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Breezepelt is described as ornery, vindictive, bitter, and brutal.[1]
Driven by his mother's coddling and father's indifference, Breezepelt gained a dangerous arrogance. He was determined to prove he was better than others, especially insecure with the rumors of Crowfeather's disloyalty[2] to the point he would insult those who saved his life, having a mentality he could do it independently.[3] As an apprentice, he was controlling of his peers and disrespected all authority. Most of his Clanmates struggled with his difficult behavior, only a select few able to connect to him. He was dedicated and defensive of those close to him.[4] Only on rare, good days was he able to loosen up and have fun.[5] He'd bully cats he considered inferior to him, including those with impure Clan blood or vulnerable Clan cats, such as the blind Jayfeather.[6] He'd quickly resort to violence to protect his or WindClan's reputation, even against orders.[7]
The discovery of his half-Clan siblings drove Breezepelt to new extremes. With a mixture of his personal anger and prejudice against outsiders, he believed they didn't have the right to exist, and attempted to murder them multiple times.[8] He held deep grudges against all cats he believed had wronged him, especially his father. The Dark Forest appealed to his brokenness and he readily trained with them, being one of the few trainees to understand their true nature. He relished in the idea of taking down the Clans and punishing every cat who hurt him.[2] Breezepelt was willing to sacrifice unconnected cats in the name of his end goal, such as covering up Antpelt’s murder,[9] or killing the innocent bystander, a pregnant Poppyfrost.[10]
Initially, he remained smug about his part in the Great Battle, taking Onestar's forgiveness for granted.[11] After the harsh criticism from his Clanmates, Breezepelt was forced to confront his wrongdoings. At first, he was defiant against any mention of his crimes or potential punishment, to the point where he almost attacked ThunderClan warriors at a Gathering when they accused him of murdering Nightcloud, claiming they were as troublesome as the trainees. His mother's supposed death gave him an insatiable bloodlust, impulsively wanting to kill every stoat, similar to how he acted in the Great Battle. Declaring he didn't need anyone, Breezepelt attacked at every chance. He did this even if meant going against orders or endangering himself and his fellow warriors. While his Clanmates were occasionally frightened of him, they recognized he was finally directing his violent tendencies towards a good cause. Starting to see the pointlessness of Nightcloud's revenge since it wouldn't make her return, Breezepelt shifted between depression and angry outbursts. He grew frustrated with Crowfeather, who was losing hope that his mother was alive.
With Heathertail and Crowfeather defending him against his Clanmates' disapproval, Breezepelt was remotivated to overcome his tainted image. Risking his life for WindClan, Breezepelt journeyed to find Nightcloud and volunteered for dangerous missions. While he was still scornful towards Lionblaze, he briefly placed that aside to save him from the stoats. When Lionblaze questions him, he only manages an awkward half-hearted apology, never directly acknowledgig his murder attempt or saying sorry. However, this gets Crowfeather's approval, allowing the two to reconcile. Breezepelt never admits his crimes against Jayfeather or Poppyfrost.[12]
Moving on from his past, Breezepelt swore to be a better father and mate than Crowfeather. Finding happiness in Heathertail, he proudly raised their four daughters,[13] though has yet to let go of the past entirely, still holding resentment towards certain individuals, such as Squirrelflight.[14] While refraining from committing more crimes, Breezepelt maintained much of his previous attitude, being aggressive towards trespassers and condescending towards non Clan-born cats.[15][16] He is against the closer Clan allegiances in the modern times, insisting they've always fought, and is reluctant to take orders from rival leaders.[17]
Breezepelt refocused his fierce passion for getting justice, beginning to display concern for the Clans as a collective, not just his loved ones. Often doubtful of other's ideas, Breezepelt is president that his strategies are the best. He could go too far, lacking empathy for repenters and insisting on harsh methods despite being hypocritical.[18] He is impatient when dealing with threats, being vocal against Squirrelflight's wishes to keep her mate's body alive. Instead, he wished to get the impostor's execution over with quickly.[19]



"Listening to him, Crowfeather remembered the terrible moment in the battle when Breezepelt had attacked Lionblaze. That hadn’t been the action of a traitor, he realized now, but of a cat driven to desperation by his sense of failure and isolation. Now, looking at Breezepelt’s determined face, Crowfeather felt a wave of tenderness wash over him. He could see in his son something of the innocent kit—so eager for new challenges and adventures—that Nightcloud had first presented to him, before it had all gone wrong."
—Crowfeather understanding his son Crowfeather's Trial, page chapter 28
Breezepelt is Crowfeather’s son, siren to prove his loyalty to WindClan.[2] Due to his past failed relationships, Crowfeather struggled to connect with his WindClan son. At first, Crowfeather attempted to be close to Breezekit, even refusing to leave him when he once got sick.[20] However, he made mistakes, such as playing too roughly, eventually making the protective Nightcloud push Crowfeather away from his son. This caused him to give up and become withdrawn.[21]
As Breezepaw’s defiant personality developed, it clashed with Crowfeather’s strict parenting, creating a strained relationship,[22] though he still wouldn’t hesitate to save his son.[23] Crowfeather grew weary of constantly scolding Breezepaw’s bad behavior, making him prone to harshness and lack of affection. Due to this, Breezepelt assumed his father hated him, conflicted between anger and desire for approval.[24] Considering Crowfeather the source of the family's issues, he would never allow him to shift blame onto Nightcloud. [25]
The tensions between them reached new heights when it was exposed Crowfeather had half-Clan kits. Initially he disowned them in favor of claiming Breezepelt was his only kit.[26] Breezepelt didn't believe him, considering them his father's disgrace, therefore not having the right to exist. Spurred on by the Dark Forest, Breezepelt tried killing them several times.[27] When Crowfeather stopped one of those attempts, he finally acknowledged Leafpool’s kits. Crowfeather admitted his feelings to Breezepelt, denying he hated him and he regretted not doing more. Despite this, Crowfeather held Breezepelt responsible for his actions as a grown warrior, chasing him away.[28]
After the Great Battle, Crowfeather almost disowned Breezepelt,[29] though with the encouragement of others, attempted to understand him instead.[30] After multiple redeeming acts such as saving Lionblaze and finding Nightcloud, Crowfeather concluded Breezepelt wasn’t a traitor, but simply emotionally confused.[31] The two went on better terms, able to remain calm in each other’s presence, with Breezepelt swearing to be a better mate and father than Crowfeather.[32]


Breezepelt: "We never would have given up on you."
Nightcloud: "I know you never would."
—Breezepelt talking to Nightcloud Crowfeather's Trial, page 217
Breezepelt loves his mother, and she was often the only cat he got along with.[33] She raised Breezepelt by herself, and told him all about his father’s unfaithfulness.[34] Breezepelt would do anything for Nightcloud.[33]


"Crowfeather caught a questioning look from Nightcloud, and responded with a nod. Yes, this will be the mother of our son's kits. Breezepelt was lucky, he reflected, to have such a strong warrior in his life, so loyal to him and to their Clan."
—Crowfeather's thoughts about Heathertail Crowfeather's Trial, page chapter 32
Breezepelt and Heathertail quickly grow fond of each other during WindClan’s situation with the stoats, and Heathertail is able to curve his aggressive personality.[35] Eventually, Breezepelt and Heathertail become mates, having many kits, and Breezepelt is proud to be a father.[36]

Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf

"This has nothing to do with Brokenstar. Lionblaze should never have been born. None of them should. Hollyleaf is dead, now it's your turn, Lionblaze."
—Breezepelt's response to Ivypool and Lionblaze The Last Hope, page 308
Breezepelt hated his father’s other kits, and tries to kill them many times.[27] The Dark Forest uses his hatred for his kin to get him to join them, and Breezepelt even attacks Jayfeather at the Moonpool with the help of Brokenstar.[37] In the Great Battle, Breezepelt tries to kill Lionblaze and laughs at the sight of Hollyleaf’s dead body.[28] However, Breezepelt's relationship with his paternal half-brothers somewhat improves when he saves Lionblaze from the stoats in the tunnels. Breezepelt's redemption is part of the reason why Jayfeather gives their father an herb to cure Breezepelt.[12]

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