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"I would not have survived that dark time if it weren't for Cloudtail. He gave me another destiny, and I knew that no matter what I looked like, I would be all right. As long as Cloudtail loved me, I was no longer Lostface, but Brightheart."
— Brightheart describing the aftermath of her incident with the dog pack in Secrets of the Clans, page 14

Brightheart is a white she-cat with ginger patches,[5] a single blue eye[17] and fur torn away from one side of her face.[18]

Brightheart is a ThunderClan elder under Bramblestar's, the impostor's, Squirrelflight's, Lionblaze's, and Graystripe's leadership in the lake territories and previously served as a warrior under Firestar and Bramblestar in the forest and the lake territories. She was born to Lionheart and Frostfur alongside her siblings, Brackenfur, Cinderpelt, and Thornclaw. As an apprentice, Brightpaw was mentored by Whitestorm. When Bluestar refused to give Brightpaw and Swiftpaw their warrior names, she and Swiftpaw went to look for the dogs that tormented Snakerocks in an attempt to prove themselves. Consequently, Swiftpaw was killed and half of Brightpaw's face was mauled, causing life-lasting scars on her face. Because of this, Bluestar gave her the name Lostface as a reminder that StarClan had allowed the tragedy to occur, much to the dismay of some of her Clanmates. However, after Firestar became leader, she was renamed to Brightheart, to show that she was no longer Lostface, and to honor her courage and growth. Brightheart's mate, Cloudtail, rekindled her broken spirit, and they had two litters of kits, Whitekit, and Snowkit, Dewkit, and Amberkit. Brightheart briefly mentored Jayfeather before he decided to train as a medicine cat and later fostered Lilyheart and Seedpaw after their mother was killed in battle. Many moons later, she retired to the elders' den with Cloudtail and Brackenfur.


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The Prophecies Begin

"From this moment on she will be known as Brightheart, for though her body has been gravely injured, we honor her brave spirit and the light that shines on within her."
―Firestar renaming Lostface The Darkest Hour, page 223
She is born to Frostfur and Lionheart. As a kit, she and her littermates are abducted by Clawface, and Spottedleaf is killed trying to protect them. Yellowfang is accused of their kidnapping, and Firepaw, Graypaw, and Whitestorm rescue them. She is later apprenticed to Whitestorm. When Bluestar postpones Brightpaw, Swiftpaw, and Thornpaw's warrior ceremonies, Swiftpaw approaches Brightpaw with a plan to earn their warrior names by finding out what was eating prey at Snakerocks. They encounter the pack, and Swiftpaw is killed, while half of Brightpaw's face is mauled off.
When brought to Cinderpelt's den, Brightpaw goes into shock, repeating, "pack, pack, kill, kill." Cloudtail becomes attached to her, helping her through her trauma. He persuades Bluestar to grant her a warrior name, but the leader cruelly names her Lostface as a reminder that StarClan did nothing to stop the dogs. After Bluestar's death, Firestar gives her the name Brightheart. Cloudtail trains her to fight with only one eye, and Brightheart is able to carry out warrior duties.

The New Prophecy

"Brightheart needs a purpose just now. She has found it in helping Cinderpelt. Be generous to her."
―Spottedleaf to Leafpool Twilight, page 249
When the forest territories are destroyed, Brightheart and Cloudtail are abducted by Twolegs. However, a patrol rescues them, and the mates are reunited with their daughter, Whitepaw. At the lake, Brightheart becomes suspicious when Cloudtail becomes close with Daisy, worrying that the two cats are in love. However, Daisy assures her that while she appreciates Cloudtail, she doesn't love him. Brightheart keeps busy by helping Cinderpelt in the medicine den, causing Leafpool to fear that Cinderpelt is replacing her.

Power of Three

"She’s had to fight hard to prove to her Clanmates that she’s as good as them, and this must feel like a battle she has lost."
―Leafpool to Jaypaw after Brightheart loses him as an apprentice The Sight, page 261
Brightheart receives her first and only apprentice, Jaypaw. However, Jaypaw is exceedingly defiant towards his mentor, believing that Firestar was just lumping the useless blind cats together. After he decides to become a medicine cat apprentice, Brightheart is devastated. Nonetheless, she continues her warrior duties, fighting in multiple battles and continuing to assist Leafpool in the medicine den. When Ashfur is killed, Brightheart suspects his killer to be Sol.

Omen of the Stars

"You and Brightheart are going to work together. You’ve got five kits to protect. Sorreltail will be needed on battle patrol so I’m relying on you to help defend the nursery. There is no cat more dangerous than a queen."
―Lionblaze to Brightheart and Daisy The Last Hope, page 239
After Leafpool's status as a medicine cat is revoked, Brightheart helps Jayfeather as he fills the role of ThunderClan's sole medicine cat. When the senior warriors discuss the validity of Ivypaw's dream of a ShadowClan attack, Brightheart defends her granddaughter. Later, Firestar requests that Brightheart teach her special battle style to every apprentice. When Hollyleaf returns, Brightheart comforts her. She later reveals to Jayfeather that she is expecting kits, frustrating the medicine cat, as the Great Battle was just on the horizon. She gives birth to Snowkit, Amberkit, and Dewkit, and fights bravely in the battle against the Dark Forest.

A Vision of Shadows

"Maybe SkyClan cats don't understand that they can't just jump from one Clan to another. Finpaw, you have to be sure."
―Brightheart to Finpaw when he joins ThunderClan River of Fire, page 20
Brightheart continues her warrior duties. When Sandstorm, an elder, decides to take part on a journey to find SkyClan, Brightheart is curious as to what riled her old friend up. She participates in a battle against the Kin when they take over ShadowClan. Her son, Snowbush, dies from an infected wound following a rockfall, and she sits vigil for him along with the rest of their family. She is skeptical when Finpaw expresses his desire to join ThunderClan.

The Broken Code

Brightheart: "Don't worry Bristlefrost. And Flipclaw, don't forget that I checked the leaves, too. Bristlefrost will be fine."
Bristlefrost: "I never knew you were a medicine cat."
Brightheart: "I'm not, but way back, Cinderpelt taught me basics of healing, and I won't let Flipclaw hurt any cat."
—Brightheart and Bristlefrost after she wakes up Veil of Shadows, page 194
Brightheart has become an elder along with Brackenfur and Cloudtail, joining Graystripe in the elders' den. She helps assist Flipclaw in the medicine cats' den after Alderheart is exiled by Bramblestar. She recalls her time when Cinderpelt was a medicine cat, and she learned basic knowledge of herbs. Bramblestar, however, growls at the elder and kicks her out, stating she's an elder, not a medicine cat.
After Graystripe returns Brightheart greets him happily. When Cloudtail says it's not a good idea to go back to the old forest, Brightheart rubs up against her mate and says it would be nice to see it again.

Super Editions

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In Firestar's Quest, Brightheart becomes pregnant with her and Cloudtail's first litter, giving birth to Whitekit.


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In Leafpool's Wish, Brightheart assists Leafpool in the medicine den after the battle against the badgers. Because of all the duties being assigned to her, Brightheart suspects that Leafpool wants her to become her apprentice. At this suggestion, Brightheart declines, thinking of her mate and kit. Her daughter, Whitepaw, has her tail dislocated by a hare, and Brightheart worries over her. After Leafpool leaves to find a special herb, Brightheart takes over her medicine cat duties, though Leafpool is actually journeying away to have her kits.
In Dovewing's Silence, Brightheart takes in Seedkit and Lilykit after their mother, Sorreltail, is killed in the Great Battle, and because she is raising two litters of kits, can no longer help in the medicine den.

Detailed description

Brightheart is a white she-cat with ginger patches along her back, a ginger tail,[5] and thick,[19] soft fur.[20] She has one shredded ear,[18] huge claw marks scored across her muzzle,[18] a single blue eye[17] and fur torn away from the same side of her face.[18]

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Brightpaw's apprentice ceremony
Bluestar: Whitestorm, you are free to take a new apprentice now that Sandstorm has become a warrior. You will be mentor to Brightpaw. You are a warrior of great skill and experience. I know that you will pass on all you know to this young apprentice.
Whitestorm: Certainly. Welcome, Brightpaw.
Reference: Forest of Secrets, page 63

Lostface's warrior ceremony
Bluestar: I ask my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has learned the warrior code and given up her life in the service of her Clan. Let StarClan receive her as a warrior. She will be known as Lostface, so that every cat knows what StarClan did to take her from us.
Cloudtail: But that's a cruel name! What if she lives?
Bluestar: Then we will have all the more reason to remember what StarClan have brought us to. They will have this warrior as Lostface, or not at all. Let StarClan receive her by the name of Lostface. There, it is done.
Reference: A Dangerous Path, page 223

Brightheart's name changing ceremony
Firestar: There's one more ceremony to perform. Spirits of StarClan, you know every cat by name. I ask you now to take away the name from the cat you see before you, for it no longer stands for what she is. By my authority as Clan leader, and with the approval of our warrior ancestors, I give this cat a new name. From this moment on she will be known as Brightheart, for though her body has been gravely injured, we honor her brave spirit and the light that shines on within her.
Everyone: Brightheart! Brightheart!
Reference: The Darkest Hour, pages 107-108


Brightheart's parents are Lionheart and Frostfur. Her mate is Cloudtail, and Whitewing, Dewnose, Snowbush, and Ambermoon are their children. For more of Brightheart's family, click here!



Toys and Plush

Brightheart Large Plush Cat


  • Series 2
  • Large soft plush of Brightheart, approximately 35cm in length.
  • Perhaps no cat is more resilient than Brightheart, who not only found the strength to overcome grievous wounds, but also learned to fight again, despite the loss of an eye, eventually becoming one of ThunderClan's bravest warriors.
  • Approximately $29.99 USD.

Cinderpelt & Brightheart - Mini Collector Figures

Cinderpelt and Brightheart

  • Series 2
  • This pair of ThunderClan sisters have both triumphed after formidable challenges. Cinderpelt's dreams of becoming a warrior were dashed the day she broke her leg, but she excelled in her new role as a medicine cat. Meanwhile, Brightheart's determination to prove herself a great warrior almost came at the cost of her life—though she too would overcome her injuries and earn a place of honor in the Clan.
  • Also included in a three-pack bundle with the rest of Series 2: Blackstar, Jayfeather, Ravenpaw, and Sandstorm.
  • Approximate individual price is $12.99 USD, and the three-pack bundle is $38.97 USD.


Did you know Kate Cary revealed she never intended for Brightheart to not receive another apprentice and admits she would've given her one of Rosepetal's apprentices? For more trivia about Brightheart, click here!


"Cloudtail, Princess looked almost as if she were scared of me. I want—I want to see myself. Is there a puddle nearby I can look into?"
―Lostface to Cloudtail, Fireheart, and Graystripe A Dangerous Path, page 263

"You're still beautiful to me. You always will be."
―Cloudtail to Lostface A Dangerous Path, page 264

"[Cloudtail] was talking to Daisy while her three kits tried to scramble over him. Brambleclaw saw sadness shadow Brightheart’s gaze, and felt a stab of anger. Cloudtail had bees in his brain if he couldn’t see how he was hurting Brightheart with the attention he was giving to the horseplace cat!"
―Brambleclaw's thoughts on Brightheart Starlight, page 64

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Brightheart: "You know I never mind helping you, Leafpool, but any cat would think you wanted me to be your apprentice!"
Leafpool: "How would you feel about that?"
Brightheart: "I'm flattered to be asked, but what about Cloudtail and Whitepaw? I am a mother and a mate, and I don't want to give that up. […] I am very happy as I am. I love helping you and I hope that never changes, but you'll have to look to these new litters of kits for an apprentice."
—Brightheart and Leafpool Leafpool's Wish, page Chapter 5

Jaypaw: "I never meant to hurt her."
Leafpool: "It takes some cats longer to see past their weaknesses clearly enough to appreciate their strengths. And until they do, they feel every hurt like a tongue on raw flesh."
—Leafpool to Jaypaw about Brightheart The Sight, pages 261-262

"But Brightheart can remember what she looked like before Tigerstar's half-trained pack of dogs attacked her. It breaks her heart every time she sees her reflection—why do you think she never goes down to the lake? She is brave to her Clanmates, hardly flinches when a newcomer or a kit shrieks at the sight of her scars. But her first warrior name, Lostface, echoes in her ears whenever she is alone. If only she could see inside herself, to the beauty that lies in courage and loyalty and devotion."
―Rock about Brightheart Cats of the Clans, page 26

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  1. Anchoring off of Brightheart and Thornclaw's apprentice ceremonies, as both Cinderpelt and Brackenfur were apprenticed early,[3] their season of birth would be around Newleaf as it occurred six moons prior.[4]
  2. Brightheart's kit name, Brightkit, has only ever been revealed on the Warriors website.

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