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"She never lost her courage or her sense of humor. She was a very special cat, and we'll both miss her. Not because we looked after her, but because she was our friend."
Alderheart after Briarlight's death in River of Fire, pages 212-213

Briarlight is a sleek-furred[7] dark brown she-cat[3] with sky-blue eyes.[8]

Briarlight was a ThunderClan warrior under Firestar's and Bramblestar's leaderships in the lake territories, although she was unable to perform her warrior duties after a falling tree broke her spine, paralyzing her hindquarters. However, Briarlight remained determined, assisting in the medicine cats' den and performing exercises to keep her chest clear. She was born as Briarkit to Millie and Graystripe alongside her siblings, Blossomkit and Bumblekit, and as Briarpaw, she was apprenticed to Thornclaw. Though she could not become a regular warrior due to her injuries, she earned her warrior name, Briarlight. She continued to be optimistic throughout her life and had a close friendship with Jayfeather and her siblings, despite Millie constantly fussing over her. When a belly sickness broke out in ThunderClan, Briarlight succumbed to it, much to the medicine cats' dismay. She passed away with her family and loved ones around her and ascended to StarClan, where her body was healed, allowing her to run free like she always dreamed of.


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Power of Three

"She’s going to die, isn’t she?... And I’ll never see her again, ‘cause I don’t know the way to StarClan."
―Briarkit to Leafpool about Millie Long Shadows, page 159
Briarkit is born to Graystripe and Millie along with her siblings, Bumblekit and Blossomkit. Millie catches whitecough, and the illness spreads to Briarkit, soon worsening into greencough. They are moved to the abandoned Twoleg nest along with the other sick cats and barely survive the illness. After returning to camp, Briarkit is almost attacked by a snake, but Honeyfern saves her, dying of the snake's bite.

Omen of the Stars

"We’ll find a way for you to be useful, I promise. You are different. Because you’re more determined and braver than any cat I know."
―Cinderheart encouraging Briarlight Sign of the Moon, page 171
Briarpaw has been apprenticed to Thornclaw. She and her littermates pass their warrior assessment, but before receiving a warrior name, Briarpaw is paralyzed by a falling tree in ThunderClan's camp after attempting to save Longtail from it. Despite being confined to the medicine den, she is granted the warrior name, Briarlight. Her condition worsens, and because her lower body is paralyzed, she cannot perform warrior duties. Briarlight is visited regularly by Millie, though the frantic mother fears that Briarlight's treatment is only extending her suffering. After Briarlight admits to feeling guilty about being no use to the Clan, Jayfeather allows her to become his assistant.

A Vision of Shadows

"She was good to me when I was a kit. I was scared, and missing my sister, and everything here was strange. But Briarlight made me feel I was helping her, so it was like I belonged."
―Twigbranch about Briarlight after her death River of Fire, page 212
Briarlight continues to assist in the medicine cats' den. She befriends the restless Twigkit, playing with the kit often to keep her out of the medicine cats' way, and after Twigkit falls into the lake, Briarlight keeps the young kit warm. When Twigpaw goes missing, Briarlight is concerned for her safety and is relieved when she returns. After Blossomfall has her kits, Briarlight is jittery with excitement for her sister. However, soon after a sickness sweeps through ThunderClan, Briarlight is moved to the nursery for her safety. But Briarlight catches the sickness, and to all of ThunderClan’s dismay, she dies not long after. The Clan holds a vigil honoring her memory.

Super Editions

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"I'm fed up with being treated as if I'm special! I just want to be like every other cat."
―Briarlight to Bramblestar Bramblestar's Storm, page 35
In Bramblestar's Storm, she feels useless among her Clan during the mass flooding, as she cannot help. Bramblestar feels pity over her, knowing how determined she was. Briarlight eventually admits to Bramblestar that she wants to be treated normally, instead of every cat treating her special.
In Squirrelflight's Hope, Squirrelflight meets Briarlight, her spine now healed, in StarClan. Able to properly walk, Briarlight spends her time playing with Juniperkit and Dandelionkit, now at peace and free from suffering.

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Briarlight's warrior ceremony
Firestar: StarClan honors your courage and spirit. I name you Briarlight.
Everyone: Briarlight! Briarlight!
Reference: Fading Echoes, page 176


Briarlight's parents are Millie and Graystripe. Her littermates are Blossomfall and Bumblestripe. For more of Briarlight's family, click here!



Did you know that Briarlight was the first born in her litter? For more trivia about Briarlight, click here!


Jayfeather: "You couldn't feel my claws, could you?"
Briarpaw: "No."
Jayfeather: "Your backbone is broken; there's no pain because there's no feeling past the break. I'm sorry."
Briarpaw: "Why? If I can't feel pain, surely that's a good thing?"
Jayfeather: "You won't ever be able to feel pain in your legs again. You won't ever feel anything in your legs again."
—Briarpaw and Jayfeather Fading Echoes, pages 173-174

Jayfeather: "So no appetite, eh?"
Briarlight: "No."
Jayfeather: "Liar."
Briarlight: "What?"
Jayfeather: "You might be able to fool Millie, but not me. Do you really think it's fair to make her worry just because you've gotten it into your head that you don't deserve food because you can't hunt?"
Briarlight: "What are you talking about?"
Jayfeather: "I know you think you're being fair. But it's not that simple."
—Briarlight and Jayfeather arguing Night Whispers, pages 144-145

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"The Clan brings you fresh-kill because they think you deserve it, and because looking after their Clanmates is what makes them warriors. They are proud to help you."
―Jayfeather to Briarlight when she's feeling guilty Night Whispers, page 146

Briarlight: "I wanted to look for herbs, to help Leafpool and Brightheart while Jayfeather is away. I just want to be useful! I know I'm not going to get better. But I-"
Cinderheart: "You don't know that. It's early days yet."
Briarlight: "I know. And I have to find a way to live like this, as half a cat."
Bumblestripe: "You're not half a cat. You're just...different."
Briarlight: "Yeah, but not in a good way. And I can't see why the Clan should care for me when I don't contribute anything. I'm not an elder; I haven't had a lifetime of hunting and fighting that needs to be rewarded. I'd only just become a warrior!"
Cinderheart: "We'll find a way for you to be useful, I promise. You are different. Because you're more determined and braver than any cat I know."
—Briarlight talking to Cinderheart Sign of the Moon, pages 170-171

"Thank you! I promise I'll be useful. I can wake everyone up for dawn patrols, and check nests for thorns while you're out. There's no reason I can't have duties of my own now. I am a warrior, after all!"
―Briarlight showing enthusiasm at being able to help the warriors Dovewing's Silence, page chapter 7

Leafpool: "We're doing laps today. I think Briarlight is getting faster."
Briarlight: "I'm not getting faster. You're getting slower."
Leafpool: "Why don't you wait until the hunting patrols return?"
Alderheart: "I hate to waste prey."
Briarlight: "Waste it while you can. Leaf-bare's coming. You'll have plenty of time to eat stale prey then."
Alderheart: "Thanks. But I'm so hungry, this old mouse will probably still taste sweet."
Leafpool: "Just one more lap. Let's see if you can get around without stopping this time."
Briarlight: "You're the one who keeps stopping. Do you have to speak to every cat in camp?"
—Briarlight, Leafpool, and Alderheart Darkest Night, page 68

"In ThunderClan, we had a cat with a broken spine. She's the most cheerful cat in the Clan."
―Twigpaw to Finpaw about Briarlight Darkest Night, page 103

"I can't believe this is happening. She was always so strong, so brave..."
―Graystripe about Briarlight as she is dying River of Fire, page 209

Twigpaw: "Oh, Briarlight. Good-bye. You were so kind to me when I was a kit."
Briarlight: "We had... some good times."
Millie: "Oh, precious one, don't leave us. Please don't leave us."
Briarlight: "Don't... worry about me, Millie. I shall... run and hunt again... in StarClan."
—Briarlight's last words River of Fire, page 210

Jayfeather: "This is my fault. I must have given her the sickness when I went into the nursery to deliver Ivypool's kits. I should never have gone near her."
Alderheart: "It's not your fault. Ivypool and her kits might have died without a medicine cat to help. Besides, you could just as well say that Leafpool and I were responsible. We shouldn't have left you as the only medicine cat in camp."
Jayfeather: "We all thought Ivypool had a few more days to go. But that doesn't change the fact that Briarlight got the sickness from me. And I couldn't help her. No cat could help her. Oh, StarClan, what good are we?"
Alderheart: "You did your best. You gave her seasons of life with the routines and the exercises you worked out for her."
Jayfeather: "I wish I could have healed her."
Alderheart: "So do I. I blame myself ... I should have realized how weak she was getting."
Jayfeather: "No. You're a fine medicine cat. None of us saw this coming."
—Alderheart and Jayfeather blaming themselves for Briarlight's death River of Fire, pages 210-211

Twigpaw: "She was good to me when I was a kit. I was scared, and missing my sister, and everything here was strange. But Briarlight made me feel I was helping her, so it was like I belonged."
Graystripe (speaking for him and Millie): "We were so proud of her. She was strong and brave, and even though she couldn't walk, she always had the heart of a warrior."
Blossomfall: "That's true. I only hope my kits will inherit some of Briarlight's optimism and determination."
Jayfeather: "She never gave up. She never-"
Alderheart (speaking for Jayfeather too): "She never lost her courage or her sense of humor. She was a very special cat, and we'll both miss her. Not because we looked after her, but because she was our friend."
Leafpool: "May you find good hunting, swift running, and shelter when you sleep."
—ThunderClan mourning Briarlight River of Fire, pages 212-213

"She gave so much to the Clan, and we'll all miss her, but I know she'll be able to run again in StarClan."
―Alderheart thinking about Briarlight a quarter moon after her death River of Fire, page 230

"She was such an amazing cat. I sometimes think she had more courage than the rest of the Clan put together. I'll never forget her. I just wish I could have been there to say good-bye to her."
―Dovewing after she finds out Briarlight died River of Fire, pages 262-263

"When her littermates received warrior names, Briarlight was given one too, a reflection of her fierce-burning spirit, a recognition of the unimaginably difficult and unique apprenticeship that she had served."
―Narrator about Briarlight The Ultimate Guide, page 49

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