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"Is she trying to convince us she's wild now...or herself?"
Thunder's thoughts about Bumble when a patrol sniffs her out in Thunder Rising, page 246

Bumble is a tortoiseshell she-cat[4] with yellow eyes.[2] She has a glossy,[5] dappled pelt,[4] and a white chest and paws.[6]


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

Gray Wing: "I don't know how you can stand living here!"
Bumble: "Well, I don't know how you can stand living out in the open, getting cold and wet the whole time. We both get used to it, I guess."
—Bumble and Gray Wing wondering how they could stand living where they were The Sun Trail, page 298
Although not named, Gray Wing spots her watching he and Clear Sky talk in a clump of ferns. He tells his brother that they got company, pointing at her. Clear Sky then gets down from the tree, but before he lands, Bumble bounds off up the the slope. Gray Wing watches her go, and is frustrated that he didn't get the chance to speak with her. He comments that she seemed well fed, and Clear Sky agrees, adding that she was not a wild cat.
While Gray Wing and Turtle Tail lie down on the boulder between the four oaks, Bumble calls to them, and the two peer over the boulder. Gray Wing is surprised, and remembers that she watched him and Clear Sky when they came to the hollow. Looking up with a cheerful gleam in her eyes, she introduces herself confidently, stating that she was a house-cat, but she guessed they would call her a kittypet. She asks them if she could come up, and Turtle Tail invites her with a wave of her tail. At first, Gray Wing thinks she doesn't look as if she were to climb, but a couple of heartbeats later, she heaves herself to the top of the boulder.
Turtle Tail then introduces Bumble to herself and Gray Wing, and Bumble examines both of them with a frank gaze. She then comments that they were skinny, and asks them if they managed to catch anything to eat. Turtle Tail explains to her that the had came a long way, slightly ruffled, and states that there wasn't always time to hunt. Blinking curiously, Bumble asks how long of a way they've came, and if they came from the other side of the moor. Gray Wing answers that they had came further than that, and Turtle Tail adds that they came from beyond jagged rocks on the horizon, or Highstones. Bumble's eyes stretch wide with astonishment, and asks if they traveled from there. Turtle Tail shakes her head, and informs her that they had came from the other side, adding that they traveled for many sunrises. Bumble asks her why they traveled for so long, flummoxed, and Gray Wing explains that there wasn't enough prey to feed them all where they had previously lived, and during the cold season, they would often get stuck in the deep snow. Turtle Tail adds that sometimes, cats got carried off by birds larger than the ones around there.
Bumble exclaims that it sounded hard, adding that they must have been cold, hungry, and scared all the time, and states that it was no wonder they came to live there. She looks around her with a happy flick of her tail, and adds that it's nice there. Turtle Tail goes on to point out that Bumble didn't live there, but rather with Twolegs, and that it was weird. Bumble twitches her whiskers, and states that it was not weird, but that it was great. She states that it was cozy in her housefolk's den, that there was always plenty of food, and there was nothing to be scared of. Turtle Tail asks her what did she do all day, and Bumble replies that she mostly slept, or play with her housefolk's kits. If she got tired of that, she states, she would come here. Gray Wing asks her if the wild cats didn't bother her, and Bumble states that that they didn't, and they knew she was no threat to their hunting.
For a while, all three cats laze in the sun, and after a while, Turtle Tail suggests that she and Gray Wing should hunt. Bumble says that she was glad she didn't have to do that. She then gives them a friendly nod, and scrambles down the rock, before saying her goodbyes. Turtle Tail comments that it was a boring way to live, and jumps down the forest floor. Later, Turtle Tail wonders if they'd ever see Bumble again, but Gray Wing doubts it. He says she wouldn't want to talk to ferocious wild cats like them, and adds that they might eat her.
While he creeps through the ferns, Gray Wing finds Turtle Tail and Bumble crouching side by side as they share a plump vole. She is the first to spot him, and greets him, sounding pleased to see him. Turtle Tail springs to her paws, and greets him as well, stating that Bumble saw her catch the vole, and wanted to know what it tasted like. Gray Wing wonders why she sounds so defensive, noting hat he was wary of strange cats, but couldn't see anything threatening about Bumble. He then responds that she obviously liked it, and Bumble continues eating. Gray Wing then asks her why she didn't come live in the forest all the time, and Bumble chokes on her vole. She then responds that her housefolk were kind, and that she never went hungry. She then adds that the den was nice, and claims that they should go see it. Gray Wing then declines her offer, stating that they didn't belong with Twolegs.
Bumble then asks Turtle Tail, as her whiskers twitch with curiosity, and she says that it may be interesting to see, but not at that moment. Bumble then swallows the last mouthful of prey, and thanks Turtle Tail, stating that they should meet up again soon. Turtle Tail agrees, and says that she would keep a lookout for her in the hollow with the oak trees. Bumble pads off through the ferns, her tail held high, and glances over her shoulder before she disappears. Gray Wing states that it wasn't a good idea to get friendly with kittypets. Turtle Tail asks him why not, in which he replies that it bothered him.
When foxes attack the hollow, Turtle Tail is the first to call them 'foxes'. Gray Wing asks her again, and she states that they were foxes indeed, and that Bumble warned her about them.
When Gray Wing asks where had Turtle Tail been, she says that she wouldn't visit Clear Sky, and states that she was visiting Bumble in Twolegplace. Gray Wing calls her a flea-brain for visiting her, and she replies that she didn't know what he was angry about. She then describes her experience in the den, and adds that Bumble was nice enough to her to show her everything. Gray Wing warns her to stay away from Twolegplace, stating that it was dangerous, and Turtle Tail tells him to stop fussing, saying that Bumble looked after her. Gray Wing later states that he had never missed an easy catch, and Turtle Tail snaps that it was good for him. She adds that she was to go off to find some cat who didn't expect her to fly like a bird, or run like a rabbit, and Gray Wing thinks that she meant that cat was Bumble.
Turtle Tail soon goes missing, and Gray Wing attempts to find her. While doing so, he encounters Storm, who stops him from entering Twolegplace, and asks him where he wants to go. He replies that he thinks his friend was there, and adds that she was probably with Bumble. Gray Wing describes her physical appearance, and Storm answers to him that she knew Bumble. She offers to show him her den, and he accepts the offer. Storm then leads him to Bumble's den, leaving upon arriving at his destination. Gray Wing then scents the air, picking up Bumble's and Turtle Tail's scents. He calls out for her, and the two cats bundle out of a flap in the side of the Twoleg den. Turtle Tail is exited to meet Gray Wing, and explains to him that she stayed overnight at Bumble's den because it was raining. She mentions her housefolk, calling them kind, as they gave her food. Gray Wing reminds her that she was a wild cat, and she scolds him, asking him if he forgot his manners.
Bumble stands a couple of tail-lengths away from the two, embarrassed. Turtle Tail apologizes to her, explaining that Gray Wing was not such a pain in the tail. Gray Wing lets out a hiss of anger, and Bumble ducks her head, saying that it was okay. Turtle Tail tells Gray Wing that she would come back with him, and says good-bye to Bumble. She then squeezes her head through the Twoleg fence, and Gray Wing gives Bumble an awkward nod before following her. While the two walk home, Turtle Tail describes how was her stay in Bumble's den, mentioning how the food appeared to look like rabbit droppings, and how she slept on one of the soft rocks she told him about. Gray Wing feels a bit guilty that he couldn't be interested in Bumble's den, but also felt that they didn't belong with Twolegs.
When Turtle Tail comes back empty-pawed from the direction of Twolegplace, she has the scent of Twolegs all over her. Gray Wing assets that she has been visiting Bumble again, still off balance from the encounter of Storm, and asks her if she really wanted to be with her more than them. Turtle Tail snaps at him, stating that it seems he didn't have time for her anymore, and that he would feel differently if she had silver fur.
The next day, Turtle Tail talks to Gray Wing privately, beginning by saying that they had made such a long journey to get there, and they wondered if they would every reach the end. She adds that they have, but their destinations seemed to be very different. Gray Wing agrees with her, remembering Clear Sky and the others that left. He is interrupted before he can finish, and she states that she wasn't talking about him, and that she was going to live with Bumble. Gray Wing is surprised, replying that she couldn't be a kittypet, since she was wild. Turtle Tail flicks her tail, and states that she'll be a wild kittypet, and that she didn't think there was a place for her there anymore. She assures Gray Wing that she would be fine, and tells him to make sure to go for what he wants. After he leaves Clear Sky's territory, Gray Wing wishes that he still had Turtle Tail to talk to, as he had been missing her ever since she left to live with Bumble. It is noted that she had not come to visit, as promised, and although Gray Wing could sometimes pick up her scent on the giant rock beneath the four oaks, he never saw her there, feeling that sometimes he had lost one of his own paws.
Gray Wing later looks for the den that Bumble and Turtle Tail lived in, thinking that they may know where Storm was staying then, and that it would be good to meet Turtle Tail once more. Upon arrival, Turtle Tail tells him that to her, it was great for him to visit Bumble and she. As the two discuss, Turtle Tail is about to state that she was not sure if she knew where Storm was, but Bumble interrupts her, saying that they knew. She sits on the fence at the opposite side of the stretch of grass, and plots down, padding over to join them. She reminds Turtle Tail that Storm had gone to live in the old monster den. Turtle Tail mutters that she was right, and Gray Wing thanks Bumble, and asks if she can show him the way. Bumble hesitates for a moment, and informs him that she wouldn't go in with him, as the place gave her the creeps. Gray Wing then departs with Bumble after finishing speaking to Turtle Tail, following her back along the wall, and then down beside a Thunderpath.
The two wait a moment before a gap opens up, and Bumble yowls for them to go. They dart across, side by side, and then leads him past Twoleg dens. They slip along close to the wall to avoid the clumping paws of the Twoleg crowds. Gray Wing exclaims that he didn't know how she could stand living there, and she glances back at him before replying that she didn't know how he could stand living out in the open, getting cold and wet the entire time. She then adds that she guessed they both got used to it. Eventually, Bumble leads him around another corner, and they arrive at the monster den. She informs him that she would wait for him and show him the way back, flicking her tail. Gray Wing, shocked, asks her if Storm lived in there, and she nods, stating that there was not many places to stay around there, if they didn't live with Twolegs. After Gray Wing departs from the monster den, he is out in the open, where Bumble waits for him.

Thunder Rising

"I'm tired of being a kittypet. I want to lie in the sun all day and catch mice and climb trees. I'm going to ask if I can join Tall Shadow's group."
―Bumble to Gorse Thunder Rising, page 115
While Gray Wing and Turtle Tail are out exploring near the camp with Sparrow Fur, Owl Eyes, and Pebble Heart, Bumble leaps out of some gorse to meet them. Gray Wing notices that she has some scratches on her legs, and Turtle Tail asks where she got them from. At first, Bumble refuses to tell them, but after some coaxing, she admits that Tom had attacked her. She explains to them how Tom blamed her for telling the truth - that if Turtle Tail had her kits as a kittypet, the Twolegs would take her kits away - and had bullied her since. She tells them that she couldn't live with Tom anymore, and wants to join Tall Shadow's group. Gray Wing and Turtle Tail try to explain that she cannot survive out in the wild, due to lacking hunting skills and high vulnerability, but Bumble convinces them to let her speak to Tall Shadow.
As they head back to camp, they run into Wind and Gorse, who scorn at the kittypet. Bumble faces the rogues, informing them that she no longer desired to be a kittypet, and that she was to ask Tall Shadow about joining them. When they enter camp, Jagged Peak asks who she is, stating how she didn't look short of prey. The kits run forward, and tell Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt that Bumble was to stay with them. The two appear startled at this news. Tall Shadow asks Gray Wing what gotten into him, and why he brought Bumble. Gray Wing explains that Bumble wanted to stay, to which Tall Shadow replies that he should have told Bumble it was a mouse-brained idea, then ordering to send her back to the Twolegs. Gray Wing says that it was not his job to send her anywhere, and that Bumble had the right to come ask to join.
Tall Shadow inquires to Bumble why she wants to join, and Bumble explains that Tom had been pushing her around. When Tall Shadow asks why another cat would attack her, Bumble responds that Tom was angry that Turtle Tail left. Tall Shadow suggests being nice to the Twolegs, and they may give her treats to make it worth staying. Bumble laughs scornfully, and answers that treats wouldn't fix her life. Before Tall Shadow can say something, Wind steps in front of Bumble, claiming that there was no place for a weak cat in the wild, and that a kittypet could never contribute to the group. Then, Tall Shadow states that she would escort her out, but Wind and Gorse say they could handle it, and lead Bumble out of camp. As they leave, Bumble yowls that Turtle Tail betrayed her, after everything she had done for her, and she would never forgive her. After she leaves, Gray Wing comments that despite Wind desiring Bumble out of the way so she and Gorse would have some room, Bumble would never fit in. He then realizes that Wind managed to take Bumble out of the hollow cleverly.
After the fire, Gray Wing notes that Wind thought it was fine to take over after turning away Bumble. When Gray Wing is with Turtle Tail, he realizes why she left to live with Bumble. When Petal, Frost, and Thunder are on patrol, they spot Bumble, and Thunder asks why she was there, and if she should be with her Twolegs. Petal asks if he knew her, and Bumble responds that she wasn't a kittypet anymore, as she told the cats of the moor that she wouldn't return to Twolegplace, and kept to her word. Thunder notices that Bumble is thinner than the last time he saw her, and wonders if she is trying to convince herself that she is wild. Petal and Frost inform her that she cannot be there, and Bumble replies that she could go wherever she pleased, with a quiver in her voice. Frost threatens Bumble silently, and she attempts to appear brave, but Petal snarls, making her flee. Thunder hears a mournful wail from Bumble afterwards, hurt by the rejection from the other cats. He then waits a bit before Petal and Frost return, and Petal comments that Bumble was merely a confused kittypet.
On a patrol, Turtle Tail spots Bumble wounded, and flings herself toward her. She presses her nose against Bumble's shoulder, and offers to help her, making Bumble, eyes half closed, fix on Turtle Tail. Gray Wing notices that blood leaks slowly from certain slits on her belly, and that although none of them alone would be lethal, but since there is multiple, and that Bumble was experiencing heavy blood loss, that it would be fatal. Cloud Spots then comments that there is nothing he can do for Bumble, and Turtle Tail licks at Bumble's wounds. Gray Wing inquires the cause of her wounds, and Bumble, opening up her jaws for a reply, does not respond. Another scent is then picked up, and Gorse Fur concludes that Clear Sky wounded Bumble, making him wonder why she deserved such treatment. As the other cats continue to blame Clear Sky, Bumble blames herself, as she was starving, and Clear Sky appears, remarking that he merely warned her. Gray Wing inquires to Clear Sky if he knew anything of the incident, and Clear Sky looks at Bumble with a horrified gaze, then asks if the other cats thought if he was capable of doing such actions to Bumble.
They give him mixed responses, and Clear Sky notes that he spotted Bumble hunting on his territory, and wished to give her a warning, one that would not be too painful. However, she twitched her paws, and he knew that she would come around, so he went to camp. Clear Sky then heard a fox, and went back, but was too late, then went to get help when the others arrived. Turtle Tail denies his claims, and crouches beside Bumble, gently licking her head. Bumble apologizes for any hurt she inflicted, and Turtle Tail remarks that she wished that Bumble would have found happiness, knowing she could never live in the hollow, but was displeased to see how she suffered in Twolegplace. Bumble's eyes then close, and dies soon afterwards, which is confirmed by Cloud Spots, making Turtle Tail grieve for her dead friend.
Back at camp, the moor cats listen to Gray Wing retelling the death of Bumble. He explains that they buried Bumble before they went home. As Gray Wing eats with Turtle Tail, she notes that her kits were upset when they were told of Bumble's death. Gray Wing replies that they couldn't accept Bumble in the group, as she couldn't cope, and Turtle Tail responds that she knew.

The First Battle

"And Bumble followed [Turtle Tail], the mouse-brain! She was worried about her. And it got her killed."
―Tom blaming Turtle Tail for Bumble's death The First Battle, page 112
Clear Sky mentions that he is accused of murdering Bumble. Turtle Tail mentions that Clear Sky killed Bumble too. Gray Wing reminds himself to talk to Tall Shadow after confronting Clear Sky over Bumble’s deadly injuries. Gray Wing traces a line marking where Bumble’s body was found, figuring out Clear Sky’s next move. Thunder returns to the group and Gray Wing wonders why so soon after Bumble’s death. He remembers fighting with his brother over Bumble’s death, and asks Thunder if he heard about a kittypet. Thunder answers no, hinting that Clear Sky did not tell his cats about Bumble. Gray Wing was left to explain about the she-cat. Gray Wing announces to the group, saying that they are unsettled by Bumble’s death. Later, Gray Wing is glad that Turtle Tail is getting along with Wind Runner as the former kittypet blamed the rogue for turning Bumble away. Clear Sky remembers how Gray Wing backed away from challenging him over Bumble’s death. He wonders how he’d make peace with cats that accuses him of killing Bumble.
Tom comes to the forest looking for Bumble. He tells Thunder that they used to play together. He got bored and wants to go and play again. Thunder had to tell him that Bumble is dead, and leads him to the place where they found her body. He points out Bumble’s grave, and explains when his friends found Bumble it was too late to save her. Tom paces, smelling fox scent. Thunder explains that she never would have survived, and Tom starts ranting. He says that Bumble was worried about Turtle Tail after she left so followed her, ending up killed. He states that she was worried about the kits, and died trying to find out if the kits are okay. Tom decides to stay at Bumble’s grave until he sees Turtle Tail. Gray Wing later mentions that Turtle Tail thinks Clear Sky killed Bumble. Thunder explains to the group about Tom, and Gray Wing immediately defends Turtle Tail, remembering the wounds on Bumble that were from Tom. The cats that go with Turtle Tail to Tom are led by Thunder as it’s no secret where Bumble’s grave is. Gray Wing smells sweet, sour and sickly smells that was with Bumble when she was alive. Tom is stretched out beside her grave when the cats arrive.
Turtle Tail smooths the earth over Bumble’s grave as she talks to Tom. Tall Shadow states that Thunder told them Tom wanted to pay his respects to Bumble. Tom says something like that, and tells Turtle Tail it’s been lonely at the Twoleg nest with her and Bumble gone, so asks Turtle Tail to come back. They fight, and Turtle Tail collapses onto her friend’s grave, then Tom did after a scuffle. Tall Shadow hisses at him to show respect as a dead cat lies there. She cleans up after him, scrapping back together Bumble’s grave. Tom flicks his tail at Bumble’s grave and says it’s a shame she died and not Turtle Tail. Thunder later hears Jagged Peak in distress, and finds him near Bumble’s burial.

In the Field Guides

The Ultimate Guide

Bumble does not formally have a page, but is mentioned on Turtle Tail and Storm's page. Turtle Tail befriended her after coming to the moor, spending a lot of time in the Twolegplace with her. After Gray Wing fell in love with Storm, Turtle Tail moved in with Bumble's Housefolk. They both lived there when a third cat came into the household. When Turtle Tail got pregnant, Bumble told her the Twolegs would take her kits away, so she left Twolegplace.

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Turtle Tail: "I'm here. I won't leave you."
Bumble: "I'm sorry if I ever hurt you."
Turtle Tail: "I wish you could have found happiness. I know you could never have lived wild with us in the hollow, but I was so unhappy to learn how much you were suffering in the Twolegplace."
—Bumble and Turtle Tail forgiving each other before Bumble's death Thunder Rising, page 282

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