepaw fights with LionClan, led by Firestar, against BloodClan. He and several other apprentices defeat and kill the BloodClan deputy, Bone, after he had killed Whitestorm, then they do the same to a BloodClan cat who tries to stop them. Jaggedtooth attempts to fight Bramblepaw, although the apprentice is soon joined by Tawnypaw, his sister, who helps Bramblepaw fend him off.

In The New Prophecy arc


In StarClan, although unnamed at the time, Brambleclaw is chosen by to go on a long journey to find the new territory to fulfill a prophecy, along with three other chosen cats, Feathertail from RiverClan, Crowpaw from WindClan, and Tawnypelt from ShadowClan, one from each Clan. When Brambleclaw is chosen, Oakheart laughs with surprise at Bluestar's decision. Bluestar asks the other members of StarClan if they think Brambleclaw is a noble young cat. They all agree.
Brambleclaw has a dream that he is hunting, but he is interrupted by Bluestar, who tells him about the prophecy. He does not understand what she means, and tries to catch up to her, but she fades away. He wakes up to Graystripe, who scolds him for waking up the other warriors. Cloudtail says he is like Firestar, always twitching in his sleep.
Before he goes on patrol, Sorrelpaw gets excited about her upcoming warrior ceremony. Brambleclaw and Sorrelpaw have a conversation that leads them into talking about Ferncloud and her newborn kits. Sorrelpaw urges Brambleclaw to go see the kits and he heads towards the nursery. Ferncloud's mate, Dustpelt, is in the nursery with her. He sees Brambleclaw and asks him to watch over his apprentice, Squirrelpaw, while he spends time with Ferncloud. Brambleclaw groans inwardly, thinking Squirrelpaw is the biggest nuisance in ThunderClan.
Brambleclaw also goes on the dawn patrol with Thornclaw and Ashfur to check Snakerocks. Brambleclaw later finds Squirrelpaw following them. At first, Brambleclaw is annoyed and he tells her to go back to her mentor. Ashfur and Thornclaw protest, saying that she will need the practice anyway. Brambleclaw reluctantly agrees. The patrol discovers a badger living at Snakerocks. While Squirrelpaw is getting scolded by Dustpelt, her mentor, the patrol reports the badger to Firestar.
Firestar and Brambleclaw plan to go on a patrol to check on ShadowClan. Brambleclaw makes the suggestion that WindClan are probably more likely to cause trouble, especially since they are short of prey because of the dry weather in their moorland. Squirrelpaw disagrees and the two cats almost fight, but are separated by Firestar. Brambleclaw, Squirrelpaw, and Dustpelt head for the RiverClan border. They discover a WindClan patrol of three cats, Mudclaw, Onewhisker and Crowpaw, on ThunderClan territory, stealing RiverClan prey. Crowpaw attacks Brambleclaw, but Onewhisker stops the apprentice. The WindClan cats leave with the stolen prey.
When Brambleclaw goes out to Fourtrees to meet with the other cats of the prophecy, Squirrelpaw catches him and quietly follows him. At first, she is hostile to Brambleclaw, claiming that he was meeting with Tawnypelt. When Brambleclaw tries to protest, Feathertail and Stormfur show up. Feathertail explains that Stormfur just wanted to keep her safe. They finally tell Squirrelpaw the secret, but only if she will keep quiet about it. She is shown to be quite hostile towards Crowpaw during the Fourtrees gathering. After this, the six cats spend much time together, discussing it.
Brambleclaw has another dream. This time, he is drowning in water. He tries to tilt his head back, but only more water flows in to his mouth. This water seemed to be very salty. When he woke up, all he can taste is the foul taste of salt. He goes to Ravenpaw, who helps him interpret the dream, telling him that the sun-drown-place is real, and that it holds salty water.
While Cinderpelt and Leafpaw are looking for herbs, they see a piece of Twoleg rubbish set on fire. Leafpaw runs away but stops to see that Cinderpelt has not moved. The fire dies away and Cinderpelt tells her that she saw a tiger in the flames, and that it was an omen from StarClan. The two cats tell Firestar what they saw, and Cinderpelt thinks that it means the fire and tiger will destroy the forest. They conclude that Firestar's daughter and Tigerstar's son will destroy the forest. At first, Leafpaw let out a shriek, worried that she will destroy the forest, though Cinderpelt comforts her and says that it will probably be Squirrelpaw, since she has the same pelt color as Firestar. Firestar is angered about this, and tries to keep Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw apart nearly all the time, growling whenever they even look at each other.
Brambleclaw sets out on a quest to find Midnight, along with the three before mentioned cats chosen by StarClan, and two other cats, Squirrelpaw and Stormfur. On the eve of the journey, Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw get away from the camp and head for the Thunderpath. They sleep near the Thunderpath under a monster that is unusually large. The next morning, while traveling to Fourtrees, Leafpaw shows up with traveling herbs. Leafpaw reveals that she knows that they are about to leave on a dangerous journey.
After Leafpaw gives them the traveling herbs, Squirrelpaw hears dogs. There turns out to be more than one and Feathertail and Brambleclaw get lost after being chased by the dogs. After a few panicking moments, they are found by the others. They later find Purdy, who claims he knows the way to the sun-drown place. They follow Purdy along the journey, and he leads them to strange food they had never tasted before. He leads them towards a Twolegplace and there, they catch golden fish after Feathertail teaches them how to. This is when Crowpaw receives his salt-water sign.
He also gives them little pellets that look like rabbit droppings, but most of them ignore this and drink this warm white liquid, which turns out to be milk. Crowpaw is angered and tells him that they were heading the wrong way, since they were supposed to be heading towards the sun, not going to opposite way. This stutters Purdy, and they realize that Purdy never knew the way to the sun-drown place. Still, they need him to lead them out of the Twolegplace, where they are lost. Once he leads them out of the Twolegplace, they find the sun-drown place. Many are shocked about this, thinking that Purdy just wandered around and led them here, though Purdy protests and says he knew the way all along.
Brambleclaw assumes the role of the leader of the six throughout the journey, and the others respect him. When they reach the sun-drown-place, Brambleclaw falls in the salty water, but is rescued by Squirrelpaw. Squirrelpaw says she thought Brambleclaw was dead. Then, as they enter the cave Brambleclaw saw in his dream, they see a badger, who is Midnight. Midnight warns them that danger is coming in the forest, and they are the cats who must warn their Clans and bring them to a new home.


The questing cats start their journey back to the Clans, through the mountains. When Stormfur sees Brambleclaw with Squirrelpaw, he feels a pang of jealousy, although he knows that he cannot be with her since they are in different Clans. Stormfur acts jealous of Brambleclaw because of his close relationship with Squirrelpaw.
Brambleclaw says that they will find food as they go on their trip, and Squirrelpaw calls him a bossy furball, but Tawnypelt agrees with him. When Crowpaw chases after a rabbit, Brambleclaw asks him where he was going, but it was too late, and he asked if Crowpaw ever listened. Once Crowpaw brings the rabbit back, Brambleclaw apologizes to Crowpaw, saying that he had forgotten how fast WindClan cats were and that the moor they were on must have felt like home to him.
Brambleclaw welcomes Purdy when come across again. Afterwards, Brambleclaw said that they should all split up to hunt, and then meet back at the camp. When he asks Tawnypelt if she wanted to go straight to camp, she told him that she can hunt as well as any of them. When the foxes arrive at their camp, Brambleclaw tries to shield Squirrelpaw from the foxes, but she manages to squeeze out from underneath him. Midnight talks to the foxes in a mix of barks and growls. The foxes tell Midnight if the cats are still there by sunset, they'll attack. Midnight tells the traveling cats to go through the mountains. Purdy protests and tries to tell them it's dangerous, but Midnight cuts him off. Brambleclaw thanks Midnight and they decide to go through the mountains.
When the cats find a narrow ledge, Brambleclaw thinks that it's safe to cross, and he asks for Stormfur's opinion. Stormfur agrees, and Brambleclaw tells him to bring up the rear, since they do not know what could be lurking out there.
During the mountains, they find the Tribe of Rushing Water. Brambleclaw agrees to go with the Tribe, as they were in no position to argue. They come to a cave and the Clan cats enter, feeling suspicious. They are being well-fed by the tribe of cats, but Brambleclaw is still wary. When Stoneteller is ready to read a new prophecy, Brambleclaw is protesting, saying that Stormfur is with them, and that he does not belong to the Tribe. Stormfur is captured, and the group of cats are allowed two more days until they are forced to leave without Stormfur.
When Stormfur is trapped by the Tribe of Rushing Water, Brambleclaw helps come up with Stormfur's plan to defeat Sharptooth and escape from the Tribe. Brambleclaw tries to stop Squirrelpaw from attacking Sharptooth, but she ignores him and to his relief, she succeeds. When Feathertail dies while rescuing Crowpaw, Brambleclaw comforts Squirrelpaw as he feels her death just as the other cats on the journey, all of which had becomes close to her.


Brambleclaw and the other questing cats return to the forest to tell the Clans they must find a new home, and see that the destruction had already begun. He, Stormfur, and Squirrelpaw leave the other cats to travel to ThunderClan territory. Squirrelpaw is attacked by Cinderpelt, who does not realize who she is yet, thinking she is trying to steal her herbs. Cinderpelt recognizes Squirrelpaw, and the three cats explain to Cinderpelt about the journey and prophecy. It is mentioned that he, Squirrelpaw, Crowpaw, Tawnypelt, and Stormfur were lean cats, due to the journey.
Cinderpelt tells them that Larchkit and Dappletail are dead, and ThunderClan had to evacuate to Sunningrocks due to the Twoleg invasion. Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw see how bad the damage is. The trees are torn down, the Twolegs had poisoned and scared away most of the prey, and their dens are being destroyed.
After Stormfur returns to RiverClan, Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw explain to Firestar and the senior warriors of why they had left the Clans. Squirrelpaw asks Brambleclaw to go with her and find Leafpaw. He refuses, saying that they needed to wait. Sorreltail overhears them, and tells Squirrelpaw that she would be willing to go. Once they reach the area where Leafpaw and the others are, Squirrelpaw and Sorreltail are almost caught by Twolegs. They meet Graystripe's patrol at Snakerocks, who is with Thornclaw and Rainwhisker. Brambleclaw joins them, saying he had been looking for Squirrelpaw.
While he is on patrol with Firestar, Ashfur and Squirrelpaw, they meet Hawkfrost, and his mother Sasha by the RiverClan border and they chase her out of ThunderClan.
When the four Clans reach Highstones, he, Squirrelpaw, Crowpaw, Tawnypelt, and Stormfur discuss whether they should continue leading the Clans to sun-drown place. Tawnypelt arrives and asks for their help to save ShadowClan, as their camp was being destroyed. Brambleclaw is sent to RiverClan to ask Leopardstar to help them. Along the way, Crowpaw temporarily loses his mind, not caring that he was nearly killed by a Twoleg monster.
Leafpaw gets caught by a dog and is rescued by Hawkfrost. Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw arrive and succeed in driving the dog off.
The Clans agree to set out on the journey to the Lake, and Brambleclaw helps the cats make their way through the mountains. When Stormfur leaves to the Tribe, Brambleclaw feels jealous that Squirrelpaw loves Stormfur more than him. He confronts Squirrelpaw about this, and she reveals that her heart will always be with Brambleclaw.
Firestar announces that Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw did not destroy the Clan, but they had saved it.


Brambleclaw is one of the cats to explore the new territory, along with Mistyfoot, Squirrelflight, Crowfeather, and Tawnypelt after Squirrelflight's warrior ceremony. There was some conflict as to who was the leader of this group of cats, due to the fact that Mistyfoot was a deputy and Brambleclaw was just a young warrior, but Mistyfoot agrees to follow his leadership anyway. The five cats start to argue over territory, but Brambleclaw breaks it up.
He is also confronted with a huge wave of homesickness, which Squirrelflight kindly understands. His physical affection toward her grows even more. When Squirrelflight scents catmint, she leads Brambleclaw to the area, where two ferocious, well-fed, and muscular kittypets attack them. They are struggling until Mistyfoot, Tawnypelt, and Crowfeather arrive.
When Squirrelflight accidentally falls into a hollow which turns out to be the future ThunderClan camp, Brambleclaw has to come down with her and explore the territory, finally telling her that he could not have done this without her. He also realizes that he brought everything that is truly important to him from the old forest, which is Squirrelflight. They return to camp and Brambleclaw explains the territory to the Clan.
Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw start arguing over Hawkfrost, since he is shown to be having an interest in his half-brother.
His father, Tigerstar, now in the Place of No Stars, starts to visit him and his half-brother, Hawkfrost, in dreams, training them in the ways of power. He teaches them battle moves and how to gain power in the lake, even proposing the idea of merging two Clans.
Brambleclaw is one of the three cats to hear Tallstar proclaim Onewhisker deputy of WindClan. He helps WindClan when their former deputy, Mudclaw, attempts to take over.
Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight lead the rest of ThunderClan to the stone hollow. The Clan complains about the camp, leaving Brambleclaw to become unsure if it is the right spot. His mother, Goldenflower, comforts him.
He is on patrol with Brackenfur, Rainwhisker, Dustpelt, Whitepaw and Spiderpaw. They scent a stale fox-scent. When Brambleclaw accidentally walks into the ShadowClan border, Rowanclaw accuses him, but Brambleclaw protests and says that he can barely scent the border. More ShadowClan warriors arrive, including Tawnypelt. A border fight nearly starts, but Firestar arrives and breaks up the fight. He then later asks Brambleclaw to return to camp and make nests, which leaves Brambleclaw to wonder if that is a punishment, or just to settle into their territory.
Brambleclaw avoids telling Squirrelflight about his dreams meeting with Tigerstar. She can tell he is keeping secrets from her and she refuses to speak to him. On the way to the Gathering, the Clan cats meet Smoky and Daisy, two cats who live at the Horseplace. They reassure them that they will not fight them if they stay to their territory. Brambleclaw greets Tawnypelt. He then finds Hawkfrost, who reveals that he thinks that Onewhisker is unfit to lead WindClan, and that Mudclaw agrees. He believes that Brambleclaw deserves to be deputy of ThunderClan. Squirrelflight spots him talking with his half-brother and she is angered once again, so she sits with Ashfur during the Gathering.
Brambleclaw asks Squirrelflight to hunt with him, but she refuses, since she is already going hunting with Ashfur and Spiderleg instead. Firestar tells Brambleclaw to rest, but he is reluctant to do so. When he is about to settle into his nest, he offers to go with Sandstorm and Cinderpelt to take the news of the new Moonstone to Littlecloud and Mothwing.
Brambleclaw is leading a patrol along the ShadowClan border when they spot Mistyfoot heading toward them through ShadowClan territory. Mistyfoot requests to see Firestar, with urgent news. Brambleclaw leads her to camp, knowing that Mistyfoot won't make a fuss over nothing. Firestar gathers Sandstorm, Brambleclaw, Dustpelt, and Brackenfur to hear Mistyfoot's news. Mistyfoot tells of how she is convinced Hawkfrost and Mudclaw are involved in a plot to overthrow Onewhisker's leadership, with cats of RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan. Brackenfur deduces that they will have to attack that night, since Onewhisker could receive his nine lives now. Firestar calls a Clan meeting, announcing they will take a patrol to WindClan to make sure nothing happens. As they leave, Brambleclaw is surprised to see pity instead of triumph in Squirrelflight's eyes, due to the fact that Hawkfrost had turned out to be bad.
He realizes that he'd choose Squirrelflight over any cat, even Hawkfrost, and that she is the only one that he wants, but his attempts to apologize fail.
He gets in a battle with Mudclaw. As Mudclaw gains lead and is about to kill him, his brother, Hawkfrost, appears and throws him off Brambleclaw. Brambleclaw wonders why he did that, though Hawkfrost only said that he believed Mudclaw was the rightful leader for WindClan, but Brambleclaw was his brother.
Brambleclaw thanks him for saving his life. When he approaches Squirrelflight, she ignores him, angry that he was speaking to Hawkfrost.


Brambleclaw is the lead of the patrol that makes sure that Onewhisker receives his nine lives and names safely, along with Squirrelflight, Ashfur and Rainwhisker.
Brambleclaw continues to be visited by Tigerstar in his dreams. Tigerstar offers him training and advice to become the best warrior he can be. He and Squirrelflight argue as his friendship with Hawkfrost grows, and she starts to spend more time with Ashfur.
When Squirrelflight and Ashfur are supposed to be collecting moss, he spots them having a moss fight. This angers Squirrelflight and she stomps into the forest where she is attacked by a fox. Ashfur tries to help her, but in the end, Brambleclaw is the one who had saved them both.
When Squirrelflight accidentally crosses the ShadowClan border, Brambleclaw tells her off. Squirrelflight says that Ashfur is the only cat she can trust with her life, thus upsetting Brambleclaw.
When Daisy and her kits are brought to ThunderClan, he does not think that they should be allowed to stay, since they're kittypets, but Cloudtail and Squirrelflight defend them and they stay. He also is upset when Ashfur becomes Birchpaw's mentor, possibly because he wants to have an apprentice so he can become deputy quicker.
When Leafpool dreams of the Place of No Stars, she spots Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost, and another tabby that looks just like Brambleclaw, which is later revealed to be Tigerstar. She watches as Tigerstar trains and fights his two sons.
Brambleclaw gathers a patrol and heads for the ShadowClan border, where they head towards the Twoleg place. During this time, he devises a plan to frighten the kittypets. The patrol ends up scaring the kittypets away, and ShadowClan thanks them kindly. After this, Squirrelflight seems to be acting friendly towards Brambleclaw again, though he acts coldly towards her.
Brambleclaw helps Squirrelfight look for her sister, Leafpool, after the pair find out that the medicine cat has gone missing. The friendship the duo used to have is quickly rekindled, and Squirrelflight finds herself wondering just what Brambleclaw means to her. Squirrelflight realizes that she wouldn't leave her Clan and kin for Ashfur, unlike her sister, who left for Crowfeather. However, when she asks herself if she would do it for Brambleclaw, she finds herself unable to answer the question.
When badgers start to raid the camp, Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw bring the kits away from camp. He stays fighting alongside Squirrelflight, promising to watch her back, for the rest of the battle.


After the badger attack, Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw admit their love for each other, much to Ashfur's dismay, and are confirmed as mates. Later Squirrelflight is told of a dream from Leafpool, in which Leafpool sees a vision of two starry paw-prints together, so close that they couldn't tell the different paw-prints of the two cats. Those two cats are revealed to be Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw, meaning that nothing can separate the two cats. Squirrelflight is excited about this and she goes to Ashfur to tell him that she does not have feelings for him, and that she only wants to be friends, but Ashfur rejects this offer, as he is heartbroken.
When ShadowClan moves the border, taking more territory for themselves, a border fight ensues, and ThunderClan manages to move the border back. Brambleclaw assumes Leafpool told Littlecloud of ShadowClan about their weakness at a medicine cat meeting, but it is later revealed that Hawkfrost told them about it. He feels bad for accusing the medicine cat, but he can't apologize to her for fear of revealing his training in the Dark Forest with his father and brother.
He overhears Birchpaw asking Ashfur to train, but the gray warrior has reopened his wound on a rock, so Brambleclaw offers to take him on patrol. Ashfur is about to refuse when Firestar steps in and agrees. Brambleclaw takes Sandstorm and Thornclaw as well, and they go towards ShadowClan. They find out that ShadowClan has set their markers inside ThunderClan territory. Brambleclaw sends Birchpaw back to camp to get help and the three warriors challenge the ShadowClan cats. They emerge into a battle, fighting with Russetfur, Oakfur, Cedarheart, and Rowanclaw. They are losing gain in the battle when Birchpaw brings help with a new patrol that consists of Firestar, Squirrelflight, Dustpelt, Spiderleg, and Rainwhisker. Together, they chase ShadowClan off.
Back at camp, Brambleclaw accuses Leafpool of betraying ThunderClan in telling Littlecloud of the terrible badger attack, and therefore, revealing ThunderClan's weakness. He is rebuked by Squirrelflight for calling her disloyal and immediately apologizes, but mutters as saying.
Brambleclaw later urges Firestar to admit that Graystripe would not be coming back, and to choose a new deputy, which Firestar very reluctantly agrees to do. When Leafpool is given a sign from StarClan that Brambleclaw should be the new deputy, Firestar agrees and gives Brambleclaw the position, much to Brambleclaw's surprise. Ashfur challenges Leafpool, accusing her of making a false sign because Brambleclaw is her sister's mate. Squirrelflight becomes very angry at this, and almost attacks him, but is stopped by Brambleclaw. Firestar then tells the clan that Brambleclaw will be mentor to Berrykit when he is old enough, much to Brambleclaw's liking.
After becoming deputy, Brambleclaw continues to meet with Tigerstar and Hawkfrost in his dreams. Hawkfrost arranges a trap, and after hesitating, Brambleclaw makes a decision: he will not kill Firestar for power. He attempts to dig the stick out of the ground to loosen the fox trap, but Hawkfrost attacks and is eventually killed by Brambleclaw—fulfilling a prophecy given to Leafpool: Before there is peace, blood will spill blood, and the lake will run red—using the sharp end of the fox trap stick, and Brambleclaw proved his loyalty once again. He realizes that listening to Tigerstar was wrong, and he stops visiting him in his dreams.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

During the beginning of the book, Thornclaw explains how a female fox was killed in a fox trap near the Sky Oak. They conclude that the fox has had cubs, and decide to find and either kill the cubs or drive them out. Brambleclaw sends out patrols to search for the den, and he also leaves behind some warriors to guard the camp.
Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight have three kits, Jaykit, Hollykit and Lionkit. He still mentors his apprentice, Berrypaw. He is seen as a good deputy, but still frets over Hawkfrost's revelation of a cat who wishes to betray him. When Jaykit asks if he can help guard the camp, Brambleclaw tells Jaykit that he will not be able to become a warrior, due to his blindness, but Hollykit and Lionkit, his siblings, stand up for Jaykit.
When Graystripe returns, Brambleclaw is happy to see him, but at the same time, worried over losing his position as the deputy. After a gathering, Hollypaw, Lionpaw, and Mousepaw fight whether Brambleclaw should remain deputy, or not. Hollypaw points out that Graystripe was the deputy first and should become the deputy again, according to the Warrior Code.
When a patrol returns, Ashfur reports that ShadowClan marked every tree along the border. Several cats suggest that ShadowClan is up to something, and the warriors argue whether they should ignore, or confront them. Brambleclaw sends out a patrol to place scent marks on the border. After he does so, Firestar asks Leafpool to share tongues with StarClan, to find out who is ThunderClan's rightful deputy.
Brambleclaw takes his patrol to check out the ShadowClan border once again, and they are attacked by a large ShadowClan patrol. The ShadowClan cats taunt them, saying that ThunderClan is not a real Clan anymore, just a full group of kittypets. The two Clans prepare for a battle. When more cats arrive, ThunderClan wins the battle. Brambleclaw and Ashfur remark the border while the rest of the Clan return to camp.
Firestar decides to keep Brambleclaw deputy, mostly due to Leafpool's dream, where she sees brambles with claws protecting the camp, although this would be breaking the warrior code considering Graystripe was not dead. Only a few cats were happy about this, most of them being disappointed or surprised. He is also seen being proud of his daughter, Hollypaw, for winning the fighting contest at the Daylight Gathering.

Dark River

He is worried when Lionpaw hurts Hollypaw in battle training that day, and the way he acts toward his mentor, Ashfur, so he took Lionpaw out hunting. He is suspicious when Lionpaw performs a move where he uses his claw to snag the opponent as he dashes under and by them, because Brambleclaw recognizes it as one of Tigerstar's signature battle moves. He ignores it and tells him that he felt the same way, always having to prove his loyalty even more just because he was Tigerstar's son, when he shouldn't even have to.
When Hollypaw goes missing, he joins the Clan along with Squirrelflight. He asks whether they knew for sure that Hollypaw was captured by WindClan, after Brightheart suggests that. After no one replies, he tells them not to assume the worst.
After the fight with WindClan, Brambleclaw meets the returning patrol and asks if they had driven the WindClan cats away. Stormfur replies that it was easy. When Squirrelflight comes and asks if Lionpaw was hurt, he tells her that he fought like a warrior.
When Leafpool and Jaypaw are sent to WindClan to speak with Onestar, Brambleclaw, along with Dustpelt, accompany them to the border. When Dustpelt asks if they were going to sit and wait for a WindClan patrol to ask if they needed help, Brambleclaw growls that that was what they were going to do.
When WindClan decides to attack RiverClan, and ThunderClan is preparing for an attack, Brambleclaw tells Lionpaw to get something to eat and help with the preparations. When Lionpaw replies that he isn't hungry, Brambleclaw asks if he was scared. He tells Lionpaw about when he used to be afraid of seeing his Clanmates wounded. He says that defending the Clan is part of the warrior code and says that Lionpaw has the makings of a great warrior.


During his apprentice, Berrynose's, warrior ceremony, Brambleclaw hisses in annoyance because his former apprentice spoke out during the ceremony.
Stormfur is easily annoyed with Berrynose acting as if he is Clan leader, saying that he was only appointed a warrior a few sunrises ago. Brambleclaw calms him, and reminds him of the journey to the sun-drown place.
Later that day, he goes on a hunting patrol with Hollypaw, Sandstorm, and Honeypaw. Near the WindClan border, they pick up the scent of the Tribe cats and when scenting them, his eyes were troubled. Hollypaw and Honeypaw run back to camp to warn Firestar. They pick up the scent again at camp.
Brambleclaw volunteers to go to the Tribe of Rushing Water once more with Firestar's permission. He is followed by Crowfeather, Stormfur, Brook, Tawnypelt, Squirrelflight, Breezepaw, Lionpaw, Hollypaw, and Jaypaw. Brambleclaw takes Lionpaw to the ShadowClan border to see Tawnypelt, to convince her to come along, since she was one of the six cats who had traveled to the sun-drown place. The group of cats meets Purdy again along the way and Brambleclaw allows him to join the journey.
Brambleclaw approaches Hollypaw, Lionpaw, and Breezepaw and tells them that they will be in charge of training the to-bes. Later, Lionpaw goes with Brambleclaw to explore the Tribe's territory and begin setting up borders to keep out the rogues. The cats begin to find possible markings for the border. They find three intruders just ahead of them. Brambleclaw tells them that they are marking a border, but the intruders disagree and are hostile towards them.
Brambleclaw stops Crag and the others from battling and leads them away. Before they make it back to the cave, Brambleclaw scents the intruders on the Tribe's territory. He leads them over to the intruders, yowling fiercely. The startled intruders run off, hissing threats. The Tribe cats are astonished and disappointed to hear about what happened, but Brambleclaw reassures them that the only thing left to do is to fight them and defeat them once and for all. Stoneteller refuses, but then decides that the Tribe will choose what they want to do. Brambleclaw gathers the cats willing to fight together. He tells them they will strike tonight under the full moon. It was noted that Brambleclaw has a lot of respect for Crag.
He works hard to bring together the panicked Tribe, and is seen as a sort of a leader while he was there. He leads most of the patrols, and proudly leads the Tribe into battle.


Brambleclaw, Hollypaw, Sandstorm and Brackenfur go to find out why WindClan were stealing food from ThunderClan territory. They meet Harespring, Owlwhisker and Ashfoot, the WindClan deputy. Harespring attacks Brambleclaw, but with one swipe, Brambleclaw pins him to the ground. Ashfoot begs Brambleclaw to let him go back to their own territory, saying that Onestar had nothing to say to them. Later on, Brambleclaw leads a patrol to cover one of the three patrols of WindClan. During the battle, he tells Hollypaw to go and ask for help from ShadowClan, because they were horribly outnumbered.
Brambleclaw's mate, Squirrelflight, gets a deep wound on her belly in a battle, and Brambleclaw is terrified that he will lose her, telling her to sleep well because she is his love, and fortunately, she lives. Later in the book, two of Brambleclaw's kits, Hollypaw and Lionpaw, receive their warrior names, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf, along with Cinderheart.

Long Shadows

His sister, Tawnypelt, seeks shelter from ThunderClan along with her kits, Flamepaw, Tigerpaw, and Dawnpaw, due to the fact that Sol has made ShadowClan turn against the warrior code, much to Tawnypelt's annoyance.
When Firestar catches greencough, Brambleclaw is pressured with organizing all patrols, which is a challenge with many cats unable to patrol due to the deadly sickness. He accidentally schedules Ashfur for two patrols, to Ashfur's annoyance. His son gets his medicine cat name, Jayfeather. When Jayfeather tells him the news, he did not take any notice.
When Squirrelflight, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf are trapped in the camp due to the fire, Ashfur comes to kill the three, saying it will show Squirrelflight how much pain she caused him by choosing Brambleclaw over him. Squirrelflight reveals her dark secret that she isn't the mother of Lionblaze, Jayfeather and Hollyleaf, and that no one but her knows it. Even Brambleclaw fell into believing that they were his kits, but he still doesn't know yet.


Brambleclaw leads a patrol to the sun-drown-place to find Sol, whom is the suspected murderer of Ashfur, who was slaughtered in the previous book. His patrol consists of Birchfall, Brackenfur, Hazeltail, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze. He helps Hollyleaf free her tongue after getting it stuck to a puddle of ice, commenting that she was just like her "mother," always getting stuck in something, which makes Hollyleaf flinch, knowing that's not true. He shows the younger warriors how to cross a Thunderpath as they have never witnessed one before. He takes the patrol to Midnight's den only to find she isn't there. The water begins to rise, causing the cats to rush out, but Birchfall falls into the water.
Brambleclaw and Brackenfur rescue the younger warrior while the others send a branch towards the group to help bring them back to land with the help of Lionblaze's branch. The group later enters a Twolegplace where Brambleclaw looks uncomfortable. The patrol runs into a cat who is terrified of them and runs away. They race after him and are confronted by a pack of dogs, and become trapped in an alley. They are then rescued by a loner named Jingo and are taken to a refuge where she and a group of loners live. They learn of the trouble that Sol caused the cats and hear that he is now living with Purdy.
Brambleclaw calls Jingo "Jingostar" after she leaves, as she has taken leader role in her group of cats. They find Purdy and Sol, and tell that they must take Sol back to ThunderClan. While they are leaving, Brambleclaw offers Purdy a place in ThunderClan, and he joins them after much persuasion. Brambleclaw admires Hollyleaf's work at taking care of Purdy on the journey back.
Later at a Gathering, Hollyleaf reveals that Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight aren't their real parents. Brambleclaw asks who the real parents are but Squirrelflight says she has kept the truth hidden all this time and will not reveal it now but tells Hollyleaf to reveal the truth. Hollyleaf announces that Leafpool and Crowfeather are their parents. Brambleclaw is shocked and upset that Squirrelflight didn't tell him this, thinking she didn't trust him enough to keep the secret, and leaves the Gathering bitterly.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Brambleclaw still refuses to forgive Squirrelflight for lying to him, and they are no longer mates. He scolds her at a Gathering when she yowls at Leopardstar, even though he agrees with her comment. Brambleclaw never punishes her for what she had done, but he makes sure that they don't talk to each other. At Firestar's orders, he agrees to tell the patrols not to attack any RiverClan warriors that patrol around the lake.
When Rainstorm, a RiverClan warrior, comes to ThunderClan camp to rest after getting stuck in the mud, Brambleclaw announces that he will keep watch on him and questions Firestar on if they should keep Rainstorm as a prisoner. Towards the end of the day, Brambleclaw gathers a few cats to make up a patrol that will escort Rainstorm home. When they reach RiverClan, he speaks with Mistyfoot, telling her what happened. He requests to speak to Leopardstar, but Mistyfoot refuses to get her leader, as she was still very sick. Brambleclaw only curtly nods and leaves.
Brambleclaw later escorts Lionblaze and Dovepaw to ShadowClan territory to meet up with the other Clans so they could investigate what was happening to the water. As soon as he returns to camp, he reports to Firestar that all of the cats left, and sounds confident that the traveling cats will learn how to work together. After the cats have returned, he listens along with Firestar about what happened at the stream with the beavers.

Fading Echoes

In the beginning of the book, he is seen assigning Dovepaw, Lionblaze, Ivypaw, and Cinderheart on a patrol with him. Ivypaw and Dovepaw start to play and get very far away from the others. Brambleclaw scolds them but is amused at the same time.
Before going to a Gathering, Brambleclaw reprimands Squirrelflight like she was an apprentice, and Dovepaw wondered if he would ever forgive his former mate and her sister, Leafpool.
Jayfeather, Brambleclaw and Firestar go to ShadowClan territory to talk with Blackstar about the territory ThunderClan handed over moons ago. Blackstar refuses to hand the territory back, and Firestar states that there will be a battle if the territory is not returned to them.

Night Whispers

Brambleclaw is first seen coming out of the battle with bloody shoulders. After the battle, he confronts Blackstar, growling if Blackstar wants to concede or if they should fight for the territory again. Blackstar returns an angry glare, and replies that the territory isn't worth all the blood that was shed today. Later, when Firestar reminds the Clan of Russetfur's death, Brambleclaw adds that Lionblaze should have been more careful.
Brambleclaw leads the lake patrol with Squirrelflight. Squirrelflight flashes an uncertain look, though she drops her gaze when he returns it with narrowed eyes. After a fox invades ThunderClan camp, Brambleclaw asks if everyone is okay, even though the attack was quickly won. He orders Berrynose, Birchfall, and Foxleap to start repairing the barrier. He also tells Graystripe to find Firestar's patrol and tell him what had happened.
Firestar orders Brambleclaw to lead a patrol, to make sure that the fox has definitely left ThunderClan territory, but has not crossed any other Clans' borders. Firestar later asks if Brambleclaw is back from the RiverClan patrol. When they arrive, Sandstorm quickly announces it. Firestar asks Brambleclaw if the markers are set in yet, and Brambleclaw replies that theirs were. Dustpelt cuts in, saying that ShadowClan has not set in theirs yet.
He is spotted by Squirrelflight when she is out hunting alone; sulking and not seeming to catch anything. Brambleclaw stops and looks at her. His eyes do not give anything in particular and are completely blank. Brambleclaw is seen looking grief-stricken when Firestar announces Flametail's death, because Flametail was his sister's son.

Sign of the Moon

Brambleclaw is seen assigning patrols. He gets annoyed at Bumblestripe and Ivypool for trying to switch from a hunting patrol to a border patrol because Bumblestripe had nothing but hunting patrols the day before.
Before they leave for their journey, Brambleclaw asks why Dovewing and Squirrelflight haven't joined their patrols. When Squirrelflight asks him if he wants her to say hello to anyone in the tribe, hoping to see if he would say anything to prove that he still loved her, he responds indifferently, leaving Squirrelflight upset.

The Forgotten Warrior

Brambleclaw organizes the patrols and orders Dovewing and Ivypool on one when Whitewing interferes. Brambleclaw wants to protest, but the white she-cat insists.
His adopted daughter, Hollyleaf, is found and returned to ThunderClan. At first, the Clan rejoices, but then accusations are thrown at her when she is put on a patrol. She is linked to Ashfur's death, but when she is about to confess to the crime, Brambleclaw sticks up for her. She tries to stop him, but Brambleclaw said that he was there when it happened but she could not see him. He says that Ashfur was going to harm the she-cat in order to hurt Squirrelflight when Hollyleaf defended herself and he fell in the water. It is noted that he risked a lot lying about what she did, but he still feels strongly for her and would do anything for the cat he once thought was his daughter.

The Last Hope

When Firestar is talking with Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Dovewing about the battle that will soon happen, Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight, and Leafpool overhear. Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf explain the prophecy about the kin of Firestar's kin. Brambleclaw is shocked and asks his former mate bitterly if she knew and if this was why she never told him they weren't his kits. He and Squirrelflight start to quarrel. Lionblaze breaks in saying he was proud to be Brambleclaw's son. Brambleclaw replies that he couldn't have asked for better kits than Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf. After this, Lionblaze notes that the anger between Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight finally began to lessen.
As ThunderClan prepares for the battle against the Dark Forest, Brambleclaw suggests that Spiderleg help train the elders, as he's known them longest. Brambleclaw encourages the Clan to fight like rogues if they have to in order to protect their Clan. He divides the Clan into training patrols. When Molepaw complains about RiverClan warriors in their camp and having to be a messenger, Brambleclaw tells him that they should fight beside the other Clans and Molepaw will serve his Clan best as a runner.
Right before the battle, Brambleclaw sends three cats to each of the other Clans and tells them to fight as if the other cats are their own Clanmates. He chooses his patrol to defend the camp, turning first to Squirrelfight and asking if she will fight alongside him.
When Hawkfrost antagonizes Ivypool, Brambleclaw fights with Hawkfrost and kills him for a second time after discovering that it had been Hawkfrost that had killed Hollyleaf.
After Firestar dies, Brambleclaw tells Sandstorm that he didn't waste his final life and comments that Firestar had been a good mentor to him. Bluestar also tells Brambleclaw that if he has half the courage and loyalty of Firestar, he will make a fine leader. Brambleclaw becomes Bramblestar and he appoints Squirrelflight as his deputy, saying that everything she did was for the best of reasons and he understood that now.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

Bramblestar is seen at his kits apprentice ceremony. He then makes Alderkit and Sparkkit into apprentices. When they get back from their first hunting lesson, he asks them what they caught. He then pulls Alderpaw aside to talk to. Bramblestar tells his son about his own apprentice days, and how it took Firestar a while to trust him. He also shares a story of how he wanted to impress his mentor and ended up crashing into a tree, while Firestar had to keep himself from laughing. At the Gathering, he announces the making of two new apprentices, Alderpaw and Sparkpaw, to Cherryfall and Molewhisker, respectively. Sometime after the Gathering, he calls Alderpaw over and tells him it is his destiny to be a medicine cat apprentice.
Alderpaw gapes, and tells Bramblestar he thought he wouldn't be taken away from Molewhisker. Bramblestar says that Leafpool and Jayfeather both had a vision about Alderpaw's destiny. Alderpaw, horrified, begs Bramblestar to reconsider. Leafpool calms him, telling him this is no punishment and that she and Jayfeather had asked Bramblestar to do this. Alderpaw asks if there is anything he could do to change their minds, but Bramblestar says it is the will of StarClan. Alderpaw promises to make him and Squirrelflight proud. When Alderpaw has a vision of SkyClan, he, Leafpool, and Jayfeather go to tell Bramblestar. The ThunderClan leader states that this is a quest for Alderpaw, and he must leave the Clan. Alderpaw is shocked and asks why. Bramblestar tells the story of SkyClan, how the four other Clans drove them out, and Firestar and Sandstorm's quest to rebuild the lost Clan. Alderpaw eventually agrees to go on the quest, but is still shocked. Sandstorm argues with Bramblestar to go on the quest, but he firmly says no. Squirrelflight reports to Bramblestar that the hunting patrols are out, and who will accompany Alderpaw on his journey. Sandstorm says she is going, and Bramblestar reluctantly allows her to go. He calls a Clan meeting, and informs ThunderClan about Alderpaw's quest. He then says Sandstorm is going with Alderpaw, to the astonishment of Graystripe and Millie. Bramblestar says that Sparkpaw, Molewhisker and Cherryfall will travel with Alderpaw on his quest as well.
Later, when Alderpaw returns to ThunderClan after the failed quest, he tells Bramblestar everything that happened. He asks if they'll do anything about the rogues, but Bramblestar says no. Squirrelflight joins in on the conversation about Twigkit and Violetkit, and Bramblestar thinks they should keep them. At the Gathering, Rowanstar immediately launches into a debate with a shocked Bramblestar about Twigkit and Violetkit. Bramblestar explains he sent cats on a quest to find what the prophecy meant, and found two kits in a dark tunnel. Rowanstar tells Bramblestar that Needlepaw joined Alderpaw on the quest, and the ThunderClan leader asks why she was there in the first place. Bramblestar asks if it's normal for ShadowClan apprentices to wander off on their own. Rowanstar snaps it is none of Bramblestar's business. Mistystar interrupts, and asks Bramblestar to give more details about the quest, as she and Onestar had never heard of it.
Bramblestar explains a detailed account of the quest once more, with the leaders listening. Onestar snarls that they'll never convince him the kits are what you find in the shadows. Rowanstar disagrees, saying that StarClan guided the cats to the kits and that's all they need to know. Bramblestar argues, saying that it's the Clans's responsibility to care for them until they are old enough to think for themselves. Rowanstar bares his teeth and says the kits will be raised in ShadowClan, where Needlepaw can take care of them. Bramblestar points out that they're happy and safe now, and it would be cruel to separate them. Onestar says that Bramblestar just wants the kits to himself. Mistystar agrees, telling Bramblestar that the prophecy is a matter for all the Clans, and he has no right to keep the kits. Bramblestar states that ShadowClan has rights to at least one kit. Sparkpaw whispers to Alderpaw that Bramblestar wouldn't let this happen, and Alderpaw thinks despairingly with the Clan leaders against Bramblestar, he wouldn't have much of a choice.
Mistystar declares the Gathering to an end, and Bramblestar leaps down to join Alderpaw. Alderpaw confronts his father, and tells him he can't do this. Bramblestar says he has no choice, and tells Rowanstar to choose a kit.
In the Bonus Scene, Squirrelflight awakes late in Bramblestar's den. She realizes the patrols were organized and were long gone. She knows she is expecting Bramblestar's kits, and was overjoyed when she found out. Squirrelflight leaves Bramblestar's den to check on the patrols. She walks towards the fresh-kill pile, where Cherryfall, Snowbush and Berrynose convince her to eat a vole. Later, Squirrelflight rams into Jayfeather, protecting him from a sheet of falling snow. The blind medicine cat tells Squirrelflight he can save himself, which reminds her of caring for him and his siblings with Bramblestar, then Brambleclaw.
Squirrelflight goes on a hunting patrol with Bramblestar, and the dark brown tabby says that she's been behaving odd recently. Squirrelflight states that she's scared of not being a good mother, and asks if she did well with Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf. Bramblestar goes dead silent, and Squirrelflight remembers how furious he was when he found out that they were not his kits. Bramblestar calls her a stupid furball, and tells her she raised the three with a good heart, and they turned into amazing cats. He tells her that no other she-cat can be a better mother, and he'll always be with her.
When Squirrelflight chases a mouse and runs into a fox, Bramblestar comes to aid his mate and deputy. He is pinned down, but Squirrelflight defeats the fox and it retreats. Bramblestar thanks Squirrelflight for saving his life, and confesses he thought he would lose her and the kits. Squirrelflight tells him that she wouldn't let the fox hurt him, not when she could fight alongside him. The duo twine their tails, and Squirrelflight thinks they are so much stronger together, and they'll make sure their kits will be safe. Bramblestar and Squirrelflight head back to the camp, where Squirrelflight feels grateful and proud about being a mother.

Thunder and Shadow

Alderpaw is sorting herbs when Graystripe pokes his head in the medicine den. The elder says the medicine cats are needed in Bramblestar's den, as Rowanstar is there. In Bramblestar's den, the ShadowClan leader says Littlecloud, ShadowClan's medicine cat, is dying with no apprentice to take over. Bramblestar sends Leafpool to ShadowClan to fill in for Littlecloud. Bramblestar holds Alderpaw back from assisting Leafpool and Jayfeather, and tells Rowanstar to go as his Clan needs him. Bramblestar then walks out of his den with his chin high, and informs Alderpaw he's sending Lionblaze, Cinderheart and Squirrelflight to look for SkyClan. Alderpaw is surprised, and Bramblestar says that most of the Clan doesn't know. He sends Alderpaw off as someone is waiting for him.
Later, Dewnose tells Alderpaw that the search party is back and he's needed at Highledge. Alderpaw is told gravely by Bramblestar that Squirrelflight's patrol found no evidence of SkyClan at the gorge. Bramblestar wonders if the rogues have gone, but their conversation soon peeks the curiosity of several cats in the clearing, so Bramblestar lowers his voice. He grimly states that there may be no hope for SkyClan.
During Alderpaw's argument with Jayfeather, Cloudtail and Molewhisker thunder into camp, and Bramblestar asks what's wrong. Cloudtail says that WindClan is fighting rogues and may need help. Bramblestar nods and leads a patrol into the forest, with Jayfeather and Alderpaw following to treat the injured. When they get there, they find that WindClan is fighting for their lives. Bramblestar orders his warriors into battle, and he goes to assist Oatclaw. Bramblestar sends Jayfeather and Alderpaw to help the wounded. The ThunderClan leader tells Darktail to leave, and the rogue leader pads away.
Bramblestar offers to take Emberfoot and Oatclaw back to ThunderClan's camp, and Onestar reluctantly agrees. Alderpaw finds Bramblestar in a meeting with Onestar and a few others, and quietly tells Bramblestar that he's seen Darktail before. Bramblestar says he feared this would happen, and calls a Clan meeting. Before the meeting starts, Onestar says he's taking his Clanmates home. Bramblestar convinces him that Emberfoot and Oatclaw will be fine in ThunderClan, and assigns a patrol to take Furzepelt's body home. Bramblestar warns everyone about the rogues in the forest, and splits cats into patrols to warn the other Clans. Alderpaw ends up going on his father's patrol to ShadowClan. When they get there, Rowanstar asks if they came for their medicine cat. Bramblestar replies no, and proceeds to tell him about the rogues. After some consideration, a patrol is sent to scout out the rogues, but the scent trail cuts off.
Bramblestar's daughter Sparkpaw saves Twigkit from drowning and has her warrior ceremony, and is renamed Sparkpelt. Much later, Bramblestar starts the Gathering. He reports that Violetpaw rejoined ShadowClan, as ShadowClan couldn't come themselves to report the news. RiverClan is happy about this, but WindClan is uncertain. Bramblestar reluctantly sends a patrol to search for Twigpaw's mother, but they find nothing, which makes Twigpaw conclude her mother is dead. Later, Crowfrost and his patrol enter the ThunderClan camp, and announce they've taken Twigpaw hostage, and they will free her if ThunderClan asks WindClan for lungwort. Bramblestar considers the idea, but when the ShadowClan cats are out of earshot, many oppose the offer. Leafpool and Alderpaw go to WindClan anyway to ask for lungwort, but Onestar refuses.
A few days later, Violetpaw wakes up to find Bramblestar and other ThunderClan cats announcing they're taking Twigpaw home. Violetpaw attempts to convince her sister to stay, but Twigpaw bounds over to Bramblestar's patrol, and they head home. A little while later, Onestar starts the Gathering, with Mistystar and Bramblestar leaping up the Great Oak. Onestar barely begins his report when Rowanstar, Tawnypelt and Tigerheart arrive. Rowanstar explains that Darktail seized control of ShadowClan, and many cats stayed with the rogue leader. Bramblestar allows the ShadowClan family to stay in ThunderClan, and Rowanstar accepts.

Shattered Sky

After Alderheart has a dream from StarClan about SkyClan, he plans to tell Bramblestar about it.
Bramblestar and Squirrelflight stand beside each other before the battle with the rogues happens. Ivypool tells her apprentice, Twigpaw, about how Bramblestar had proposed a new addition to the Warrior Code after the Great Storm, it being that every Clan must remember and honor their separate traditions, and in times of dire need, they stand together. He then address all the cats who are prepared to attack the rogues. and informs them that the time has come to reclaim ShadowClan's territory and drive the rogues out. When Onestar and Rowanstar argue, and Mistystar intervenes and snaps at them, Bramblestar, his voice level, agrees with her. He tells them not to blame each other for the rogues. He waves his tail as a signal, and leads the combined Clans forward, into ShadowClan's territory. When Sleekwhisker catches them and calls the alarm, he orders everyone into their groups. During the battle, Bramblestar knocks Rain to the ground. He calls for the WindClan cats to stop after Onestar yowls for a retreat.
Bramblestar peers into the medicine den before he takes his Clan to the Gathering, informing the medicine cats it's almost time to leave, and he wants at least one medicine cat, and that they can decide, before leaving the den. Alderheart realizes Bramblestar was already headed for the thorn tunnel, and catches up with him. Alderheart remembers when Leafpool had offered to go to RiverClan to help Mothwing and Willowshine, but Bramblestar had forbidden her to go, stating the two RiverClan cats could help their own Clan. Arriving at the Gathering, Bramblestar jumps up onto one of the branches on the Great Oak. Bramblestar struggles to stay calm when Mistystar and Onestar start arguing, and he asks Onestar why he ran away from the battle like that. He ends the Gathering when StarClan sends clouds to cover the moon, and jumps off the Great Oak. Alderheart slips from the crowd of ThunderClan cats and catches up to Bramblestar, and informs him of another prophecy he had. The ThunderClan leader looks thoughtful as Alderheart tells him more information about his prophecy, mentioning that it's about SkyClan. Bramblestar hesitates before he replies, making Alderheart worry if he'll refuse, but he lets out a long sigh, and tells Alderheart he's been ashamed of how the Clans treated SkyClan. Bramblestar gazes at his son with respect in his eyes, and Alderheart swells with pride.
Shortly after, Bramblestar and Squirrelflight leads the patrol back to ThunderClan's camp. Alderheart thinks of how Bramblestar had told ThunderClan and the three ShadowClan cats staying with them that he and Alderheart knew all about SkyClan, but some cats question him. After the Gathering, Bramblestar leads a patrol to RiverClan to tell them the truth about SkyClan. Mistystar tells Bramblestar to not expect RiverClan to solve problems for everyone. Bramblestar relaxes anyways, the burden of the secret now off his shoulders. He then leads a patrol to WindClan and is stopped by Crowfeather, who turns him away. Bramblestar exchanges a frustrated glance with Squirrelflight. Suddenly, Gorsetail comes bounding over, and questions Bramblestar. Bramblestar tells her that he has important information for Onestar. Gorsetail obliges, leading Bramblestar and his patrol to the WindClan camp. Onestar demands to know what Bramblestar wants, and he replies with the story of SkyClan Alderheart told him. Onestar is enraged, thinking that ThunderClan has lied to him this entire time, but Bramblestar reassures him that only Firestar and Sandstorm knew, and encourages Alderheart to tell him about his journey to SkyClan. Onestar's surprise at Alderheart's story quickly turns to rage, and he kicks the ThunderClan patrol off his territory, snarling that WindClan owes nothing to SkyClan, ignoring Bramblestar's protests.
Later, Alderheart spots Bramblestar and Rowanstar in the middle of a heated argument again. Rowanstar tells Bramblestar that they need to take ShadowClan's territory back, but Bramblestar wants to make a solid plan first. Rowanstar growls that Bramblestar is just making excuses and Bramblestar tells him that ThunderClan is facing a battle alone since RiverClan refused to fight and WindClan closed it's borders. The argument escalates with Rowanstar calling ThunderClan cowards. Tawnypelt intervenes, and Bramblestar hisses at her, saying that this was leaders' business. Tawnypelt tells him that he is being a mouse brain, and the fighting resumes.
Alderheart thinks that Twigpaw and Violetpaw may be SkyClan cats, and promises to tell Bramblestar about this later.
Bramblestar calls for a Clan meeting. Whitewing comments that Bramblestar may have finally come up with a way to get rid of the rogues at last. Bramblestar then tells Alderheart to share his latest new vision with the Clan. Some scorn the vision, but Dovewing offers to lead a patrol to SkyClan and Lionblaze agrees, only if Bramblestar thinks they can be spared from the Clan. Bramblestar breaks off the argument and says that he cannot risk the safety of the Clan, and that he will not lead a patrol to find SkyClan. He then turns away to his den, Squirrelflight on his paws.
Later, when Twigpaw and Alderheart are talking, they mention that even though Bramblestar would not send a patrol, they cannot not ignore SkyClan.
After Purdy's death, Alderheart sees Bramblestar sitting beside Squirrelflight. He asks Bramblestar is Purdy would join StarClan even if he wasn't a warrior. Bramblestar tells Alderhear how much Purdy has helped the Clan, and says that Purdy deserves to go to StarClan as much as any of the other cats. After Twigpaw goes missing, Alderheart tells Bramblestar about this and he sighs in exasperation, saying that a rescue patrol would be sent out. He calls out a Clan meeting, telling the cats about Twigpaw's disappearance. Ivypool blames herself for this, but Bramblestar reassures her and chooses Tigerheart, Dovewing, and Molewhisker for the patrol.
When Twigpaw is thinking about her SkyClan family, she remembers the good relationship Alderheart has with Bramblestar, and how much Bramblestar loves his son.
After RiverClan settles in with ThunderClan, Mothwing asks Alderheart if Bramblestar would be okay with them going back to RiverClan territory. Alderheart says that Bramblestar will understand that medicine cats had to make their own decisions. As the two draw closer to the Twoleg nest, Alderheart remembers that Bramblestar sent out extra patrols because of Darktail and his rogues.
Bramblestar later agrees to Leafpool's idea of sheltering injured cats at the Twoleg nest, albeit warily. Stormcloud comments that Rowanstar and Bramblestar snapped at each other every chance they got. Alderheart agrees, stating that Bramblestar was sending out more unnecessary patrols. The rescue patrol the comes back with no sign of Twigpaw. Molewhisker goes to fetch Bramblestar, and Alderheart begs Dovewing for news. Dovewing hesitates, thinking that Bramblestar should hear this first, but Alderheart protests, saying that he can't wait for Bramblestar to come back to the camp. Dovewing tells him that Twigpaw is "probably dead." Molewhisker then returns with Bramblestar who has a concerned look on his face. Bramblestar questions the patrol as cats gather around to listen. Ivypool continues to feel guilty, and Bramblestar tells her that she has nothing to feel guilty about. Alderheart intervenes, mewing that he is the one who feels guilty. Bramblestar says that the loss to Twigpaw is no one's fault. The Clan gathers around to offer memories of Twigpaw, and Ivypool says that Twigpaw would have made a fine warrior and dips her head to Bramblestar. He thanks her, and asks Alderheart if he has anything to say.
The next morning, Lionblaze comes back from leading the dawn patrol and demands to report news to Bramblestar. Rosepetal tells him that they met ShadowClan rogues on their territory. Mistystar and Rowanstar step in, with Mistystar blaming him for the rogues taking over all the territories. Bramblestar, yet again, intervenes, and yet again, states that they needed a plan. Sparkpelt and Lionblaze offer their ideas, and Bramblestar stares at Alderheart, not saying anything. Mothwing then tells them that they needed a cat on the inside to spy for them, and Bramblestar considers this, and decides to give it a night's thought.
When Violetpaw returns, Dewnose means to bring her to Bramblestar, but fetches Alderheart after she asks for Twigpaw. After their discussion, Violetpaw asks Alderheart to take her to Bramblestar now.
After the patrol returns, Bramblestar congratulates Alderheart for a job well done and asks Alderheart if he needed to send out another patrol to deal with the rogues. Squirrelflight suggests that they move some cats to the Twoleg den, but Bramblestar admits that this would make them more vulnerable. Bramblestar calls another Clan meeting to discuss and come up with yet another plan. He mentions that he is thankful for the ShadowClan cats' presence, and asks for more ideas.
When Twigpaw meets Leafstar, Leafstar asks her who ThunderClan's new leader is. She tells her that Bramblestar is a great and formidable leader, and Leafstar asks Twigpaw to bring her to him.
Bramblestar leads a patrol to attack the rogues in RiverClan territory. He calls for Alderheart to join him. He orders the patrol to only attack if the rogues resist. The rogues, outnumbered by the patrol, are ordered to retreat by Darktail. Bramblestar tells Mistystar to return back to the ThunderClan camp, as both of her medicine cats reside there. Zelda introduces herself and Loki to Bramblestar, who praises them for fighting well for kittypets. He invites them to stay in ThunderClan until Darktail and his rogues are defeated. When the patrol returns, Twigpaw asks Alderheart where Violetpaw is. Bramblestar then interrupts her, introducing himelf, Mistystar, and Rowanstar to SkyClan. Jayfeather tells Bramblestar that he should consult StarClan about the new arrival.
Bramblestar takes a patrol to survey the damaged RiverClan area. Later, the patrol returns and Bramblestar reports that the RiverClan camp is a mess. He then rallies the Clans to help Rowanstar reclaim ShadowClan. Bramblestar states that they needed Onestar's help to do so. Bramblestar, Leafstar, and Rowanstar make their way to the bottom of the hollow to speak with Onestar. They listen as Onestar tells them how Darktail was born, and Bramblestar stops to ask questions here and there. Bramblestar and the other leaders return to camp and tell their Clanmates Onestar's story. Bramblestar sends out all the hunting patrols he could muster and then calls out a Clan meeting, finally agreeing to lead his Clan into attack.
ThunderClan and the prisoners chase the rogues into ShadowClan's territory, with WindClan following. SkyClan leaps down from the trees, and the rogues make a dash for the lake, only to find their way blocked by RiverClan. The Kin retreat, and Onestar and Darktail fight each other into the lake. The father and son ultimately drown themselves. Bramblestar leads ThunderClan back to the stone hollow shortly afterwards.
Bramblestar is seen in the Bonus Scene a few times by Dovewing talking to Alderheart.

Darkest Night

While hunting, Ivypool mentions that Bramblestar sent out five hunting parties the same day.
Later, at the ThunderClan camp, Graystripe is complaining about it being stuffy in the elders' den, and Bramblestar catches the elder's eye before nodding sympathetically. When ThunderClan is arguing about SkyClan, Fernsong mentions that Bramblestar says that SkyClan is an original Clan and asks the cats if they are doubting their leader. Molewhisker argues back, asking why only Bramblestar knows about them.
After Ivypool congratulates Twigpaw on finding SkyClan, Twigpaw thinks about if Bramblestar had sent out a search party, she wouldn't have had to go against orders. Later, RiverClan and ThunderClan get into a disagreement and when Mistystar asks what is happening, Bramblestar states it is just a disagreement and everyone will feel better once they eat. Mistystar nods to him before saying they will return home. Bramblestar asks if that decision is wise, as there are injured warriors. Mistystar says they will be cared for and Bramblestar accepts this, asking if they want ThunderClan to come and help them finish rebuilding their camp.
A while later, Alderheart is annoyed that Bramblestar won't act on the prophecy until it's clear.

River of Fire

When Twigpaw and Finpaw arrive at ThunderClan's camp, they request to see Bramblestar. He allows Twigpaw to rejoin. She asks if Ivypool would mentor her, but Bramblestar sadly says that Ivypool has moved into the nursery, expecting Fernsong's kits. To Twigpaw's dismay, he gives her Sparkpelt as her mentor. Finpaw is accepted into ThunderClan as well, with Larksong as his mentor.
Later, ThunderClan suffers a shortage of watermint, as WindClan and ThunderClan picked all the sprigs due to a belly sickness. Bramblestar allows Alderheart to pick watermint in RiverClan's territory, along with a few others. The mission is successful, and Alderheart's patrol heads to camp. After a WindClan patrol brings Twigpaw back to ThunderClan's camp after she falls into the border stream, Bramblestar chastises the she-cat. Twigpaw admits her troubles, and Bramblestar soothes her about her training, and says he'll talk with Sparkpelt later.
At the Gathering, Leafstar reports that Yarrowleaf and Sleekwhisker have joined SkyClan temporarily. Cats express their discontent, but Bramblestar calms everyone, and reveals the prophecy about the approaching shadows. Alderheart is worried that a terrible storm is coming. This is true, as a terrible storm hits the ThunderClan camp. Briarlight is moved to the tunnels for her safety, and the nursery roof is torn off. Alderheart sees a lightning bolt start a fire, so Bramblestar sends a patrol to investigate. The patrol returns with two kittypets, Velvet and Fuzzball, who explain what happened to their homes. Bramblestar allows them to stay with the Clan until it's safe to return. Another fire starts in either WindClan or RiverClan territory, so Bramblestar leads a patrol to check it out.
The patrol meets with a WindClan patrol, and finds out the fire is in RiverClan territory. They are hesitant to help as RiverClan's borders are closed, but the patrols cross anyway. They make a log bridge so Mistystar and her cats can escape. Softpaw, a RiverClan apprentice, nearly falls into the stream, but Twigpaw saves her and takes her to safety. At the next Gathering, Mistystar opens her borders and requests for help. Bramblestar and Harestar agree to send cats to speed up rebuilding. Leafstar announces that Tree has been given a role as a mediator, and Bramblestar proposes a trail period, which pleases many cats.
A little while after Briarlight's death, Ajax comes to ThunderClan's camp to take Velvet and Fuzzball home. Bramblestar says they need to stay another night, and by the next morning, the kittypets are gone. Twigpaw and Finpaw pass their warrior assessments, and are granted warrior names of Twigbranch and Finleap. Shortly after, Dovewing returns and annouces her plans to stay in ShadowClan with the newly revived Tigerstar. Bramblestar allows her to visit one more time, but she must go after that.

The Raging Storm

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In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

After Bristlepaw saves Rootpaw from drowning, Bramblestar pads up to her and tells her she did a good job, and that she should go on patrol to let the other SkyClan cats know about the incident.
Shadowpaw gets a vision where Tigerstar is attacking Bramblestar. He worries over this, since the two cats are kin. Later, Bramblestar is talking to Rosepetal about Bristlepaw's failed assessment. Bristlepaw also hears him talking to Squirrelflight, Jayfeather, and Alderheart about how none of the Clans can reach StarClan. She gets talk and Jayfeather starts to scold her, but Bramblestar calms him down. He then says that Bristlepaw and her siblings should come to the Gathering.
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In the Super Editions

Tallstar's Revenge

As Tallstar lays dying, Brambleclaw, Firestar, and Onewhisker are present. It is during this time that Tallstar names Onewhisker his successor. This strips Mudclaw of his rank as deputy, and although initially shocked, Onewhisker promises to protect WindClan.

Firestar's Quest

Bramblepaw finally has his warrior assessment, and decides to prove himself by tracking his mentor, Firestar. While Firestar is walking in the forest, Bramblepaw jumps out of the bushes, attacking his mentor. At first, Firestar is startled and thinks it's an enemy warrior, but he soon realizes that it's only Bramblepaw. Firestar is impressed and surprised at his great skills. When Bramblepaw asks if he is good enough to be a warrior, Firestar assures him that his ceremony will be first thing in the next morning. Firestar sometimes still sees Tigerstar in Bramblepaw, but he always shakes it off, knowing that he is a very different cat than his father. He is made a warrior and is given the name Brambleclaw, in honor of his father, Firestar praising him for his courage and loyalty. It is mentioned that he is popular in the Clan, and that his Clanmates are happy that he had earned his warrior name, Brambleclaw.
When making a report on the activities of the patrols to Firestar, Sandstorm comments that Brambleclaw must have been worn out that night since he went out late the night before with his warrior assessment, and then hunted with Graystripe and Ashfur all afternoon. That night, Firestar comes up to Brambleclaw and asks him if he is okay, and he only nods his head, since he is under a vow of silence. Firestar tells Brambleclaw to fetch him if he needs any help, and he nods his head solemnly once again. When Firestar comments to Sandstorm that Brambleclaw is restless, she asks if he did not know if it was right for him to make Brambleclaw a warrior, but he says no, and that Brambleclaw is not the same cat as his father. In the morning after Brambleclaw's warrior vigil, Firestar sees Ashfur tell Brambleclaw that his vigil is over, and that he will find him somewhere to sleep. Tawnypaw, his sister, also receives her warrior name, Tawnypelt.
At the Gathering, Firestar announces that Brambleclaw is ThunderClan's newest warrior. Brambleclaw dips his head, embarrassed, when they all cheer.
Ashfur is the cat he is mostly seen hanging around with. Ashfur and Brambleclaw challenge Smudge to a fight, not knowing that he is Firestar's old kittypet friend. He asks Brambleclaw what they are doing, and he replies that they are on the border patrol with Mousefur and Dustpelt. Brambleclaw hisses at Smudge before he leaves, telling him to stay off ThunderClan territory in the future.
Brambleclaw is seen sitting with Ashfur and Mousefur. Brambleclaw is also seen in the epilogue, when he returns from a patrol with Firestar, and is expecting to go to the Gathering later that day.

Crowfeather's Trial

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Bramblestar's Storm

Bramblestar is in the entrance of the camp, remembering the harsh leaf-bare and with it, the greencough. He is immediately scared by Berrynose, who had emerged from the thorns. Berrynose invites Bramblestar to a patrol he is leading beside the WindClan border, along with Millie, Rosepetal, Spiderleg, and the newly-made apprentice Amberpaw. While following the group, Bramblestar notices how thin most of ThunderClan is, but how nonetheless they are alert and powerful, and trusts that ThunderClan is not yet beaten.
Meanwhile, at the border patrol, Berrynose recognizes fresh WindClan scents on the border. Amberpaw, being an excited apprentice, pads over to the stream and accidentally slips in. There is a loud splash, and Spiderleg dives into the cold water and drags Amberpaw out. She complains about it being so cold. Spiderleg scolds her, as a WindClan cat, Weaselfur, demands what is happening. Spiderleg growls at the WindClan tom and carries on with the patrol.
Rosepetal starts a fight with Weaselfur, hissing at him. Weaselfur unsheathes his claws, ready for a fight. Nightcloud leaps out, towards Rosepetal, trapping her and clawing at her ears. Bramblestar commands Rosepetal to come back to the ThunderClan side of the stream. Bramblestar then explains how an apprentice fell in the stream. After that, they then chat about the prey. Leaftail mentions that Sedgewhisker is expecting Emberfoot's kits. Bramblestar continues on with the patrol, Amberpaw licking her fur and Rosepetal taking care of her ear.
Bramblestar then remembers the battle with the Dark Forest as the sun shines down in the hollow. Whitewing, Dewpaw, Seedpaw, Lilypaw, and their mentors, Bumblestripe and Poppyfrost were there, too. They all remembered their names one by one. First Mousefur, then Foxleap, Ferncloud, Sorreltail, and Firestar. After remembering the lives they lost in the battle, Snowpaw, Dewpaw, Lilypaw, Seedpaw, and their mentors all head off to train. Amberpaw complained about not going but was eventually assigned to get clean moss for Purdy. Squirrelflight arranged Brightheart, Millie, Mousewhisker, and Dovewing to go on a border patrol to the ShadowClan border.
Bramblestar discusses with Sandstorm about how there is new hope for their Clan with some new kits. He thinks that she has served her Clan for long enough, but the she-cat remarks that there is plenty of life in her paws yet. As Purdy tells Amberpaw a story, Bramblestar talks to Lionblaze about how Cinderheart may be expecting kits soon. Dustpelt is still filled with grief for Ferncloud, but none of the other cats seem to feel the same way about their fallen Clanmates. Squirrelflight sends a hunting patrol by the ShadowClan border, finding that the other Clan has crossed the boundary. Bramblestar notes that some of the former Dark Forest trainees want to fight, but decides to talk peacefully to Blackstar. He leads a patrol over to ShadowClan, and on the way talks to Brackenfur about losing Sorreltail in the battle.
They find a patrol at the ShadowClan border, and are allowed into camp. Blackstar claims that none of his warriors has crossed their boundary. He continues to say that they should mark their borders more often, and leaders angrily decide to strengthen their scent marks. Littlecloud runs to catch up to them, asking Squirrelflight about Leafpool, but Bramblestar makes him leave, as they may be forced to fight ShadowClan sooner or later. He says that the Great Battle is over, but the Clans aren't at peace with one another.
As they return to the Clan, every cat is interested in how ShadowClan is coping after the Great Battle. ThunderClan seems pleased that prey isn’t running well for the rival Clan, but Bramblestar feels uneasy. Thornclaw and others think that they need to be taught a lesson, but the leader decides to do it peacefully and organize extra patrols on that border instead of fighting. Briarlight, still not fully recovered from the greencough, flops down in a sunny spot. Bramblestar talks to her, and the brown she-cat says she's fed up with being treated special, and wants to be like any other cat, but Bramblestar tells her that all other cats have problems as well.
As Purdy goes to tell Briarlight a story, Bramblestar notes it is a full moon and decides to take all five apprentices to the Gathering. As they walk, the Clan notes that the water has risen a bit higher than usual, but Squirrelflight claims it is because of the full moon. Almost afraid that they won't be able to go to the Gathering because of the water, they eventually reach the horseplace, passing WindClan, who seems to be very mysterious. Daisy sees and calls for Smoky, but he peeks at them, and then retreats. As they reach the island, Bramblestar notes the usually sleek-furred RiverClan cats are now ruffled and battered. Bramblestar and the other leaders go up onto the tree, and Blackstar begins to speak the names of all the dead cats from each Clan.
Blackstar protests that they need to remember the dead cats, but Mistystar says they don't remember dead pieces of prey. Angry that his dead Clanmates are compared to pieces of prey and disrespected, he begins to stalk away from the oak tree, but Rowanclaw stops him, saying they cannot be weak and broken like after the battle, they have to be strong and a Clan he can be proud of. Blackstar goes back up onto the Oak, and Mistystar tells them about Petalfur and Mallownose's new kits, two toms and a she-cat. In WindClan, Sedgewhisker and Emberfoot are expecting kits as well. Bramblestar notes that the other Clans seem to be making a huge deal about new kits, and lists the five new apprentices.
A scrap of cloud drifts over the moon, and Onestar claims the Gathering is over. Bramblestar goes over to talk to Tawnypelt, saying that Rowanclaw did a great job talking to Blackstar, and that he'll make a good leader. Tigerheart is looking for Dovewing, but Ivypool tells him that she is in camp. Tigerheart continues to ask if she is with Bumblestripe, but she says that's none of his business. Bramblestar, almost forgetting he is leader and has to order the cats to leave the Gathering, departs, thinking he'd be lost without Squirrelflight as his deputy to help him.
Daisy is worried about Smoky and asks Bramblestar if she can go to the horseplace to check on him and Floss. Bramblestar says he'll go with her after sunhigh, and Graystripe wonders if she is considering leaving ThunderClan since there are no kits to care for. As sunhigh passes, Bramblestar, Daisy, and the three mentors and apprentices walk towards the horseplace. The leader notes the cream she-cat deserves as much respect as any warrior, as she takes care of the kits and does lots of great things for them. Passing the horses quickly, they find Smoky, who says it is great to see Daisy.
Daisy wants to look for Floss, but Smoky tells her Floss is dead, caught by greencough. He leads the queen to her burial spot, Pip the dog is also buried. Daisy realizes that a lot has happened, and Smoky says that she did choose to leave them. The queen sees a new, tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat, and Smoky introduces her as Coriander, and he says that she is replacing Floss. Bramblestar sees Daisy getting angry that the tom had gotten a replacement, and says they should be leaving. As they leave, Bramblestar remembers how Squirrelflight's kits were not actually his own, and as Daisy mourns the loss of her friends, he tells her nothing stays the same forever.
Bramblestar goes on a patrol, and Blossomfall notes the lake is rising. She falls in and has to be rescued. As they continue to check the borders, they see WindClan hunting a bird, which crosses over into ThunderClan territory, where Molewhisker kills it. They get into a brief skirmish, and Hootpaw meows that they need to have the bird because of lack of prey on their territory. His mentor scolds him, obviously not wanting to give anything away. Sandstorm whispers to Bramblestar that Firestar would have given the bird to them, but Bramblestar snaps that he's not him. In the end, ThunderClan gets the big bird and the patrol brings it back to camp. Cats start to crowd around Molewhisker and praise him for his great catch, and he brags that it wasn't that difficult to kill. The leader asks Squirrelflight what the smell of the bird reminds her of. She sniffs it and realizes that it reminds her of the salt water in the sun-drown-place. Bramblestar comments that the wind must have blown the bird all the way over to the lake. Squirrelflight has the Clan come and take a good look at the dead bird, and then says that there's enough for every cat to eat.
Later on in the night, Bramblestar finds it difficult to sleep peacefully due to his nightmares of falling down holes on top of badgers. At dawn, Jayfeather prods him awake, telling him that he has to come see how the plants have been blown by the wind.They travel along the path until they reach the place where Jayfeather and Leafpool had planted herbs, which have been destroyed. He reassures the medicine cat that he will send a patrol later in the day to help them clear up damage done. Jayfeather states that Bramblestar doesn't understand how this is an omen of darkness closing in on the Clan. The leader fears that the Dark Forest might be coming back to attack the Clans, but his medicine cat replies that this is different, and is coming from the wind.
At dawn, Jayfeather and Bramblestar pad back into the ThunderClan camp. Most of the Clan was already awake, and pacing restlessly with the wind blowing their fur. Squirrelflight remarks that the weather reminds her of the day that the tree fell down in the camp. Bramblestar thinks the same, and notices that Dovewing is trying to listen for falling trees. Whitewing sees this too, and convinces her daughter to come and eat a meal. Bramblestar tells Squirrelflight that he's worried about Dovewing, and the she-cat comments that it was hard for all three cats when they lost their powers. He notes that although hard, the gray she- cat seems to be suffering the most.
Lionblaze and Cinderheart pad into camp, with the tom complaining about a tree branch whacking his head. Bramblestar sends Squirrelflight to gather all of the senior warriors, and decides to send out several patrols to both WindClan and ShadowClan. He warns them to take care in the dangerous weather. Seedpaw bounds up to the departing patrols and asks to join, but Bramblestar replies that it's too dangerous for apprentices. He assigns the younger cats to keeping the camp clean. Seedpaw is glad to take charge, and she bounds away. Ivypool is assigned to head to the WindClan border, and Dustpelt is sent to the ShadowClan border.
The leaders of the patrols quickly find cats to join them, and they set off into the forest. Mousewhisker and Cherryfall are by Bumblestripe, and the striped tom suggests that they go to a sheltered place where prey might hide, such as the abandoned Twoleg nest. Cherryfall agrees, so they head there. When the Twoleg nest is in sight, they find Jayfeather and Leafpool's plants crushed by a tree. Cherryfall gasps that Leafpool had worked so hard on it, and Mousewhisker assures her that Jayfeather will make it right again. Bramblestar thinks about Jayfeather's omen, and is nervous about any falling trees, but none look loose enough to fall.
Bramblestar follows Bumblestripe into the nest, and Cherryfall puffs a sigh of relief and mews they are finally sheltered from the weather. He orders to keep watch for prey, and they all do so. The wind drops for a brief moment, and Bramblestar picks up a strong scent of mouse and heard their feet above him. Bumblestripe hears it too, and whispers it's up there, pointing at it with his tail. Cherryfall volunteers to go up, and climbs the slats that were on the far wall. She leaps from the top slat to the wooden branches above the other cats' heads. Bramblestar warns her to be careful, and stalks along the branch. A flicker of movement in the shadows tells Bramblestar there's a mouse there, and Cherryfall gets herself ready to pounce. However, a gust of wind hits the nest and a stone from the roof breaks away.
One of the stones that made the roof was torn away. The young warrior jumps in shock and loses her balance. She wails for help, and Bramblestar asks if she can climb back up. Cherryfall tries to climb up, but her claws can't get a grip. Bramblestar tells Mousewhisker to go after her while he and Bumblestripe collect moss, yarrow, and other things to break Cherryfall's fall if she does slip. Mousewhisker reaches the she-cat and tries to help her up, but brushes her leg and displodges her grip. She falls, and Bramblestar runs forward to break her impact and succeeds. Voices echo around him, and he wonders if he is losing a life, but soon realizes he isn’t. He returns to camp with Ivypool’s patrol, entering the medicine den to hear Jayfeather grumbling in the medicine den. The blind tom checks him over and offers a poppy seed, but the leader declines.
He sees Purdy struggling to drag bracken across the clearing, and assigns two apprentices to help him with it. Bramblestar moves Briarlight up to sleep in his den, since she’s worried about falling trees. The leader moves to sleep in the warriors’ den, realizing how much he’s missed company. Bramblestar can’t sleep, so heads out into the forest, but is horrified when he discovers the lake has flooded. He returns to camp and warns Squirrelflight and Brackenfur, and they try and decide what to do. Most of the dens in the clearing start to have leaks in their roofs, so Bramblestar splits the Clan between the dens that are still dry. He tries to go to sleep, but is roused by Thornclaw, who shows him that the lake has risen to reach camp. Bramblestar orders every cat to leave the hollow, but as they start to exit, the thorn barrier is washed away.
Leafpool leads the Clan to another exit out of camp, and cats begin to climb the steep path. The majority of ThunderClan makes it to the top, and after much effort, Bramblestar, Briarlight, and the remaining group make it to safety last. They gather under the shelter of a large beech tree and try to get some rest while the rain lashes their fur. Bramblestar wakes the next morning to find the entire forest a mass of swirling dirty water and debris. He leads a patrol to investigate the hollow, and finds that their camp is completely destroyed.
Bramblestar announces that they can’t shelter here forever, and Ivypool suggests they move to the tunnels. The leader agrees, ordering Lionblaze and Cinderheart to lead them there. Bramblestar helps carry Briarlight to the tunnel entrance, with Millie steadying the she-cat. Each cat takes their turn entering the tunnel, glad to be out of the rain. The leader leads a patrol to check how much the lower tunnels have flooded, and sees that only the cave is swamped with water. After checking that it isn’t getting worse, he and his Clanmates return to the group. Cats begin to make nests, as well as split into groups to hunt. Leafpool and Jayfeather go to salvage some herbs from the hollow, while Bramblestar discovers that water from the sun-drown-place has reached the forest. While on patrol, he also learns that WindClan has claimed the border stream for themselves, due to it being their only source of freshwater. To his warriors’ dismay, Bramblestar leaves and doesn’t fight over it.
ThunderClan continues to settle into their tunnel camp, and Bramblestar leads a border patrol. They cross into ShadowClan territory to find their camp has been destroyed, and he offers his sympathies to the cats who meet him. Scorchfur reluctantly grants the ThunderClan cats permission to cross through to RiverClan, so they do so. They slowly make their way over to the other Clan, slogging through floodwaters. Reedwhisker finds them and brings Mistystar, and the two leaders reflect on all the damage that’s happened. They leave RiverClan, but hear a call for help coming from further up the Thunderpath.
They realize that it’s a she-cat in trouble, and after discussion, decide to help her. The patrol finds the she-cat standing on top of a tub in a large expanse of deep water, and try to work out how to rescue her. Bramblestar orders his cats to start jumping along the windowsills, so they can get closer to the scene. They enter the Twoleg den, to try and attempt to get out at a lower level. Bramblestar exits through another window and paddles to the tub with the she-cat in it, rescuing her. Minty (KP)Minty reveals her name, and begs them not to leave her here. The patrol grudgingly agrees that she can return with them, and bring her back to ThunderClan territory.
When the other ThunderClan cats spot Minty, they are skeptical of helping another cat in a time like this. Bramblestar insists that she’d have starved or drowned without them, and orders the apprentices to make her a nest. The kittypet is offered some fresh-kill, but she hastily declines it. The next day, Bramblestar talks with Littlecloud and Rowanclaw in the forest, and they report that Blackstar died so the latter is now ShadowClan’s leader. They talk for a while, and then the ThunderClan leader returns to the tunnel and tells Jayfeather what happened. Bramblestar then leads a patrol to the ShadowClan border, where they reset the markers. Seedpaw suggests hunting beyond the ridge, and he agrees that they’ll try it later. On their way back to camp, Bramblestar notices Bumblestripe and Dovewing have started to form a rift in their relationship.
The next morning, a hunting patrol is sent to hunt beyond the edges of ThunderClan’s territory. Squirrelflight convinces Bramblestar not to exert himself, so he only goes with the patrol partway. He leaves and returns to the tunnel to find Briarlight coughing. The leader asks Daisy if she’ll show Minty around the territory, and she agrees, bringing two other cats along. As they prepare to leave, a mudslide occurs at the entrance of the tunnel due to two apprentices scuffling. Four cats are caught in the pile of dirt, but haul themselves free after several moments. Dustpelt comments that maybe it’s a good thing, and could be used as a windbreak. Bramblestar agrees, then pads away to check if any cat is injured. Seedpaw and Lilypaw want to help, but when they’re turned away, the pair go off into the forest anyway.
Bramblestar goes after them, and sees Lilypaw trapped and being pulled underneath the water. Seedpaw rescues her, and the leader hauls the gray she-cat back to shore. However, by the time Bramblestar goes back for Seedpaw, she isn’t breathing. Cinderheart and Brightheart arrive, and the latter tries to get the apprentice to breathe again. However, she fails, and Seedpaw dies. The cats sorrowfully move back to camp, and Brackenfur comes racing up. He grieves for his daughter, while he and Lilypaw comfort each other. Bramblestar carries Seedpaw’s body back to camp, wondering if this’ll happen again.
ThunderClan sits vigil for Seedpaw and then buries her in the morning. Dovewing mentions that they might be able to raid Twoleg dens for the soft pelts they’d seen, for dry bedding. Bramblestar is surprised by the suggestion and agrees, putting together a patrol to go. They set out and walk along the lakeshore, noting that the flood hasn’t gone down. He leads the patrol through the floodwaters and into the Twoleg den, stopping on the upper floor. They fit one Twoleg pelt into a black tub and decide to leave. On their way back, Bramblestar stops to help Jessy free Frankie from where he’s trapped behind a transparent wall.
Both agree to be taken back to ThunderClan, so they start heading home. Frankie is put in the tub with the Twoleg pelt, since he can’t swim. They cross ShadowClan territory and narrowly avoid a patrol before returning to camp. Jayfeather and Squirrelflight aren’t happy that more kittypets are here, but the deputy asks if he brought something useful. He shows her the Twoleg pelt, and she’s dismissive, but Daisy thinks it might work well. She pads off to sort patrols, and Jessy, Frankie, and Minty sit together in a tight huddle. Bramblestar looks at them hunched together against the wind, wondering what to do with them.
Bramblestar can’t sleep, so he takes Jessy on a tour of ThunderClan’s territory. He returns to find Squirrelflight assigning patrols, and then checks on the kittypets. After assuring himself they’re okay, his deputy reports that several more cats have fallen ill. Bramblestar adds in that a WindClan patrol was on their side of the stream earlier, and he leads another group to investigate. The patrol goes far out of Clan territory, roughly on the route to Moonpool. They find a fallen tree making a bridge for WindClan to cross, and Bramblestar decides they should dislodge it. They hide as one of the rival Clan’s patrol races across the fallen tree, running from Squirrelflight’s patrol. Once they leave, the cats work together to haul a bush into the stream. Then, they stand on the bush and push the log, dislodging it and causing it to be swept away. They reset the scent markers and head back to the tunnel. Bramblestar watches as the Clan goes about their duties, feeling content.
Bramblestar meets with Firestar in a dream, and receives a prophecy that water meets blood, blood will rise. He is confused, but the tabby is snapped from the dream and wakes up. Bramblestar relays this prophecy to his medicine cats and deputy, and they promise to keep a look out for it’s meaning. He then leaves and takes the kittypets hunting, along with Dovewing. They teach the visitors a hunting crouch, but Jessy asks if they can demonstrate what they can already do and work from there. Dovewing agrees, and Frankie tries to catch something, and she gives him some pointers. Frankie and Jessy try next, and then they go to ShadowClan’s border.
Bramblestar meets with Tawnypelt, and the she-cat tells him of ShadowClan’s dire straits. However, she leaves after the rest of his patrol and the kittypets arrive. They return to camp, and Bramblestar seeks out Sandstorm’s advice. She tells him to do what he thinks is best, since he’s leader now. He goes to visit ShadowClan with a patrol, and talks with Rowanstar about the floodwaters. Bramblestar offers his assistance with the kittypets, and the other leader asks how he knows. He finds out that Tawnypelt is who told him, and she defends that she’ll always be willing to ask her brother for help. The ThunderClan cats then leave, but Leafpool decides to stay for a few days to help Littlecloud.
They return to camp, and report what happened to Jayfeather and Squirrelflight. He goes inside the tunnel to see dens with dry nests have been set up, and is pleased. The leader goes with Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Squirrelflight to check the water levels in the hollow, and they can’t tell whether they’ve received or not. They decide to mark the water’s edge with sticks so they can better check next time. After doing that, Squirrelflight, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze return to camp while Bramblestar stays behind with Jessy. The kittypet tells him about Ziggy and Riga, who are the ones bothering ShadowClan. They return to camp to get a report of ShadowClan crossing the border, and Bramblestar agrees that they should attack the kittypets.
Bramblestar calls a Clan meeting and announces the plan, but many cats are displeased. Squirrelflight supports her leader, and the cats change their opinion and start to cheer for it. Bramblestar picks cats to go from the volunteers, and says that the rest of them will leave at dawn, along with Jessy. The next day, they travel to near Ziggy and Riga’s nest. Bramblestar and Jessy jump onto a fence to survey the area, but are soon cornered by four kittypets. They ambush the pair, and the tabby tom yowls for ThunderClan to attack. The warriors steadily beat back the kittypets, and after being defeated, they agree to leave the forest alone.
However, Rowanstar approaches with a patrol and is furious that ThunderClan has interfered. He tells Bramblestar to stay out of their hunting grounds and escorts them to the border. They are miffed by their ungratefulness, but return to camp and are treated by the medicine cats. Squirrelflight says this isn’t his fault, and adds that it’s behind them now. Sandstorm brings the leader a mouse, and Graystripe comments that Firestar would have done the same thing. Leafpool returns from ShadowClan, saying that Rowanstar made her leave. They tell her what happened, and she calls them mouse brained before disappearing into the medicine den.
A quarter moon later, Bramblestar leads a hunting patrol with the kittypets and is pleased by their progress. However, they run into a fox, and the leader makes quick work of driving it away. He sends Mousewhisker’s patrol after it while the kittypets praise him. They begin to work on battle moves, and Squirrelflight arrives. She acts a bit odd when she sees Jessy and Bramblestar together, but after making sure they’re okay, leaves to search out traces of the fox. The patrol returns to the tunnel, and he enters. However, it makes him feel claustrophobic so he leaves to check the water levels with Cloudtail. As they approach, both cats are thrilled to see that the flood is starting to die down.
Back in the tunnel, Bramblestar talks to Cinderheart about Lionblaze being able to get hurt, and reassures her. He then meets with Squirrelflight, and the deputy says that he should try and have the kittypets take up less of his time, since they’re only visitors. The next day he leads a patrol to WindClan’s border, where they are greeted with hostility by Crowfeather. Bramblestar gives them a polite response, which infuriates them, and the ThunderClan cats leave. He returns to find Frankie and Minty missing, and finds the latter sleeping in the sun. The leader brings her back to camp, and then joins with another hunting patrol. That night, he can’t sleep, and Squirrelflight says that they should follow Frankie next time he wanders off, and the tabby agrees.
Bramblestar sits with Brackenfur and Dustpelt, talking about repairing the hollow. After being alerted by Squirrelflight, the leader follows Frankie out of camp to see where he goes. He follows the other tom around the lakeshore, and realizes he’s headed back to his Twoleg den. Frankie begins to call out Benny’s name, and Bramblestar realizes he’s looking for his brother. He reveals his hiding spot and offers to help, and they trace back to where he was last seen. They approach a drain and Bramblestar jumps inside, finding Benny’s body. The leader drags him up to the surface, and says they’ll bury him for a proper farewell. The pair do so, and Bramblestar sits with Frankie in vigil, comforting the tom in his grief.
The two cats later return to ThunderClan’s camp, and are fussed over due to looking so ragged. Leafpool leaves to fetch Frankie some thyme for his shock, while Jessy thanks Bramblestar for what he did. The next morning, the leader wakes and leads a patrol along the top border. They follow some badger scent deeper into the forest, but a rook starts attacking Amberpaw. Jessy leaps up, grabbing the rook and killing it. Bramblestar and the patrol discover a rook’s nest further up a tree, but decide to leave it and return to camp.
When they return, Bumblestripe leads the leader to see Dovewing, who is calling out into the tunnels. He explains that she wants to be able to hear again, and the leader approaches the she-cat. Bramblestar reassures her that she hasn’t let her Clanmates down, and that perhaps their powers were taken away because they aren’t needed anymore. He then talks with Squirrelflight, letting her know what happened, and says he’s going to have a battle practice with the kittypets. However, before they can leave, Millie reports that fresh badger scent is near the top border. Bramblestar gathers some cats to investigate, and they find an abandoned battle scene soaked with blood. A ShadowClan patrol in the distance looks battered, having retreated from fighting. Tawnypelt spots ThunderClan cats and greets her brother, explaining what happened and asks for help.
Bramblestar’s mind whirls with thoughts as he returns to camp, and soon goes to sleep. He meets Yellowfang in a dream, who tells him that blood can bring strength. Bramblestar abruptly wakes and goes to talk to Jayfeather, telling him what he saw in his dream. He then goes back to sleep and peacefully rests until after dawn. Bramblestar calls a meeting with his deputy, medicine cats, and senior warriors, reporting the situation with the badgers. Once the meeting breaks up, he goes with several of the cats to investigate the badgers again. They don’t find anything, and return to camp. Squirrelflight and Bramblestar talk about their past, and how he feels he needs to help his sister. The deputy says that if he wants to fight on ShadowClan’s behalf, she’ll support him.
Bramblestar calls a Clan meeting, announcing that ThunderClan will help ShadowClan with the badgers if they’re not driven out in a quarter moon. Every cat but Squirrelflight and Jessy disagree, but he reminds himself that Clan leader’s word is law. The deputy breaks up cats into battle practice patrols, and Bramblestar joins with Brackenfur. They work together to teach their apprentices how to fight effectively against badgers, using Ivypool’s advice. He returns to camp to check on the other patrols, and learns they’ve done well. Two days later, the leader finds Tawnypelt while on patrol, and she informs him of ShadowClan’s attack plan in a few days. Bramblestar promises they’ll be there, and informs Squirrelflight of this. Later, he checks the water levels with Lionblaze, who announces that Cinderheart is expecting his kits.
Bramblestar rallies his Clan together, and then sets out with his chosen cats to fight the badgers. They race to the clearing and find that ShadowClan has already begun to attack, and the ThunderClan leader orders his warriors to do the same. Rowanstar says they didn’t ask for help, but Bramblestar retorts that they’ve got it. He sinks his claws into a badger, driving it away, and then turns to watch his Clanmates fight. The leader thinks they’ll win, but spots Tawnypelt about to be killed by a badger. Squirrelflight rescues her, and Bramblestar leaps back into battle. The leader and Jessy lure the badger to ShadowClan’s border stream, and jump onto a stump which keeps them above water. However, the badger is swept downstream, and they return to find Dustpelt has died. Bramblestar and Tawnypelt reunite, and he realizes that this has fulfilled the prophecy. ShadowClan leaves, with Rowanstar thanking them for the help, but saying they didn’t ask for it.
Two days later, the cats of ThunderClan lounge in the sun after the battle. Jessy and Millie report that the water has gone down, so they can get into the hollow. Bramblestar goes to see, and starts making plans to rebuild the dens. He amusedly watches the apprentices show the kittypets around camp, and agrees to let Brackenfur start making work patrols. That night, the leader dreams and Firestar appears, telling him of SkyClan. He reassures the tabby that he did the right thing with badgers, and notes to talk to Sandstorm more about SkyClan if he wants to hear. The leader wakes and talks to her, learning about her and Firestar’s journey.
Repairs to the hollow progress rapidly, and Bramblestar is pleased with the work done. He talks with Squirrelflight, who asks if Jessy will stay in ThunderClan permanently. The leader ponders this, wondering what it’d be like if the kittypet stayed and became his mate. Cloudtail and his patrol bring their catch to the hollow, and every cat hungrily eats their share. Bramblestar overhears the Clan’s chatter, learning that Dovewing and Bumblestripe aren’t mates anymore. At Squirrelflight’s suggestion, the leader holds Lilypaw’s warrior ceremony. He names her Lilyheart, and after, Sandstorm and Graystripe retire to become elders. Frankie decides to join ThunderClan permanently, and is given the name of Stormpaw with Squirrelflight as a mentor.
A ThunderClan patrol returns Minty home, where she joyously reunites with her Twolegs. They return to camp, and Bramblestar sees Squirrelflight teaching Stormpaw about the warrior code. He goes for a walk with Jessy, and the kittypet says she’s leaving, to leave him to find where his heart truly lies. Bramblestar is regretful, saying that she would have made a good warrior. She says she knows, and will go wherever her paws lead ner next, whether back to Twolegs or as a loner. They say goodbye and part ways.
Bramblestar wakes the next morning, watching his Clan go about their duties. Squirrelflight asks him who should go to the Gathering, and he names some cats to her. She agrees, and he thanks her for her support in these trying times. They briefly brush muzzles, but the deputy quickly moves away to go inform cats about the Gathering. Later that night, ThunderClan travels to the island, commenting about how much it’s been damaged. RiverClan and WindClan arrive, and Onestar suggests that they start since ShadowClan isn’t coming.
Cherryfall finds the memorial stick among the island wreckage, and the ThunderClan cats explain it to the other Clans. Mistystar and Onestar recount how they remember their fallen Clanmates, and Rowanstar arrives, adding ShadowClan as well. The clearing fills with the spirits of StarClan cats who had died in the battle. Bramblestar suggests an addition to the warrior code, one that says every Clan won’t leave each other to stand along in times of great trouble. The leaders agree, and yowls of enthusiasm break out. Bramblestar thinks that this new law will create a lasting legacy, one that will help many cats for moons to come.
In the manga adventure, Bramblestar then gives Stormpaw the warrior name of Stormcloud. After the ceremonies, the leader tells Squirrelflight that Lionblaze's kits will make fine warriors. He asks if she’s okay, but the she-cat snaps that she’s fine. Squirrelflight thinks that she's never felt like this before, and ThunderClan cannot have a weak deputy. The next morning, Squirrelflight is woken late by Bramblestar, and she apologizes. She goes to where battle training for the new apprentices are underway, watches them train with Bramblestar. After watching them try a move, she tries to demonstrate a trick, but loses her balance and falls. Bramblestar rushes over and asks her if she is alright and if she is hurt, making her visit the medicine den. Squirrelflight tells Leafpool she has been feeling unwell lately, and says that if she were any other she-cat, she'd bet Leafpool would say she should be headed for the nursery soon.
That night, Squirrelflight leaves camp, and is very scared. The she-cat turns to find Bramblestar, who follows her out. Suddenly, Yellowfang comes down from StarClan and says she lied to Squirrelflight. The medicine cat meows that she thought it was for the best, since she had to take care of Leafpool's kits. Yellowfang leaves, and Bramblestar asks what it was all about. Squirrelflight says it doesn't matter now, and says she isn't ill. He asks what's wrong, and she says nothing, adding that they’re going to have kits.

Tigerheart's Shadow

Bramblestar does not formally appear in Tigerheart's Shadow, but is listed in the allegiances.

In the Novellas

Tigerclaw's Fury

Bramblekit and Tawnykit are inside the nursery with Goldenflower when their father is banished from ThunderClan. Tigerclaw vows to come back for his kits, not wanting them to be raised in a Clan of weaklings.
During the fire, he hears that Bramblekit is still in the burning forest. Heading there to save his son, once he sees him on a branch, he realizes that he cannot get through the flames. Fireheart then appears and saves him. Tigerclaw reluctantly gives Fireheart credit for saving his son, but declares that he will still kill him.

Leafpool's Wish

Squirrelflight shares a mouse with Brambleclaw as she curls around his body. Squirrelflight has chosen Brambleclaw over Ashfur, and Leafpool wishes she chose Ashfur instead, as Leafpool saw Brambleclaw in the Dark Forest with Tigerstar as his mentor. Leafpool tells herself he is a loyal ThunderClan warrior, but cannot deny he has an evil father. Leafpool, however had an omen that Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight are destined to be together, and that helped Squirrelflight decide. Leafpool has treated Brambleclaw’s wounds from the Dark Forest and told Squirrelflight nothing, hoping he would leave Tigerstar behind and learn from the Clan. That night, Leafpool tries to dream to the Dark Forest to find out if Brambleclaw still goes to the Dark Forest, but dreams of StarClan instead.
One moon later, Brambleclaw has killed his half-brother Hawkfrost after he tried to kill Firestar, completing the prophecy of ‘Before there is peace, blood will spill blood, and the lake will run red.’ Leafpool also saw a vision that Brambleclaw is to be the new deputy of ThunderClan in place of Graystripe. As Leafpool treats Firestar, she reassures Brambleclaw has sorted the hunting patrols already. Brackenfur later agrees with Leafpool, saying Brambleclaw can manage the patrols. Leafpool asks if Firestar was right to make him deputy and declare Graystripe dead. Brackenfur hints that he thinks the Clan needed a deputy. Leafpool goes to treat Brambleclaw’s wound as he lies in the warriors’ den, obviously in pain. Leafpool thinks it’s his fault as he walked in the Dark Forest, but is still confused as to why he saved Firestar and killed Hawkfrost, and remembers the vision of claw bushes. She wonders why she still can’t trust him. Leafpool tells Brambleclaw he will heal faster if he rests, and he shrugs. Leafpool offers poppy seeds to help him sleep, but Brambleclaw refuses. He tells Leafpool she can trust him now, but Leafpool says it’s not her role to judge him. Brambleclaw explains he knows she saw him in the Dark Forest.
Leafpool says she can't pretend it didn’t happen. Brambleclaw cannot deny it, promising it won't happen again as the day before changed everything. He killed Hawkfrost, and he knows where his loyalties lie now. He is the deputy of ThunderClan, and ThunderClan is the only thing that matters to him. Leafpool suddenly lurches, and Brambleclaw asks what is wrong. Leafpool claims she swallowed mousebile before. Brambleclaw meows she needs some fresh air and to go as he is fine. Send Whitepaw with herbs later, and get one of the apprentices to sort the ticks. When Leafpool needs to go to the Moonpool, she tells Firestar that Brightheart can tend to Brambleclaw's wounds while she’s gone, and Brightheart agrees to this. Later, Squirrelflight is furious as Brambleclaw ordered her to fetch moss as if she’s an apprentice. Squirrelflight retorts he hasn’t stopped ordering around since he was made deputy. She rants to Leafpool, asking what Brambleclaw thinks he is, treating Squirrelflight as if she’s still wet behind her ears. When they find moss, she feels tempting to soak it then put it in Brambleclaw's nest.
Their argument is over quickly as they return from a dawn patrol, purring together. Brambleclaw goes to report to Firestar. Leafpool wants to go back to the Moonpool, so Squirrelflight goes to tell Firestar and Brambleclaw. When asked if Squirrelflight will pretend Leafpool’s kits are her own, Squirrelflight refuses as she would be lying to Brambleclaw and the rest of the Clan. Yellowfang tells Squirrelflight Brambleclaw will be a great father and leader someday, he needs kits to follow his pawsteps. Squirrelflight still refuses, saying she cannot lie to Brambleclaw and Firestar for the rest of her life. Leafpool travels away to give birth to her kits, and Squirrelflight tells Brambleclaw she’s going with Leafpool on her trip, telling him they are getting herbs far away. He tries convincing her otherwise but Squirrelflight claims Leafpool asked for her specifically. Brambleclaw still tries to persuade her still, and Squirrelflight teases she is sure he can sort patrols without her. Squirreflight finally decides to raise Leafpool’s kits as hers and Brambleclaw’s. Squirrelflight says these kits deserve good parents, and Brambleclaw and she can do that. Leafpool questions if Brambleclaw will truly love these kits, and if through Brambleclaw Tigerstar will haunt in their dreams. When they return to the camp with the kits, a cat announces to Brambleclaw that he is a father.

Hollyleaf's Story

Brambleclaw is mentioned by Ashfur during the storm that occurs at the lake. Ashfur threatens to kill Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather by pushing them into the fire because Squirrelflight chose Brambleclaw as a mate over himself. Squirrelflight reveals that Hollyleaf and her siblings are not her and Brambleclaw's kits, which shocks Hollyleaf.
While Hollyleaf decided to hide and check up on her old Clan, she saw Brambleclaw ordering Cinderheart, Lionblaze, Ivypaw, and Dovepaw to patrol the top of the hollow for any sign of foxes.

Mistystar's Omen

Brambleclaw does not formally appear in Mistystar's Omen, but is listed in the allegiances.

Dovewing's Silence

Brambleclaw announces that he is going to the Moonpool with Jayfeather to receive his nine lives. He leaves his deputy, Squirrelflight, in charge of ThunderClan.
Brambleclaw is mentioned in Dovewing's thoughts when Squirrelflight orders Cloudtail and Berrynose to stop working on the warriors' den. Squirrelflight orders the Clan to rest until Brambleclaw has returned, and Dovewing mentions in her thoughts that Brambleclaw would have his leader name when he returned.
After the warriors go to bury their dead Clanmates, Bramblestar returns to the hollow as night is coming, Jayfeather following closely behind. Dovewing notes that he looks as if his fur brown fur were glossy and lit by starshine, and his eyes shone. Squirrelflight welcomes him back, purring, and she also seems to be in awe. However, the new leader is concerned when he sees Birchfall, Thornclaw, Mousewhisker, and Blossomfall at the edge of the clearing. He calls out to them, asking if they had buried the dead along with the rest of the Clan. Squirrelflight leans over to whisper in his ear.
Later, Dovewing waits for Bramblestar to take action against the injustice of the growing differences between the former Dark Forest trainees and their regular Clanmates. However, he is very busy, and doesn't notice.
Blackstar and Rowanclaw come into the ThunderClan camp, and Bramblestar greets them, telling Blackstar, as he looks very frail, to sit down. The ShadowClan cats and Bramblestar discuss what needs to be done about the former Dark Forest trainees. Bramblestar says that he thought that it would be up to each Clan to decide what to do with the former Dark Forest cats, but he agrees to come to a meeting on the island used for Gatherings to discuss it.
After the ShadowClan cats leave, Bramblestar asks Dovewing to talk with him. He tells her that he wants her to go with him to the island the following night, along with Jayfeather and Lionblaze, as they knew most about the Dark Forest's plans. He concludes their talk with asking her to sleep and rest for the rest of the day.
Bramblestar leads the former Dark Forest trainees, and the Three to the island for the leaders' discussion. He sits with his Clan, instead of going over to sit with Blackstar. When he sees that ThunderClan has brought the most "traitors" out of all the Clans, he murmurs that most of the other Clans' Dark Forest trainees had died, so that is why there were more ThunderClan cats. The leaders discuss ways to deal with the "traitors" and finally, with the help of Mothwing, come to the conclusion that each cat should swear an oath of loyalty to the warrior code.
Back at the camp, Bramblestar calls a meeting, and each of the new cats swears an oath to the warrior code. Some cats are not very enthusiastic about allowing the "traitors" back into the Clan without any punishment.
After Sandstorm's coughing keeps the warriors awake, Berrynose asks Bramblestar to make Sandstorm sleep in the elders' den. Bramblestar asks Sandstorm what she thinks, and instead of sleeping in the elders' den, she opts to sleep in the apprentices' den, not wanting to disturb the elders.
Later on, Berrynose criticizes Bramblestar's choice of bringing Blossomfall and Thornclaw to the Gathering. Bramblestar is waiting for his Clan at the tree-bridge, and doesn't hear. Bramblestar says little during his speech, only about the rebuilding of dens, the borders, and the stocked fresh-kill-pile. At camp the following day, Bramblestar agrees about Briarlight moving to the warriors' den.
As sickness spreads through ThunderClan, Dovewing notices Bramblestar is very skinny, and he is probably not eating the fresh-kill he needs, giving it instead to his Clanmates.
Squirrelflight leads a patrol, which includes Bramblestar. Later, Bramblestar and the patrol head to find a fox, alerted by Molepaw and Cherrypaw. However, when they get there, they find that Dovewing's patrol has already taken care of it. Bramblestar tells Dovewing that he was told that the fox had left traces in ThunderClan territory, and was not in a fox trap, as Dovewing's patrol had found it. It is revealed that Molepaw and Cherrypaw hoped to scare Dovewing's patrol, which was made up of "traitors".
Bramblestar is furious, and, back at the camp, he calls a camp meeting to honor Ivypool, Blossomfall, Mousewhisker, Thornclaw, and Birchfall, who had fought the fox. He challenges anyone who still did not believe the cats are loyal. He continues, saying that if anyone still does not trust the cats, then the Dark Forest is winning, as it is dividing ThunderClan. His speech brings the Clan together.

Tawnypelt's Clan

Bramblestar does not formally appear in Tawnypelt's Clan, but is listed in the allegiances.. Tawnypelt briefly reflects how much she missed her brother when she first left ThunderClan to join ShadowClan.

In the Ravenpaw's Path arc

The Heart of a Warrior

Brambleclaw is part of the patrol that helps Ravenpaw and Barley get their barn back from the rogues. Ravenpaw states that he is an apprentice, which is a mistake because this was after Firestar and Sandstorm had gone to SkyClan. He was made a warrior before Firestar had left for the journey.
When they reach Ravenpaw and Barley's farm, Brambleclaw joins a hunting patrol with some of his Clanmates that have traveled with them, Cloudtail, Brackenfur and Brightheart. The next morning he fights the rogues along with the rest of the patrol. Brambleclaw obeys Firestar's order when Firestar tells them to retreat because there are too many rogues.
Brambleclaw is seen fighting alongside his Clanmates against the rogues when they launch their second attack. He leaves with the rest of the patrol once the rogues had left the barn for good.

In the Graystripe's Adventure arc

The Lost Warrior

Brambleclaw is seen rescuing ThunderClan and rogue cats before Graystripe's capture. He tries to get Brightheart out of her cage, however Graystripe takes over for him. He watches in horror as Graystripe is taken away from the forest.

In the Short stories and plays

After Sunset: The Right Choice?

Brambleclaw has a conversation with Leafpool by the lake. He accuses Leafpool of not trusting him, then admits that the events of the day had been his fault. Leafpool is shocked, but Brambleclaw goes on to point out that on his first day as ThunderClan deputy, he had to kill his brother, and much of the Clan believes he is bad luck because he had never trained an apprentice. Brambleclaw predicts that his Clanmates will from now on blame him for everything that goes wrong.

Beyond the Code: Brightspirit's Mercy

Brambleclaw said that during the harsh leaf-bare where only ThunderClan had enough prey to go around, the other Clans would be no threat to them because they were too weak. Later, he asks Jaypaw if any cats were mean to him at the Gathering, because he was acting very strangely. When Hollyleaf finds Jaypaw later, she says that Brambleclaw told her that he had been acting oddly during the Gathering.

Ultimate Leader Election: Firestar

He does not contribute majorly to the story, but is one of the cats who vote for Firestar to become temporary leader of all Clans throughout the hard leaf-bare.

In the Field Guides

Secrets of the Clans

He appears in the prophecy section to tell you the prophecy "Darkness, Air, Water, and Sky will come together... and shake the forest to its roots." That was when he figured out he had to make The Great Journey with Crowpaw, Feathertail, Tawnypelt, Stormfur, and Squirrelpaw.

Cats of the Clans

Rock tells the kits that being Tigerstar's son, Brambleclaw would always be forced to walk a path of light and shadow. He has spent his whole life trying to prove his loyalty to ThunderClan, from when he was trusted by Firestar to go to the sun-drown-place, to when he was one of the main leaders when the Clans were searching for a new home. However, he was tempted when his father Tigerstar who appeared in his dreams and told him that power was closer than he thought, and he even schemed with Hawkfrost for a short time. Even though he made the right decision in the end, Rock asks if his heart is truly pure. Rock admits that he knows the answer but will not reveal it because sometimes it's best to let time tell.
Brambleclaw is spoken of on Ashfur's page, saying that it was a shame Ashfur was only really known for fighting with Brambleclaw over Squirrelflight. Rock says that although Brambleclaw and Ashfur were once rivals for Squirrelflight's affections, it doesn't mean that Ashfur can't be a loyal warrior. Rock tells the kits that if they listened to Squirrelflight or Brambleclaw, Ashfur might seem like a trouble-maker, but he says that Ashfur has a story of his own. He is also mentioned on Squirrelflight's page, saying that her mate was always going to be Brambleclaw because he matches her fire, not containing it, even though at first he saw Squirrelflight as only a troublesome nuisance.

Battles of the Clans

Brambleclaw meets Onestar and the two kittypets at ThunderClan's camp, at first wondering if something is wrong. After Onestar explains why they are there, Brambleclaw welcomes them and gives an introduction to ThunderClan's style of fighting. He tells them that ThunderClan is the best at fighting in the thick undergrowth of the forest, with little space between trees for enemies to maneuver. He says that ThunderClan cats are very apt at stalking through the foliage without alerting enemies to their presence, and then they strike when the time is right, often with their most famous technique, the Lightning Strike. 

The Ultimate Guide

Brambleclaw is first mentioned on Cinderpelt's page. When it says how she hadn't obtained the same sensitivity to her warrior ancestors as the other medicine cats, it tells of how she had interpreted the fire and tiger prophecy to mean that Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight would unite to destroy the Clans, though instead they saved them by finding a new home. On Leafpool's section, it is mentioned how she had known that Brambleclaw would be a good deputy for ThunderClan, and that she watched him kill Hawkfrost, his half-brother. Squirrelflight convinced him that Leafpool's kits were his own.
He next appears on Squirrelflight's profile. She had joined Brambleclaw on the quest to the sun-drown-place while she was still an apprentice. During the journey, it seemed as though she were getting close to Stormfur, but it was really Brambleclaw she wanted. Ashfur fell in love with her, seeing her as the opposite of what Brambleclaw did. But she didn't return his feelings, as Brambleclaw would always be her match. She watched her mate raise Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather, but when the truth came out that they weren't their kits, Brambleclaw refused to forgive Squirrelflight for lying to him, and she accepted this as her punishment. After becoming leader, Brambleclaw made Squirrelflight his deputy due to his trust in her.
Brambleclaw's own page is featured. He was always going to walk a dark path, indecisive between the ambition he inherited from his father and loyalty to his Clan. He was the first chosen cat for the journey to Midnight, and Firestar's trust in him made it clear he wasn't to be judged for Tigerstar's wrongs. He led the group to the sun-drown-place and back, even after Feathertail's death. Firestar and the rest of the Clan leaders left to find their new home. However, during this time, Brambleclaw was also meeting his father in his dreams, feeding his ambition to lead ThunderClan and making plan with Hawkfrost to bring down the other Clans. But he soon realized his true loyalties when faced with the choice of letting Firestar die or saving him, and killed Hawkfrost, fulfilling Leafpool's prophecy as well as leaving Tigerstar. He enjoyed the challenge of raising his and Squirrelflight's kits, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather. Though his heart broke when it was revealed that he was not their father, but Crowfeather was instead, he continued to serve his Clan. But he understood deep down why Squirrelflight had done what she did, and he made her his deputy when he became leader.
Brambleclaw is brought up twice on Ashfur's profile, where it is said that Ashfur was hurt when Squirrelflight, whom he loved, chose Brambleclaw over him. His rivalry with his old friend, along with his affections for Squirrelflight, led him to his death. On his adopted son, Lionblaze's page, it is said that when Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight announced the arrival of him and his siblings, Firestar understood they were the cats to fulfill the prophecy. Lionblaze had the bravery of Brambleclaw's father, Tigerstar.
"Bramblestar's Nine Lives: The Return of Heroes", featured in The Ultimate Guide, reveals Bramblestar's nine lives. When Brambleclaw first arrives at the Moonpool he is accompanied by Jayfeather. Brambleclaw is seen to be excited and tired as he touches his nose to the water. He starts to get anxious by disruptive whispers, but realizes that they are just StarClan. Brambleclaw hears soft footsteps, and he turns around to see Jayfeather looking at him; Brambleclaw is surprised that the blind medicine cat can see. It is noted that he feels a flash of pride at looking at his adopted son. Brambleclaw sees a cat the color of flame, Firestar, in which he is shocked at how young the tom is. Firestar welcomes the new ThunderClan leader to StarClan and gives Brambleclaw his first life of courage. The next cat to step up is Brambleclaw's mother, Goldenflower. She gives him the life of understanding love of a mother, in which he thinks about his three adopted kits, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather.
Bluestar then gives Brambleclaw a life of clear judgement of character. She states how she didn't always possess it herself, apparently referring to how she failed to recognize Tigerstar's treachery, to which Brambelclaw reminds her that she found Firestar. Brambleclaw doesn't recognize Mousefur and she asks if he thought she'd be old and patch-furred forever. Mousefur gives him the life of listening to his elders, for taking advice even when it is not expected. Lionheart gives Brambleclaw his fifth life, one for having the greatest pride in his Clan. Then Ferncloud gives him a life for understanding that it is not only warriors who protect the Clan. She also tells him to watch over Dustpelt and her kits.
Cinderpelt, finally in StarClan, wakes him, then gives him the life of offering second chances. Feathertail, the eighth life-giver, talks to Brambleclaw a bit about them having been on the Great Journey together. Feathertail now resides in the Tribe of Endless Hunting, visiting to give him the life for exploring beyond the borders of his Clan. Brambleclaw's last life is from Ravenpaw, in which he gives the life of speaking out against injustice. The story ends with StarClan chanting his new name, Bramblestar, and Firestar saying that he will always be with him.
Brambleclaw is mentioned on his father, Tigerstar's section, which states that Tigerstar had walked in his and Hawkfrost's dreams until Brambleclaw found that his loyalties were to Firestar, and he killed his half-brother because of this. On Tawnypelt's profile, she is told to have been Brambleclaw's sister and was visited by Tigerstar just as her brother was, though she refused to train with them. She stayed friendly to her brother and although he never escaped their father, Tawnypelt did.
He is next referred to on Flametail's pages. It is briefly said that Flametail and his littermates were excited to meet Jaypaw, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze, as they were all kin because the three's father at the time, Brambleclaw, was their mother, Tawnypelt's brother. He is briefly mentioned on Crowfeather's profile to have raised Crowfeather's kits, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf as his own alongside Squirrelflight. It is noted on the page shared between Nightcloud and Breezepelt that the warmth and affection Brambleclaw showed to Jaypaw and Lionpaw made Breezepaw's fury with his father increase.
On Hawkfrost's bio, he is mentioned to be Brambleclaw's half-brother. He took up Tigerstar's idea for him to plot with a ThunderClan cat who disliked Brambleclaw to lead Firestar to his death, that cat being Ashfur. However, Brambleclaw was loyal to his leader and freed him, killing Hawkfrost in the process. Although not mentioned by name, it is mentioned on Stoneteller’s page that when six Clan cats first arrived on their way to the mysterious sun-drown-place, it seemed Stoneteller’s prophecy would be fulfilled. Although not mentioned by name again, it is mentioned on Crag’s page that when the journeying cats came to the mountains, Crag was one for the first to meet them. When Stormfur was made prisoner, Crag escorted the rest of them out of the territory and seemed to regret they could not have shared a friendship.
Brambleclaw is briefly noted on Sol's section to have led a patrol to find the loner due to him being suspected as the culprit of Ashfur's demise. Brambleclaw is last mentioned on Midnight the badger's page. He, Crowpaw, Feathertail, and Tawnypelt, accompanied by Stormfur and Squirrelpaw, left their Clans to search for her. They found her at the sun-drown-place, where she told them that the Clans would be destroyed if they didn't search out a new home by following the dying warrior, a falling star leading to the lake.
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