"Don't fall in! All this damp weather is bound to bring coughs and stiff joints, so we need our medicine cat."
— Brindleclaw to Graywing in Code of the Clans, page 111

Brindleclaw is a tortoiseshell she-cat with sleek,[2] thick fur.[3]


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Brindleclaw is an ancient RiverClan warrior.
She warns Graywing not to fall in the river due to the fact that all the damp weather could cause illness and stiff joints. The tortoiseshell also states that they need their medicine cat. Foxwhisker then pads out of the reeds behind Brindleclaw, predicting that RiverClan will be living off voles for a while because it is too risky for warriors to try to catch fish in the cold river, for the risk of falling in. She agrees, telling Foxwhisker that she will warn hunting patrols to stay away from the river until the water level has gone down. She asks Foxwhisker to take a patrol to the fields.
Soon after, Brindleclaw is the first to notice three WindClan kits hanging onto the edge of the gorge, about to fall into the river. As they fall, she runs over to rescue them, but Foxwhisker and Graywing prevent her from doing so, saying that the kits have probably already died from the fall. One of the kit's paws shoots up from the water, and Brindleclaw tries to save them again. Graywing continues to stop her, arguing that it isn't worth risking Brindleclaw's life to save kits that are from a rival Clan. Brindleclaw refuses to speak to Graywing after the argument.
When Graywing goes out to look for the kits' bodies the next day, she takes Foxwhisker and Brindleclaw with her, without telling them what she is looking for. When Graywing finally tells them that they are looking for the kits' bodies, Brindleclaw reminds Graywing that she wouldn't let her save their lives. Graywing admits she was wrong, and that she should have let her save the kits. She apologizes to her.
Brindleclaw goes with Foxwhisker and Graywing to return the kit's bodies to WindClan. She carries Wolfkit's body.



"How can you watch those kits drown without doing anything? What kind of medicine cat are you?"
—Brindleclaw to Graywing about the drowning kits Code of the Clans, page 113

Foxwhisker: "Great StarClan! What on earth do those kits think they're doing?"
Brindleclaw: "It doesn't matter what they're doing! They're going to fall!"
—Brindleclaw and Foxwhisker worrying about the safety of kits Code of the Clans, page 113

"But yesterday you said we couldn't have anything to do with them because they weren't RiverClan!"
—Brindleclaw to Graywing Code of the Clans, page 117

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