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|postdeath = Unknown
|postdeath = Unknown
|namest = Kit:<BR>Apprentice:<BR>Warrior:<br>Senior Warrior:<BR>Queen:
|namest = Kit:<BR>Apprentice:<BR>Warrior:<br>Senior Warrior:<BR>Queen:
|namesl = ''Unknown''{{r|os3|63}}<BR>Brightpaw{{r|os3|a}}<BR>Lostface,{{r|os5|223}} Brightheart{{r|os6|108}}<br>Brightheart{{r|po6|75}}<Br>Brightheart{{r|fq|509}}
|namesl = ''Brightkit''{{r|os3|63}}<BR>Brightpaw{{r|os3|a}}<BR>Lostface,{{r|os5|223}} Brightheart{{r|os6|108}}<br>Brightheart{{r|po6|75}}<Br>Brightheart{{r|fq|509}}
|familyl = [[Frostfur]]<BR>[[Lionheart]]<BR>[[Cinderpelt]]<br>[[Thornclaw]], [[Brackenfur]]<BR>[[Cloudtail]]<BR>[[Whitewing]], [[Ambermoon]]<BR>[[Dewnose]], [[Snowbush]]<BR>[[Lilyheart]], [[Seedpaw]]
|familyl = [[Frostfur]]<BR>[[Lionheart]]<BR>[[Cinderpelt]]<br>[[Thornclaw]], [[Brackenfur]]<BR>[[Cloudtail]]<BR>[[Whitewing]], [[Ambermoon]]<BR>[[Dewnose]], [[Snowbush]]<BR>[[Lilyheart]], [[Seedpaw]]
|familyt = Mother:<BR>Father:<BR>Sister:<br>Brothers:<BR>Mate:<BR>Daughters:<BR>Sons:<BR>Foster Daughters:
|familyt = Mother:<BR>Father:<BR>Sister:<br>Brothers:<BR>Mate:<BR>Daughters:<BR>Sons:<BR>Foster Daughters:

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"I would not have survived that dark time if it weren't for Cloudtail. He gave me another destiny, and I knew that no matter what I looked like, I would be all right. As long as Cloudtail loved me, I was no longer Lostface, but Brightheart."
— Brightheart about Cloudtail in Secrets of the Clans, page 14

Brightheart is a white she-cat with ginger patches along her back, a ginger tail,[11] one blue eye,[12] thick,[13] soft fur,[14] with fur torn away from one side of her face, a missing eye,[15] shredded ears,[6] and huge claw marks scored across her muzzle.[15]


In the Super Edition Arc

Yellowfang's Secret

In the manga at the end, Brightpaw and Swiftpaw are seen being told by Fireheart that they have to check the elders for ticks.

Firestar's Quest

Firestar spots Brightheart walking out of the nursery to join her mate, Cloudtail, beaming and with her belly swollen with her and her mate's kit.
Later, Cinderpelt gives Brightheart some borage leaves to ensure plenty of milk for when the kits come. After giving the leaves an interesting sniff, Brightheart swallows them down, comparing the leaves' taste to that of mouse bile. Hastily, she adds that if it helps her kits, it's worth eating. Cinderpelt then gives Brightheart instructions of eating borage leaves every morning and Brightheart leaves, thanking Cinderpelt for all her help.
The following morning, Brightheart and Ferncloud are sunning themselves by the nursery entrance, watching Shrewkit and Spiderkit play. Moments later, Longtail comes into the clearing with his eyes badly scratched by a rabbit, and Brightheart starts frantically asking questions. She frets about whether Longtail will see and mentions herself lucky that she still has a good eye.
After Willowpelt's death, Brightheart, sitting outside the nursery den, flinches as Firestar mentions her mate on the patrol that's tracking the badger who killed Willowpelt. Meanwhile, on Cinderpelt's suggestion, she and Ferncloud look after Willowpelt's kits, Sootpaw, Sorrelpaw, and Rainpaw.
When Firestar announces his leave, she steps forward and defends Firestar in his decision, reassuring everyone that StarClan had never let them down before, and that they should trust their warrior ancestors to bring Firestar back, and keep him safe on his journey.
Much later, Brightheart gives birth to one daughter, Whitekit. She gently warns her kit to be careful around Squirrelkit and Leafkit as they won't be able to play for awhile.

Bramblestar's Storm

Firestar notes that her and Cloudtail's kits have become apprentices, and that the Clan is going well. Squirrelflight sents out a hunting patrol led by Brightheart to check a squirrel's nest on the ShadowClan border. Brightheart returns, claiming to have smelled ShadowClan scent inside ThunderClan border.
As the rain grows stronger, Brightheart and Cloudtail have to sleep with Jayfeather. When Leafpool shows them a path to escape the flooding hollow, Brightheart remarks to Snowpaw that medicine cats know a lot of things. As the hollow floods, she and Cloudtail round up their younger kits. While climbing the slope, Brightheart slips and falls, but Cinderheart rescues her. A patrol composed of her, Cloudtail, Cherryfall, Bramblestar, and Birchfall go to check out the hollow after it floods.
Brightheart and Jayfeather go to the forest to collect herbs. They return with yarrow and marigold. The next day three hunting patrols are sent out, one led by Brightheart. When she returns, she is carrying a squirrel. When Brightheart carries prey to each clanmate, Minty refuses to eat the starling she offers. As Purdy doesn't want it, Brightheart returns it to the fresh-kill pile. When the rain stops, Cloudtail complains about wet prey, but Brightheart says that's the best they can get for now.
When the tunnel is buried, Brightheart helps the four cats struggle free. Once Seedpaw goes to get the Stick of the Fallen, Brightheart tries to make her breathe, but she announces that she is dead. Still checking the ShadowClan borders, a patrol is sent out composed of Brightheart, Dovewing, Spiderleg, and Cherryfall. Later on, Brightheart leads hunting patrols farther in the territory, while later she and Minty go and collect herbs.
When Jayfeather sees that Leafpool is gone, he says that Brightheart helping him is not the same. Brightheart is completely unoffended, and says she'll do what she can. After the two gather herbs, they arrange it in cracks in a rock. Jayfeather lets Brightheart take charge as he checks the water level. As the water goes down, Bramblestar sends a patrol to WindClan composed of Whitewing, Dewpaw, Thornclaw, and Brightheart. As WindClan teases them, Brightheart shows obvious signs of anger. Later, Spiderleg growls at Minty, who Brightheart then takes to collect herbs with happily.
Back at the camp, Brightheart is spreading moss out with Jessy and Whitewing. She goes to train Jessy, Frankie, and Minty when Bramblestar goes to look at badger scent nearby. Brightheart, filled with grief, tells Bramblestar of Dustpelt's death. When Minty leaves, Brightheart says she'd be glad to help collect herbs, if she returns to the forest sometime.

In the The Prophecies Begin Arc

Into the Wild

She is a daughter of Frostfur and Lionheart, and has three siblings, although they are not mentioned by name. Later, when they go missing, it is thought that they had been kidnapped by Yellowfang, but the real culprit is Clawface, who is also responsible for the death of Spottedleaf.
They are later fetched by a group of older ShadowClan cats, who are driven out of their Clan by Brokenstar for defying him and his evil reign. They are accompanied by a ThunderClan patrol, as they were looking to get back their stolen kits. The group, including the ThunderClan cats, contains Yellowfang, AshfurNightpelt, Dawncloud, Whitestorm, Firepaw, Graypaw, and Darkstripe. The kits are found and taken home by the patrol.

Forest of Secrets

She becomes an apprentice, known as Brightpaw, along with her brother, Thornpaw. During their ceremony, when Bluestar invites the two kits forward, she follows her brother's lead in a calm manner. After Thornpaw receives Mousefur as his mentor, she receives Whitestorm as her mentor. She waits for him to cross the clearing with her eyes shining. Whitestorm welcomes Brightpaw and touches noses with her, then escorting her back into the crowd.
Later, Sandstorm says that Brightpaw and her brother went out hunting with their mentors mentioning that the two apprentices were excited as ever.
When Fireheart is temporarily demoted to an apprentice and walks into the apprentices' den, Brightpaw and Thornpaw stare at him with large, wide eyes as if not quite believing what they're seeing.
After the Clan has gotten over the shock of Graystripe's kits, Thornpaw and Brightpaw are rolling around in a play fight while Swiftpaw looks on.

Rising Storm

Fireheart notes that Brightpaw has been hunting very well lately, and he goes to her and asks her whether she takes her catch straight to the elders or not. Brightpaw honestly assures him that she did, hoping it is the right thing to do. Later, when Bluestar asks Fireheart where Whitestorm is, he replies that he is out training Brightpaw. At a Gathering, Fireheart listens in on Brightpaw and a ShadowClan apprentice's conversation. When the apprentice asks if ThunderClan had seen any more of the rogues, Brightpaw replies calmly, positively telling the ShadowClan apprentice that they haven't scented any of them in their territory for nearly a moon.
She is later seen play-fighting with her brother, Thornpaw. Not long after the rogue attack, and when Runningwind is killed, Fireheart takes Brightpaw out hunting, and Sandstorm tags along. Later, when Brightpaw returns from a patrol, Fireheart asks her if she's ready to go hunting, and she asks if they have to go then. Fireheart says that they can leave if she's not too tired, but Brightpaw shakes her head and runs after Fireheart and Sandstorm as they leave the camp.
When Brightpaw meets Ravenpaw for the first time, she is happy to know he's alive. Then, Sandstorm and Fireheart go to look for Cloudpaw and attempt a rescue. Fireheart and Sandstorm order her to go back and tell Whitestorm where they have gone, knowing he would understand. Once Cloudpaw is rescued and he returns, she greets him with a friendly nuzzle, relieved that Fireheart and Sandstorm rescued him.

A Dangerous Path

When Fireheart and the others arrive from the Gathering, Brightpaw is seen with Swiftpaw, running from the apprentices' den. Later she goes hunting with Cloudpaw. Brightpaw asks Whitestorm's permission before she leaves, unlike Cloudpaw much to Fireheart's annoyance.
She is seen another time when she practices her battle moves with Fireheart, Thornpaw, Cloudpaw and Swiftpaw. When Fireheart mentions that he is going to ask Bluestar if they can be warriors, she exchanges excited glances with the other apprentices.
Later, when Fireheart tells his Clanmates about his plan about peace between WindClan and ThunderClan, Whitestorm decides that Brightpaw shouldn't come with them, if there would be a battle after all.
When Cloudpaw is made a warrior and receives the name Cloudtail, she tries to be happy for her friend, even though the other apprentices aren't. She does, though, feel the other older apprentices should have been made warriors along with him. Swiftpaw gathers all the apprentices, and suggests they go and find what is taking the Clan's prey. Brightpaw is the only cat that agrees to go with Swiftpaw, because she is worried about him being alone. They sneak out early the next morning from an exit behind the elders den to Snakerocks, yet don't know that the predator scented is a dog pack. They try to fight, but fail. Swiftpaw dies during the attack and Brightpaw is hideously scarred, losing an eye as well as a large amount of fur on one side of her face, and having one ear shredded on her left side. When Dustpelt confronts Fireheart along with Fernpaw, Fireheart immediately gathers a patrol and set out to find them. When the patrol finds the body of Swiftpaw and Brightpaw horribly injured, they take them back to the camp. Brightpaw seems unconscious until she calls out 'pack, pack' and 'kill, kill'. This was what was in Cinderpelt's dream. The cats with her wonder what she means, but she says no more. She is then in the medicine cat's den for quite a while, having many nightmares. She also repeatedly says in her sleep, 'pack, pack' and 'kill, kill'. Cloudtail never leaves her side, showing an affectionate side that he's never shown to any other cat before.
Before Cinderpelt nurses her back to health, Bluestar gives Brightpaw the cruel warrior name of Lostface, saying it is so that the memory of the dogs, and how StarClan did nothing to stop them, would always live on. Cloudtail is enraged by the fact that Bluestar had given her such a harsh name, and Bluestar remarks that StarClan would receive her as a warrior named Lostface, or they wouldn't receive her at all. Cloudtail then promises the newly named Lostface that he will never say her dreadful name.
Under Fireheart's order, Lostface lives with the elders for a short amount of time, forging a close bond with them. She comforts and gets along especially well with Speckletail, who grieves for her dead son, Snowkit, who had been carried away and presumably eaten by a hawk before. She allows Speckletail to 'take care of her' in order to ease the pain of losing him. Lostface begins to get used to cats shrinking away at the sight of her horrible scars.
She goes with Cloudtail, Graystripe, and Fireheart to see Cloudtail's mother, Princess, who is also Fireheart's sister, and feels hurt because Princess is terrified of Lostface's appearance. She asks to see her reflection, and when she looks into a puddle to see her face, she painfully realizes why Princess is so afraid of her. She is devastated by her injuries, but is comforted by Cloudtail's words that she is still, and will always be, beautiful to him.

The Darkest Hour

Cloudtail insists that Firestar, now leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar's death, change Lostface's name, and the ginger-and-white warrior asks him also. He says that he isn't sure how he can change her name, though, especially because StarClan had already accepted her as Lostface. Cloudtail notes that One-eye and Halftail couldn't have been born with those names, calling Firestar a mouse-brain. Firestar asks One-eye how to perform the rare name changing ceremony, and the elder tells him.
During Thornpaw, who is now Thornclaw's, warrior ceremony, Firestar changes Lostface's name to Brightheart. She is nervous at first, but then hesitantly comes up to the Highrock. She is overjoyed when she receives her new name, Brightheart.
Cloudtail then begs for Firestar to make Brightheart a full warrior, but Firestar questions this act because she can't hunt alone, and can't fight with only one eye. Cloudtail tells Firestar that he has trained Brightheart to fight with only one eye, but Firestar still is unsure. However, Cloudtail continues to bother Firestar until he finally approves.
With Cloudtail's training, she is soon able to beat other cats in practice fights using fighting techniques Cloudtail made especially for her and her condition. Firestar is impressed, as well as Dustpelt, and eventually Firestar gives her permission to participate in the battle against BloodClan, and tells her that she can sleep in the warriors' den from then on, as she is now a full warrior. She is able to use her moves to her advantage in the BloodClan battle, and it is noted that she is fighting alongside Cloudtail almost all the time.

In the New Prophecy Arc


When Brightheart strolls over to her mate with a newly chosen piece of fresh-kill in her mouth, Brambleclaw reminisces on the time the Clan feared that she'd never be a warrior. He mentions how Cloudtail had trained her, working out ways to overcome her blind side making it so that she can hunt and fight as well as any other warrior.
As Cloudtail and Brightheart finish their meal, their daughter, Whitepaw, asks if she could go hunting with them. Cloudtail says no adding that Brackenfur is going to take her, and Brightheart purrs that Brackenfur is extremely proud of her. After Whitepaw scampers off, Brambleclaw joins Cloudtail and Brightheart in a small hunting patrol trotting off towards the gorse tunnel.
Later, when Mousefur tells Brambleclaw to go on a hunting patrol before he eats again, Cloudtail offers Brambleclaw a place in his and Brightheart's hunting patrol. Brambleclaw agrees, and Cloudtail dashes off to fetch Brightheart. When Brambleclaw, Cloudtail, and Brightheart get back to camp, Silverpelt was starting to shine.
During a morning, Brightheart goes to wake up Brambleclaw but notices that Brambleclaw is not in the warriors' den, or even in camp. She reports this to Mousefur, shrugging off her distress at his absence. She volunteers the possibility of Brambleclaw going out on his own to hunt and says that she and Cloudtail will go on a hunting patrol with Mousefur.
During the last heat of early leaf-fall, Cloudtail and Brightheart are sharing tongues in a patch of sunlight.


She is first seen reassuring her mate, Cloudtail when he whispers into her ear. Later in the book she is seen calming Cloudtail, who is frustrated that Firestar won't let the Clan go into battle against WindClan and RiverClan.
She and Cloudtail later go missing, and no cat knows what had happened to them. Whitepaw, their daughter, is seen sitting outside of the apprentice's den with shock as the Clan discusses their disappearance. After, Whitepaw is extremely worried for her parents, so she begs her mentor, Brackenfur, and also Firestar to look for them but he tells her no. When Brackenfur decides to go on a hunt, Firestar tells him that he should bring along Whitepaw so she could keep an eye out for Cloudtail and Brightheart and she becomes more hopeful. Leafpaw, the medicine cat apprentice, later infers that the Twolegs are capturing Clan cats, after Mousefur struggles free of one, and she offers to go search for them near where the Twolegs are, assuming they might be there.


When Leafpaw is trapped by the Twolegs and is being held in a small Twoleg nest, she tells Cody that she came looking for Brightheart and Cloudtail. Leafpaw then realizes that if Brightheart and Cloudtail were indeed captured by Twolegs, they could be in the exact same place as her. She spots Brightheart's white-and-ginger pelt and calls her name. Brightheart answers warily, and asks who had called her. Once Brightheart realizes that it is Leafpaw, she asks anyone if they know what the Twolegs might do to them, terrified at the possibilities. Brightheart later greets the rogue, Sasha, when she is brought into the nest by a Twoleg, and shows concern for the rogue Coal when he is wounded by one of the Twolegs.
During the escape from the Twolegs, Leafpaw calls to Squirrelpaw to get Cloudtail and Brightheart out. Dashing into the Twoleg nest, Squirrelpaw scans the cages for the two cats. Cloudtail is free and is helping Rainwhisker open his mate's cage. When Graystripe orders everyone to leave, Squirrelpaw points out that Brightheart is still trapped, panic stricken. Graystripe soon manages to release Brightheart's cage, and Squirrelpaw spots her ginger-and-white pelt in the doorway of the nest. As Brightheart crashes through the brambles with her one eye wide and filled with fear, she gasps Graystripe's name. Cloudtail, leaping over to his mate, cried that he never should have left, licking her face with intense affection. Pushing away from Cloudtail, she informs Squirrelpaw that one of the Twolegs grabbed Graystripe.
Taking a breath at the Great Sycamore after an exhausting and stressful escape, Cloudtail was licking Brightheart's ear, glad to have her safely with him. After the break, the cats are lead back to camp after encountering a patrol, and Brightheart asks if the kits are okay noticing that they're being lead to Sunningrocks rather than regular camp.
When they return to the camp, she and Cloudtail shoot past the other rescued cats calling for their daughter. Whitepaw, hearing her parents call, hurtled towards her mother and father, purring with delight at their escape. While Cloudtail wraps his tail around his daughter, Brightheart fiercely licks her, glad to be back.
Later, she participates in the patrol to aid ShadowClan. Upon returning, she is greeted by her daughter, Whitepaw, asking how it went and exclaiming that Brightheart's bleeding. Reassuring Whitepaw, Brightheart comments that it's only a few scratches.


When the Clans reach the new territories, she comments that it is impossible to see what is down there in the dim light. As the Clans make their way down, her and her mate dart over and scoop up a kit to help Tallpoppy guide them down the slope.
Brightheart later compliments Squirrelflight on finding the new ThunderClan camp asking how she found it.
On the way to what will be the new ThunderClan territory, she and Cloudtail are assigned to keep guard on the opposite side of Dustpelt and Brackenfur while the Clan travels into unfamiliar territory.
Later, she, Cloudtail, and Sorreltail go out on patrol to explore the territory closest to the hollow. While sniffing at a suspicious gap between the roots of a sturdy oak, Cloudtail identifies it as fox scent, and Brightheart decides that it's very stale and that a fox couldn't have been in there for moons. Sorreltail then offers to take a look inside, but Brightheart shakes her head, asking if Sorreltail's mentor ever warned her about going into strange holes and suggests they keep going as there is nothing in the hole.
At Cinderpelt's discovery for the medicine cats' den, Firestar summoned Cloudtail and Brightheart to help clear out the den. By nightfall, the den was ready, with nests of moss and bracken with their help.
When Firestar calls a Clan meeting to send a patrol to see what's going on with WindClan, Cloudtail, Brightheart, and Sorreltail emerge from the warriors' den. Firestar names Cloudtail and Brightheart in charge of camp while the patrol is gone.
After Crowfeather saves Leafpool from falling into the hollow, Brightheart and Cloudtail burst through the thorns to see if Leafpool is okay. When Crowfeather asks what happened to the ShadowClan cats that fell over the edge, Brightheart informs him that they broke their necks. Cloudtail then begins to ask about Crowfeather, but Brightheart nudges him saying that they should get back to camp, hopefully having no more unexpected visitors.


As Firestar calls a Clan meeting to discuss the dead ShadowClan warriors who fell into the hollow and broke their necks, Brightheart uncurls from her nest of moss and follows her mate outside the warriors' den. As the topic of the Clan meeting turns to training, Brightheart suggest a sheltered clearing near the camp. She states that the clearing is like the sandy hollow in the forest territories.
She and Cloudtail are later sent out on a patrol to fill a badger set with Dustpelt and Rainwhisker.
As the Clan is discussing what to do with Daisy and her three kits, Cloudtail makes his statement that kittypets can just as much be warriors as other cats startling Brightheart with his intensity. As the discussion simmers down, Cloudtail leads Daisy away from the center of the camp making Brightheart disconcerted at the friendship the two are making. Watching Cloudtail and Daisy walk back to the nursery, Brightheart murmurs to Whitepaw that Cloudtail is doing the right thing by comforting Daisy. Brightheart then hurries to catch up with the two and offers help to Daisy. Startled, Daisy asks about the scars on Brightheart's face. Lowering her head and turning her injured side of her face away, she responds that she was attacked by dogs. Stepping back to let Cloudtail and Daisy for into the nursery alone, Brightheart heads across the clearing to the warriors' den. Squirrelflight viewing all this pities Brightheart for Daisy's lack of control over her emotions.
When Mosspelt brings news of trouble in RiverClan, Brightheart offers to help Cinderpelt while Leafpool is away. Cinderpelt gratefully accepts her offer and allows Leafpool to go help RiverClan.
Rainwhisker gets a thorn stuck in his pad, Brightheart is the one who takes care of it. She vigorously licks his pad and soon pulls it out giving Rainwhisker the advice of licking his paw. Thanking her, Rainwhisker leaves. Noticing Leafpool, Brightheart acknowledges that she has returned. Before Leafpool could reply, Cinderpelt sets a few borage leaves down saying that it should help with Mousefur's fever. Picking them up, Brightheart thanks Leafpool and hurries over to the elders' den.
During a session of training between Cloudtail and Daisy, Leafpool reminisces how Cloudtail had infinite patience with Brightheart after she had been attacked by the dogs. While thinking of Brightheart, Leafpool starts to head back to camp, growing a disliking at Brightheart taking over all of her own duties.
At camp, as Leafpool is at the mouth of the den, Brightheart comes out to meet her exclaiming about the borage Leafpool found. She thanks Leafpool for finding the herb explaining that Mousefur's fever isn't gone yet and they had hardly any left until now. Leafpool hisses in annoyance feeling like Brightheart took on the role of medicine cat and she was just her helper. As Leafpool shares her thoughts with Cinderpelt, Cinderpelt comments that she should be patient with Brightheart.
Returning to the medicine cats' den, Brightheart stood at the entrance gazing wistfully at her mate playing with Daisy's kits. She comments that he's a great mentor being patient and working out different ways to hunt and fight. Mousefur then approaches asking for some poppy seeds. In reply, Brightheart says that she is unsure to let Mousefur have a poppy seed as well as a borage leaf and advises that they go see Cinderpelt. Brightheart leads Mousefur into the den in search of Cinderpelt.
When Daisy's kits get into the medicine cats' den and scatter the herbs and berries, Brightheart goes out looking for Daisy with Mousekit in her jaws. Tired of looking, Brightheart demands that Daisy come to her dropping the kit she was taking. Brightheart's good eye was blazing with anger as Daisy came to confront Brightheart with Cloudtail following. Demanding to know what happened, Daisy asks what Brightheart was doing with her kits. Brightheart retorts to Daisy that she should ask the kits what happened and then tells the kits to stop wailing as nothing has happened to them. Daisy, also furious, asks again what has happened and Brightheart angrily explains that she found the kits in the medicine cats' den surrounded by herbs all over the ground. Rounding on the kits, Brightheart inquires if the kits ate anything at all. Squirrelflight observing the quarrel, realizes that part of Brightheart's anger was fueled by the fear that the kits ate something dangerous.


While crossing the clearing towards the medicine cat den, Leafpool flicks her tail summoning Brightheart. Hesitantly, Brightheart asks if she is sure she wants her help. When Leafpool approves, Brightheart's eyes gleam and she even seems to shake off a bit of her own weariness as she follows Leafpool.
As the two she-cats approach Birchpaw at the same time, Leafpool, blinking gratefully, asks Brightheart if she can fetch some marigold for Birchpaw's wounds and send all cats who can walk to the medicine cat's den. With a brisk nod, Brightheart bounds off to fulfill Leafpool's requests. She comes back to Birchpaw with the marigold leaves and starts to treat his wounds.
Overhearing Daisy and Cloudtail's conversation, Brightheart comments that Daisy's kits might be safe from the Twolegs now, pointing out that the kits are old enough to start catching vermin within the barn. Once Daisy vanishes inside the nursery, Brightheart comments to Cloudtail that Daisy knows what's best for her kits, and that it's possible that they could feel safer at the barn. Closing the subject of Daisy, Brightheart changes the subject and tells him to go visit Leafpool so she can check up on his torn claw.
Once every cat has been checked by Leafpool or Brightheart, Brambleclaw acknowledges their efforts in healing their Clanmates.
Emerging from a cleft with a bundle of herbs, Brightheart nods to Brambleclaw and then sniffs Rainwhisker and Birchpaw for any sign of infection. She comments that they're doing well and asks Brambleclaw to tell Leafpool that she's already taken some marigold to Brackenfur.
Later, Brightheart quickly crosses the stone hollow with her daughter, Whitepaw. She asks Leafpool if they could go looking for more herbs. Leafpool supports the idea and remarks that they need marigold the most which can be found by the stream. Brightheart nods commenting that she knows a good spot by the stream and thanks StarClan that it's newleaf. Glowing with pleasure, she and Whitepaw bound off into the woods. Leafpool feels a rush of gratitude for Brightheart's help in the aftermath of the badger attack. By the end of the day, Brightheart and Whitepaw replenished the herb and berry supply.
Pushing her way into the opening, Brightheart glances around looking for Cloudtail, until she spots him and Daisy sharing a conversation. Brambleclaw observes how hurt Brightheart looks when she spots the two spending more time together. Brambleclaw then walks up to her asking if she'd like to join the dawn patrol. Shaking her head, she responds that she promised to help Leafpool asking if they could use Whitepaw again. Brambleclaw gives his consent and Brightheart takes a step towards the apprentices' den to go call her. After a moment's hesitation, she comments oh how great it is to see him and Squirrelflight back together. With that, she bounds away to fetch Whitepaw.
Later, Brightheart and Whitepaw come into the medicine cat den as Squirrelflight races out of it. Brightheart reports that she just saw to Daisy saying that she has a bellyache. Once Leafpool fetches the watermint for Daisy, Cloudtail offers to take it to her, and Brightheart snaps that she hasn't seen him being so keen to help the cats who actually fought in the battle. Turning her back, she calls to Whitepaw suggesting that they go look for juniper.
When Berrykit goes missing, Brightheart tells Daisy to calm down pointing out that wailing that loudly will do nothing but upset Sorreltail. Ignoring her, Daisy continues to wail, claiming that a badger has eaten him. Brightheart rolls her eyes, and then hisses in annoyance when Daisy winds her tail around Cloudtail's neck, asking him to stay. Once Berrykit is found, Brightheart makes a nest for him in the medicine cat den, and is later given the end of his tail to bury outside the camp.
After Daisy and her kits return to ThunderClan, she tells Brightheart one of the reasons she had left the Clan, besides worrying about her kits, was that she wasn't close to anyone in the Clan, not like Brightheart was with Cloudtail. Brightheart murmurs an unintelligible question, to which Daisy firmly replies, "No," adding that Cloudtail was a good warrior who loved Brightheart very much. After thanking Daisy, Brightheart leaves the nursery, looking happier.
When Mudfur comes to Leafpool to help Mothwing cure an elder from greencough, Brightheart advises that she should go. Brightheart reassures that Berrykit will be fine and she knows what to give him if he wakes up. Leafpool, musing over Brightheart's words, acknowledges that it was true, and that Brightheart was an efficient helper having the knowledge of all the herbs she'd need.
When Leafpool is on her way to the Moonpool with Barkface and Littlecloud, Barkface mentions Brightheart collecting marigold. Leafpool responds that Brightheart has been an immense help in healing the wounds from the badger attack.

In the Power of Three Arc

The Sight

As Jaykit, Hollykit, and Lionkit are playing outside the nursery, Brightheart and her mate, Cloudtail, are sharing tongues on the other side of the clearing. Pausing from her licking, Brightheart asks how Jaykit is doing. He responds that he's fine curious why Brightheart always made a fuss over him.
At the discovery of fox cubs, Brightheart and Cloudtail are sent to go check out the ShadowClan border in search to find the cubs. Brightheart is later helping out Leafpool in the medicine cat den reporting that Brackenfur is coughing.
During the apprentice ceremony for Jaykit, Hollykit, and Lionkit, Brightheart is assigned Jaykit's mentor. Intentionally, Jaykit refuses to step forward to touch noses with Brightheart sensing her embarrassment. After a moment, Jaykit walked towards Brightheart. She greets him by mentioning how hard it must be for him, but she promises him that she'll teach him how to fight without sight. When he retorts why bother, Brightheart stiffens but responds that no cat has said that he's useless. She steps back and lifts her chin as she goes on to say that Longtail won't appreciate Jaykit being rude when he's helping him with her training.
Firestar then addresses Brightheart mentioning how, even with the obstacles she's faced, it hasn't prevented her from becoming a great warrior and that he could think of no one better than to teach Jaypaw how to serve his Clan. Brightheart vows that she'll teach him all that she has learned.
After the ceremony, Brightheart starts thinking out loud of how to start Jaypaw's training. Ignoring her, Jaypaw pays attention to other actions taking place around the hollow. Brightheart then suggests that Jaypaw better make a start in his duties a bit impatiently. Brightheart then leaves Jaypaw at the elders' den, and Mousefur comments that Brightheart will have her paws full.
Brightheart later peeks in asking if Jaypaw is done. When Jaypaw says he has finished, Brightheart gives him bundles of fresh moss to spread around the den, meowing that once he has spread the moss out, she'll show him the territory around camp.
Leading him out of camp, Brightheart starts to explain the territory. She comments that the trail that they're walking on is steep and leads to the top of a ridge. They continue to weave through the trees, and Brightheart tells him to watch out when he nearly runs into one. She mentions that the trees are thick though there isn't much undergrowth. As they reach the top of the slope, Brightheart tells Jaypaw to follow her scent as she leads him along the crest. Brightheart notifies Jaypaw that they're out of the trees, and soon tells him to stop. She explains that they followed the ridge out of the forest to the very end where the land slopes downward towards the lake. Brightheart tells Jaypaw that RiverClan territory is across the lake, ShadowClan is where the sun sets, and where the sun rises is WindClan territory. Brightheart accidentally slips by telling Jaypaw that he could see WindClan territory by where the sun sets and stops talking abruptly. Jaypaw, feeling sorry for his mentor starts to explain what he can sense. Stunned, Brightheart confirms her new knowledge of what Jaypaw can sense.
A patrol comes then, and Poppypaw offers Jaypaw to come with them for battle training, but Brightheart passes explaining that she is going to show Jaypaw the Thunderpath. When Thornclaw tells her to be careful and not stray over the border, Brightheart snaps that she can smell a border marker. Dustpelt reminds Thornclaw that Firestar trusts her with Jaypaw, and Thornclaw apologizes but his apology is met with a stony silence from Brightheart.
Going off, Brightheart warns Jaypaw of a steep slope ahead asking if he can manage it. As Jaypaw then tumbles down the slope, Brightheart catches up with him asking if he's okay and offering a rest. Declining the offer, Jaypaw asks where they are going next, and Brightheart, with a close glance at him, says that they are going to go to the old Thunderpath. Once they reach the gap in the trees where the path was, Brightheart meows that they'll head back to camp. When Jaypaw objects, Brightheart explains that there's too much territory to explore.
As the two cats start making their way back to camp, they encounter a fox. She hisses that they must find Thornclaw's patrol, but the fox already found them. Brightheart orders Jaypaw to run, and then claws the fox as it lunges. When Thornclaw's patrol arrives and scares the fox off with the help of Brightheart, she calls to him asking if he is okay.
When Jaypaw decides to go out on his own thinking that Brightheart forgot him and comes back with WindClan cats accompanying him, Stormfur tells Mousepaw to go find Brightheart's patrol and tell them to stop searching for him.
When Graystripe returns to ThunderClan and asks to sleep away from the others, Brightheart suggests that there is a grassy alcove behind the warriors' den that would be perfect for a temporary den.
Noticing Jaypaw dawdling over his fresh-kill, Brightheart, frustrated at Jaypaw while sharing tongues with Dustpelt, calls to him telling him to hurry up. She says that once he's finished cleaning up Graystripe's temporary den, she already promised Ferncloud that he'd go play with her kits while she was out hunting. When Jaypaw retorts asking when he will hunt, Brightheart calmly replies that he will go hunting when he has learned to serve his Clan without complaining. Dustpelt, viewing all this, purrs that she'll have to take him out sometime, but Brightheart points out that it was Firestar who confined him to camp. Dustpelt assures her that she could probably sway Firestar into letting the apprentice out, but Brightheart stubbornly replies that there's more to being a warrior than hunting and fighting.
Once Jaypaw cleared the old bedding from Graystripe's temporary den, he locates Brightheart asking her where he can find fresh moss if he can't leave the camp. He then asks Leafpool if she has spare moss, and with her reply, he brushes past Brightheart. Whispering to Leafpool, Brightheart says that she doesn't know how to get through to him, mentor to apprentice.
Joining a hunting patrol with Brambleclaw, Lionpaw, Ashfur, and Berrypaw, Jaypaw asks if they need to go with them, claiming that he's capable of hunting on his own. Pity flashing in Brightheart's eye, she decides not to respond.
With the news of ShadowClan moving the border, Brambleclaw turns to Brightheart saying that she'd better come with them in case the fox cubs are still lurking about. Narrowing her eyes, Brightheart asks about Jaypaw. With the approval of both of them going towards the newly marked border, the patrol heads off.
At the border, Smokefoot sneers an insult and Jaypaw starts to rush forward only to be hauled back by Brightheart. A battle commenced and Brightheart is spotted by Lionpaw fending off four ShadowClan warriors with her Clanmate, Birchfall.
Back at camp after the battle, Brightheart praises Jaypaw for not giving ground to any ShadowClan cat.
On Jaypaw's decision to become a medicine cat apprentice, Firestar says that he'll need to tell Brightheart. Hollypaw suggests that perhaps Brightheart could be her mentor, but Firestar shakes his head explaining that her skills were perfect for Jaypaw. Jaypaw frets that Brightheart may not understand his decision, but he promises to make her understand. Going to fetch Brightheart from the warriors' den, Hollypaw finds her washing herself in her nest. When Hollypaw requests her presence in Firestar's den, she stops grooming herself about to ask why, though Hollypaw ducks out before she can inquire.
Later, Brightheart is lying next to Cloudtail washing herself still hurt after Jaypaw switched to becoming a medicine cat apprentice. Firestar promised that she could mentor Icekit or Foxkit, but it didn't heal the pain of losing her first apprentice. Leafpool approaching, comments that staring at Brightheart won't make her forgive him. Jaypaw responds that she won't listen to him when he tries to talk to her, finding another job to do before going in depth about the topic. Leafpool then advises that Brightheart will listen when she wants to, explaining that she had to fight hard to prove to her Clanmates that she was just as good as them, and losing her first apprentice must feel like losing that battle.
When there is dogs in WindClan territory, Firestar turns to Brightheart asking what she thought. Holding her head up high, she says that they nearly lost everything when the dogs attacked, and they can't allow that to happen to WindClan as well.
As Leafpool debates whether to go to WindClan to ask for some catmint, she tells Jaypaw that Brightheart can help him if necessary when she's gone. Jaypaw pricks at the thought of having Brightheart watch him struggle to help his Clanmates. However, as Jaypaw does struggle with curing greencough, Brightheart comes saying that Sandstorm told her that he needed some help. He first asks her to help him clean out the dirty bedding, but she responds that she can do the bedding by herself while he goes to see his patients. She also tosses him a piece of mouse saying that Sandstorm told her that he needed to eat. When he shakes his head, she insists that he needs to keep his strength up when responsible for the whole Clan while Leafpool is gone.
When Sorreltail frets about her daughter, Poppypaw, Brightheart nudges her, urging her to go hunting with her mate, Brackenfur, pointing out that the more fresh-kill ThunderClan has, the stronger they will be. Brightheart then guides Sorreltail out of the medicine den.
Waking Jaypaw from walking in Poppypaw's dreams, Brightheart whispers that his breathing was slow and she thought that he was ill too. Jaypaw, reminded of Poppypaw, goes to examine her, and Brightheart asks how she is. Jaypaw responds that she's better, and Brightheart mentions that she woke up finding him and Poppypaw hardly breathing, though she's glad to see him all right. She starts heading out of the den, saying that she'll go tell Sorreltail the good news.

Dark River

Rushing out of the elders' den, Brightheart instructs Mousefur and Longtail over to the bottom of a tumble of rocks. When Mousefur complains about already knowing the drill, Brightheart comments that they need to know it by heart in case of an attack on the camp at night.
Later, when Hollypaw goes missing, she comments that she may be hurt. Brightheart is set on the idea that WindClan captured her, and she points out that now that they have extra prey from the forest, they can take a hostage.
During a border skirmish, when two WindClan apprentices cross the border to kill a squirrel, Brightheart wrestles with Whitetail while Harepaw and Breezepaw are swiping at her. Then, with the help of Poppypaw, Brightheart rakes her ears with her claws. When they get back to camp, she responds to Brambleclaw that the patrol got out with only a few scratches. Her tail is slightly wounded when it is bitten, and Jaypaw later treats it with a poultice of oak leaf. After she's treated, she helps rub a poultice on Lionpaw's ear, commenting that Hollypaw will turn up. Once Lionpaw ducks away to get some sleep, Brightheart turns to Stormfur, getting ready to treat another injury.


Before Daisy's kits' warrior ceremony, Berrypaw frets about what name he is getting, and Brightheart reassures him by saying that he shouldn't have to worry. She reminisces about when Bluestar named her Lostface after the dog pack had attacked her, and then when Firestar came to be leader, he changed her name to what it is now.
When her hunting patrol returns, she is carrying a couple of voles, and is later seen sharing a thrush with her mate as the Clan starts to gather. Hollypaw, just returning from her hunting patrol, asks about the current situation, and Brightheart answers that it's Icekit and Foxkit's apprentice ceremony.
Cloudtail remarks that it's about time, and Brightheart nudges him gently. She reminds him that kits will be kits, but that they'll grow up to be great warriors one day.
When Hollypaw runs back to camp to alert Firestar of intruders near the WindClan border, Brightheart and Sorreltail pop their heads through the branches, eyes wide with alarm.


Crashing into camp, Birchfall, Brightheart, and Thornclaw and his apprentice, Poppypaw, Brightheart bursts out that WindClan has crossed the border. Cloudtail, dozing outside the warriors' den, asks where Brightheart is going. As she scrambles up to Highledge after Thornclaw, she promises that she'll be right back.
Later, she is on guard duty at the camp entrance. She comments to Jaypaw that he's up early, and offers an escort for him. He responds that he's getting herbs for Leafpool, and refuses the offer of an escort. Just in case, Brightheart informs Jaypaw that the dawn patrol is out and assessments will be starting soon so there should be plenty of help if needed.
Moments before Honeypaw and Poppypaw's warrior ceremony, Brightheart and her mate settle in the shadow of Highledge. As Cloudtail worries about Cinderpaw becoming a warrior, Brightheart reassures him that it'll be her turn in no time.
When WindClan attacks the ThunderClan camp, Brightheart grapples with a spitting WindClan tom. Once Graystripe intervenes, Brightheart slides into the nursery to help defend the queens and kits. As the WindClan attackers spread out among ThunderClan territory and the ThunderClan cats have a momentary break, Brightheart reports that though the kits are frightened, they're okay. Sliding out of the nursery, Toadkit asks to see to the battle, but is grabbed by the scruff and placed back inside by Brightheart. She then starts to weave brambles into the camp barrier to reinforce it when Dustpelt bring news of whether WindClan left or not. As Firestar concludes what WindClan planned on doing, Brightheart leaves her work and joins into the center of the clearing. She is assigned to stay with the queens and elders during the attack.
Later, inside the hollow, Brightheart restlessly circled the camp stopping occasionally to scan the ledges for any intruders.
When the sun disappears, Brightheart and Graystripe hurtle themselves towards the entrance of the torn barrier to try and understand what was happening.
She later helps Leafpool and Jaypaw with the basic injuries from the aftermath of the battle. Brightheart was moving among the warriors with a bundle of herbs in her mouth, helping injured warriors when possible. After a while, Firestar tries to urge Leafpool to get some rest as Brightheart will see to the other injuries and fetch her if needed.
When Squirrelflight awakes, Brightheart hurries over claiming that she saw her move, offering to fetch Leafpool. When it's agreed that Leafpool should rest, Brightheart suggests to Squirrelflight that she should get some rest as well, seeing as she lost a lot of blood. As Squirrelflight's drifts back to sleep, Brightheart keeps an eye on her.

Long Shadows

She goes on the dawn patrol along with Ashfur, Thornclaw, and Lionblaze. When Lionblaze asks for a training session, Ashfur decides to leave it up to Brightheart to report to Firestar.
Later on, when her brother Thornclaw is coughing, she presses her shoulder into his shoulder fur and promises to go fetch some herbs from Leafpool. She becomes very angry and annoyed at Berrynose and Spiderleg when they complain about Thornclaw's coughing, giving them a furious glare and a sharp scolding. She pelts across the clearing once she has obtained the herbs.
When Littlecloud appears in ThunderClan territory, Brightheart and her brother join the the group crowding around Littlecloud, curious as to knowing what's going on.
Eventually, Brightheart herself catches greencough, along with several of her Clanmates. Lionblaze asks about how she was doing, claiming he heard her coughing in the morning. She later moves into the abandoned Twoleg nest with the other sick cats. She is one of the cats to witness Firestar lose one of his lives, holding scraps of wet moss to his mouth. Once he revives, she gives him a drink from some moss, and welcomes him back softly. When Firestar tries to reassure his Clanmates, Brightheart rebukes him, meowing that he's still weak and he should go back to camp to have Leafpool take care of him. When he refuses, she states softly that she had known he would insist on staying, touching her nose to his ear. As Lionblaze makes his leave to get more fresh-kill, Cloudtail points out that they need catmint and Brightheart adds that they need the will of StarClan to survive as well.
When the Clan has healed, Brightheart and Cloudtail assist in dragging burnt branches away from the warriors' den after the fire occurs. She later goes on a hunting patrol with Ashfur, Lionblaze, and Cloudtail, and hunts in the Twoleg garden with her mate.


While suspicions arise of how Ashfur died, Brightheart suggests that perhaps Ashfur has been killed when he had run into the loner Sol, and they had fought, but this is quickly shot down, as there was only one mark on Ashfur's body.
Sitting near the nursery entrance, Cloudtail and Brightheart are reassuring Daisy about the protection of the camp. When Cloudtail mentions that there are plenty of warriors in camp to protect the kits, Brightheart adds on that Graystripe said that they could put double guard on the camp.
She later goes on a hunting patrol with Dustpelt, Cloudtail, and Icepaw.
She questions Sol's calmness when he is brought back to ThunderClan, thinking he shouldn't be calm if he had killed Ashfur. After Honeyfern's death, she expresses sadness, and wishes there was a herb to cure a snake bite as she helps Hollyleaf put herbs away. Near the end, she calls Jayfeather to the nursery since Whitewing, her daughter, is giving birth to Birchfall's kits. They are named Ivykit and Dovekit, and Brightheart seems very proud of her daughter.

In the Omen of the Stars Arc

The Fourth Apprentice

As a hunting patrol comes through the thorn tunnel back to camp, Brightheart follows with a clump of yarrow in her jaws. Jayfeather thanks her, his doubtfulness of her finding some assuaged. Mumbling around the yarrow, she responds that there are some plants by the old Twoleg nest. Grateful for her help, he remembers that Brightheart could never be his apprentice as she was older than him and committed to being a warrior.
When Rainstorm, a RiverClan warrior, comes to the ThunderClan camp after getting stuck in a mud hole, Brightheart is one of the few cats who is sympathetic towards him. She asks if Rainstorm is hurt in any way and if Jayfeather needs her to get more herbs.
Later, Brightheart approaches Jayfeather wondering if he'd like her to collect some traveling herbs for the journey to the mountains. Jayfeather gives his approval starting to think about what herbs were needed knowing Brightheart was waiting for him to tell her what herbs she needed to bundle together. After a few moments, Brightheart says that she can probably think of the mixture from when she ate them when she went to the Moonstone as an apprentice. She remembers that there is sorrel and daisy due to the awful taste. Jayfeather adds in chamomile and Brightheart finishes with burnet. She then whisks off calling to Hazeltail and Blossomfall to look for herbs with her.
Icecloud, Berrynose, and Brightheart go on a water patrol but encounter a WindClan patrol. After Breezepelt snarks at Jayfeather about being half-Clan, Brightheart, shocked at Breezepelt's words, whispers to Jayfeather that there was no call for what Breezepelt said to him.

Fading Echoes

She drops off some fresh-kill on the pile. She later attends the Gathering, and Dovepaw notices her behind her when they are leaving. When she catches Ivypaw and Dovepaw outside camp, she herds them back inside the camp, fearful they'll catch a cold.
When the tree is falling, she rushes to check the elders' den. She can't get Mousefur to move until Lionblaze intervenes, and then she leads the elders out of the camp. Later, she asks Jayfeather what she can do to help Briarpaw's injury, and he tells her to give her a poppy seed, as well as Mousefur, who is in shock over Longtail's death. After Jayfeather's visit to Littlecloud, she keeps Millie away from her daughter's nest while the medicine cat tests her injury. When Millie panics, Brightheart warns her that Briarlight can hear her.
She later participates in the meeting of the senior warriors to discuss the dream that Ivypaw had. She is defensive of her daughter's kit when Thornclaw is scornful.

Night Whispers

Brightheart has trouble getting up after the battle with ShadowClan. Cloudtail's encouragement seems to bring her enough strength to do it, though. Later, she and Bumblestripe bring Jayfeather cobwebs and take moss to the nursery, because Dovepaw and Ivypaw are both out training, even though it's an apprentice task.
She goes on Graystripe's hunting patrol by the lake with Millie and Blossomfall. Later, Brightheart helps fight off the fox that breaks into the ThunderClan camp. After the battle, she helps Jayfeather and Leafpool gather herbs. They are escorted by Thornclaw and Dustpelt. Unfortunately, they only bring back a few pawfuls of mallow and thyme, and it takes them half a day to find that much.
Brightheart fetches Jayfeather when Sandstorm begins coughing. Sandstorm's whitecough then began to spread, so that when there are four patients in the medicine den, Brightheart is in charge of the patients the night of the Gathering so Jayfeather can attend.

Sign of the Moon

When Dovepaw explains what happened to Icecloud, Brightheart and Bumblestripe push their way out of the warriors' den. When Berrynose comments that she could've broken her spine like Briarlight, Brightheart points out that she was walking into Jayfeather's den.
While examining Briarlight's hindquarters, Brightheart encourages her by saying that she's getting stronger everyday. Moving on to examining Icecloud, Brightheart scolds Icecloud gently when Icecloud claims that she should be hunting rather than being another mouth to feed. Brightheart then asks Icecloud if she minded hunting for any other sick cat and Jayfeather provides support for Brightheart's argument.
Settling down, Jayfeather remarks to Brightheart that he hopes Sandstorm can shake off her cold. Brightheart responds that most cats have done well in getting over the worst of whitecough. Jayfeather agrees and the two have a laugh about not worrying about Icecloud's shoulder spreading to the rest of the Clan.
Squeals from Briarlight and Icecloud start to interrupt Brightheart's and Jayfeather's conversation. Getting up, Brightheart volunteers to go see to them. She comments towards the two she-cats that if they keep it up, Icecloud might have to stay until greenleaf.
Brightheart acts as the medicine cat, along with Leafpool, while Jayfeather leaves, due to the Tribe requesting his help.

The Forgotten Warrior

Brightheart gets ready to take ThunderClan's newest apprentices, Molepaw and Cherrypaw, out to the slope above the hollow to train in how to battle with limited vision. Brightheart shows pride in the fact that Firestar wants every apprentice in ThunderClan to know her special fighting style.
The training session is interrupted, however, when foxes attack the group of cats. The group returns safely, but it is noted that Brightheart and Rosepetal are limping and Foxleap smells of blood. Briarlight discovers that Brightheart had bramble thorns in her paws from shoving the apprentices into the bushes.
Later, Brightheart is with her mate, Cloudtail, exclaiming surprise when Lionblaze returns to camp with Sol. She is among the cats that is displeased with Sol's presence in the Clan, remembering the trouble the cat brought to the Clans in his previous visit.
When Hollyleaf returns to ThunderClan and is being questioned by the Clan about where she has been and why she left, Brightheart gently asks Hollyleaf if any cat had harmed her, saying that no matter what Hollyleaf said, they would understand.
Soon after the return of Hollyleaf, while her Clanmates are asking her questions, Brightheart suggests that Hollyleaf was watching them all the time. When Hollyleaf stiffens and defends herself Brightheart reaches out and tells her she wasn't accusing her; mentioning how it was good to know Hollyleaf hadn't forgotten them.
She takes part in the special "tunnel training", teaching her Clan some good tips for the darkness, and how to make it an advantage. She also mentions that they must used their whiskers and tail tips to their advantage in the darkness.

The Last Hope

When Cinderheart and Lionblaze are hunting they ask Cloudtail to come, but Brightheart intervenes saying he had already been hunting and they were going to share a piece of fresh-kill. Lionblaze envies her relationship with Cloudtail and wishes him and Cinderheart could have that. She is later seen with Jayfeather and tells him that she is expecting kits again, but worries about their safety because she is an older she-cat, which is an uncomfortable age for giving birth. Jayfeather appears mad at her, but he is most likely only worried, not only about bringing kits into the Clan at leaf-bare, but also bringing kits into the Clan at such a dangerous time, when the Dark Forest warriors will soon attack. Brightheart is irascible at this statement and leaves Jayfeather.
She later gives birth to three kits, Snowkit, Dewkit, and Amberkit. During the final battle against the Dark Forest warriors and their recruits, she watches over Sorreltail's kits, Lilykit and Seedkit while Sorreltail fights.

In the A Vision of Shadows Arc

The Apprentice's Quest

During a Gathering, Brightheart is seen sitting beside Cloudtail. Later on, Brightheart is organizing dawn patrols with Squirrelflight. As Bramblestar calls for a Clan meeting, Brightheart slips out of the warriors’ den and settles at the foot of the camp’s rocky wall. Bramblestar announces Alderpaw’s journey, including the fact that Sandstorm is going, even though she is an elder. With an affectionate glance to the she-cat, Brightheart asks why she is going, and states she is an elder and deserves rest. Bramblestar replies that he is concerned his ears would have been ripped off by Sandstorm otherwise. After Rowanstar arrives at ThunderClan camp, Alderpaw notices the empty fresh-kill pile and Brightheart, Whitewing and Cloudtail pacing beside it. He wonders why they didn’t bring prey back but figures they met up with Rowanstar before they had a chance to hunt.

In the Ravenpaw's Path Arc

A Clan in Need

When Ravenpaw and Barley first enter the ThunderClan camp, Brightheart is near and is later part of the patrol that attacks the BloodClan camp in Twolegplace.

The Heart of a Warrior

Brightheart is part of the patrol, along with Cloudtail, Firestar, Brackenfur, Bramblepaw, and Graystripe, that helps Ravenpaw and Barley take their barn back from the rogues.
When they reach the farm, Firestar orders Cloudtail to take a hunting patrol out and Brightheart joins him.
The next morning, she fights the rogues along with the rest of the patrol. Brightheart flees when Firestar tells them to retreat because there are too many rogues.
Brightheart is seen fighting alongside Cloudtail when they attack the rogues for a second time. During the fight, she tells the young kits, Icicle, Cloudy, Sniff, and Snowflake to leave and run away, as this is no battle for kits.
She leaves with the rest of the ThunderClan cats once the rogues leave the barn for good.

In the Lost Warrior Arc

The Lost Warrior

In Graystripe's flashback, Brambleclaw is seen trying to release Brightheart from her cage inside the Twoleg monster. Knowing the risk Brambleclaw is at, Brightheart tries to persuade him to go and save himself, but Brambleclaw refuses. Seeing Brambleclaw struggle with Brightheart's cage, Graystripe intervenes shoving Brambleclaw out of the back of the monster, and taking on Brightheart's cage himself. He soon gets the cage open and Brightheart jumps out. She yells at him to jump, but he is flung back and taken away as she escapes.

In the Field Guide Arc

Secrets of the Clans

In "Brightheart Speaks: The Death of Swiftpaw", she gives some insight and opinion on what happened when the dogs attacked her and Swiftpaw in A Dangerous Path. She talks about how she and Swiftpaw thought it was unfair that Cloudtail got to be a warrior before them, revealing jealousy was the reason they went to Snakerocks to find out what was stealing the prey. They saw one dog there, and they thought they could take care of it, but then more came out. Brightheart talks about remembering a forest of legs, blood and fur. She mentioned that one time she saw Swiftpaw climb a tree, and felt hopeful, but the dog got him and he fell down. She notes that even when she couldn't see the battle, she could hear it and knew how fierce it was, and she soon faints.
She also states that, although she never knew when the end came for Swiftpaw, she remembers him fighting like all of LionClan until the very end. She says that she was thrown roughly against a rock and passed out. Brightheart said that she woke up in Cinderpelt's den three days later, and Cloudtail was next to her and woke up at the same time, as if he was waiting for her to wake up all along. She felt that her face felt frozen on one side, and she couldn't see from that side either. She also says that she never would have made it through that dark time if it had not been for Cloudtail, and that as long as he loved her, she was not Lostface, but Brightheart.

Cats of the Clans

Rock explains to the three kits of StarClan how Brightheart's face got injured when she and Swiftpaw tried to take on the dogs sent by Tigerstar. He tells how she can remember how she didn't use to be ugly and scarred, and it pains her to see her reflection in the lake, or remember her first warrior name, Lostface which still echoes in her ear when alone. She hardly flinches when kits or newcomers shriek at the sight of her scars, but Rock says she needs to see inside herself to her own beautiful courage, loyalty, and devotion.

Battles of the Clans

Brightheart participates in the battle against the foxes, and accompanies Graystripe, Mousefur, and Spiderpaw on their mission to lure the foxes with a rabbit.
During the battle with the badgers, Brightheart attempts to get her daughter Whitepaw to safety along with Daisy and her kits. She is frightened for her daughter and argues fiercely with Cloudtail against letting her fight, but eventually relents and tells Cloudtail to keep her daughter safe. She then goes to help get Daisy and the kits out of the hollow.

The Ultimate Guide

Brightheart shares a page with Cloudtail.
Brightheart only drank from fast-flowing streams to avoid being reminded of how the dog pack had mauled her and given her the terrible scars on her face, and did her best to forget about it. She trained and hunted with her Clan, training the apprentices in specialized skills that they may need later on if their eyes were injured. Despite having beauty, she did not want to see her face. Brightheart and Cloudtail had two litters, with Whitewing having Dovewing and Ivypool. Cloudtail was never bothered by his mate's scars because he knew what it was like to be different.
Brightheart is mentioned very briefly on Jayfeather's page to have been his mentor when he was still training to become a warrior.

In the Short Stories and Plays

After Sunset: The Right Choice?

Leafpool leaves Brightheart to watch Firestar while he slept after he got caught in a fox trap.

The Clans Decide

Brightheart, along with Cloudtail, Thornclaw, and Dustpelt, vote for each leaders to take charge of their Clans throughout leaf-bare.

In the Novellas

Tigerclaw's Fury

Brightpaw does not formally appear in Tigerclaw's Fury, but is listed in the allegiances.

Leafpool's Wish

As Leafpool asks to go to the Moonpool, Firestar knows that Brightheart can take care of Brambleclaw’s injuries while she is gone. Leafpool finds Brightheart stocking the fresh-kill pile and lets her know of her plan. Brightheart agrees to look after Brambleclaw, but is alarmed, asking if Leafpool is alright or if there’s been an omen. Leafpool reassures everything is fine. At the hint of Leafpool unable to carry out her duties, Squirrelflight says Brightheart knows about herbs and can take over her duties. Later, Brightheart asks to come into the medicine den with a bundle of cobwebs. She says she found them under a piece of bark at the lakeshore. Leafpool asks her to remove a ‘huge’ thorn from Berrykit’s paw. Brightheart seems surprised but accepts. She exclaims that it is huge, and instructs Berrykit to stay still. She successful removes the thorn and declares she is all done. Berrykit thanks Brightheart for her work. Brightheart watched him leave before asking Leafpool if there’s something she wants to tell her. Leafpool asks what she means, and Brightheart says she has treated Mousefur, sorted yarrow, collected cobwebs and pulled out the smallest thorn ever seen. Brightheart doesn’t mind helping, but feels as if Leafpool wants her as a medicine cat apprentice.
Leafpool asks how she feels about that, and Brightheart gives a purr. She says she is flattered but she is a mother and mate and cannot give that up. Leafpool made a brave decision following her destiny after the incident with Crowfeather. Brightheart is very happy now and loves helping out and she hopes that never changes. Brightheart tells Leafpool she has to look to the new litters of kits for an apprentice. With so many, it shouldn’t be hard. Brightheart ducks under brambles and heads back out to the camp. Three sunrises later and terrified Mousefur will find out her secret, Leafpool sends Brightheart to treat her infection. The warrior never talks of the issue with apprentice again. A commotion is going at the camp and Brightheart exits the warriors’ den, asking what’s going on. Cloudtail lowers Whitepaw to the ground and Brightheart begs her daughter to wake up. Leafpool gently tells Brightheart to stand back to inspect the apprentice. The warrior steps away and presses against her mate, whimpering. Whitepaw was injured trying to catch a very large hare, and Brightheart gasps her poor brave kit. Brightheart realizes that Whitepaw is waking up, and asks if she is in pain.
Leafpool nods and says putting her dislocated tail back in will hurt a lot. Brightheart insists she needs to help with the pain and wants to get poppy seeds. Leafpool decides she would be better without it, and the pain may wake her up which is what she wants. Brightheart reacts with a yelp of dismay. As Leafpool puts the tail joint back, Whitepaw gives a screech and Brightheart lurches forward but Cloudtail holds her back. Brightheart breathes Leafpool did it as she successful fixed the tail. Whitepaw wakes up, asking where she is. Brightheart explains she is safe and Leafpool fixed her tail. Brightheart helps with carefully carrying her daughter to the medicine den. Sandstorm congratulates her daughter for her work and keeping Brightheart calm. Leafpool tells her mother to let Brightheart know to stay with Whitepaw and not give her poppy seeds while she goes out. Brightheart stays with Whitepaw throughout the night, reassuring her when she wakes up in pain as Leafpool cannot give her poppy seeds. Both cats are dozing by sunrise so Leafpool quietly exits the den to fetch them fresh-kill. Leafpool goes to the Moonpool again and leaves Whitepaw in Brightheart’s care for the day. When Leafpool returns, Whitepaw is asleep so Brightheart is rolling yarrow leaves. She reports the apprentice has less pain.
She notices Leafpool’s exhaustion and states she didn’t have to travel back overnight, Brightheart could care for Whitepaw again. Leafpool claims she didn’t want to sleep on rocks and suggests that Brightheart get some fresh-kill. Brightheart glances at Leafpool before padding out of the den. Next sunrise, Whitepaw is complaining which is a good sign. Brightheart doesn’t fuss over her, but gives fresh-kill and soaked moss between complaints. Leafpool has to leave the Clan for some time, and asks Brightheart to care for the Clan. Brightheart’s eye widens and asks if something is wrong. Leafpool lies that she needs to search for a special herb that goes beyond the territory, and claims StarClan told her so at the Moonpool. Brightheart stresses if the Clan will face greencough this leaf-bare, but Leafpool reassures she wasn’t told that, and asks Brightheart to take over her duties until she returns. Brightheart agrees to, but asks Leafpool to not stay away too long as the Clan needs her. Squirrelfight hears the news from Brightheart and asks her sister if this is true.

Hollyleaf's Story

When Hollyleaf is keeping a discreet eye on Cherrypaw and Molepaw, she reflects upon when Brightheart taught her battle moves in case you lose sight in one of your eyes. As she reminisces, a new scent comes to Hollyleaf, and she soon finds out a fox is near. Just as she is about to defend the younger cats, Brightheart appears, with Foxleap and Rosepetal soon behind her. Brightheart puts up a fight against the fox, and is flung into the bushes before the fox runs off. Brightheart and the other warriors chase after it, leaving Cherrypaw and Molepaw to defend for themselves, not knowing Hollyleaf is watching from a distance.

Mistystar's Omen

Brightheart does not formally appear in Mistystar's Omen, but is listed in the allegiances.

Dovewing's Silence

The Great Battle is over, but the dens are damaged and there are many deceased. Brightheart emerges from the safety of the damaged elders’ den with her kits complaining in the den. Brightheart’s skin on her face is red from strain as she turns back to her kits. She tells them to wait as they can come out soon. She turns to Brackenfur and informs him she saw Sorreltail go to the nursery. Brackenfur finds Sorreltail dead, and her kits covered in her blood. Dovewing brings them out where Brightheart spots them and rushes over. As she bounds forward, she tells Cloudtail to tell her kits to stay where they are. She pulls Seedkit and Lilykit to her belly and starts cleaning them. She looks at Dovewing with question in her eyes and Dovewing gives a nod, signalling that Sorreltail is dead. Brightheart drags them closer to her.
Brightheart and Daisy moved all the kits to the elders’ den as it still stands strong and they want to keep them away from the deceased bodies. Two sunrises later, she is mentioned to have gone out on hunting patrol, leaving her kits with Squirrelflight and Daisy. Days later, Jayfeather mentions that since Brightheart is now taking care of Sorreltail’s kits as well as her own, she cannot help the medicine cats fetch herbs. The nursery has also been repaired, so Brightheart and Daisy have moved the kits back. After a Gathering, Bramblestar declares any cats that are sick to be treated. Brightheart asks Cloudtail why he didn’t report his sore throat. Cloudtail promises he’ll see Jayfeather if it gets worse. About a quarter moon later, Brightheart still takes part in hunting patrols despite growing thin from feeding two litters of kits.


  • She has been mistakenly mentioned as white with tortoiseshell patches instead of white with ginger patches.[14]
  • She has been seen as a flecked cat instead of patched.[16]
  • On Kate Cary's Facebook page, she said that she liked the idea that Brightheart's father may be Whitestorm.[17]
  • Brightheart respects Cloudtail's lack of faith in StarClan.[18]
  • In Cats of the Clans and The Ultimate Guide, Brightheart was shown with an amber eye.[19][20]
  • She has been described with both eyes on multiple occasions.[21][22][23][24]
  • In The Forgotten Warrior, Brightheart is mistaken for Briarlight, as it says Jayfeather heard "Brightheart dragging herself over to him." [25]
  • In Yellowfang's Secret, Brightheart is shown as a solid-colored cat.[26]
  • When Jayfeather and Hollyleaf switch their apprentice roles in The Sight, Firestar says that Brightheart will be a mentor again soon.[27] However, this is never mentioned again, and isn't touched upon at all, since each apprentice since then has been assigned a different mentor:
    • Foxleap was given to Squirrelflight,[28] and his sister Icecloud to Whitewing.[29]
    • Rosepetal and Toadstep were given to Squirrelflight[30] and Cloudtail,[30] respectively.
    • Bumblestripe, Blossomfall, and Briarlight were given to Mousewhisker, Hazeltail, and Thornclaw, respectively.[31]
    • Dovewing and Ivypool were given Lionblaze[32] and Cinderheart[33] as mentors.
    • Cherryfall and Molewhisker were assigned to Foxleap[34] and Rosepetal,[35] respectively.
    • Lilyheart and Seedpaw were given to Poppyfrost and Bumblestripe.[36]
    • Ambermoon, Snowbush, and Dewnose had Spiderleg, Ivypool, and Whitewing as mentors, respectively.[36]
    • Stormcloud's mentor was Squirrelflight.[37]
    • Hollytuft was given Cloudtail as a mentor.[38]
    • Sparkpaw and Alderpaw were given Cherryfall and Molewhisker as mentors.[39]
  • She has been described with white patches of fur.[40]
  • Vicky confirmed on her Facebook page that Lionheart is the father of Brightheart and her littermates.[41]
  • Kate suspects that Brightheart will lose her wounds in StarClan.[42]
  • Despite being a queen in Dovewing's Silence[43] She is listed in the allegiances as a warrior.[44]

Character Pixels

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Cloudtail:[8] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)


Whitewing:[8] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)
Ambermoon:[45] Deceased, residence unknown


Dewnose:[45] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)
Snowbush:[45] Deceased, verified StarClan member

Foster Daughters:

Lilyheart:[46] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)
Seedpaw:[46] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Frostfur:[11] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Lionheart:[47] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Thornclaw:[11] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)
Brackenfur:[48] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)


Cinderpelt:[48] Deceased, verified StarClan member
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Dovewing:[49] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)
Ivypool:[49] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)
Leafkit:[50] Status unknown
Honeykit:[51] Status unknown


Larkkit:[52] Status unknown


Robinwing:[53] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Speckletail:[54] Deceased, residence unknown


Fuzzypelt:[53] Deceased, verified StarClan member

Great Grandmother:

Harepounce:[55] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Ravenpaw:[56] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Dustpelt:[56] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Unidentified Kits:[53] Status Unknown

Great Aunt:

One-eye:[55] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Longtail:[57] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Snowkit:[58] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Mistlekit:[59] Status unknown


Brindleface:[53] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Goldenflower:[60] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Molepaw:[61] Status unknown


Poppyfrost:[61] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)
Honeyfern:[61] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Cinderheart:[61] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)
Lilyheart:[62] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)
Seedpaw:[62] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Molewhisker:[63] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)
Fernsong:[64] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)


Cherryfall:[63] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)
Hollytuft:[64] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)
Sorrelstripe:[64] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)


Ferncloud:[65] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Ashfur:[65] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Two Unnamed Kits:[66] Deceased, Suspected StarClan members
Sandstorm:[56] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Squirrelflight:[8] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)
Leafpool:[8] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Lionblaze:[67] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)
Hollyleaf:[67] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Jayfeather:[67] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)
Spiderleg:[68] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Shrewpaw:[68] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Larchkit:[69] Status unknown
Hollykit:[69] Status unknown
Birchfall:[69] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)
Foxleap:[70] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Icecloud:[70] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Toadstep:[71] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Rosepetal:[71] Deceased, verified ghost
Alderpaw:[72] Status unknown
Sparkpaw:[73] Status unknown
Two Unnamed Kits:[74] Status unknown
Swiftpaw:[75] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Unnamed Kit:[76] Status unknown
Hawkfrost:[77] Deceased, no residence
Mothwing:[78] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)
Tadpole:[79] Deceased, residence unknown
Tawnypelt:[80] Living (As of Veil of Shadows)
Bramblestar:[81] Deceased, verified ghost
Dawnpelt:[82] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Tigerheart:[83] Status unknown
Flametail:[84] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Strikepaw:[85] Status unknown
Sleekpaw:[86] Status unknown
Juniperpaw:[87] Status unknown
Runningwind:[88] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Mousefur:[88] Deceased, verified StarClan member


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"Cloudtail, Princess looked almost as if she were scared of me. I want - I want to see myself. Is there a puddle nearby I can look into?"
—Lostface to Cloudtail, Fireheart, and Graystripe A Dangerous Path, page 263

"You're still beautiful to me. You always will be."
—Cloudtail to Lostface A Dangerous Path, page 264

Brightheart: "You know I never mind helping you, Leafpool, but any cat would think you wanted me to be your apprentice!"
Leafpool: "How would you feel about that?"
Brightheart: "I’m flattered to be asked, but what about Cloudtail and Whitepaw? I am a mother and a mate, and I don’t want to give that up. […] I am very happy as I am. I love helping you and I hope that never changes, but you’ll have to look to these new litters of kits for an apprentice."
—Brightheart and Leafpool Leafpool's Wish, page Chapter 5

"But Brightheart can remember what she looked like before Tigerstar's half-trained pack of dogs attacked her. It breaks her heart every time she sees her reflection - why do you think she never goes down to the lake? She is brave to her Clanmates, hardly flinches when a newcomer or a kit shrieks at the sight of her scars. But her first warrior name, Lostface, echoes in her ears whenever she is alone. If only she could see inside herself, to the beauty that lies in courage and loyalty and devotion."
—Rock about Brightheart Cats of the Clans, page 26


Brightpaw's Apprentice Ceremony
Bluestar: Whitestorm, you are free to take a new apprentice now that Sandstorm has become a warrior. You will be mentor to Brightpaw. You are a warrior of great skill and experience. I know that you will pass on all you know to this young apprentice.
Whitestorm: Certainly. Welcome, Brightpaw.
Reference: Forest of Secrets, page 63

Lostface's Warrior Ceremony
Bluestar: I, Bluestar, call my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has given her life in the service of her Clan and I commend her as a warrior in her turn. She will be known as Lostface, so that every cat knows what StarClan did to take her from us.
Cloudtail: But that's a cruel name! What if she lives?
Bluestar: Then we will all have the more reason to remember what StarClan have brought us to. They will have this warrior as Lostface, or not at all. Let StarClan receive her by the name of Lostface. There, it is done.
Reference: A Dangerous Path, page 223

Brightheart's Name Changing Ceremony
Firestar: There's one more ceremony to perform. Spirits of StarClan, you know every cat by name. I ask you now to take away the name from the cat you see before you, for it no longer stands for what she is. By my authority as Clan leader, and with the approval of our warrior ancestors, I give this cat a new name. From this moment on she will be known as Brightheart, for though her body has been gravely injured, we honor her brave spirit and the light that shines on within her.
Everyone: Brightheart! Brightheart!
Reference: The Darkest Hour, pages 107-108

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