"I trained with the Dark Forest to become a stronger warrior. I needed some cat to believe in me, and the Dark Forest cats did - or at least they seemed to. But I wasn't fighting against the Clans. I'll always be a WindClan cat first. This battle with the stoats is my chance to prove myself."
— Breezepelt to Crowfeather about his loyalty in Crowfeather's Trial, page 364-365

Breezepelt is a lean[9] black tom with amber eyes.[10]

Breezepelt is a warrior of WindClan in the lake territories. Breezekit was born to Nightcloud and Crowfeather, along with two other siblings who died. Breezepaw became an apprentice and was given Whitetail as his mentor. He became increasingly arrogant and felt left out of his father's attention, and often started fights, and eventually believed his father hated him. He became a warrior, receiving the name Breezepelt. He developed a hatred towards Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather after it was revealed they were his half-siblings, attempting to murder them multiple times.

He trained in the Dark Forest, and his hatred toward his half-siblings and father grew stronger. During the Great Battle, he fought for the Dark Forest, however, they are defeated. After the battle, Crowfeather nearly disowned him and WindClan believed Breezepelt should be driven out, but Onestar insisted on giving him another chance. Breezepelt bravely fought the stoats on WindClan territory, especially after his mother disappeared after one of the battles. He and Crowfeather reconciled and he made amends with Lionblaze after saving him from the stoats. He became Heathertail's mate and had two kits named Smokehaze and Brindlewing, and later on, Woodpaw and Applepaw.


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Power of Three

"It had been obvious from the start that Breezepaw hadn't wanted to come to the mountains. And Crowfeather hadn't acted like he was glad to have him along. He didn't seem proud of anything Breezepaw did, unlike Brambleclaw, who made Hollypaw feel like the best warrior in ThunderClan when he praised her."
—Hollypaw thinking about Breezepaw Eclipse, page 14
Breezepaw is a WindClan apprentice and the only surviving kit from Crowfeather and Nightcloud's litter. He is a troublesome, confrontational, and aloof apprentice, and his mentor, Whitetail, has to frequently reprimand his attitude. His mother is fiercely protective of him, and remains at his side when he almost dies at the daylight-Gathering. This is a stark difference from his father who constantly argues with his son. Breezepaw also develops a rivalry with Lionpaw over Heatherpaw's feelings. Breezepaw teams up with Lionpaw, Hollypaw, Jaypaw and Heatherpaw to rescue Swallowkit, Sedgekit, and Thistlekit from the flooding tunnels.
Despite not wanting to, Onestar makes him and his father travel to the mountains to assist the Tribe. The two do not get along during the journey, and Hollypaw realizes Breezepaw's anger must stem from his father's lack of attention. He earns his warrior name, Breezepelt. When Hollyleaf reveals her true parents are Crowfeather and Leafpool, Breezepelt snarls at his father.

Omen of the Stars

"This has nothing to do with Brokenstar. Lionblaze should never have been born. None of them should. Hollyleaf is dead, now it's your turn, Lionblaze."
—Breezepelt's response to Ivypool and Lionblaze The Last Hope, page 308
Breezepelt gains an apprentice, Boulderpaw. He is openly scornful of his half-brothers, and insists they never should've been born. Fueled by his anger and hatred for his father, Breezepelt trains in the Dark Forest. Tigerstar promises Breezepelt he will succeed his vengeance on any cat with the Dark Forest's help. Breezepelt follows Jayfeather and Poppyfrost to the Moonpool and attempts to kill them with Brokenstar's help. During a fight with Lionblaze, Crowfeather breaks up the scuffle and Breezepelt hisses at him and stays at Nightcloud's side.
During the Great Battle, Breezepelt fights on the side of the Dark Forest and attacks his Clanmates. Ivypool, a fellow Dark Forest trainee, tries to reason with him, but Breezepelt is firmly set on his path. He attempts to kill Lionblaze, but Crowfeather attacks him. When Breezepelt argues that Crowfeather always hated him, Crowfeather denies it, adding that Nightcloud put those ideas into his head.

A Vision of Shadows

"He's hardly the cat to talk about trustworthiness!"
—Alderheart's thoughts on Breezepelt River of Fire, page 127
He and Heathertail become mates and have two daughters, Smokepaw and Brindlepaw. Breezepelt is defensive when the other Clans come to WindClan territory for lungwort. When Leafstar announces she has taken in Sleekwhisker and Yarrowleaf, Breezepelt yowls they are traitors. Several cats are unamused by the irony, and Bramblestar defends the two former Kin members. His daughters become warriors, Smokehaze and Brindlewing.

The Broken Code

—Breezepelt very out of character when the rock falls onto the ice and dents it Lost Stars, page page 194
He and Heathertail have another litter of kits, Applepaw and Woodpaw. He is among one of the many cats attempting to break through the Moonpool, and celebrates prematurely when the rock breaks through the ice.

Super Editions

This section summarizes Breezepelt's significant Super Editions appearances. If you're looking for a full list, find one here!

In Crowfeather's Trial, several of WindClan's warriors are still reluctant to accept Breezepelt back into the Clan after the Great Battle. Some cats even wish him to be exiled or killed, notably Gorsetail and Leaftail refuse to forgive him at all. Breezepelt, Nightcloud, and Crowfeather search the tunnels for the white creatures Hootpaw saw and are attacked by the sheer number of stoats. Nightcloud goes missing and is assumed dead. During her vigil, some cats believe Breezepelt caused her death. Breezepelt, grieving the loss of the only cat who loved him, drifts further away from his Clanmates.
Crowfeather finally recognizes the cat his son truly was, a scared and emotionally confused tom, and the two start to bond. Heathertail also becomes closer to Breezepelt. When Crowfeather discovers that Nightcloud is alive, he, Breezepelt and other WindClan cats rescue her from the Twolegplace. During the final battle with the stoats, Breezepelt saves Lionblaze's life and becomes critically injured. Kestrelflight saves him, and Breezepelt reconciles with his family.


This section summarizes Breezepelt's significant Novellas appearances. If you're looking for a full list, find one here!

In Dovewing's Silence, when the Clan leaders are decided what to do with the Dark Forest trainees, Onestar believes Breezepelt should be accepted back into the Clan due to WindClan's losses during the Great Battle. Blackstar disagrees, since Breezepelt betrayed his Clanmates, leader, and the warrior code. Bramblestar agrees, but Onestar insists he doesn't care why Breezepelt trained in the Dark Forest but trusts his loyalty now. Mothwing suggests the warriors should take a new oath, but Dovewing thinks that Breezepelt is anything but noble and doesn't wish for forgiveness for his actions.

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"Never stop to gloat!"
—Hazelpaw to Breezepaw Dark River, page 232

Jaypaw: "I go first!"
Breezepaw: "You're blind!"
Hollypaw: "And you can see perfectly well in the dark I suppose!"
—Breezepaw to Jaypaw Dark River, page 291

"Now what? Do you think you can led us back? Or did you just bring us here to show us this boulder? Let me guess, it's a special StarClan rock and it's going to tell us where the kits are."
—Breezepaw mocking Jaypaw Dark River, page 295

"And then there was the fight you provoked with the RiverClan patrol...They were not trespassing, they were not stealing prey, and Onestar didn't appreciate having to apologize to Mistyfoot for the trouble you caused...Breezepaw has many lessons to learn before he becomes a warrior."
—Tornear to Breezepaw and Squirrelflight Outcast, page 136
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"Sending you to StarClan isn't enough of a punishment. You need to know what it's like to have every cat in your Clan stare at you, whisper about you. You need to know that you're surrounded by lies and hatred and things that should never have happened."
—Breezepelt to Jayfeather The Fourth Apprentice, page 239

"Your mother betrayed my father as well as her Clan. You have no right to be a medicine cat. No right to even live among the Clans. I'll never forgive you for what you've done! Never!"
—Breezepelt snarling at Jayfeather The Fourth Apprentice, page 159

"Flametail screwed up his face, reminding himself that he was lucky to have such affectionate kin. Sometimes at Gatherings, he glimpsed Breezepelt eyeing Crowfeather and Nightcloud with undisguised rage."
—Narration Night Whispers, page 185

"We may be in the same Clan here, but I am not your Clanmate. You will be punished for this. Wait and see."
—Breezepelt threatening Ivypool The Forgotten Warrior, page 228

"She spotted Breezepelt, whose eyes were gleaming; she guessed that he knew exactly what was going on. He was digging his claws into the marshy ground, as if he were imagining ThunderClan cats beneath his paws."
—Ivypool watching Breezepelt The Forgotten Warrior, page 222

"Why would I leave the strongest Clan? My Clan wastes too much time looking after the sick and old. If you led us, we'd never have to beg another Clan for help again."
—Breezepelt about the Dark Forest The Last Hope, page 160

"Breezepelt was looking smug and Dovewing felt an urge to rake his ears. She was sure he hadn't wanted to be a better WindClan warrior. He had wanted power and strength, and that was all."
—Dovewing about why Breezepelt agreed to be trained by the Dark Forest. Dovewing's Silence, page 24

Crowfeather: "You know, Heathertail isn't listening. You don't have to act tough."
Breezepelt: "Are you trying to tell me you’ve never done the same?"
Crowfeather: "Well...I can't remember a specific time. But I'm sure I must have acted tough to impress a she-cat at some point."
Breezepelt: "I feel guilty, thinking only of Heathertail and my feelings for her. There's so much else going on in the Clan, and we've lost Nightcloud..."
Crowfeather: "Maybe that means you truly love Heathertail. There's nothing wrong with that...You'll be okay, provided you make less of a mess of things than I did."
Breezepelt: "That wouldn't be hard!"
—Breezepelt and Crowfeather about Heathertail Crowfeather's Trial, page chapter 16

"They're murderers!"
—Breezepelt about Darktail's rogues Thunder and Shadow, page chapter 11

Breezepelt: "She's disloyal!"
Squirrelflight: "That's not true!"
Breezepelt: "And it's not the first time.You raised your sister's half-Clan kits and told your Clanmates and Bramblestar they were your own! You're a liar."
Bramblestar: "We came here to talk to the Sisters, not rake up old bones."
Breezepelt: "We didn't expect to find your deputy here, mixing with the enemy! Squirrelflight's disloyal. She's been disloyal before. She can't be trusted!"
Squirrelflight: "You don't get to lecture me on loyalty! Who did you fight for in the battle with the Dark Forest?"
Crowfeather: "We can listen to Squirrelflight’s explanation later."
—Breezepelt's anger at Squirrelflight from seasons on Squirrelflight's Hope, page chapter 23

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