"But I have to go! I have to receive my nine lives and my new name from StarClan!"
— Brightwhisker to Redscar in Code of the Clans, page 85

Brightwhisker is a brown-and-white she-cat.[3]


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

"They mourn for Snowstar as much as I do. I wish I was still his deputy."
―Brightwhisker about Snowstar Code of the Clans, page 86
Brightwhisker is an ancient ShadowClan deputy.
Brightwhisker is meant to become ShadowClan's new leader after Snowstar dies of greencough, because she was deputy at the time of his death. She becomes ill with greencough before she can receive her nine lives and name. She wants to appoint a deputy, but Redscar, the medicine cat, tells her that she is too sick and needs rest. She says she wishes she was still Snowstar's deputy. Redscar believes that she had whitecough, and said that it was nothing serious. Redscar leaves Brightwhisker to sleep in the leader's den, but she dies sometime during the night.
The next morning, her body is discovered by Flowerstem. The whole Clan is stricken by her death, and Redscar begins to suspect that Brightwhisker had indeed been infected by the same greencough that had recently killed Snowstar. Redscar feels very guilty about Brightwhisker's death, feeling that he should have known that she had greencough. Redscar announces Brightwhisker's death to the Clan, and every cat then wonders who would be the leader. Jumpfoot and Mossfire fight over the position, and, eventually, both cats kill each other. Brightwhisker's body is taken into the center of the camp, and the cats later sit vigil for her.

The Ultimate Guide

She is briefly mentioned by Flowerstar during Tigerclaw's leader ceremony, who says that Brightwhisker had died on her very first night of leadership, before she had gotten to pick a deputy and receive her nine lives and leader name.

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"Redscar! Redscar! Come quickly! I can't wake Brightwhisker!"
―Flowerstem when she finds Brightwhisker dead Code of the Clans, page 86

"But... she never chose a deputy! Who will be our leader now?"
―Mossfire after Brightwhisker passes away Code of the Clans, page 87

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