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In the Power of Three arc


Briarkit is born to Graystripe and Millie, along with her brother and sister, Bumblekit and Blossomkit. While in the nursery, her father suggests the she-cat's name, and welcomes his kits to ThunderClan.
During the battle between ThunderClan and WindClan, Briarkit and her siblings, along with Mousefur, Rosekit, Toadkit, and Longtail, are hidden in Firestar's den. Her mother carries her there, the she-kit dangling wide-eyed from her jaws.Hollypaw feels pity, wanting to let Briarkit know that it isn't always like this. Once in the den, Millie tries to comfort her kits, saying that it's cool that they're in the leader's den. When the battle ends, Graystripe takes Briarkit from Millie and carries her into the nursery.
Shortly after, Millie starts to develop a hacking cough. Briarkit squeaks angrily when the vibration of her mother's coughs startle her away. It detaches her from feeding, and she squirms back for more milk. During Hollypaw, Lionpaw, and Cinderpaw's warrior ceremony, Millie drops Briarkit at Mousefur's paws. She asks the elder to watch her while she fetches the other two, her voice hoarse. Millie's cough develops into whitecough, which eventually gets worse and prevents her kits from nursing well.

Long Shadows

Jaypaw visits Millie in the nursery to find that her cough is worse, and that Briarkit has started to catch her mother's illness. He promises to bring some herbs for her, and wonders whether they should be moved to the medicine den. Jaypaw reports this to Leafpool, and she continues to check on the pair and deliver them herbs. As it gets worse, Briarkit is moved to the medicine den, though her mother stays behind to feed Blossomkit and Bumblekit. They give her the last scraps of catmint, and then Jaypaw and Poppyfrost go out to collect more. However, they bring back very little, and Millie insists on giving it all to Briarkit. The she-cat joins her kit in the medicine den, looking gauntly ill. Leafpool refuses and says that she has already worsened and developed greencough.
Millie tries her best to feed Briarkit, though weak herself. Leafpool hesitates to leave camp for the medicine cat half-moon meeting due to the greencough, so Jaypaw goes by himself. While Millie is getting some fresh air, Briarkit weakly tries to play with Millie, asking her if she can act like a mouse so she could catch her. She ends her question with a bout of coughing, and Jaypaw tells her that he has brought fresh bedding that she can have a nice sleep in. Briarkit protests, saying that she doesn't want to sleep. Jaypaw insists that she does, because it'll make her feel better. He helps Millie back into the den, and shoos Briarkit in beside her.
Later, she fears that her mother will die because of the sickness ravaging ThunderClan. She sadly wails that if Millie does die, she will never see her mother again, as she does not know the way to StarClan. Leafpool reassures her that if something were to happen, Millie would come and get Briarkit when it is time for her to go. They move to the abandoned Twoleg nest with the other cats who had caught greencough. Leafpool carries her there, but the tiny kit looks almost dead. As Millie is getting close to the edge of death, Briarkit nuzzles into her belly for milk. The kit can't find any, and Honeyfern nudges her away. The warrior encourages her to eat a mouse, but Briarkit refuses and wails that she wants her mother.
Once more catmint replenishes ThunderClan's stores, Briarkit improves along with the other cats sick with whitecough. Mille and Briarkit are the last to leave the abandoned Twoleg nest, with Graystripe proudly padding alongside them. The kit bounds ahead of them and meets Daisy, and then turns to play with the other kits.


Jayfeather brings Briarkit and Millie some tansy, since they're still recovering from greencough. He later comes in to check her and her denmates for ticks, he finds one in Briarkit fur and spears it with his claw. The medicine cat says that he'll have Foxpaw and Icepaw change their bedding, and then turns to look at her littermates.
In the clearing, Briarkit plays with her siblings beside the hollow wall. She rolls over, and then jumps up to stretch on her hind paws. Moments later, a snake appears from the crack in the wall, rearing up behind the kit to strike. Honeyfern, who is lying beside Berrynose, sees the snake and bundles the kit away before it can hurt her. However, the snake then bites Honeyfern instead, and she dies from the snake's venom. Briarkit is shocked at what happens and cowers at the base of the rocks. Millie leads her away, wrapping her tail around the kit. Afterwards, Leafpool checks on Briarkit and decides to give her a poppy seed to soothe her nerves.
After the events that take Honeyfern's life, Leafpool decides that they should leave a trap for the snake using deathberries. Briarkit soon learns from Leafpool that these are deadly when eaten by cats, and that she and the other kits need to stay far away from them. The she-kit agrees to stay away, and she and the other kits are cautious of the deadly berries.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Briarpaw has been apprenticed to Thornclaw. Jayfeather briefly remembers how a few days ago, Briarpaw had raced into camp to announce that Firestar had been attacked by a fox. Without thinking, Jayfeather sends her out to find Leafpool, which makes the apprentice gasp. Jayfeather grabs a few stems of horsetail and hurries over to the ShadowClan border, not responding. By the time Briarpaw has tracked down the former medicine cat, Firestar has already lost a life.
When Lionblaze tries to test Dovepaw's abilities, Sandstorm appears, along with Leafpool, Bumblepaw, and Briarpaw, carrying bundles of moss. When they are on their way back to camp, she complains of being covered in mud. Leafpool tiredly responds that they all are, but after the water is delivered they can go rest and lick it off. During the Clan meeting about sending cats to solve their water problem, Briarpaw sits with her littermates.
While on patrol, she tells Ivypaw to stop being so grumpy, since no cat put ants in her pelt. The silver and white she-cat snaps that she'd be grumpy too if her littermate got to go off and save the Clans. Cinderheart announces that they're all doing battle training today, and she volunteers to help the new apprentice, proudly stating that she will be having her final assessment soon. Her mentor, Thornclaw, reminds her that she still has three moons to go, and needs to work on a leap and twist move. Briarpaw refuses to be put down, cheerfully saying that's okay.
She, along with her siblings and Ivypaw, are given a lesson on herbs by Jayfeather. Briarpaw asks if cobwebs would be needed if a cat stepped on a sharp stone, but he replies that they're only needed if the skin is broken.
When Lionblaze and Dovepaw return from their quest, she is play-fighting with her siblings. They tussle with each other as the older warriors follow behind more slowly. Later, Briarpaw shows Dovepaw how the apprentices have fixed up her nest with gray feathers to make it extra comfortable. They say that she's a hero, and the younger she-cat thanks them, knowing it must've taken a while.

Fading Echoes

Briarpaw and Blossompaw help Graystripe repair the nursery, plugging gaps in the brambles with dead leaves. The older warrior chastises them to keep working, and not play. Later, Lionblaze runs into Briarpaw and Bumblepaw in the forest, dragging a fat rabbit between them. She boasts that she caught it, but acknowledges her brother blocked its escape. They start to play fight, but Blossompaw bounds up, asking why they left without her. Bumblepaw meows that he thought she went back to camp, and Briarpaw adds that it was so she could moon over Toadstep some more. The three happily go back to camp with their rabbit, paws skidding against the leaves.
Another day, Briarpaw goes on a border patrol with her mentor Thornclaw. Despite the rain, she's excited, and slews a wave of muddy water against Dovepaw's pelt. She is cheered by her denmate's enthusiasm, and both dart out of camp. Briarpaw wonders if Firestar will mention ShadowClan's trespassing at the Gathering, and Graystripe replies that he doesn't see why not. They cross the stream over a fallen log, and Briarpaw purrs when Lionblaze loses his balance. Soon after, she discovers Tigerheart's scent on ThunderClan territory. They confront a ShadowClan patrol, but eventually decide to go back to camp instead of staying in the rain.
At the next Gathering, Briarpaw and Blossompaw attend with Firestar's patrol. They race ahead of their Clanmates onto the island, chattering excitedly. However, both are admonished by Squirrelflight for their immaturity when Blossompaw climbs the Great Oak. After the leaders share their news, Briarpaw and her sister leave to hang out with a group of ShadowClan and RiverClan apprentices. Later, Briarpaw and her littermates have their warrior assessment. She is assessed by Cinderheart and Mousewhisker, and bounds out of camp on the she-cat's command. All three littermates pass their assessment and are very excited.
When the tree falls into the clearing, Mousefur wants a mouse, thinking she should try to not waste prey because she believes that it will make StarClan angry. Longtail races back into camp to get it, and Briarpaw follows, calling for him to come back. They become trapped below a tree that has just fallen while the rest of the Clan gets out. Once it's safe, a rescue group comes back into camp and forces their way into what's left of the elders' den. Lionblaze finds Longtail dead, but Briarpaw is still barely alive. Her hind legs had been bruised by the tree. They create a set of wood props to try and lever the tree upwards, leaving room for Briarpaw to escape.
However, just the props aren't enough, and Lionblaze presses his back against the tree, lifting it. Graystripe grabs his daughter and escapes from the den, and the golden tom follows once they're clear. Millie rushes over to her daughter, and both parents stand worriedly nearby as Jayfeather approaches. Leafpool helps him treat her, and they prepare thyme for the shock. Briarpaw flutters to consciousness, murmuring that she can't move her hind legs. They give her the thyme, and then some comfrey leaves. Briarpaw stares at her parents, asking why she can't feel her hind legs. This frustrated Jayfeather, since he doesn't know the issue, and Lionblaze realizes that if she can't feel her legs, she can't walk or run.
As the camp is being repaired, Briarpaw recovers in the medicine den. She wakes up, continuing to ask why she can't feel her legs. Millie stays with her most of the time curled around her daughter. The medicine cat advises her to hide her fear, because Briarpaw will pick up on it. Jayfeather is confused as to why Briarpaw's legs don't work, not having dealt with it before. Leafpool advises him to ask Littlecloud about it, since he once had a similar case. Jayfeather travels to ShadowClan's camp with Squirrelflight and tells the other medicine cat what happened.
Littlecloud says that his patient, Wildfur, was injured when a burrow caved in on him. His hind legs were bruised, but he couldn't move them because his backbone had been broken. Wildfur had later died, not from his injury, but because he had a severe cough and his lungs filled up with fluid from sitting in his nest all the time. Back at camp, Jayfeather tests whether Briarpaw's backbone is broken. He does this by nipping the skin near her backbone, starting at her neck and slowly moving down until she cannot feel his nips beyond the break. He realizes that she'll never walk or ever feel anything in her legs. Jayfeather tells Briarpaw and Millie of Wildfur, and the light gray tabby is horrified. However, the medicine cat says that they can keep Briarpaw alive, and that she doesn't have to die. The apprentice brightens a bit at this, clueless about the hard work it will take.
Later, she receives her warrior name, Briarlight. Her brother and sister become Bumblestripe and Blossomfall. The Clan slowly becomes accustomed to her injury, and she's grateful to not have them stare. She takes medicine to help her breathing and she and Jayfeather work on exercises every day, to help her forelegs get stronger and to keep her lungs from filling with fluid. Briarlight insists that she can go and fetch her own prey every day, and plays with Cherrykit and Molekit, Poppyfrost and Berrynose's kits, whenever she can. When Ivypaw talks to Bumblestripe, they talk about how his sister drags herself around with her front paws, hind legs splayed out. However, Briarlight manages to remain positive and continues to work hard. Dovepaw thinks that the kits and Jayfeather are her greatest allies.
Soon Briarlight begins coughing, though it's not as severe as Wildfur's cough was described to be. Jayfeather and Millie are concerned about her health, and her declining positivity. Briarlight begins to feel angry about her broken spine and wails, hopelessly, that everything is too difficult, feeling guilty for the trouble she's caused. Millie insists that it isn't trouble, and reminds her of everything she still has. While Jayfeather mixes herbs, he tells Briarlight that her mother would gladly suffer in her place, because of a mother's love.

Night Whispers

Briarlight continues to stay in the medicine den with Jayfeather, still recovering from her cough. The medicine cat is relieved to feel that her fever is declining, despite her ongoing rasp. When she begins to cough again, Jayfeather massages her chest, then encourages the she-cat to rest.
When Jayfeather is checking Sorreltail's battle wounds, she comments that Briarlight's breathing sounds rough. The medicine cat tells her that she has gotten a chest infection and doesn't know whether to let her exercise harder, or to let her rest. Once Sorreltail leaves, she wakes up and she and Jayfeather talk about the battle. As Jayfeather and Lionblaze are talking in the back of the den, she begins coughing again and he comes to massage her flank.
Later, Jayfeather and Millie hear Bumblestripe call Jayfeather over to the medicine den and they both are worried something's happened to Briarlight. Nothing has, and Bumblestripe shows them some cobwebs he found climbing up on the Great Oak. Briarlight comments on how brave he is, saying this is great. Jayfeather then tells her to do some exercises but Millie tells him that she looks too tired. Briarlight replies by saying it keeps her from getting bored, and he suggests that the light gray tabby-go back to work.
Millie and Jayfeather argue, with the she-cat insisting that all he's doing is dragging out her suffering. The tom disagrees, and snaps at Leafpool to get out of this disagreement. Briarlight comes out of the medicine den and looks at Millie, asking if she's getting better. She rushes over and licks her cheek, saying that she is. Briarlight promises to do all of her exercises and tells Millie that they make her tired, but do not hurt her. Later, she continues to do her exercises, under Jayfeather's watchful presence.
Briarlight begins to feel guilty, knowing that her Clanmates continue to bring her prey although she hasn't contributed. Millie brings her a mouse, but she refuses to eat, claiming she's not hungry. Jayfeather can sense the young she-cat's feelings, and sends her mother away. He tells her that her Clanmates bring her prey because they want to. Jayfeather insists that if she wants to feel worthy, then she can be his helper and check the moss brought in for thorns, pile it back by the pool, and help keep the medicine den clean. Briarlight agrees and seems to feel better, and he assigns her to sort some herbs while he goes out.
Days later, she sits in the medicine den and talks with Bumblestripe, who is recounting what happened due to a thorn in Ivypaw's nest. Briarlight tells him that she's now the thorn patrol, and will check all moss before it goes to nests.

Sign of the Moon

During a Clan meeting, Jayfeather pushes back the bramble screen in the medicine den so Briarlight can watch. He checks over her to see if she's regained any feeling in her hindquarters, but she hasn't. However, Brightheart insists she's getting better still, which cheers the young she-cat. Briarlight is eager to teach her exercises to Icecloud, who is injured when she fell in the tunnels. She and the white warrior end up playing with a ball of moss, and Jayfeather and Brightheart, who are amused, warn them not to get out of hand.
After Jayfeather returns from a tunnel exploration, soaking wet, Briarlight seems genuinely worried and offers to treat him immediately. He says he's fine, but she retorts that he's soaking and exhausted. Briarlight insists that he come over to her for cleanup, promising not to pry on what he'd been doing. He wearily agrees, collapsing near her nest. As she licks Jayfeather dry, he drifts off to sleep, but feels a longing for a cat that he can express his feelings with, like Lionblaze has Cinderheart. However, he doesn't think Briarlight is that cat.
At the Gathering, Bumblestripe fends off questions about Briarlight's absence from the full moon meetings. He admits his feelings to Dovewing, who reassures him that he's a great littermate. When Jayfeather leaves for the mountains, Briarlight panics and doesn't want him to go. However, he insists he must, and extracts her promise to do all her exercises. She agrees, and then Jayfeather tells her to pass out bundles of traveling herbs when cats stop by for them.
Bumblestripe gets chased by a dog, but it's quickly distracted by Lionblaze and Toadstep. He warns the golden tom to head in the other direction away from where Briarlight is hiding under a bush. They come back to fetch her afterwards, but she is irritable and embarrassed. Bumblestripe admits that he was taking his sister out for a walk against the Clan's will. He expresses deep concern for her well-being, and notes how much she wanted to get out.

The Forgotten Warrior

When Jayfeather first wakes up, he thinks of Briarlight as a problem. He remembers Lionblaze telling him how Briarlight was frustrated being stuck in the hollow, she had her brother carry her to gather herbs in the forest. He also recalls the conversation he and Lionblaze shared, and how the medicine cat refuses to take her as his apprentice. However, he relents to his brother a little, and tries to give Briarlight more interesting duties.
Briarlight snaps Jayfeather out of his deep thoughts, asking him if he is okay after tossing and turning all night. He replies that he is fine, and Briarlight reminds him that they are running low on marigold after using it up on Dovewing's wounds. She asks if Brightheart should collect some, but he says he will. Briarlight then finds a tuft of black fur in the back of the herb storage. She asks if Jayfeather can throw it out when he passes the dirtplace, and wonders who would put a bit of fur in the herbs. He realizes that it belongs to Hollyleaf. Briarlight jokes that she thinks the kits must have gotten into the nursery and hid it, while he ponders why his sister's fur would be in the back of the medicine cat's den. Jayfeather buries the piece of fur in the moss of his nest when Briarlight isn't looking, and then turns to get some marigold. When he returns, the brown she-cat sorts it for him.
After Cherrypaw and Molepaw's first day, they come into the medicine den covered in cobwebs. As they bounce in, Briarlight bursts into laughter. She tells the two they look like walking cobwebs, because of the massive amount they had managed to collect on themselves. Molepaw boasts that they found a lot, and Briarlight instructs them to come over so she could untangle them, warning them not to step on the pile of burdock root. Jayfeather hears her drag herself to meet the apprentices. Cherrypaw asks if her legs hurt, and if it's tough not being able to move them. Briarlight tells her it's tough, but it doesn't hurt. Molepaw recalls Bumblestripe calling her the bravest cat in the Clan, and at that, Jayfeather feels Briarlight's embarrassment. She mutters something incoherently, and tells the apprentices to stay still so she could get the cobwebs off.
When Sandstorm states that Jayfeather should think about getting an apprentice, he meows that Briarlight is very useful. Jayfeather calls in Sorreltail to check her over, he checks her heartbeat and Briarlight drags herself closer to him to watch. She asks if she'll be okay, and Jayfeather tells her everything is fine.
During the fox attack, Briarlight drags herself to the entrance of Jayfeather's den, and asks what's happening. Jayfeather instructs her to get the supplies ready, and she drags herself over to the storage. When Jayfeather brings in the apprentices to look over, he finds that Briarlight has already treated the injured warriors. She reports to him the injuries, and Brightheart comments that she did a great job. The warrior goes on to tell him that Foxleap was bitten, but she didn't know what herbs to use for bites. Jayfeather tells her how to fix the poultice, and how to keep it on the wound. She makes his poultice while Jayfeather tends to Rosepetal's wounds.
Once Jayfeather sends Rosepetal and Foxleap out of the den, he tells Briarlight to do her exercises and get fresh air, which she does. When Yellowfang tells Jayfeather that ThunderClan must recruit another medicine cat, he doubts that it is Briarlight or Brightheart. After he wakes up from his dream, Briarlight asks him if she can go speak to Sol, who has just been brought to camp. He snaps at her that he cannot mend her back, and she replies that she wasn't hoping for that, and states that she's just curious about the loner. Jayfeather tells her not to be, but she reminds him that Sol saved the apprentices from the fox. Briarlight is mentioned when Leafpool tells Jayfeather not to tell Cinderheart about her past life. She suggests he take the brown she-cat on as an apprentice since she's already doing such a good job. Jayfeather replies sarcastically, that with one blind medicine cat and one that can't walk, ThunderClan will be invincible.
When Sorreltail is giving birth, Jayfeather tells Dovewing to run back to camp to get chervil root. She doesn't know what the herb looks like, and hopes Briarlight does. When she gets into the medicine cat's den, Briarlight is seen in the back of the den with her head inside the storage. She turns to ask how Sorreltail is coming along, but Dovewing cuts her off and tells her they need chervil root. Briarlight points with her paw to the herb Dovewing came to her for, and tells her to take some fennel as well. Later, when Dovewing and Ivypool go missing, she is moving around in her nest. She gasps in pain, stating that she is stiff. Jayfeather decides to be helpful, and massages her muscles. She frets over Dovewing and Ivypool, but Jayfeather comforts her, saying they've probably gone for a hunt. She soon falls back to sleep, comforted by his care.
The next day, when Hollyleaf visits Jayfeather in the medicine cat's den, Briarlight greets her, and says she's Jayfeather's assistant. When she goes to wake him, Hollyleaf realizes she can't walk. Briarlight says that she can't, but that doesn't mean she can't be useful. When Jayfeather gets back from talking to Hollyleaf and Lionblaze, Briarlight says that it's great that Hollyleaf came back, and asks why she was away for so long. He states that she should go ask her, and then tells her to sort out the herbs and take borage to Sorreltail. Briarlight agrees, and Jayfeather tells her that afterwards she needs to do her exercises.
After the Gathering, Briarlight greets Jayfeather when he returns and asks him questions about the Gathering. Jayfeather lists his answers, and collapses in his nest. Briarlight is puzzled by his weariness, and drags herself over to him and begins drying his fur. She talks him into letting her look after him for once, and continues to dry him. When he wakes up the next day, Briarlight brings him a mouse to eat, and prompts him to eat it. He thanks her, and she tells him she heard about the Gathering. She apologizes to him, and asks if any cat believed Dawnpelt. Jayfeather replies sarcastically, but Briarlight defends him, and he is touched by her loyalty. He tells her to go visit the nursery to play with the kits.

The Last Hope

Briarlight hauls herself into the medicine den. Jayfeather notes that her forepaws are so strong that she can easily drag her useless hind legs around camp. He offers her a mouse, but Briarlight politely refuses, feeling in the mood for a vole. Jayfeather notes that she is the cleanest cat of ThunderClan as she grooms herself endlessly, and checks her fur for ticks twice a day as well as removing fleas. She does this as an infected bite will affect her greatly, and Briarlight is determined to be a strong as she can be. The brown she-cat exercises endlessly without using her hind legs. She is filled with excitement as she grabs a vole from the fresh-kill pile, and is glad when she drags it out from the bottom and brings it to Jayfeather.
She asks the medicine cat if he was hungry, pointing out that half-moon is tonight. Jayfeather reminds her he is banned, and Briarlight takes a bite of her vole as she says that would never stop him. Brightheart asks what’s going on, and Briarlight explains that Jayfeather isn’t allowed to go to the Moonpool and it was half-moon. Brightheart asks Cinderheart if she checked on Briarlight. Cinderheart didn’t, and is worried she was supposed to. Brightheart reassures she wasn’t, and joins Briarlight as she heads for the fresh-kill pile.
The next day, Jayfeather helps with Briarlight’s exercise by dropping a heavy pebble a mouse-length away and asking her if she can reach it. The brown she-cat easily leans out of nest, grabs the pebble and draws it back to herself. Jayfeather then drops the pebble half a tail-length away, and Briarlight stretches out her forelegs, puffing from her effort. She scooped the pebble back into her nest, and Jayfeather immediately checks her spine. Jayfeather compliments Briarlight on her hard work, and reassures her that as long as they keep up the exercises, she’ll be fine. Briarlight flings the pebble then reaches for it, explaining she wants to be strong enough to climb a tree with only her forelegs. She struggles to reach it before Jayfeather asks if she can finish the exercise without him. Briarlight agrees she can.
After Jayfeather returns from WindClan, Briarlight asks if he is alright and explains that he is soaking medicine for Mousefur’s tick as Cinderheart suggested. She says Cinderheart has put a poultice on Mousefur, but wants another prepared for tomorrow. After Brightheart tells Jayfeather she is expecting kits, Briarlight announces that is great news. Brightheart tells her Jayfeather isn’t as happy, and Briarlight asks Brightheart why first, then Jayfeather. The medicine cat doesn’t give an answer.
After Lionblaze fights with ShadowClan, Briarlight sees his injuries and asks what happened in shock. Jayfeather orders her to get fresh-kill, despite Briarlight's attempts to protest. He insists, so Briarlight goes to do so. Later, Briarlight drags herself to her nest and explains she is tired because Millie thought up of a new exercise for her. Briarlight has hauled onto a branch and she hung on for as long as she could. It left her exhausted, but Briarlight is determined to practice until she can hoist herself onto a branch. Satisfied that she is well, Jayfeather wishes that she sleeps well, but Briarlight asks how he is as he has seemed stressed lately.
Jayfeather lies, and Briarlight watches him for a moment, seemingly knowing so before curling up to sleep. She and Jayfeather have been swallowing herbs to keep themselves safe from an infection that is spreading through the Clan. It’s also mentioned that although Briarlight can hoist herself onto a beech branch, Jayfeather doesn’t want to take any chances. Briarlight asks why herbs are so bitter, and Jayfeather states that so rabbits won’t eat them. He orders Briarlight to stay in the den and to not allow any visitors. Briarlight asks what to do if Millie comes, but Jayfeather reassures he told her to stay away. Briarlight comments that Jayfeather returned quickly from treating Purdy as he slips back into the den.
When Jayfeather communes with StarClan, Longtail asks about Briarlight and if she has recovered. Jayfeather tells him she’s doing fine. Before the battle, Briarlight tries counting before falling asleep. Jayfeather wakes her and the she-cat reports they need more marigold and nettle. Jayfeather orders her to rest, and Briarlight protests she can help but Jayfeather orders her to rest. Later, Briarlight helps to prepare for the battle again, telling Jayfeather she lined up the herb parcels and soaked moss in the pool. Jayfeather tells her to push emergency supplies to the back of the store. During the battle, Jayfeather yowls at Briarlight to hide in the herb store.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

When Alderpaw enters the medicine den, he spots Jayfeather massaging Briarlight's hindquarters. The blind tom reprimands him for being late, and then asks if he sometimes has strange dreams. Alderpaw responds that he sometimes does, and Briarlight adds that she does too. The brown she-cat recounts her recent dream in which she could fly and soared above Clan territory. Alderpaw is relieved by the change in conversation, and Jayfeather drops the subject. Leafpool finishes Briarlight's massage, and then starts to toss a moss ball for her to catch. Jayfeather starts to question Alderpaw's herb knowledge, asking him to name one of the leaves.
He panics, but Briarlight mouths watermint at him, and he answers correctly. Alderpaw shoots her a grateful glance as Jayfeather asks him to put it away in the store. The blind tom and Leafpool leave to talk in Bramblestar's den, leaving Alderpaw to finish Briarlight's exercises. He starts throwing a moss ball for her to catch, surprised by the she-cat's agility. Briarlight mews that she's had a lot of practice, since it helps with her breathing. She asks how his training is going, but he worries about not being able to become a full medicine cat. The brown she-cat reassures him he'll be fine, and Alderpaw feels guilty for being anxious when Briarlight never feels sorry for herself, despite many obstacles. When Sparkpaw rushes back to camp to get help for Cherryfall's leg injury, Briarlight tells her that Jayfeather is in Bramblestar's den. Later, when they return, Cherryfall is given a nest next to Briarlight.
Later, Briarlight sleeps in her nest in the medicine cats' den. Alderpaw does his best not to wake her, since Leafpool reported that she'd had a restless night. He remembers how Jayfeather had said she'd be fine, and left him to sort herbs. When Cherryfall comes to the den, Alderpaw waves his tail at Briarlight, signaling to stay quiet. The she-cat continues to sleep until Leafpool and Jayfeather return, then wakes up to eat something. She falls back asleep soon after, and they leave the den to give her space.

Thunder and Shadow

As the medicine cats get ready to sort herbs, Briarlight pushes herself up and offers to help. After Jayfeather says no, Alderpaw suggests she plays with Twigkit. The apprentice notes that because of injury, she needs to keep her forelegs strong and active, and her lungs clear. He thinks it will be a good exercise for her to chase a leaf with Twigkit. Briarlight then offers to the kit that she can come play with her anytime, and the gray she-cat quickly pads toward her with a leaf. Jayfeather asks if that means Twigkit will be in the den even more, but Leafpool chides not to be so grouchy when they aren't doing any harm.
Graystripe then brings news that Rowanstar is in camp and that Bramblestar wishes to speak with the medicine cats. As they leave the den, Alderpaw asks Twigkit to stay with Briarlight. Later, when Fernsong brings Honeykit to the medicine den for a bellyache, Briarlight calls the tom over to where she is so that the medicine cats will have room to examine the kit. Jayfeather quizzes Alderpaw on how they should treat her the kit's bellyache, and the apprentice freezes, feeling Briarlight and Fernsong watch him. Alderpaw answers correctly and the medicine cats give Honeykit chervil.
Twigkit pads into the den, bringing the brown she-cat a mouse. Briarlight thanks the gray kit but purrs that she can go to the fresh-kill pile by herself. Twigkit says she knows, but that the hunting patrol just back so it's still warm. Once Honeykit eats her herbs, she goes to play with her siblings but doesn't let Twigkit come play with them. Briarlight gets up and offers to the she-cat that both of them can eat together outside. The brown she-cat drags herself out of the den, and Twigkit follows her. Later, Briarlight sleeps in her nest next to Oatclaw, a WindClan warrior who is recovering from his wounds.
She is later mentioned when Twigkit thinks about how she enjoys being in the medicine den, where she can be with Alderpaw and play with Briarlight. The kit wonders if Briarlight would want to play moss-ball with her now. However, she overhears that the Clan needs watermint and goes looking for said medicine instead. Later that day, she is brought to the medicine den after almost drowning looking for watermint. Jayfeather orders Briarlight to wrap herself around the kit to warm her. Soon Alderpaw comes and questions how Twigkit is doing, and Jayfeather replies that the brown she-cat is warming her up while he mixes poppy seeds and thyme. Alderpaw nudges the brown warrior with his nose and mews that he can take her place. The she-cat slides out of the nest, moving away, and he takes her place.
Later, when Twigpaw rushes into camp to ask Alderpaw if her mother was found. Briarlight sits by the fresh-kill pile, sharing a mouse with Fernsong. She asks if something is wrong, but the apprentice ignores her, looking for Alderpaw. Twigpaw learns that the patrol hadn't even been searching for her mother at all and is disheartened. Later, when Briarlight wakes up, Jayfeather tells Alderpaw to help her with her exercises. He is relieved, seeing the duty as more fun than sorting old herbs. The medicine cat apprentice approaches her nest, she asks if something is wrong.
He tells her that Twigpaw is missing, and he helps stretch Briarlight's paws. The brown warrior asks for how long, and Alderpaw answers that she disappeared in the night. Briarlight worries if there are any signs of a struggle, but is told that there aren't. Alderpaw then pulls one of her hind legs to stretch it, and she asks if he thinks Twigpaw is gone for good. Alderpaw answers that he doesn't know and moves her other hind paw back and forth. As Aldpaw helps Briarlight with her exercise, he hears a yowl as ShadowClan cats come into the camp, and he drops the she-cat's leg.

Shattered Sky

Leafpool stand over their patients, watching Briarlight and Twigpaw sleep in nests next to each other.
Leafpool works with Briarlight on her stretching exercises, but looks up to ask how Twigpaw is doing. Alderheart replies that it's much better, and is only wrenched. Briarlight says that's great, but she'll miss the apprentice when she returns to her den. Alderheart reassures her that she'll come to visit, and Twigpaw's only reply is a sigh. Briarlight asks about Blossomfall's kits, and she states that she can't believe her sister is a mother now. She says it seems like it was only yesterday that she and Blossomfall were playing in the nursery as kits. Leafpool says she'll be a good mother, and then stifles a yawn.
Briarlight asks if their eyes have opened, and Alderheart replies that it'll still be a few days before then. She tries to recite the kits' names, and knows Stemkit, Eaglekit, Plumkit. Briarlight at first struggles to recalls the fourth, but remembers it to be Shellkit. She says they're beautiful names for beautiful kits, and that she can't wait to see them. Alderheart stifles a bout of laughter, saying she should've seen Thornclaw, and how they were having a hard time keeping the senior warrior calm. Leafpool replies that he may be a senior warrior, but this is his first litter of kits.
When Twigpaw leaves ThunderClan to find SkyClan, Alderheart looks for her in camp. He the bramble screen, seeing Briarlight doing her exercises in the medicine den under Jayfeather's supervision. The gray tabby instructs her to do one more, and the she-cat obeys, then flops back into her nest and notes she is exhausted.
Later, when Stormcloud comes to see Alderheart, it is noted that they are alone in the den, as Briarlight is by the fresh-kill pile with Jayfeather. The next day, Alderheart is helping Briarlight with her exercises when he hears yowling outside of camp. The brown she-cat urges him to go find out what happened then come back and tell her. It turns out to be a ThunderClan patrol who reports being attacked by a group from the Kin, so Bramblestar calls a Clan meeting to discuss what to do. Briarlight is then seen dragging herself to the entrance of the medicine cats' den to listen in.
Later, as all of the Clan cats are gathered in the ThunderClan camp to fight the Kin, Bramblestar calls a meeting. Briarlight is seen emerging from the medicine cats' den with Jayfeather and Leafpool to listen.

Darkest Night

Outside the medicine den, Briarlight does her exercises with Jayfeather assisting. When Twigpaw goes to the medicine den to visit Violetpaw, she watches Jayfeather lift one of Briarlight's crippled hind legs with his paws, then slowly lower it.
About a moon later, Leafpool calls out a greeting to Alderheart. She is padding next to Briarlight, who is dragging herself around the edge of the clearing. Leafpool explains that they're doing laps today, and that the brown she-cat is getting faster. she does laps around the clearing with Leafpool. Briarlight puffs that she isn't getting quicker; the medicine cat is getting slower. The tabby she-cat meows with amusement, then suggests that Alderheart wait to eat until the hunting patrols return with fresh prey. Alderheart objects to wasting prey, but Briarlight tells him to waste it while he can, before leaf-bare comes. She then begins dragging herself around the clearing again, and Leafpool encourages her to do the last lap without stopping. Briarlight retorts back that she is the one who keeps stopping to talk to every cat in camp.
When Finpaw loses half of his tail in SkyClan, Twigpaw tells him that in ThunderClan, they had a cat with a broken spine who was the most cheerful cat. Finpaw mutters that that is good for her, still focuses on his injury. A while later, Briarlight sits in her nest as Alderheart and Jayfeather examine their rotting herb store. The brown she-cat suggests hopefully that maybe the rain will stop soon. Soon after, though, the rain gets heavier. Ivypool suggests evacuating camp, recalling the similar disastrous weather that had killed Longtail and crippled Briarlight. Alderheart thinks of how the medicine den's roof is open to the sky, which makes it prone to rocks falling in. He decides to ask Jayfeather if they should move Briarlight to the warriors' den until the weather clears.
Just then, a rock falls from the cliff onto the Highledge, and Ivypool orders the cats the clear the camp. The warriors start fleeing, and as muddy water sweeps across the camp, Alderheart races for the medicine den with Lionblaze and calls out to Jayfeather and Briarlight. When he enters the den, he finds the gray tabby stretched over his injured Clanmate, shielding her from the mud and stones showering down. Lionblaze shoves his brother out of the way and grabs Briarlight by her scruff, dragging her from her nest. Birchfall lifts her hindquarters onto his shoulders, and the two cats carry her out of the den.

River of Fire

Leafpool suggests they move Briarlight to the nursery because of the sickness that's spreading in camp, as it could be dangerous for her. She protests that they don't need to worry about her, but Alderheart argues that the brown tabby is right. He's thinking about Whitewing, who has lost to motivation to fight her sickness because of her missing daughter, Dovewing. Day after day he has to encourage her to eat the herbs. Jayfeather points out it'll be crowded in the nursery. Because there isn't enough room in the medicine cat den, the other cats except for Plumkit are staying in the apprentices' den, while Twigpaw and Finpaw are in the nursery. The ginger tom murmurs that there's room, as the apprentices are helping out there. Also, if they move the brown she-cat they'll have space for Whitewing, who he'd like to keep an eye on. Jayfeather only grunts in response.
Alderheart calls Lionblaze and Bumblestripe over to help move Briarlight. After his explanation Bumblestripe asks if she's in serious danger, then immediately agrees to move his sister. The injured she-cat hisses that there's no need to be so worried. She's a strong she-cat; it will take more than a sickness to finish her off, even if her hind legs do not work. The ginger tom meows that they'll move her anyways just to be safe. He hoists Briarlight onto her brother's back, and helps Lionblaze steady her. They pad over to the nursery on the far side of camp, and the she-cat murmurs that Bumblestripe should be thanking her; she's keeping the rain off his back. As they arrive, Alderheart notes that the nursery does look crowded, with Blossomfall, Cinderheart, their kits, and Daisy. The apprentices aren't there.
He explains the whole situation to Daisy, and she replies that Briarlight can stay with them, pointing her to a nest. Blossomfall agrees, adding that it's great to have her sister here, and their kits can help with the exercises. Eaglekit and Flykit excitedly agree, and the kits hurl themselves at the brown she-cat. Daisy stops them with her tail and explains they'll be too much for Briarlight all at once. Briarlight argues that they're fine, and asks who can play moss ball. They all reply, and Alderheart thinks this is the best idea Leafpool has had in moons.
During a storm, Alderheart asks if they should move the cats into the tunnels, but Leafpool replies that they'll do so only if Bramblestar declares the storm bad enough. She thinks they should move Briarlight though, as she'll be harder to move if needed. He promises to do something and heads for the warrior den, where they're all curled up to avoid the rain seeping through. The ginger tom meows for them to wake up and requests two cats to help him move Briarlight. Both Sorrelstripe and Ambermoon volunteer and the three of them walk over to the nursery. While Alderheart waits outside, he talks a bit with Twigpaw. Their conversation is cut short with Sorrelstripe and Ambermoon carrying the brown she-cat, and he orders them to take her to the tunnels where ThunderClan camped in the Great Storm. He'll check up on her soon, but she replies that they don't need to.
As they disappear into the rain, he's about to turn away, but a yowl stops him. Wind carries a section of the nursery rood away, and wails sound from the terrified kits. Rain soaks the side of the nursery where Briarlight had been, and he thanks StarClan for moving the injured she-cat in time. While tending to Velvet, Sorrelstripe reports that the brown she-cat is fine, but she vomited while in the tunnel and her belly aches. Alderheart's spirits drop as he sees another sick ThunderClan cat.
After Ivypool has her kits, he checks up on the cats in the nursery. Picking up a sour scent from the brown she-cat, he gasps. The she-cat opens her eyes, and uneasiness builds up in the ginger tom. Her eyes are glazed and she moves sluggishly, and Alderheart is guessing what has happened. He asks her how she's feeling, and she responds that she's not feeling well. Her belly has been aching over the last couple of days. She says she didn't want to bother the medicine cat when he asks her why she didn't bother him. Alderheart points out he should've been bothered and that he'll have some cats move her to the medicine cat den.
He pokes his head out of the nursery and asks the first two cats he sees, Thornclaw and Poppyfrost to assist him in moving the brown she-cat to his den. When he returns to the medicine cat den, he tells his mentor that Briarlight is now sick, and he replies that they were lucky to spot it before Cinderheart, Ivypool, or their kits got sick. Alderheart knows that his mentor guesses that she got it from him while he delivered Ivypool's kits. As the injured she-cat is carried in, Velvet springs up and gathers ferns and moss together to make a nest for the she-cat.
She asks if everything's all right, and Briarlight responds that it's fine, and she's sorry for bothering them. The ginger tom argues that it's no trouble, and offers to get her some watermint. Fuzzball volunteers to get it instead, and comes back with a sprig of watermint. Velvet strips off the leaves and orders the brown she-cat to chew well before swallowing, and strokes her as she licks up the leaves. Alderheart gets up to check on Briarlight, but knows something's wrong before he reaches her.
Her breathing is raspy and irregular, and interrupted by retching noises. He asks why she didn't call him, and as she raises her head the tom realizes how she has worsened since she was brought here. She gasps that she doesn't want to bother anyone. With a pang he knows the she-cat doesn't have much left for this world. Briarlight says it's fine, but she wants to say good-bye. He nods and wakes Velvet, tells her the brown she-cat is dying, then wakes up Jayfeather and tells him the same thing.
The blind tom refuses to believe the she-cat is dying, and blunders to the back of the den to fetch some moss for Briarlight to drink. Alderheart thinks how normally his mentor's movements are neat, and thinks that he knows the she-cat will be gone soon. Jayfeather then heads for Bramblestar's den while Velvet tells the warriors what's happening. Millie cries when she hears the news, while her mate presses himself to her side. The ginger tom pads up to his leader's den and tells him the injured she-cat is dying from the sickness.
He meows that he knew this day would come; Briarlight lived for a while without the use of her hind legs, but he adds that it doesn't make this easier. They go out of his den down to where the warriors are, and listens to them. Bramblestar tells Larksong to fetch Leafpool, and to try the ShadowClan camp before RiverClan's. The black tom nods and grabs his apprentice before hurrying off. Alderheart leaves his father to talk and goes back to the medicine cats' den. Briarlight's family is there, with Millie licking her daughters ears while the rest of the family clusters around her.
Graystripe murmurs that he can't believe this; his daughter was especially strong and brave. The medicine cat responds that she must've hid how she felt; she weakened very fast. He thinks that the she-cat also hasn't been eating sufficiently, and it's harder for her to fight the sickness because of her immobility. Alderheart sits in the den, losing track of time as he listens to her fading breath. Leafpool slips in and wraps her tail around her son's shoulders, while Twigpaw appears later. Creeping closer to the dying she-cat, she tells Briarlight that she was kind towards the gray she-cat when she was young.
She blinks her eyes open and rasps that they had good times. Millie presses closer to her dying daughter, and meows for her to not leave them. Briarlight looks up and tells her not to worry; she'll run and hunt again when she dies. Her final breath leaves her and her mother wails loudly while her mate and remaining kits huddle around her. Alderheart leaves, unable to bear their grief, and after a moment he realizes that his mentor is coming up next to him. The gray tabby snarls that it's his fault; he passed on the sickness while he was delivering Ivypool's kits, and should've never gone inside.
Alderheart responds that he's wrong; without a medicine cat Ivypool and her kits might not have survived. It could just as easily be his and Leafpool's fault; they left him as the only medicine cat in camp. Jayfeather comments that they thought Ivypool had more time, but it doesn't change the fact that the injured she-cat got sick, and he couldn't help her. The ginger tom insists he did his best; Briarlight got more seasons of life with the blind tom's exercises and routines for her. They both wish they could've healed the she-cat, and the younger tom adds that he blames himself. He should've realized how her growing weakness. Jayfeather disagrees, because nobody saw this coming.
Graystripe and Millie carry their daughter into the center of camp for the vigil. Twigpaw declares that Briarlight was kind to her as a kit; she comforted the gray she-cat and made her feel welcome. After her little speech, the brown she-cat's parents rise to their paws. Millie is unable to speak; her mate speaks for the both of them. He says they were proud of her bravery and strength, and her heart of a warrior. Blossomfall adds that she hopes her kits will carry her sister's optimism and determination. Jayfeather then says she never gave up.
He is about to say more, but his voice chokes and Alderheart continues for him, saying the she-cat never lost her courage or humor, and they'll miss her. He says they won't miss her just because she was their patient, but because she was their friend. The sun rises at last, and Leafpool meows the words that have been spoken season after season. The words give the ginger tom some comfort, and he seems to see Briarlight racing through StarClan. Graystripe and Millie then carry their daughter, but this time out of camp for her burial. Grief catches in the young tom's throat; this is the elders' tradition task, but the current elders are also burying their kit.
A quarter moon later, as Alderheart watches kits tussle, he thinks fondly how much the brown she-cat would've enjoyed playing with them. When he later returns from the Moonpool with Dovewing, the medicine cat tells her about Briarlight's death. She is saddened, saying that she'll never forget her, and wishes she had been there to say goodbye.

In the Super Editions

Crowfeather's Trial

Crowfeather comes to ThunderClan's camp seeking help, and is directed to the medicine cats' den. Once inside, he sees Briarlight sleeping, with Jayfeather sorting herbs behind her.

Bramblestar's Storm

Many cats worry about Briarlight, because the greencough affected her more than other cats. When she gets out of the medicine cat's den for the first time since the greencough, everyone fusses over her and she is slightly uncomfortable with this. Briarlight tells Bramblestar that she wants to be normal, and the leader asks if she wants to tell him a story like Purdy or stay in the nursery and help the queens and mewling kits like Daisy. He continues that she could get ticks off elders like Dewpaw, or be like Spiderleg who is too shy to speak to Daisy even though he fathered her kits.
Later, Briarlight tells Jayfeather that she is tired and wants to return to the medicine cat den. The medicine cat objects, stating that she has only been outside for a few heartbeats. Briarlight continues insisting and when Jayfeather opens his mouth to argue, Purdy reminds her that she was going to share some prey with him and listen to his story. She relents and joins the elder across the clearing.
Millie mentions to Bramblestar that Briarlight is worried about falling trees, since she won't be able to run away. Bramblestar meows to Millie that he will talk to Briarlight. The leader meets Briarlight at the fresh-kill pile, where she is sharing a shriveled shrew with Molewhisker. Bramblestar asks her where she would like to sleep, and she replies that she'd prefer somewhere where there are no trees. He figures the safest place to put her is on the Highledge, and carries her up to his den. Bramblestar settles Briarlight into his nest, pulling the moss and bracken around her to make her cozy. He tells Millie to stay with her, then leaves.
Later, Graystripe, Blossomfall, Dustpelt, and Sandstorm join her and Millie in the leader's den. When the lake starts to flood camp, Bramblestar has to push his way through them. Millie mentions that Briarlight won't be able to swim through the hollow, so the leader gathers warriors to help bring her down. They begin to lift her as Bramblestar rushes down to the medicine cat den. He thinks to himself that if they had tiny kits, it would be harder, as it is already with Briarlight. The cats soon arrive with Briarlight on their backs.
Millie worries about her, asking how she will climb up the path. He thinks that he'd imagined some cat would carry her up, but realizes that isn't possible. Purdy waits with Briarlight, Millie wants to wait too, but she is ordered to climb the cliff. Bramblestar watches in worry as the water swirls above Briarlight's flanks, and tells her mother that he promises to keep her safe. Jayfeather stays to wait with Briarlight as well, and Bramblestar orders Brackenfur and Dustpelt to come help as well.
The leader says that they need to find a way to float Jayfeather and Briarlight out of camp. He suggests using the memorial branch, and Brackenfur and Dustpelt go get it. Bramblestar has Briarlight hold onto him as they make their way across the clearing, but her weight is too much to bear. Squirrelflight shoves a bundle of twigs under the she-cat, which helps her float. They make it to the memorial branch, but Briarlight struggles to keep her hind legs from falling off the wood because she can't move them. Squirrelflight binds her to the wood with an ivy strand, and then make their way out of the hollow.
A massive wave flips the branch over, trapping Briarlight underneath the surface. They tear the ivy free and drag her back to the surface, just before her body sinks out of reach. Jayfeather repeatedly thrusts at Briarlight's chest, which restarts her breathing. She is lifted onto Bramblestar's back, and greeted enthusiastically by Millie when they rejoin the others. The leader transfers her onto Lionblaze's back and go to shelter underneath a beech tree.
The Clan decides to shelter in the tunnels, so Bramblestar goes to fetch Briarlight. She worries about being a lot of trouble, but he insists that she's actually helping keep the rain off him. He plods up the slope with her, and eventually brings her inside the tunnel safely. The next day, Briarlight sleeps with Millie while other cats go to patrol. Her mother tries her best to keep the brown she-cat's nest in good condition, but struggles due to everything being wet.
Briarlight falls ill with whitecough, and cats worry about her breathing. Millie walks over to Minty and comforts the kittypet, talking about how much she loves it here, but wishes her daughter wasn't hurt. Briarlight soon emerges from the tunnel with her mother, wincing as she drags herself. Bramblestar asks what's wrong, and Millie says that she's been getting sores from the wet bedding. Jayfeather demands to know why she didn't tell him, but she says she didn't want to be a bother. He moves to get some herbs, telling Bramblestar that sleeping on the cold floor with wet bedding isn't doing her any good. Minty exclaims that Briarlight doesn't have any legs, but Amberpaw corrects that she has them, but the back ones don't work.
Briarlight does her exercises with Millie, but she continues to cough and they don't help. Minty is horrified, so Bramblestar sends her away with Daisy, in order to not have the kittypet stare. When a mudslide happens in the tunnel, the leader bundles Briarlight onto his back and escapes. As it ends, the brown she-cat drags herself back to look at the damage. Bramblestar decides to raid a Twoleg nest for bedding, thnking it will help Briarlight and the other sick cats. They get one Twoleg pelt, and return to find Jayfeather helping with the brown she-cat's exercises. Once it dries out, Bramblestar comments that it will help a lot. He looks over at Briarlight and sees her struggle to catch a moss ball, uneasily noting her condition.
As the water levels go down, Briarlight and the other sick cats recover. She regains her strength, and tries a new exercise that involves pulling herself up a low branch of an elder bush. The she-cat yowls triumphantly as she does it, and cats happily stand to watch. When ThunderClan returns to camp, she sits with Leafpool and Jayfeather to sort herbs. Later that day, in Graystripe's elder ceremony, his speech commends Briarlight for her bravery, humbling spirit, and hopefulness.

In the Novellas

Hollyleaf's Story

While Hollyleaf is still living in the tunnels, she pays a visit to ThunderClan's camp to check on them. She hears Jayfeather meow from the medicine den that he can fetch Briarlight some prey, so there's no need to do so herself. The brown she-cat insists that she still has two legs that work, and drags herself out of the medicine den. Hollyleaf stares in disbelief as she watches Briarlight, whom she'd last seen as Briarkit, drag herself across the clearing with her hind legs trailing uselessly. Millie bursts out into the clearing, asking what she's doing. She scolds that she only went this far yesterday, and should be resting.
Briarlight swerves to avoid her mother, hissing that she's fine. The brown she-cat insists that Millie can't do everything for her, though the mother notes she wishes she could. Hollyleaf watches, wondering how she was hurt, and if it was when the tree fell. She feels guilty about not being here for it, and dislodges some pebbles beneath her paws. Brambleclaw calls for a patrol to check the noise out, so she risks one last glance and then returns to the tunnels.
When she gets back, Hollyleaf tells Fallen Leaves all about how her Clanmates have been. She tells him about Briarlight's injury, which might've happened when the tree fell. Hollyleaf says she should have been there to help, but he comforts her by saying she couldn't have stopped the tree from falling.

Dovewing's Silence

When Dovewing visits the medicine den, she sees Briarlight propped up on her forelegs, sitting next to Foxleap. The brown she-cat is gently licking his ears, and Jayfeather says that he's not doing well. Dovewing decides that her need isn't urgent, and leaves the den. When she comes back the next day, Jayfeather says he's quite busy. The tom mentions that she's is in the forest to stretch her legs with Daisy. 
Jayfeather trots back from Bramblestar's den, noting that he just told the leader that Hazeltail will be off duties for a while due to her greencough. Millie overhears and gasps, walking over from her post on guard. She insists that her daughter can't stay in the medicine den if there's a cat with greencough in there. Millie orders Briarlight to come out, and moments later, the dark brown she-cat pops her head out of the brambles. She sleepily asks what's happening, and her mother explains that they need to find her somewhere else to sleep.
Briarlight drags herself out of the den, with her hind legs trailing behind her. She admits that she wouldn't mind staying somewhere quieter, due to Hazeltail's constant cough. The brown she-cat points out that she needn't stay in the medicine den any longer, since she isn't sick. Leafpool emerges from the den and agrees, telling Jayfeather that they don't need to watch her at night anymore. Briarlight asks Bramblestar if she can sleep in the warriors den, but he isn't sure, due to the den being quite full. Purdy offers that she can come stay with the elders, but she seems disappointed, not liking the suggestion.
Dovewing offers that she'll stay with Purdy, so then Briarlight can have her nest. Bumblestripe protests, but she insists on it, saying it's only temporary. Briarlight fervently thanks Dovewing, asking if she can go see her new nest. Dovewing nods, so the she-cat drags herself away to the den. She reappears a few moments after, commenting that it's a good size, but needs fresh bedding. Briarlight asks for some pigeon feathers, and Lionblaze says yes, teasing her. However, Blossomfall gets defensive, insisting that she needs the softest nest, due to her not being able to feel thorns and such.
Lionblaze says it's okay, and asks Squirrelflight if he can take a patrol to go fetch bedding, and then hunt. The deputy says yes, assigning Dovewing, Rosepetal, and Ivypool to go with him. She reminds them to make sure the moss is dry, and perhaps to catch a pigeon for its feathers. Briarlight looks excited and tells everyone thank you. She promises to be useful, by waking warriors for patrols and checking thorns for nests. Briarlight insists that she can have duties of her own, being a warrior and all.
Two days later, a patrol returns with several herb bundles for the medicine cats. Jayfeather and Briarlight meet them in the center of the clearing to help unroll the parcels.

In the Field Guides

The Ultimate Guide

Briarlight has her own page.
She is said to be the oldest of Graystripe's and Millie's kits, and is bold and adventurous like her littermates as an apprentice. She is also noted to have a curiosity about Jayfeather's medicine cat skills, and that toward the end of her apprenticeship, a uprooted tree crashes into the hollow, and she chases after Longtail to fetch him, but is caught in the falling tree. She survives with a broken spine, unable to feel or use her hind legs, and at first believes her future is to be bleak and hopeless. Briarpaw is also noted to refuse eating, as she is unwilling to take prey that feeds the hunting and patrolling cats of the Clan.
However, Jayfeather informs her that a Clan took care of cats who couldn't hunt for themselves, and if she gave up on life, she would be betraying the warrior code. After this, Briarpaw is said to work in her injury's confines, by strengthening her forelegs until she can drag herself, and breathing exercises to keep her chest strong. She also assists Jayfeather in herb sorting, keeps kits entertained, and soothes the elders while they are troubled by bad dreams. It is also noted that when her siblings received her warrior names, Briarlight's was a reflection of her fierce-burning spirit, and a recognition of the unique apprenticeship she served in.
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