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Interesting facts

  • While originally having been said to only live a little while longer after Fading Echoes was published,[1] she had not died until at least eight years after the publication of the book where she had her injury.[2]
    • Vicky revealed Briarlight was never intended to survive long. However, after one of her cousins was paralyzed while she was drafting Briarlight's story, and Vicky decided to let Briarlight live and documented her recovery, strength and spirit based upon her cousin's.[3]
  • She has SkyClan blood through Willowpelt,[4] and kittypet blood through Millie.[5]
  • Briarlight's injuries are permanent,[6] and due to this, she can never have kits.[blog 1]
  • Millie neglected Blossomfall and Bumblestripe out of her desperation to care for Briarlight,[7] but she still loves them, and wishes that Briarlight hadn't been injured so she could spend time with all three of her children.[blog 2]
  • She is the first born of her littermates.[8]
  • Before her death, her lower spine was broken, and had inoperable rear legs.[9][10] However, this was healed in StarClan.[11]


  • Briarlight is mistakenly mentioned as a tom multiple times.[12]
  • She has been mistakenly called Brightheart[13] and Briarraw.[14]
  • She is mistakenly shown with yellow-green eyes.[8]

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