"I just... I sensed that I should come here today. And look at what I find! My sister kitting, and our mother watching over her! Who would have thought?"
— Bubbling Stream upon greeting Moth Flight in ThunderClan in Moth Flight's Vision, manga

Bubbling Stream is a white she-cat with yellow splotches.[5] She has soft fur,[5] and blue eyes.[6]

Bubbling Stream was an ancient ShadowClan warrior under Shadowstar's and Raven Pelt's leaderships in the forest territories. She was born in WindClan to Micah and Moth Flight alongside her littermates, Honey Pelt, Blue Whisker, and Spider Paw. When Moth Flight struggled to balance her duties as a mother and medicine cat, she decided to give up her kits and for them to spread among the Clans like the Blazing Star. Bubbling Stream joined ShadowClan and moons later, she witnessed the birth of Blue Whisker's kits and her mother's passing to StarClan.


In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

"Why do we have to join new Clans? Why can’t Storm Pelt and Eagle Feather and Dew Nose?"
―Bubbling Stream to Moth Flight about joining the other Clans Moth Flight's Vision, page 463
Bubbling Stream is born to Moth Flight alongside Blue Whisker, Spider Paw, and Honey Pelt, although her father, Micah, is deceased by this time. The kits are pulled closer to Moth Flight's belly as she dries their fur. It is noted that two kits, Blue Whisker and Bubbling Stream, have yellow splotches on their white fur. Moth Flight wonders what eye color the kits will have. They wiggle while their eyes are still closed, and Wind Runner mentions it will be a few days before they can discover the kits' eye colors. Pebble Heart arrives and stares at the kits, asking if he is too late for the birth of the kits. Wind Runner tells him he is, but insists to check on the kits while he is there. The medicine cat says they are fine, and Moth Flight snuggles with her kits. Pebble Heart agrees they are lovely, strong, and healthy, and decides to stay the night to monitor the kits. Moth Flight thinks that the kits will help with her grief for Micah. She loves each of them dearly and thinks each kit is perfect. The kits purr with their mother, much to her joy. During a dream, Moth Flight imagines bringing a rabbit to her kits, and that Bubbling Stream's eyes would light up at the sight of the food. The mother feels love for the kits and thinks they are perfect.
Micah mentions he has seen his kits and is watching over them. Moth Flight asks if he thinks that they are gorgeous and says they look like him. She also says that Bubbling Stream, Spider Paw, and Honey Pelt are really protective of Blue Whisker since she is really shy. Micah wishes he is with his kits and explains she'll see him in their kits. The queen wakes up, and the kits fidget in their sleep.
Later, Bubbling Stream's fur spikes with excitement as she yells at Storm Pelt to go faster. She is clinging to Storm Pelt's shoulders as he is giving her a badger ride. Storm Pelt starts bounding, and Bubbling Stream squeals with delight. Moth Flight calls for them to be careful, but Slate tries to reassure that she will be fine. Moth Flight explains Bubbling Stream is only a moon old and thinks badger rides are too dangerous for her. Blue Whisker stares at her sister as she bobs on Storm Pelt's shoulders. Moth Flight thinks that keeping an eye on Bubbling Stream and her three siblings is exhausting and is thankful that there's always someone in the Clan helping to keep an eye on the young kits. Since Moth Flight is also a medicine cat, she has to tend to her Clanmates, but every time she does, one kit always starts meowing with hunger or squealing for help as they climbed the dens walls and gets stuck. It seems like every time she steps into the clearing, one of her kits' calls would bring her back. Slate always lectured Moth Flight, reassuring they are safe in WindClan camp and will survive while she cares for her Clanmates. Moth Flight finds she cannot relax as her kits have lost their father and cannot begin to think they have to cope without a mother as well. She thinks that her kits are special and no one can love them like she can.
Dappled Pelt and Acorn Fur arrive in WindClan camp. Dappled Pelt mentions the kits are beautiful. As Bubbling Stream still urges Storm Pelt to go faster beside the hollow, Moth Flight says they remind her much of Micah, and Acorn Fur agrees they have his spirit. Dappled Pelt tells Moth Flight it is her turn to help train Acorn Fur. Moth Flight explains she has kits now, but Dappled Pelt replies that she's still a medicine cat, glancing at the kits. They are happily playing with their Clanmates as Slate fondly watches. The tortoiseshell mentions that there are many cats that can take care of them while she is busy, but Moth Flight still protests, saying she needs to take care of them as they have lost their father. The white she-cat does finally agree, longingly glancing at her kits. Bubbling Stream has slid off Storm Pelt and is helping Spider Paw hunt imaginary prey in the sandy hollow. Moth Flight thinks they will be fine without her for now. Day after day, Moth Flight would leave her kits with Slate to go and train Acorn Fur. During one drizzly afternoon, Moth Flight hopes Slate is keeping the kits in a den and notes that she is getting used to being away from her kits, but they still welcome her warmly when she returns. The kits would clamber over their mother while purring and begging for badger rides or a game of chase-tail. Moth Flight wonders if she should take over duties as her medicine cat, then thinks that she cannot as she feels she is away from her kits too much.
On the way to a Gathering, Moth Flight thinks of her kits, who are back at camp. Rocky had previously promised to take care of them and make sure they are tucked into their nest by the time WindClan returns. Other cats have stayed behind too, and Moth Flight is relieved as her kits will be well protected if a dog or a fox attacks. At the Gathering, Dappled Pelt asks Moth Flight about her kits, and the she-cat reports they are doing well. She recalls that her kits are getting more and more boisterous every day. Cloud Spots comments that Dappled Pelt told him they have Micah's coloring and is sure Micah is watching over them. Moth Flight leaves the Gathering early to help Tiny Branch, who was seriously wounded by a fox. The kit, however, dies, and Moth Flight is instantly worried about her kits' safety. She frets if a fox got into their camp or one of them went to wonder alone on the moor. She feels desperate to see them and know that they are okay. She tells everyone she has to see to her kits, and Clear Sky tells her that her kits need her. Moth Flight rushes, desperate to make sure they are safe. When she reaches camp, they are tucked at Rocky's belly, and he reports he did as he promised to make sure they are tucked in by the time she returns. Moth Flight gazes at her kits as Spider Paw rests his paw on Bubbling Stream's muzzle. The she-kit pushes it off, rolls over then gives a whimper as she snuggles against Blue Whisker. Moth Flight breathes in their milky scent and thanks StarClan for keeping them safe.
The next day, Moth Flight asks Slate to keep an eye on her kits. Bubbling Stream is meanwhile rolling around in the sandy hollow as the earth is warmed by the sun, seemingly like a sparrow taking a dust bath. Moth Flight remembers Tiny Branch and wants to gather her kits together to her belly and keep them wrapped up safe beside her as if they were newborns. She thinks that they are growing and just want to run around and explore. The medicine cat sees how tired Slate is and tries to find someone else to take care of her kits unsuccessfully. Moth Flight remembers Holly building dens while she was nursing her kits. Moth Flight goes to Rocky and apologizes for being late, telling that she had to find someone who could take care of her kits. Rocky wishes that he could do that for her, and Moth Flight replies he can when he is better.
There's a shriek, and Moth Flight finds Slate crouching over Blue Whisker as Bubbling Stream hangs back with eyes wide with shock. Blue Whisker has fallen off the rocks at the camp, and Moth Flight is angry at Slate for not watching, thinking she has to tend to Rocky and watch her kits. She thinks she could have asked Wind Runner watch her kits. Honey Pelt explains he climbed the rocks the day before, and Bubbling Stream confirms she did too. She pads closer, explaining that Rocky let them all climb except Blue Whisker, saying she was not ready. After making sure she is okay, Moth Flight tells Blue Whisker to go play with her siblings and all the kits trail away with drooped tails. Spotted Fur trots after them, asking if they want to play moss ball. Bubbling Stream declares she wants to be on Spotted Fur's team, racing to the tom and clambering onto his shoulders. She is later seen wresting on the grass with Honey Pelt. Moth Flight asks Swift Minnow to take care of her kits, and she agrees. Gorse Fur also offers, saying he can show them some hunting moves. Bubbling Stream looks from the fresh-kill pile excitedly and asks if he will take them to the burrows, but Gorse Fur says not today.
Moth Flight goes to SkyClan territory where Clear Sky keeps her prisoner. Moth Flight instantly thinks of her kits with Slate, thinking they need her. She recalls being in her nest with her kits warmth pressed beside her. She thinks that her kits would start wondering where she is soon, and they would terrified if they are told their mother has gone missing in SkyClan's territory. She is determined to let her kits know that she is safe. Spotted Fur admits he always wanted to tell her something for a long time, but couldn't as she is busy balancing between her medicine cat duties and being a mother to her kits. Spotted Fur expresses a little love for the kits, and Moth Flight says they love him too. A battle takes place, and Moth Flight busily tends to the wounded. She suddenly remembers her kits and wonders who is taking care of them and if they are okay. She thinks they are really scared and wondering where she is. She tells Pebble Heart she doesn't know who is looking after her kits, and Pebble Heart tells her to go as she will be useless here while worrying about her kits. Moth Flight thinks her kits would be wailing for her and rushes away.
Moth Flight has been tending to Wind Runner, who is very sick, and has been leaving her kits in her Clan's care. It's mentioned that all the kits miss their mother. When Moth Flight goes to seek advice from Dappled Pelt, and on the way out, Honey Pelt and Bubbling Stream untangle themselves from wrestling and jumps to their paws. Bubbling Stream politely asks to have a badger ride, blinking eagerly. Moth Flight promises to play with them as much as she can after Wind Runner gets better. Slate offers to play with them, but Moth Flight insists she needs to rest. Storm Pelt offers to after he has eaten. Bubbling Stream scrambles to the tom and asks if she can have a badger ride too, and Storm Pelt says that when Eagle Feather and Dew Nose have returned, she can have as many badger rides as she likes. On the way, Moth Flight hears calls and turns around to see Honey Pelt, Bubbling Stream, and Blue Whisker clustered at the stepping-stones. They are staring at the water in the river where Spider Paw is in the water. Moth Flight races past the siblings, who give surprised squeals. Moth Flight rescues her son, but finds that his siblings are not at the stepping-stones. She tells Spider Paw they have to find his littermates and frantically searches, wondering where they are. She spots them crouching in the reed having crossed the stepping-stones and are waiting for them beside the river. Their mother rushes to them and starts herding them to the stepping-stones as there is a stench of fox in the air. She thinks that alone she could take on the fox but with kits, they are easy prey and is determined to get her kits to safety.
When they reach the crossing, Moth Flight orders her kits to wait on the shore, and she'll carry them across one at a time, determined to not let another kit fall in. When it's Bubbling Stream's turn, she picks her up and turns around to take her across before setting her down beside Blue Whisker. Moth Flight thinks she has to talk to Dappled Pelt, but has to get her kits to safety first. She orders them to follow her and leads them to the gorge. Relieved they are back in the moor, she noses her kits forwards and guides them to camp. Near the hollow, Gorse Fur greets them, yowling they are safe. Storm Pelt says he doesn't understand how they slipped out, but it's explained that they used the tunnel White Tail showed him. Gorse Fur eyes the kits sternly, telling them they were supposed to stay in camp. Bubbling Stream glares at the tom, saying they wanted to be with Moth Flight. Moth Flight is annoyed as she is supposed to be with Dappled Pelt, not escorting her kits home. She orders her Clanmates to watch the kits, insisting for Storm Pelt to stay with them as she leaves to talk to Dappled Pelt.
After Moth Flight races back, she sees her kits crowd around Black Ear and a rabbit, their fur soaking from the rain. Bubbling Stream is sniffing the rabbit, ears twitching in excitement. She announces that she is going to catch rabbits soon. Moth Flight tells her kits to go and shelter with Slate and Swift Minnow. Bubbling Stream calls her name, hurt in her meow, but Moth Flight insists that she is busy right now. Jagged Peak asks if she should be taking care of her kits. Moth Flight and Wind Runner start to leave to go to the Moonstone. Bubbling Stream, who is standing beside Storm Pelt, pricks her ears. Moth Flight thinks she cannot stay with her kits, calling them her loves. She apologizes in her mind, thinking she has to do this. A few days later, Bubbling Stream paces in front of her mother, stumpy tail flicking in excitement. She states that White Tail said she can go hunting with him and Storm Pelt. Moth Flight gazes the kit with sympathy, saying she is too little. Bubbling Stream argues that Storm Pelt told her he won't let buzzards get her. Moth Flight says that Storm Pelt is taking White Tail out to teach hunting techniques and asks how he can do that if he is too busy watching out for buzzards. Bubbling Stream gives a scowl and stomps away, and Blue Whisker hurries to her, saying that she told her that Moth Flight would say no. Moth Flight looks past the two kits to the sandy hollow.
The now named Windstar tells Honey Pelt to go play with his siblings. She nods to Bubbling Stream and Blue Whisker, who are chasing Spider Paw's tail, and Honey Pelt pads towards them. Bubbling Stream starts bouncing around Spider Paw and suggests play hunting. She ducks low and presses her belly to the grass as Blue Whisker copies her. Rocky walks out of his den and asks Moth Flight if she wants him to take care of her kits while she gathers herbs. The medicine cat thinks that since she returned from the Moonstone, she felt a desperate need to be with her kits. He says they can have badger rides, and Bubbling Stream bounds to him, declaring she will go first. Moth Flight feels that she is torn between her medicine cat duties and her duties to her kits, thinking the medicine cat duties threatens the safety of her kits, but her duties as a queen threatened the Clan and wonders how she can balance both sides. Moth Flight says she is going to spend the day with her kits. At the next medicine cat half-moon meeting, Moth Flight bursts out that a medicine cat cannot have a mate or kits. Acorn Fur retorts she did, but Moth Flight admits she was wrong, explaining that she cannot have kits and be a medicine cat. Moth Flight says that she is most of the time scared that her kits will die while she is looking after the Clan, and that her Clan will suffer while she is looking after her kits. She tells Acorn Fur she cannot have a mate, but Acorn Fur retorts it's easy for her to say as she has kits. Moth Flight says she cannot balance her life between her kits and being a medicine cat anymore, and she decides to give up her kits.
On the way to the Four Trees, Bubbling Stream stays at Honey Pelt's heels. Moth Flight decided that she will meet the Clan leaders and each one will take one kit. Acorn Fur had previously asked if she doesn't want them to stay together, but Moth Flight explained that she wants one kit to go to each Clan. Acorn Fur reasoned that if they stayed together, they could have looked after each other. Moth Flight explained that she is sure their new Clan would look after them. Bubbling Stream yowls to get out of the way as she attempts to pull herself onto oak tree roots beside her brothers. Moth Flight gazes at them, thinking they are so small as their pelts are like pale thistledown. She calls for them to come down as she needs to talk to them. Bubbling Stream drops to the ground and hurries after her brothers, asking why they were brought to the Four Trees. Moth Flight gazes at the lined-up kits, their eyes are wide with excitement. Moth Flight tells them that she has to say something important, thinking that through her kits, she will scatter the petals of the Blazing Star then gather them again. She blinks at her kits, saying the leaders of the Clan are coming tonight. Their mother tells them that they will come to meet them and want them to go and live with them as a member of their Clans. She tells them that each of them will go to a different Clan.
Bubbling Stream sticks out her muzzle and declares she is not going anywhere. She then frowns and asks if they did something wrong. Moth Flight says they didn't and insists she loves them so much, but it has to be this way. She admits she wants it this way, but because they are special, not because she doesn't want them. Moth Flight explains that their father told them that she would gather the scattered petals of the Blazing Star, and that they are the petals. She says that before they were born, the spirit-cats came to the Four Trees. Bubbling Stream echoes spirit-cats, looking over her shoulder anxiously. Moth Flight explains about the history of the Blazing Star prophecy and how the Clans were formed. Spider Paw points out the Clans still fight, and Moth Flight explains that is why they are joining different Clans. They are siblings so they share a strong bond. When they are grown up, that will bond will make the Clans one again, they are the petals of the Blazing Star. Bubbling Stream doesn't seem convinced by this, asking why they need to join new Clans and why Storm Pelt, Dew Nose, and Eagle Feather don't. Spider Paw glances at his sister and explains it is because they are special. Honey Pelt says that Bubbling Stream or Spider Paw will be in RiverClan. Spider Paw is going to RiverClan, so Bubbling Stream stares at ShadowClan territory and says she is joining them, still uncertain. Spider Paw retorts she have to eat frogs, but Bubbling Stream ignores him and asks if kits are allowed out of ShadowClan camp. Honey Pelt says that they are probably allowed anywhere they like as buzzards cannot hunt in the trees.
Moth Flight says she will miss them all so much, and Bubbling Stream clambers onto her back, begging for one more badger ride. Moth Flight lumbers away, making Bubbling Stream sway on her shoulders until she squeals in delight. Moth Flight soon shakes her off as Riverstar arrives. Thunderstar also arrives and sweeps his gaze over the kits, commenting they look so much like Micah. Shadowstar and Skystar arrive, and Bubbling Stream backs away. The ShadowClan leader comments it has to be hard for them all, but Honey Pelt snaps they are not scared. Skystar replies he cannot imagine a kit of Micah being scared, and Bubbling Stream tips her head. Thunderstar tells Blue Whisker that she can bed down with Milkweed's kits, although they are fidgety. Blue Whisker explains that Bubbling Stream is too, so she is used to it. Bubbling Stream pads to Shadowstar and says she has to go with her. Shadowstar blinks at her, saying that she must be Bubbling Stream. The kit bluntly says she is not eating frogs, and Shadowstar replies okay. The she-kit glances at her mother and asks if she will visit. Moth Flight agrees and presses her muzzle against her daughter. Bubbling Stream draws away and stares at her, anxiety in her eyes but she blinks it away. She tells Moth Flight she'll see her soon and pads up the slope. Shadowstar tells Moth Flight ShadowClan will take care of her as if she is one of her own. Bubbling Stream noses her way into the bracken and heads away to her new Clan.
In the moon after the kits have been given away, Moth Flight feels her kits absence in her nest and woke up expecting to feel their soft fur. Moth Flight asks Pebble Heart how Bubbling Stream is going. The medicine cat reports that she is leading Dangling Leaf, Dusk Nose, and Shade Pelt on expeditions outside the camp. Moth Flight worries about their safety outside the camp, but Pebble Heart reassures someone is always tracking them. He says that Mouse Ear yesterday tracked them through a nettle patch, and they all returned home with stung noses and pads. Moth Flight asks if her daughter is alright, and Pebble Heart says he has plenty of dock, and that every kit is stung eventually. He mentions that Mouse Ear should have known better than to walk through a nettle patch, but he insisted he didn't want to lose sight of them. Moth Flight thinks that her kits sound happy in their new Clans and wonders if their happier than her. She thinks that she wants them to be happy, but hoped they kept a place for her in their hearts. The she-cat also wonders if StarClan knew if she would give her kits away and if it was the right thing. When Moth Flight meets Half Moon, she wants to say she gave away her kits because it was the only thing she could do. Micah is behind her, and Moth Flight notes he gave his blessing to send their kits to the different Clans. She also thinks that she gave away her kits to be the best medicine cat she could be.
In the manga bonus section, which appears to take place many seasons later, Moth Flight again recalls the reason she decided to give away her kits. After Blue Whisker gives birth to her own kits, Bubbling Stream enters the den and greets Moth Flight. Moth Flight is surprised, saying it is great to see her. She asks why Bubbling Stream has come now, and the she-cat explains that she sensed she needed to be there. Bubbling Stream says that she found her sister kitting and her mother watching over and asks who would have thought that. Moth Flight says it isn't strange to her and asks where Honey Pelt is. Bubbling Stream points him out right outside and says to go see. They watch the tom take over a ThunderClan training session as Bubbling Stream explains that she hears Skystar treats Honey Pelt like a son, and he is always asking for advice on hunting and fighting. Moth Flight thinks Honey Pelt has grown into a fine cat, like his siblings. She wonders though if he'll be happy to see her like Bubbling Stream and Blue Whisker, and Bubbling Stream watches happily as Honey Pelt greets Moth Flight. The medicine cat thinks that of all days to have her kits close again all together. It’s the first time since she gave up her kits and they are all now together again. They all go to see Blue Whisker's kits, with Bubbling Stream saying they are gorgeous and telling Blue Whisker she must be so proud. They gaze happily at the kits until Moth Flight mentions that she will be hunting in StarClan soon. All kits look shocked, and Moth Flight sees the moth, fully knowing her kits cannot see it. The medicine cat tells her kits to listen as no mother can be more prouder of her kits and asks them to continue on the path they are in. She tells them to stay true to their Clans and help as many cats as they can. Moth Flight fully knows this is the last time all five of them will be together like this. Moth Flight follows the moth, knowing StarClan sent it and thinks her kits know as well. Moth Flight hopes her kits understand how much she loves them and how proud she is of them.

In the Novellas

Shadowstar's Life

"Bubbling Stream's blue eyes were full of sorrow—the young cat had looked up to Sun Shadow."
―Narrator about Bubbling Stream grieving over Sun Shadow's death Shadowstar's Life, page 228
After Sun Shadow's death, Bubbling Stream is seen distraught and upset. Shadowstar recalls that Bubbling Stream had looked up to Sun Shadow. Later, Bubbling Stream helps Dusk Nose sort through herbs, and Shadowstar thinks to herself that Pebble Heart, the ShadowClan medicine cat, had probably asked Bubbling Stream to assist.
Upon hearing Shadowstar's request to form a hunting patrol, Bubbling Stream and Dusk Nose stop sorting herbs and volunteer to go with Shadowstar to hunt. Bubbling Stream mews that she saw some mice near the Thunderpath, so Shadowstar leads her group there. She orders Dusk Nose to chase them out, saying that she and Bubbling Stream will catch them. During their hunt, Shadowstar accidentally injures herself, and Bubbling Stream rushes over to help.
When Shadowstar announces her choice for deputy, she notices Bubbling Stream stop mid-step, and grab a mouse to share with Dusk Nose. The yellow-and-white she cat listens to Shadowstar as she makes her choice for ShadowClan's new deputy and cheers alongside her Clanmates when Raven Pelt is chosen.
Bubbling Stream is later seen training with Juniper Branch, who is trying to teach her to knock her opponent off-balance. Shadowstar, upon seeing Juniper Branch and Bubbling Stream, praises the two cats for their work, and says that Bubbling Stream is becoming quite a fighter. She tells Juniper Branch and Bubbling Stream that they should show their technique to the other young cats, as it is something worth learning.

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Moth Flight:[3] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Micah:[5] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Blue Whisker:[3] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Honey Pelt:[3] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Spider Paw:[3] Deceased, verified StarClan member
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Three unnamed kits:[7] Living (As of Moth Flight's Vision manga section)


Dust Muzzle:[8] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Emberkit:[8] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Morning Whisker:[8] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Windstar:[8] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Micah's mother:[9] Status unknown


Gorsestar:[8] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Windstar's sister:[10] Deceased, residence unknown


Windstar's mother:[10] Deceased, residence unknown
Gorsestar's mother:[11] Status unknown

Distant descendants:

Mistmouse:[note 1] [13][12] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Stagleap:[13] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Doespring:[13] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Ryestalk:[13] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Onestar:[14] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Tornear:[15] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Mudclaw:[15] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Morningflower:[15] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Ashfoot:[15] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Gorsepaw:[16] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Crowfeather:[17] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Darktail:[18] Deceased, residence unknown
Heathertail:[19] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Eaglekit:[20][21] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Hillkit:[22][21] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Downkit:[22][21] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Storkkit:[23] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Quailkit:[23] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Smoke's kits:[24] Deceased, residence unknown
Breezepelt:[25] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Jayfeather:[26] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Lionblaze:[26] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Hollyleaf:[26] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Crowfeather and Nightcloud's kits:[27] Deceased, residence unknown
Hollytuft:[28] Living (As of Daisy's Kin)
Sorrelstripe:[28] Living (As of Daisy's Kin)
Spotfur:[29] Living (As of Daisy's Kin)
Flywhisker:[29] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)
Smokehaze:[30] Deceased, verified Place of No Stars member
Brindlewing:[30] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Appleshine:[31] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Woodsong:[31] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Fernsong:[28] Living (As of Daisy's Kin)
Snaptooth:[29] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)
Thriftear:[32] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Bristlefrost:[32] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Myrtlepaw:[33] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Flipclaw:[32] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Baypaw:[33] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)


Unnamed ♀Unnamed ♀
Unnamed ♀Unnamed ♀Windstar ♀Gorsestar ♂
Micah ♂Moth Flight ♀Morning Whisker ♀Dust Muzzle ♂Emberkit ♂
Spider Paw ♂Honey Pelt ♂Blue Whisker ♀Bubbling Stream ♀
Three Kits

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Interesting facts

  • She was given to ShadowClan to help unite the Clans.[34]

Author statements


  • She was mistakenly called Bubbling Spring.[35]
  • Bubbling Stream is shown as a two-tone cat in the manga at the end of Moth Flight's Vision.[7]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.


Bubbling Stream: "Moth Flight! White Tail says I can go hunting with him and Storm Pelt."
Moth Flight: "You're too little."
Bubbling Stream: "He says he won't let any buzzards get me."
Moth Flight: "Storm Pelt's taking White Tail out to teach him hunting techniques. How can he learn anything if he's protecting you from buzzards?"
—Moth Flight not letting Bubbling Stream go out on the moor Moth Flight's Vision, page 448

"That is why you must each join a Clan. You are littermates. Your bond is strong. One day, when you are grown up, that bond will make the Clans into one family once more. You are the petals of the Blazing Star."
―Moth Flight about Bubbling Stream and her littermates Moth Flight's Vision, page 463

Bubbling Stream: "Why do we have to join new Clans? Why can’t Storm Pelt and Eagle Feather and Dew Nose?"
Spider Paw: "Because we are special."
—Bubbling Stream and Spider Paw about joining another Clan Moth Flight's Vision, page 463

Bubbling Stream: "I'm supposed to come with you."
Shadowstar: "You must be Bubbling Stream."
Bubbling Stream: "I'm not eating frogs."
Shadowstar: "Okay."
—Bubbling Stream before she joins ShadowClan Moth Flight's Vision, page 468

Bubbling Stream: "Moth Flight?"
Moth Flight: "Bubbling Stream! I can't believe it! It's... it's so good to see you! But why have you come? Why now?"
Bubbling Stream: "I just... I sensed that I should come here today. And look at what I find! My sister kitting, and our mother watching over her! Who would have thought?"
—Bubbling Stream and Moth Flight greeting each other. Moth Flight's Vision, page manga

"And Bubbling Stream, keep practicing. You're becoming a fine fighter."
―Shadowstar complimenting Bubbling Stream while practicing moves with Juniper Branch Shadowstar's Life, page 284

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  1. All of Bubbling Stream's distant descendants are through Mistmouse's bloodline as revealed on the Warriors family tree.[12]

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