"My loyalty lies with ThunderClan, but I would never give up the name given to me by the Tribe."
— Brook expressing her loyalty to ThunderClan in Dark River, page 87

Brook Where Small Fish Swim, more commonly known as Brook, is a lithe,[1] brown tabby she-cat with gray eyes.[4] Her fur is sleek[2] and thick,[8] and she has a torn ear.[9]

Brook Where Small Fish Swim is a prey hunter of the Tribe of Rushing Water. She was born to an unnamed she-cat and had two older brothers, Talon and Crag, but their mother was slain by Sharptooth. After training as a to-be and becoming a prey hunter, Brook befriended Stormfur and the other Clan cats. Following Feathertail's sacrifice that destroyed Sharptooth and the Clans stop in the mountains on their journey, Stormfur joined the Tribe to be with Brook as his mate. After Stormfur was exiled when his plan against rogues failed, he and Brook joined RiverClan briefly before being exiled to ThunderClan as warriors. They eventually returned to the mountains, and Brook gave birth to Pine and Lark, and later Breeze and Feather.


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The New Prophecy

"But then the Tribe of Endless Hunting sent us the promised cat. Stormfur, you're the chosen one. You'll save us all. I know you will."
―Brook to Stormfur Moonrise, page chapter 12
Brook and Crag discover six Clan cats traveling through the mountains, and Brook recognizes Stormfur as the silver cat destined to save the Tribe from Sharptooth. They are welcomed by the Tribe, and Brook and Stormfur grow close as she explains the Tribe's culture. However, when the Tribe keeps Stormfur prisoner to fulfill his destiny and force his friends to leave, Brook is hurt by Stormfur's anger and apologizes. Brambleclaw and the other Clan cats return to the Tribe with Talon, Brook's older brother, with a plan to destroy Sharptooth. She comforts him after Feathertail's sacrifice and bid farewell when he returns to the Clans. The two are reunited when the Clans rest with the Tribe during the Great Journey, and Stormfur decides to remain in the Tribe to be with Brook.
After being exiled from the Tribe, Brook and Stormfur arrive following the battle against the badgers. The pair stay long enough to help rebuild the camp and hunt before leaving for RiverClan. However, Hawkfrost forces Mothwing to fake a dream foretelling two stones being swept away in a river, hinting that Brook and Stormfur should leave RiverClan. Hawkfrost criticized Brook for accidentally catching a squirrel across ShadowClan's border and goads Stormfur into attacking him. Urged by her Clanmates' insistence, Leopardstar banishes the two where they are welcomed back into ThunderClan.

Power of Three

"But is being listened to and respected the same as serving your Clan? [...] Cats win respect from their Clanmates by being loyal and brave, not holding important positions."
―Brook to Hollypaw The Sight, page 236
Brook and Stormfur are now ThunderClan warriors. She offers wisdom to Jaypaw and Hollypaw following their inner turmoils, and supported Millie's decision to keep her kittypet name. Night and Talon arrive seeking help from ThunderClan; the Tribe cats explain how the two mates were exiled following Stormfur's failed plan to challenge rogues that resulted in Jag's death. However, the rogues continue to pose a threat to the Tribe, and Brook and Stormfur return to the Tribe with the original patrol to the sun-drown-place and their kits. Stoneteller is furious of their return, but allows them to help fight back the rogues. After guiding their friends to the edge of the mountains, Brook and Stormfur decide to remain with the Tribe.

Omen of the Stars

"I can't seem to make them understand that they’ll have separate duties when they're to-bes."
―Brook to Stormfur about their kits Sign of the Moon, page prologue
Moons later, Brook and Stormfur welcome their first litter of kits, Pine That Clings to Rock and Lark That Sings at Dawn. She worries about her kits' futures when they argue about their forced destinies, and chides Stormfur when he encourages their unorthodox ideas. Brook warmly welcomes Squirrelflight and Jayfeather when they arrive in the mountains. After Swoop is carried off by an eagle, Brook mourns her death and comforts her kits. Her brother, Crag, is chosen as the new Stoneteller following the death of the prior one.


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"We stopped the tree for just long enough. Shadowkit's vision saved us after all."
―Brook Tawnypelt's Clan, page 187
In Tawnypelt's Clan, she and Stormfur had another litter of kits, Breeze That Rustles the Leaves and Feather of Flying Hawk, who are both to-bes, and Pine and Lark are now cave-guards. Brook and Stormfur warmly greet Tawnypelt, Dovewing, and Shadowkit to the Tribe. Brook aids in the evacuation of the cave and thanks Tawnypelt when she saves Breeze from the river.

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Stormfur:[10] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)


Pine That Clings to Rock:[6] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)
Feather of Flying Hawk:[11] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)


Lark That Sings at Dawn:[6] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)
Breeze That Rustles the Leaves:[11] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)


Unnamed she-cat:[12] Deceased, residence unknown


Talon of Swooping Eagle:[12] Living (As of Sign of the Moon)
Teller of the Pointed Stones:[13] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)


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Stormfur ♂Brook ♀Talon ♂Stoneteller ♂
Lark ♀Pine ♂Breeze ♀Feather ♂

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    = Gender Unknown




  • She has been mistakenly mentioned with amber eyes,[14][15] and shown with them.[16]
  • She has been mistakenly described as gray-brown.[17]


Brook: "I...I hope you'll be happy here. This must be very different from what you're used to. Do you have caves for sleeping in your forest?"
Stormfur: "No, we sleep in nests of reeds and bushes. RiverClan's camp—that's my Clan—is on an island."
Brook: "Are you a cave-guard or—No, of course not, if you have no caves there will be no cave-guards. Do you guard your camp, or are you a prey-hunter?"
Stormfur: "Our Clans don't work like that. We all guard and hunt and patrol."
Brook: "That must be hard. We are born to our duties, so we know exactly what we have to do. I am a prey-hunter. If Stoneteller allows it, perhaps you would like to hunt with me tomorrow? [...] You're tired; I'll leave you alone now. Sleep well. I hope we will hunt together soon."
—Brook and Stormfur Moonrise, page chapter 11

"Stormfur's eyes stretched wide with admiration at Brook’s hunting skills. What a warrior she would make, if she'd been forestborn! Briefly he imagined her in RiverClan, teaching them this new way of hunting, but he banished the picture almost at once. Brook belonged here in the mountains, and within the next day or two he would have to part from her. He felt a strange stab of regret at the thought and was surprised. How could he already feel attached to a cat he barely knew?"
―Stormfur's thoughts about Brook Moonrise, page chapter 11

Stormfur: "What's going on? Why are you treating us like prisoners?"
Brook: "Please...Are you so unhappy here that staying is such a terrible thing?"
Stormfur: "'Unhappy' isn't the point. We're on a mission; we don't have any choice."
—Stormfur and Brook when he is held prisoner Moonrise, page chapter 12

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"He had kept a check on his feelings for Squirrelpaw because they were in different Clans, but he was drawn to Brook in a way that he couldn't ignore so easily. The sheen on her tabby fur, the glow in her eyes, her speed and skill, stayed with him even though he had escaped from the cave. Was that how Crowpaw and Feathertail felt about each other? he wondered suddenly, with a pang of sympathy he had never felt before. Would he cross boundaries like that to be with Brook?"
―Stormfur's thoughts Moonrise, page chapter 19

"Whatever they have done, I want to help. I have seen this kind of savagery before from Sharptooth, remember?"
―Brook to Brambleclaw Sunset, page 8

Hawkfrost: "You stole prey from ShadowClan! [...] Don't you know the most basic rules of the warrior code? You don't steal prey."
Stormfur: "That's what I'm trying to tell you. She didn't steal it. It's one of ours."
Hawkfrost: "She shouldn't have followed it across the border. Doesn't she even know not to trespass on another Clan's territory?"
Brook: "I'm sorry. I barely set paw on the other side—just enough to catch the squirrel."
Hawkfrost: "You obviously have no idea how to behave. What if a ShadowClan patrol had spotted you?"
Stormfur: "Well, they didn't so..."
Hawkfrost: "No thanks to her."
Brook: "I'm sorry. When I lived with the Tribe, we didn't have to worry about boundaries. I'll remember next time."
Hawkfrost: "If there is a next time."
Stormfur: "What does that mean? Why shouldn’t there be? Brook's training really hard to be a RiverClan warrior."
Hawkfrost: "She'll never be a RiverClan a warrior!"
—Hawkfrost arguing Stormfur and Brook after the latter accidentally caught prey on ShadowClan land Sunset, page chapter 15

"As Jaykit washed his face afterward, drawing his paws over his ears to give them a thorough cleaning, he noticed Brook emerging from the warriors' den to join Cloudtail and Brightheart in the sun. She carried a different scent from the other warriors, the scent of mountains and tumbling water. It seemed to make her the strangest of all the cats who were not Clanborn. Was it just her scent, Jaykit wondered, or was it something more he sensed in the mountain she-cat—some wariness that had never left her? He could not quite put his whisker on it, but he was sure that Brook felt out of place here in the forest."
―Jaykit's thoughts on Brook The Sight, page chapter 1

"In the mountains we say that prey eaten slowly feeds us longer."
―Brook to Lionkit The Sight, page 69

Brook: "Such a troubled sigh for one so young. [...] You want to be important?"
Hollypaw: "Everyone respects Leafpool and listens to what she says."
Brook: "But is being listened to and respected the same as serving your Clan?"
Hollypaw: "I guess not. I just thought it would be the best way to help the Clan."
Brook: "And now you think differently?"
Hollypaw: "I don't think I can help the Clan at all as a medicine cat. I can't remember the names of the herbs. I feel more excited about fighting ShadowClan than fighting sickness. And I’d rather hunt for mice than borage or tansy. It's all gone wrong! No cat will ever respect me now."
Brook: "Cats win respect from their Clanmates by being loyal and brave, not holding important positions. Did you think Graystripe less important than Brambleclaw when you fought beside him yesterday? Or Lionpaw less important than Leafpool when he helped you drive off that ShadowClan tom? It is hard for someone so young to make such big choices. When I was with the Tribe of Rushing Water, there were no such choices. All duties were divided into hunting or guarding. Prey-hunters like me were thin and lithe; guards were stocky and strong. The decision was made from birth which duty a cat would perform best."
Hollypaw: "You couldn’t choose at all?"
Brook: "It wasn't impossible for a cave-guard to be a prey-hunter or a prey-hunter to be a cave-guard, but generally it was a good way to make sure each cat made the best use of the strengths they were born with."
Hollypaw: "I wasn't born with a head for herbs"
Brook: "Think of your strengths, not your weaknesses. As a Clan cat, you have the freedom to shape your own destiny, which Tribe cats never have. Use that freedom wisely."
—Brook and Hollypaw The Sight, page chapter 17

Brook: "Night?...We've been friends since before we were to-bes. We've hunted together. We fought together. Can't you see that the Tribe needs Stormfur?"
Night: "I can see that you need Stormfur."
—Night and Brook fighting over whether the Tribe needed Stormfur or not Outcast, page 100

Brook: "I will come back with you. I cannot let my Tribemates suffer, not if there is something I can do for them. Stormfur, you do not have to come. You are not a Tribe cat."
Stormfur: "Where you go, so do I. That's what you said when Stoneteller banished me. Do you think I would do any less for you? I will never forgive Stoneteller for killing me in the eyes of the Tribe, but that is not reason to let your kin suffer."
—Brook and Stormfur talking about being loyal to each other Outcast, page 107

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