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In the Power of Three arc


Bumblekit is born to his mother, Millie, and father, Graystripe. He has two sisters, Blossomkit and Briarkit.
When Millie and Graystripe are naming their kits, Millie proudly comments that he is already big and strong, and looks like Graystripe, but with jet-black stripes. Graystripe says that he looks like a bumblebee, earning him the name Bumblekit. Toadkit later boasts that he has already seen Millie's newborn kits, and when Bumblekit is big enough, they will play together.
Later, when there is an attack by WindClan, Bumblekit and his siblings hide in Firestar's den with Millie, Daisy, and her kits, Rosekit and Toadkit. It is mentioned that during the attack, Rosekit did her best to keep him and his sisters calm by telling them stories. After the battle, Bumblekit does not stop wailing for his mother. Longtail tries to calm him, urging the kit not to wake his sisters up. He is carried back to the nursery shortly afterward by Hollypaw.
Millie later allows Bumblekit and his siblings to watch the warrior ceremony for Cinderheart, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze.

Long Shadows

Jaypaw wonders if it would be best if Millie and Briarkit should be moved into Leafpool's den so that their cough could be treated more easily, but then he realizes that if they did so, Millie couldn't feed Bumblekit and Blossomkit. Leafpool later states the same, adding that Daisy couldn't manage both kits as well as Rosekit and Toadkit.
Millie is soon diagnosed with greencough, and Leafpool tells her she is now confined to the medicine den, where she and Jaypaw would treat her. Falling into another bad bout of coughing, Millie protests that she needs to look after Bumblekit and Blossomkit, and Daisy couldn't manage them as well as her own. Leafpool says Daisy would have to manage, and points out Briarkit, who was also sick, could spread it to the other kits as well. Then, Leafpool tells Graystripe to go tell Daisy she'd have to look after Bumblekit and Blossomkit until Millie was well.
When Millie, Briarkit, Rosekit, and all the other cats infected with greencough are taken to be quarantined inside the old Twoleg nest, Bumblekit is seen trailing after Daisy. He and the other kits look unusually solemn.
The forest catches on fire, and when the Clan is abandoning the stone hollow, Bumblekit is carried to safety by the ThunderClan deputy, Brambleclaw.


Bumblekit is first seen when Jayfeather visits the nursery to check the kits for fleas.
He tells Millie that he's scared that Sol will capture and kill him. Daisy consoles him by asking if his father would let Sol lay a claw on him. Bumblekit immediately brightens, and proudly proclaims Graystripe was the best.
When Bumblekit is playing with his two sisters, Briarkit and Blossomkit, Briarkit is nearly bitten by a snake; but Honeyfern, who is nearby, gets in the way and takes the bite for her, dying in Briarkit's place. To prevent any other cats being killed like Honeyfern, Firestar asks Leafpool and Jayfeather to bring deathberries into camp so they could poison the snake. Leafpool calls the queens, kits, and apprentices over to see them. Bumblekit is the first to comment, venturing that the berries looked tasty. Leafpool is disgusted, and tells him that the berries are evil, and no medicine cat could save the life of any cat who ate them. Millie tells Bumblekit and the others to take a good look at the berries, so they would recognize them.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Bumblepaw is now an apprentice being trained by Mousewhisker. Blossompaw is apprenticed to Hazeltail, and Briarpaw to Thornclaw.
Bumblepaw goes on a hunting patrol with Brackenfur, Dustpelt, and Leafpool. Jayfeather notices that Leafpool had caught nothing, when even Bumblepaw, an apprentice, had brought something for the fresh-kill pile.
Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Dovepaw are interrupted when Sandstorm's water patrol passes them, Bumblepaw among them. When Briarpaw complains about how she's covered in mud from the lake, Leafpool tells her in a tired voice that they were all covered, and would have to lick it off when they got back to camp. Bumblepaw is disgusted, and he and the rest of the patrol disappear through the thorn tunnel.
Bumblepaw and Blossompaw are seen speeding toward the Highledge when Firestar calls a Clan meeting, to announce which two cats from ThunderClan would go free the water.
When Jayfeather is teaching the apprentices about basic herbs, he shows them a dock leaf, and tells them it is used for sore pads. Bumblepaw asks if they should look out for dock when they are on long journeys. This sparks Ivypaw's anger, reminding her of how Dovepaw had been chosen to go on the journey without her, and she hisses angrily at Bumblepaw. Jayfeather, trying to take the focus off traveling, says dock was also good for when they cut their paws on rocks. Then, Blossompaw asks what they should do if a cat swallowed poison. Jayfeather tells her that was more advanced, but Bumblepaw argues that they should know what to do if it happened. Jayfeather tells him that they aren’t going to be medicine cats, but Thornclaw comes to take the apprentices out for hunting practice.
As a thank-you for going on the quest to unblock the streams, Bumblepaw and the other older apprentices line Dovepaw's nest with feathers. Bumblepaw tells her that she deserves it, and Blossompaw adds the Clans will never forget what she has done for them.

Fading Echoes

Bumblepaw carries a fat rabbit with Briarpaw. Out of breath, he tells Lionblaze it had been grazing by the stream. When Briarpaw boasts that she had caught it, Bumblepaw states she wouldn't have, if he hadn't blocked its escape. Briarpaw says Bumblepaw was just in the right place at the right time, and the two fall into a playful mock-fight. Seeing their skills, Lionblaze remarks that they'll make great warriors. He calls out to them not to leave their prey unattended, otherwise some warrior might come and claim it for his own. Bumblepaw rushes back to the rabbit, and teasingly tells Lionblaze to keep his paws off it. Shortly afterward, Blossompaw comes over to them, saying she thought Bumblepaw and Briarpaw were going to wait for her. She angrily complains that every cat will think they caught the rabbit without her. Bumblepaw says they waited for her for a while, and they thought she'd gone back to camp. Blossompaw asks why she'd do that, and Briarpaw suggests that she would so she could moon over Toadstep. Blossompaw protests that she didn't moon over Toadstep, and Bumblepaw asks why she was so grumpy. Without waiting for an answer, he urges his sisters to hurry back to camp, because Mousewhisker is expecting him back for training. He and Briarpaw gather up the rabbit and dart off; Blossompaw stomps after them, shouting that they are leaving her behind again.
When Dovepaw and Ivypaw sneak out onto WindClan's territory, Ivypaw whispers that Briarpaw and Bumblepaw would never dare to do something like this. As Briarpaw and Blossompaw leave for a Gathering without him, Bumblepaw demands that they tell him everything that happened there.
For his final assessment, Bumblepaw is paired with Briarpaw to hunt by the lake. Spiderleg and Hazeltail assess Bumblepaw. He and his littermates pass the assessment. Bumblepaw watches Briarpaw with Blossompaw, Graystripe, and Millie after the tree falls into the ThunderClan camp. Briarpaw's spine is broken, disabling her from the waist down. Later, Blossompaw and Bumblepaw visit Briarpaw in the medicine den, although she is sleeping.
Bumblepaw and his siblings later become warriors, named Bumblestripe, Blossomfall, and Briarlight.
The next morning, Bumblestripe takes part in a practice battle. He is chosen to be on Cinderheart's team, along with Hazeltail and Birchfall. During the first bout, Blossomfall reminds him that she had known all of his fighting moves before he was out of the nursery. Bumblestripe jumps at her, and lands belly-first flat on her spine. Blossomfall protests that was a "kit move", and Bumblestripe cheerfully states it still worked. When the second bout begins, Ivypaw successfully pins him down, mocking him for being too slow. Bumblestripe, however, only gazes up at her sadly. Ivypaw is wary, not sure if he's trying to fool her into not expecting an attack, and asks what was wrong. Quietly, Bumblestripe says that Briarlight would have loved these mock-battles. He angrily growls about how unfair Briarlight's injury was, because she was only trying to help Longtail. He wonders out loud why StarClan had to punish her, and Ivypaw murmurs sometimes bad things happened. Bumblestripe defeatedly asks what the point of StarClan was, then. Ivypaw presses her head against Bumblestripe's shoulder, and tells him Briarlight wouldn't let this beat her. Bumblestripe agrees, but says it didn't have to happen. Ivypaw understands Bumblestripe's grief, and imagines Dovepaw having to drag herself around camp like Briarlight. The mock-fight breaks up; as they pull away, Bumblestripe thanks Ivypaw before running after Blossomfall.
Bumblestripe is later seen on border patrol by ShadowClan, checking every tree and bush for ShadowClan scent.

Night Whispers

After the battle with ShadowClan, Bumblestripe has a freshly torn ear while surveying the battlefield. He remarks that he thinks that there is no question ThunderClan won. Hazeltail flashes him a glance, and asks if they had also shown how much blood could be spilled in a pointless battle.
Bumblestripe yowls out Jayfeather's name. The medicine cat is alarmed, and rushes over, thinking something is wrong, but Bumblestripe is with Brightheart, with a bundle of cobwebs at his paws. Brightheart says he found them behind a clump of ivy on the Great Oak, and complimented how high he climbed to reach them. Briarlight, fidgeting in her nest, proudly says he was brave. While Bumblestripe and Brightheart are in the medicine den, Jayfeather checks their wounds. When asked if his torn ear was hurting, Bumblestripe says it stung a bit, but cheerfully adds that every cat's ears were stinging in the cold. Jayfeather asks Briarlight if she'd done her exercises for the day, and Bumblestripe tells him she'd already gone to the fresh-kill pile and back. Soon after, Brightheart takes him to go fetch moss, telling Jayfeather he'd have no problem sniffing out moss after finding the cobwebs.
Foxleap says excitedly that once they are done with building a new section of the warriors' den, there will be enough room inside for Bumblestripe and Blossomfall, so they could stop sleeping in the apprentices' den. When the den is finished, Blossomfall and Bumblestripe move out of the apprentices' den, leaving Dovepaw and Ivypaw on their own.
Bumblestripe is with a crowd of cats surrounding Brambleclaw, eagerly waiting to be assigned to a patrol. Millie becomes very upset over Briarlight, saying that if she was still a kittypet, her housefolk would have fixed her spine so she could walk again. She even lashes out at Graystripe, but she calms down after Briarlight distracts her. Poppyfrost quietly breathes that she was glad Bumblestripe and Blossomfall hadn't seen that.
Bumblestripe overhears when Whitewing is making a fuss over all the blood in Ivypaw's nest from fighting in the Dark Forest. He pokes his head in to the den, and asks what was wrong. Whitewing orders him to fetch Jayfeather, and he does so immediately. He comes back with Jayfeather and Cinderheart. After Jayfeather treats her, Whitewing guides him out of the den, saying Ivypaw needs to rest.
Jayfeather sees Bumblestripe pacing beside Briarlight's nest afterward, telling her about how much blood there had been in Ivypaw's nest, all from one thorn. Jayfeather, who knows Ivypaw got the scratch from her training in the Dark Forest, and that the thorn had just been an excuse, snaps at Bumblestripe not to exaggerate, and it had only been a few scratches. Later, Bumblestripe is left with Briarlight to keep her company.
Bumblestripe catches Sandstorm's whitecough, and is confined to his nest after developing a cough during the night.

Sign of the Moon

When Lionblaze tells the Clan that Dovepaw climbed into the collapsed tunnel to pull Icecloud out after the white she-cat had fallen in, Bumblestripe flashes an admiring glance at Dovepaw and tells her she had been brave. After she tells the story of what happened, Bumblestripe tells her it was tough she could not finish her assessment.
After Dovewing and Ivypool are made warriors, Firestar says that, with no apprentices, the younger warriors would have to pitch in with the apprentice duties. Sighing, Bumblestripe says that he knew they'd be back to picking ticks off the elders.
At a Gathering, Bumblestripe sees Dovewing looked upset, and tells her not to let any of the ShadowClan cats bother her, because they were all fox-hearts. They sit together when the leaders begin to speak; when Blackstar skirts over the illness that had struck his Clan, describing it as a brief attack of whitecough, Dovewing huffs, and says every cat in ThunderClan knew Littlecloud had been dying. She wonders aloud if it was so hard for him to thank ThunderClan for the herbs they had given him. Bumblestripe blinks and says that was just how ShadowClan was. He also notices that the medicine cats looked unhappy with each other.
After the leaders finish speaking, Grasspelt calls out to Bumblestripe, asking why Briarlight hadn't attended a Gathering in so long; Firestar never reported Briarlight's accident to the other Clans. He is caught off-guard, and Dovewing cuts in, saying that Briarlight had just been busy. Looking disappointed, Grasspelt goes to join his own Clan. Bumblestripe thanks Dovewing, who says she had only told the truth. Bumblestripe says she knew she had not. Dovewing pityingly says it must be hard for Bumblestripe to see his sister injured so, and, head bowed, Bumblestripe tells her she did not know how painful it was. He says he tried not to feel sorry for Briarlight because she would not want that, but he cannot help himself, even though he was proud of her for fighting on when she knew there was no hope of her walking again. Dovewing comfortingly tells Bumblestripe that Briarlight would understand, and that she was lucky to have such a great littermate. Bumblestripe thanks her.
On the way back to ThunderClan territory, Dovewing notices Bumblestripe is walking closer to her than usual. Bumblestripe says he hoped Ivypool would be able to come to the next Gathering. Bumblestripe hurries ahead to catch up with Mousewhisker and Berrynose. Blossomfall takes his place at Dovewing's side, saying the gray she-cat had stolen her brother's heart. Her tone is lighthearted, but the words are serious. Dovewing is surprised, and quickly states that Bumblestripe does not think of her like that. Blossomfall does not press her anymore about him after that.
Bumblestripe takes Briarlight out into the forest, but they are attacked by a dog. He cries out for help, and Lionblaze finds him trying to fend off the dog on his own. The dog attacks Bumblestripe, but the young tom races up a tree. Lionblaze tries to lead the dog away, but Bumblestripe shrieks that Briarlight was over there. Lionblaze is shocked to hear that she had come out into the forest, but there was no time for him to ask questions. Luckily, they get rid of the dog.
Lionblaze and Toadstep return to the clearing, where Bumblestripe, Cinderheart, and Rosepetal are crowded around Briarlight. Bumblestripe had shoved her underneath a holly bush when the dog had first arrived. Bumblestripe said it was his fault, because he brought Briarlight out in the first place. Lionblaze realizes what a struggle it must have been to drag her all the way from camp, and admires Bumblestripe's devotion to his sister. Briarlight refuses to let any cat blame Bumblestripe because she had talked him into it. When they stop on the way to camp, Briarlight tells Cinderheart she had wanted to gather herbs, to help Leafpool and Brightheart while Jayfeather was in the mountains. Crying out that she had only wanted to be useful, she murmurs she has to find a way to live as half a cat. Bumblestripe protests that Briarlight is not half a cat, and she is just different. He apologizes again from taking her out of camp, but Lionblaze tells him he did a good thing; Bumblestripe listened to what his sister wanted when the rest of the Clan tried to decide for her. Bumblestripe lets Briarlight wrap her forepaws around his neck, and tells her they'll get her back to camp now. He drags her back to camp, and lies her down outside the medicine den.
Brambleclaw later assigns Bumblestripe to a hunting patrol. Tail drooping with disappointment, Bumblestripe says he hunted yesterday, and had been looking forward to a border patrol. In a harsh tone, Brambleclaw reminds Bumblestripe it is his job to organize patrols. Shuffling his paws in embarrassment, Bumblestripe mutters something unintelligible, while Ivypool offers to switch places with Bumblestripe, so he could go on border patrol with Lionblaze and Cinderheart instead of her. Brambleclaw dryly asks if he should go back to his nest if they are going to sort patrols out by themselves, but agrees. Brightly, Bumblestripe thanks Ivypool and goes off to join Lionblaze and Cinderheart.
Bumblestripe joins a night training session. He is chosen to be on Brackenfur's team, along with Birchfall. Each patrol has to seize control of the Twoleg nest, and stop the other from taking it. Bumblestripe exclaims that the exercise sounds like fun. When Brackenfur is leading his patrol, Ivypool and Lionblaze are stalking them, and see Bumblestripe trailing after him. Lionblaze and Ivypool pin down Brackenfur, capturing him. Thornclaw shouts at the others to turn around, but Bumblestripe yowls back that they cannot because there is not enough room in the brambles. Sorreltail's patrol successfully claims the Twoleg nest, winning the session. Bumblestripe says it was a good idea for Sorreltail's patrol to split up, and he asks why they hadn't thought of that themselves.

The Forgotten Warrior

Bumblestripe approaches Jayfeather, telling him that he is worried about Dovewing because she had woken up screeching, and was muttering about giant birds and snow. Jayfeather thinks, not unsympathetically, that he knew it must have been difficult for Dovewing to have seen Swoop being carried off by an eagle, but she has to be stronger than this. He asks how Bumblestripe knows about all this, and Bumblestripe tells him that he's been sleeping in the apprentices' den with Dovewing and Ivypool because there is a leak above his nest in the warriors' den. He asks Jayfeather if there aren’t any herbs to help Dovewing's awful dreams, but Jayfeather says there are no herbs to take away memories, and she'll have to learn to live with it. Bumblestripe tries to protest, but Brambleclaw calls him away.
He is on patrol with Sorreltail, Hazeltail, and Berrynose, carrying prey like the rest, when they find Ivypool and Birchfall quarreling with a WindClan patrol because they had been washing their paws in the stream.
While checking moss with Dovewing, Whitewing mentions she was speaking with Bumblestripe earlier. She says he is polite, and is very fond of Dovewing. Whitewing gently points out Dovewing would need to find a mate one day, to keep the Clan going. Dovewing says there is plenty of time to choose a tom before hurrying Whitewing back to camp.
Molepaw later tells Briarlight that Bumblestripe called her the bravest cat in the Clan, to her embarrassment.
Bumblestripe asks Dovewing to come take a walk in the forest with him. When Dovewing refuses, and, looking hurt, Bumblestripe pads away. Cinderheart warns Dovewing not to be too harsh with Bumblestripe, saying that it looks like he really likes her. Dovewing tries to deny this, but Cinderheart doesn't believe her, and says if there were no obstacles in the way of getting to know a cat better, she shouldn't miss the chance to do so. Dovewing, though doubtful, goes after Bumblestripe, finding him sitting beside the lake. He's thrilled to see her, and tells her to sit with him, and that it is so beautiful there. Suddenly feeling uncomfortable, Dovewing asks him if they could walk instead. They do, and while they walk, they talk about Sol. Bumblestripe tells Dovewing he doesn’t remember Sol well, since he had only been a kit when he last saw him, but he recognized the lone tom anyway. They race each other, but they stop when Dovewing trips. Once she's gotten back up, Bumblestripe shyly asks her if she wants to see something. Dovewing agrees, and Bumblestripe leads her to a tiny clearing. Jasmine grows over a gnarled oak, creating an archway with a small space underneath. Bumblestripe crawls through the archway, indicating for Dovewing to do the same, and the two sit together. Bumblestripe tells her that he has always loved this place, and it is even more beautiful in greenleaf, when all the flowers have bloomed. Looking up at the stars, Bumblestripe says he always likes to look up at their ancestors. After hesitating, he murmurs that he thinks Dovewing's ancestors must shine very brightly. Dovewing teasingly says they are probably hiding behind a cloud because they get into so much mischief. The two exchange stories about childhood, and Dovewing thinks about how nice it is to sit with a friend, looking up at the stars. Her feelings for Bumblestripe aren’t as passionate as they had been for Tigerheart, but she can’t think of anywhere she'd rather be than under the jasmine with Bumblestripe.
When Sol returns to ThunderClan, Lionblaze notes that, like Ivypool and Dovewing, Bumblestripe sots away from Sol, but within earshot, proving that not all the younger warriors want to be friendly with him. Lionblaze also sees that Bumblestripe is becoming very close to Dovewing, and wonders what will happen when he finds out about the prophecy, remembering Cinderheart's disastrous reaction.
Daisy tells Dovewing that Sorreltail and her newly born kits, Seedkit and Lilykit, are safe, because she heard them out in the forest. Bumblestripe says that Dovewing is a hero, and she saved their lives. Dovewing, embarrassed, says any cat would have done the same. Bumblestripe says that he wouldn't have, teasingly saying that he'd sleep through falling off a cliff. Seriously, Bumblestripe tells her that he is proud of her, and is glad they are Clanmates. Dovewing touches her nose to his, and echoes him.
Bumblestripe takes Dovewing to training, telling her that Brambleclaw went ahead with the others and asked him to stay behind to show him where they are going to hold the session. He asks why Firestar held her back, and enviously says that he's never been inside the leader’s den before. Dovewing realizes how she wants to forget about the prophecy when she was with Bumblestripe, unlike with Tigerheart, when she always has to be listening out for other cats who might find them meeting illicitly.
When they arrive for training, Blossomfall wants to try out a new move with Bumblestripe, but he awkwardly tells her that he is partnering with Dovewing instead. Annoyed, Blossomfall reminds him that she is his sister, and he should show some loyalty. Dovewing is surprised that Blossomfall is making such a big deal out of this, and says she doesn't mind if Bumblestripe partners with Blossomfall instead. Bumblestripe retorts that Blossomfall is being petty, and he isn't being disloyal by partnering with Dovewing instead. Brambleclaw urges them to hurry up, and Blossomfall angrily stalks away to join Toadstep. When Dovewing starts to mock-fight Bumblestripe, she is surprised by how agile he is, because he has such a bulky build.
Blossomfall scathingly says that while Bumblestripe did well, Dovewing was very clumsy. Dovewing later apologizes to Bumblestripe, saying that Blossomfall wouldn't have behaved so if he hadn't partnered with her instead. Bumblestripe tells her it wasn't her fault, glaring back at Blossomfall. When the session ends, Dovewing suggests that Bumblestripe should walk home with Blossomfall, as to make up with her. She says that friendship isn't as important as siblingship. Bumblestripe gives her a long look, and then says that he had hoped there had been more than friendship between them. Still, without pressing her, Bumblestripe hurries to make amends with his sister.
Ivypool shares prey with him, Foxleap, and Dovewing. Ivypool sees how welcoming Bumblestripe is to her, and how he made room for her to sit with him. They talk about training in the tunnels, and Ivypool asks who caught the squirrel they were eating, because it was so good. Bumblestripe says he had, and modestly states he had been lucky to catch it. Foxleap says it was a great catch, since Bumblestripe had been on his own; Cinderheart was supposed to have gone with him, but she stayed to help Jayfeather instead. Dovewing asks what Brambleclaw said about that, and Bumblestripe said that he hadn't done anything to stop her, as he couldn't challenge a medicine cat.
Ivypool also observes that Dovewing had her sights set on Bumblestripe now, and thinks that is much better than her padding after Tigerheart.

The Last Hope

After Dovewing wakes Ivypool up from her dream in the Dark Forest, Bumblestripe calls out to Ivypool when she comes out of the den, but Ivypool walks out of camp without responding.
When Lionblaze, Cinderheart, Thornclaw, and Blossomfall return from a hunting patrol, Bumblestripe comes up to Blossomfall and is surprised by how small of a catch she brought back. Lionblaze asks him if Jayfeather is back, and Bumblestripe tells him that he returned right after their patrol left. Lionblaze then asks if Jayfeather is okay, and Bumblestripe tells him about how he acted cranky to everyone and that he is probably alright.
Dovewing, Bumblestripe, and Brambleclaw are practicing climbing trees one morning, and Bumblestripe criticizes every move that Dovewing makes, angering her and making her feel that choosing Bumblestripe over Tigerheart would have been a bad decision. As Dovewing complains to Brambleclaw that they've been practicing tree climbing all morning, Bumblestripe hisses at her to shut up. When Dovewing complains about Bumblestripe, he claims he was only trying to help, and Brambleclaw says he appreciates Bumblestripe's patience. When Brambleclaw asks him about drop attacks, Bumblestripe comments that she's probably better at falling out of trees, and Dovewing, annoyed, climbs a tree so high that she can barely see the two toms on the ground. After Dovewing hears the ShadowClan patrol, Bumblestripe says that he cannot hear them, and they walk back to camp. After the ShadowClan cats leave, Bumblestripe asks Dovewing if she still wants to get hunting, and they can also check if the ShadowClan cats have actually left. Afraid that Bumblestripe will just criticize her technique more, Dovewing invites Foxleap along, and Blossomfall comes as well. As they leave for the ShadowClan border, Dovewing stays behind to speak with Tigerheart. After he leaves, Bumblestripe comes back and asks her if she can smell ShadowClan, saying he tracked them straight to the border. He comments about how ShadowClan cats never do anything straight, and that they only visited their camp to brag about their victory over Lionblaze. He suddenly apologizes, his eyes worried, about being so critical to Dovewing when they were training. Dovewing says she was being a pain, and Bumblestripe tells her that she's right, causing Dovewing to swing at him playfully. Together the two go to hunt near the beech copse.
Before the Gathering, Bumblestripe offers Dovewing a mouse, saying that he thought that she might be hungry, but Dovewing refuses. Bumblestripe asks her if she is sure, saying he is hungry already, but Dovewing still refuses and tells him to go eat something if he's hungry. Bumblestripe finds a shrew at the bottom of the fresh-kill pile, and Graystripe tells him to offer that to Mousefur, as she loves shrew. Mousefur tells him she's not hungry, so Bumblestripe is about to eat the shrew himself when Ferncloud comes out from the nursery, tells him that it should be for Brightheart, and takes the shrew from him. Dovewing comments to Rosepetal about how Bumblestripe is always the first to the fresh-kill pile but the last to eat.
After they leave for the Gathering, Bumblestripe tells Dovewing that she nearly ran him into a tree, and Dovewing tells him that he should watch where he's going, muttering that he's a clumsy mouse-brain. Rosepetal asks her why she acts so mean to him, and Dovewing is confused on why she looks so angry. Rosepetal snaps at her that it's obvious that Bumblestripe has a crush on Dovewing, and that she doesn't have to keep acting so mean to him. From Rosepetal's command, Dovewing goes to apologize, realizing it wouldn't be fair to hurt Bumblestripe just because he liked her. However, the two get into an argument, and Bumblestripe tells her that he's tired of being used as a scratching post by her and that he understands that Dovewing doesn't like him as he likes her. He tells her that he'll get over it, and he's just disappointed. Dovewing backs off, letting Bumblestripe pass her.
As Dovewing and Tigerheart meet up at the Gathering, Dovewing's neck fur bristles when she sees Bumblestripe staring at them. Improvising, she tells him that they were discussing the mysterious intruders. Bumblestripe's eyes widen, and Dovewing continues, saying that she thought that it would be a good idea to talk with other Clans to see if the scents were found on the same nights. Bumblestripe shrugs and tells her that she can talk to whoever she likes at a Gathering, and he leaves toward the tree-bridge with the other cats.
Bumblestripe is seen with Firestar and Poppyfrost during the battle in the ThunderClan camp as they force a group of warriors back through the trees.
After Dovewing sees Mousefur die to a Dark Forest warrior, she stumbles away and crashes into Bumblestripe, who asks if she is okay. Dovewing tells him that Mousefur is dead, and Bumblestripe tells her to fight alongside him, as they have trained together several times. Dovewing follows him into the battle. A Dark Forest tom tries to bite Dovewing's throat, but Bumblestripe drags him onto his back, and the two cats match blows and drive him backwards. Dovewing flips him onto his side, and Bumblestripe congratulates her. They leap onto the cat, and he runs out of the camp. Bumblestripe tells Dovewing to come with him and make sure the Dark Forest cats don't return, and they run out of camp as Sandstorm follows them. He pulls ahead and keeps chasing them as Dovewing and Sandstorm stop to deal with Mapleshade.
After the battle between Firestar and Tigerstar ends, Purdy asks if Firestar is dead. Bumblestripe answers yes, resting his tail on Purdy's back. Dovewing sits down next to Bumblestripe, and he shifts closer to her. He tells her that she is safe now, and Dovewing tells him that she knows.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

Bumblestripe emerges from the warriors den after Rosepetal and Cloudtail, and they give themselves a quick grooming before they go on the dawn patrol, following Cloudtail through the thorn barrier outside the camp.

Thunder and Shadow

Bumblestripe travels with Bramblestar, Dovewing, and Stormcloud to go warn Rowanstar about Darktail's rogues. On the way to ShadowClan's border, Alderpaw waits impatiently as the warriors in the patrol scan the bushes by the trail. Bumblestripe stops beside the medicine cat apprentice, his pelt wet and spiky from the rain. Cherryfall purrs in amusement and comments that he looks like a badger. Bumblestripe teases that she resembles a RiverClan cat, and flicks raindrops off her whiskers. Bramblestar paces around them, and orders the two warriors to concentrate. The patrol finally moves on, and the cats find the rogues' scent. Bramblestar says it's the same as the ones they fought, but Bumblestripe sniffs that all rogues smell the same. The ThunderClan cats hear paws bounding toward them, and Alderpaw bunches closer to the striped tom. They soon go to ShadowClan's camp, and the medicine cat apprentice stays near Bumblestripe. Alderpaw asks if Bramblestar will reveal that Onestar lost a life, and he replies that he probably won't. Later, in ShadowClan's main clearing, Alderpaw reflects that the warrior was right. Later, Bumblestripe comments that Rowanstar is afraid he'll be the next leader to lose a life.
On the way to a Gathering, Leafpaw comments that warriors shouldn't be afraid of anything. Bumblestripe says that he'll tell her that next time they smell a fox while out training. Leafpaw retorts she was being smart, not scared, and the striped tom looks at Rosepetal with an amused expression. A bit after, Bumblestripe and Rosepetal stand in the clearing, and Alderpaw pushes his way between them. He is assigned to Lionblaze's patrol, and when they return to camp, ShadowClan cats are with them. They tell ThunderClan the news about Twigpaw, and how she will be held until their Clan gets the herb they need. Bramblestar is unsettled by this, and orders Bumblestripe and Dovewing to escort them back to their territory.
After ShadowClan has been overtaken by rogues, three of their Clan temporarily reside in ThunderClan. Alderpaw hopes they leave soon, as Tigerheart seems to oddly have Dovewing in his sights at all times. The medicine cat apprentice sees that the she-cat doesn't notice at the moment, as she is talking with Bumblestripe.

Shattered Sky

He becomes an uncle to Blossomfall's kits, Plumkit, Eaglekit, Shellkit, and Stemkit.
Bumblestripe appears in the bonus scene. Bumblestripe shows up after Dovewing and Ivypool have their argument. Dovewing snaps at him for following her and states that she wasn't prey that he can stalk. He apologizes, saying he only wanted to ask her if they can go hunting together. Dovewing also apologizes for her harsh words, and says that she didn't sleep well last night. He tells her that Purdy's death has made him realize how short life is, and admits he wants them to get back together and have kits. However, Dovewing is against the idea, saying it is not the time for that, since it would only lead to more deaths given the circumstances. Bumblestripe responds it'd give the Clan something to fight for and wants her to consider it. Tigerheart later approaches Dovewing about the ordeal, and agrees with her that they're getting to the age where they start having kits.
As Dovewing leaves with Tigerheart, she thinks to herself that she'll sort things out with him later, but realizes that she wants to be with Tigerheart.

Darkest Night

Bumblestripe is first seen escorting Hawkwing and Violetpaw into ThunderClan's camp. The warrior reports he found them at the border, and that they want to speak with Bramblestar.
When a rockslide happens in ThunderClan's camp, Brackenfur tells Bumblestripe and Cinderheart that they need to get every cat out of camp. They nod, and the gray ton stands at the entrance to the warriors' den, nosing warriors towards the thorn tunnel.
A ThunderClan patrol visits SkyClan, consisting of Bumblestripe, Ivypool, and Cinderheart. Twigpaw races back to camp and sees them standing in the clearing, looking worse for wear. She notices that Bumblestripe has mud streaked on him, while Cinderheart's ears are swollen. They tell SkyClan about the mudslide that happened, and the gray warrior adds that ThunderClan's camp is ruined. Bumblestripe explains that the recent rain had loosened the soil, and a huge chunk of cliff came crashing down.
While ThunderClan is sheltering by the lakeshore, Snowbush's leg infection continues to grow. The white warrior begins to spasm, and Alderheart yowls for cats to help hold him still. Bumblestripe races over, pushing his paws on Snowbush's chest. The white warrior dies moments later, leaving his Clanmates in shock. Jayfeather approaches, weaving past Bumblestripe and Poppyfrost, who are staring in horror.
At the Gathering, after Tigerheart's disappearance is reported, Bumblestripe exchanges a knowing glance with Honeyfur.

River of Fire

After Alderheart asks Lionblaze for help, the golden warrior returns with Bumblestripe, and Alderheart assumes the two of them were on the same patrol considering both of their pelts were soaked and matted to their body. Alderheart explains that he wants to move Briarlight to the nursery, and Bumblestripe's eyes immediately widen in alarm and agrees, claiming that she needs to be away from the sick cats. After he, Lionblaze, and Alderheart pick up Briarlight, Briarlight hisses at her brother, saying that although her back legs don't work, she is still a strong cat, and Alderheart can see Bumblestripe becoming annoyed with his sister. After getting Briarlight to the nursery, she whispers into Bumblestripe's ear that he should thanking her, since she kept all the rain off of him.
At a gathering, Bramblestar announces that Bumblestripe becomes a mentor to his nephew, Shellpaw.
Upon learning that Briarlight is dying, Bumblestripe appears with his parents, Graystripe and Millie, and his other sister Blossomfall. He joins the rest of his family in grieving when she passes, and huddles close to his mother and father.
He is seen by Alderheart with Shellpaw and Poppyfrost, returning to camp with Ajax. Poppyfrost explains that they found him on ThunderClan territory, and Bumblestripe reports that they were going to chase him off, but the kittypet said that he was looking for Velvet and Fuzzball, so he and Poppyfrost figured they should bring him back to camp.
When Dovewing returns to ThunderClan, Bumblestripe is among the first cats to greet her. When she tells the Clan she now mates with the newly appointed ShadowClan leader, Tigerstar, Bumblestripe says he is glad she is happy, but although Alderheart can see that he means it, the medicine cat can hear the hurt in Bumblestripe's voice. Alderheart then recalls that Bumblestripe and Dovewing used to be mates, albeit briefly.

The Raging Storm

When Puddleshine gets caught in silverthorn, Bramblestar brings a patrol of ThunderClan cats to help, including Bumblestripe. He helps free the medicine cat, and assures his Clanmates that he wasn't hurt in the process.
Dovewing accompanies a patrol to ThunderClan's camp, and her former Clanmates, including Bumblestripe, glare at her. Bramblestar comments on the decision to bring her here, noting the pale tom's hostility. Tawnypelt defends the decision, and Bumblestripe snarls that she chose to leave Ivypool and her kits. Dovewing and him argue, and ThunderClan cats defend that loyalty should be to a Clan.
Later, during the storm, Lionblaze and Bumblestripe go out to check on the other Clans during the flood. They report that RiverClan is now sheltering with WindClan, and that both their Clan leaders agree they need SkyClan back.

In The Broken Code arc

The Silent Thaw

Bumblestripe rests with Lionblaze underneath Highledge while waiting for Squirrelflight to organize patrols. When she appears, Squirrelflight orders Lionblaze to take Bumblestripe, Berrynose and Rosepetal hunting. Later, Bristlefrost spots Stemleaf resting in the warriors' den between Bumblestripe and Dewnose. He and Berrynose later share a pigeon.
When Bramblestar exposes Squirrelflight as a traitor, he reveals that he sent Bumblestripe to spy on Squirrelflight's atonement and discovers she went to SkyClan. Bumblestripe puffs up his chest in pride and snarls that Squirrelflight wanted SkyClan to rise up against ThunderClan. Bristlefrost wonders in horror if Bumblestripe knew about the secret meeting and would call out Bristlefrost as a traitor. When Bramblestar calls for a new deputy, Bumblestripe and Berrynose offer to fill the position.

Veil of Shadows

Bumblestripe and Rosepetal return to camp following a border patrol with Twigbranch between them, returning from her atonement. He leaves with his father, sister, and the other cats go into exile with Sparkpelt following her argument with Bramblestar.

In the Super Editions

Crowfeather's Trial

Bumblestripe is on a patrol with Poppyfrost, Ivypool, and two apprentices, Lilypaw and Seedpaw, when they find Crowfeather's patrol hiding on their territory. Bumblestripe pads forward to sniff Breezepelt, and exclaims they're carrying ThunderClan's scent and believes that proves they're up to no good. Breezepelt slaps Bumblestripe away, who growls in response and the two toms nearly get into a fight. Ivypool snaps at Bumblestripe, and he reluctantly steps back, however he and Breezepelt continue to glare at each other.
After Crowfeather explains how he had tracked Nightcloud’s scent by the tunnel entrance on their territory, Bumblestripe breaks in, accusing them of trespassing before, an annoyed Ivypool tells him to shut up. Ivypool gives them permission to look for Nightcloud on their territory, and stops Bumblestripe from protesting as he opens his jaws, he then stares down at his paws, looking sullen. Bumblestripe and Ivypool escort the WindClan cats as they search the area. The pair leave the rival Clan cats to continue their search elsewhere. Before leaving, Bumblestripe shoots one last suspicious look at the WindClan cats before disappearing into the undergrowth.

Bramblestar's Storm

When Lilypaw and Seedpaw want to do battle training, Poppyfrost tells them that they will go hunting and that Bumblestripe knows the best place to hunt for mice. At the Gathering, Ivypool tells Tigerheart that Dovewing is in the camp, and Tigerheart asks if Bumblestripe is with her. Ivypool retorts that it's none of his business.
On a windy morning, Bumblestripe offers to lead a patrol, but asks Dovewing if she will be okay if he leaves her behind, and she replies that she will be fine. Bramblestar tells Bumblestripe that his patrol will hunt, and he joins the patrol. When Seedpaw asks if she can come as well, Bumblestripe tells her that it is too dangerous, and she should stay and clean out any debris that the wind blows into the camp. Mousewhisker and Cherryfall also join the patrol. Bumblestripe suggest that they hunt at the abandoned Twoleg nest as the prey would be hiding there in the wind. Bumblestripe is shocked at the damage caused to the herbs nearby, but says nothing and leads the patrol into the nest, telling them to listen for prey. He hears a mouse, and Cherryfall goes to try and catch it. When she slips, Bumblestripe and Bramblestar gather leaves and debris to try and break her fall if she drops. Bumblestripe tears up moss in the den to add to the pile. After Cherryfall falls down on top of Bramblestar and Ivypool and her patrol come to investigate, Bumblestripe explains what happened. Before he goes back to the camp, Bramblestar tells him and Mousewhisker to try to catch the mouse again, and Bumblestripe says that they will catch it. Bramblestar soon hopes Bumblestripe and Mousewhisker catch the mouse as there isn’t much prey around.
The lake starts flooding the camp and the forest as well as the warriors' den, so the warriors have to shelter in the other dens for the night. Bumblestripe comments apprentices think everything is exciting as he tries to burry deeper into the dry moss. He thanks Jayfeather as the medicine cat brings in extra bedding. ThunderClan eventually flees and settles in the tunnels. Bumblestripe offers to lead a hunting patrol, and other cats step forward to join him, although his patrol only manages to catch a small thrush. Bumblestripe later is part of a patrol that's checking the ShadowClan border. The stream that's the border has flooded, and Bumblestripe says no one will be trying to cross the stream. He hopes that ShadowClan don't start thinking they can have more territory when the flood goes down. Bramblestar explains if they do think that, they'll find they are wrong. After Seedpaw suggests hunting beyond the border and into unknown territory, Bumblestripe points out they won't find trouble as no cats lives there. Lilypaw spots the Stick of the Fallen in the lake and attempts to retrieve it, but Poppyfrost and Bumblestripe don’t let them and herds them away. Bumblestripe then halts and points out the fish swimming around the trees. They decide to hunt beyond the ridge instead and Lilypaw wants to join. However, Bumblestripe says only experience warriors should go because other cats could be there hunting away from the floods as well as foxes and badgers.
Dovewing tells Seedpaw that Bumblestripe told her she is a great hunter and as the patrol moves off, Bumblestripe thanks Dovewing for helping with his apprentice, saying she was kind. Dovewing admits she likes to work with the apprentices. Bumblestripe goes on to say he cannot wait for them to have kits together and she'll be a great mother. Dovewing steps away suddenly and says they have plenty of time, they just need to deal with the flood first. Bumblestripe flattens his ears and murmurs okay uncomfortably, giving a hurt look in his eyes. Bramblestar wonders if things are alright between the mates. After part of the tunnels collapse, Bumblestripe helps the medicine cats check for any injured cats. Bumblestripe is part of the patrol that takes the cats that were in the collapsed tunnel to be cleaned up at the WindClan border stream. Lilypaw tells Bramblestar that they are supposed to be practicing their hunting skills but Bumblestripe and Poppyfrost are with the patrol. After driving away a WindClan patrol, Bumblestripe points out they would have had trouble crossing the stream as it's too far to jump and the current is too strong to swim in. Bumblestripe thinks there would be a crossing point further upstream and if they find it, they can block it or guard it. Bramblestar praises Bumblestripe on the idea, and selects him as part of the patrol to find it.
They find a floating log that the WindClan cats use as a bridge. Bumblestripe interrupts Bramblestar, saying he can smell WindClan cats coming. Bumblestripe is right, and he flattens himself underneath a thorn bush that grows close to the ground. Bramblestar shoves Jessy in beside the tom. They decide to use a bush to block the stream, and it starts rolling down the hill. Bumblestripe jumps out of the way of the bush to avoid being crushed. It's moving too fast and Bumblestripe and the patrol try to tug at it from behind to stop it. They manage to get it on the water, and Bumblestripe balances on the bush so they can start moving away the log bridge. Ivypool almost slips, but Bumblestripe quickly steadies her. The patrol shifts the log and it is swept towards the lake, no longer a bridge. Later, Bumblestripe asks to talk to Bramblestar, as he wants to talk about Dovewing. Bramblestar asks what's wrong, and Bumblestripe shifts his paws uncomfortably before asking his leader to follow. Bumblestripe takes him to the deeper tunnels, and Bramblestar points out that it is dangerous. Bumblestripe reassures he knows and that Dovewing is safe. He insists that Bramblestar needs to witness something. Bumblestripe leads Bramblestar into narrow, dripping dark tunnels, and tells him to be quiet and listen. Bramblestar hears Dovewing calling out hello, and asks if she is lost. Bumblestripe explains she isn't, and urges him to keep going. Bramblestar peers over Bumblestripe shoulder to see Dovewing, and asks what she is doing. Eyes filled with pain, Bumblestripe glances back and explains she is testing how far she can hear her voice echo as she wants to hear again.
Bramblestar points out she isn't deaf, and Bumblestripe says she thinks she is, even though her hearing is fine. It just feels like she's lost her hearing compared to what it was like before. Bramblestar steps forward to talk to Dovewing, explaining that Bumblestripe told him. Dovewing snaps it isn't his concern, but Bramblestar points out that he cares for her as a mate. Bumblestripe steps from the shadows and asks Dovewing if she's angry that he told Bramblestar. Dovewing replies no and brushes past him as she hurries back to the temporary camp. Squirrelflight is later going on patrol with Bumblestripe, Berrynose and Rosepetal when Bramblestar calls to her, so the deputy asks Bumblestripe to take over the patrol. She tells him to hunt over near WindClan as they haven't tried there for a while, and to check the water levels. Squirrelflight then watches the patrol leave. During the fight against the badgers, Bumblestripe battles a badger that has Bramblestar, crouching low as he tries to lash at the badger's belly. Bramblestar goes to help Bumblestripe, but the badger flees so instead thanks the warrior and asks about Dovewing. Bumblestripe points with his ears across the clearing and grimly says there. Bramblestar looks where he is pointing to see Dovewing fighting alongside Tigerheart instead of Bumblestripe.
When the flood waters go down enough to start reconstructing the camp, Bumblestripe is seen dragging ivy tendrils and branches to help start a new barrier. A patrol brings over fresh-kill from camp so the rebuilding patrols settle to eat. Rosepetal asks Blossomfall about Bumblestripe and Dovewing no longer being mates. Bramblestar notices both cats are on different sides of camp as far away from each other as possible. They seem downcast and their gaze is firmly on the food they are eating. Blossomfall confirms Rosepetal's question, and thinks that Dovewing was never the right one for her sibling. Rosepetal agrees and says Bumblestripe will get another mate soon as he is so nice. Blossomfall jokes that she'll put in a good word for her if she wants. Just before Graystripe has his elder ceremony, he mentions all of his kits, including Bumblestripe. He says his proud of his kits and for Bumblestripe his proud of his loyalty and compassion.

Squirrelflight's Hope

His apprentice, Shellpaw, is now a warrior named Shellfur. Bumblestripe goes on a border patrol with Squirrelflight, Eaglewing and Plumstone. He is uneasy about crossing the stream to ThunderClan's newly acquired moorland territory. While marking the border, Plumstone spots a rabbit and chases it back to the woods, and Bumblestripe manages to catch it. The warriors' hesitance to use their new territory sparks a discussion among the leaders to potentially find a new territory for SkyClan.
When the Sisters bring Sunrise, who is injured, to ThunderClan, Bumblestripe agrees they should help. Bramblestar orders him and Berrynose to stand guard for the night. He attends a Gathering, and runs ahead with Squirrelflight to warn Sunrise and the Sisters that they had to leave camp.

In the Novellas

Dovewing's Silence

After the battle, he is seen sitting next to Graystripe at Firestar's body.
The next morning, Bumblestripe comes with Purdy, along with Graystripe, Rosepetal, and Blossomfall, to help bury the bodies of their dead Clanmates. Bumblestripe heads straight for Firestar's body. A bit later, he is holding Mousefur's body with Lionblaze, Cinderheart, and Purdy. They follow Leafpool out of the camp, and they bury Mousefur on a grassy mound that Purdy picks out.
Dovewing and Bumblestripe are working to rebuild the collapsed wall of the warriors' den. Bumblestripe gets his eyes poked, but jokes that his sight is still alright. Together they untangle a knot of ivy. When Blackstar comes to the camp, Bumblestripe wonders aloud to Dovewing about what he wants. When Blackstar tells Bramblestar that all the Clans should work together to deal with the cats who were training in the Dark Forest, Bumblestripe whispers in Dovewing's ear that the battle is already over, and they are not allies with ShadowClan anymore. After Blackstar leaves, Bumblestripe tells Dovewing to calm down, who is agitated because of fear for Ivypool and Birchfall. Bumblestripe tells her that maybe they should be punished to understand that what they did was wrong, but Dovewing asks him if he thought Blossomfall would ever betray ThunderClan. He mutters back that it was not part of the warrior code to train in the Dark Forest, but Dovewing, reaching her paw out onto Bumblestripe's shoulder, tells him that the Dark Forest attacking them was not part of the code either, and she assures him that they were loyal to ThunderClan when it mattered most. Bumblestripe looks at her after a moment and tells her that she really believes what she said. Dovewing tells him that she would trust Ivypool with her life, and asks him if he felt the same with Blossomfall. Bumblestripe pauses and then thanks her with a nod. After Bramblestar comes to talk with Dovewing, Dovewing stays still and tries to cast her senses out, but she can only hear Bumblestripe and Cinderheart working next to her.
When Bramblestar announces to the Clan that the cats who trained in the Dark Forest will have a swear an oath of loyalty, Bumblestripe mutters that he hopes it works. Dovewing rests her tail-tip on his shoulder.
When Sandstorm starts coughing in the warriors' den, Bumblestripe wakes up next to Dovewing and murmurs that he feels sorry for her, but she should go see Jayfeather as she is keeping every cat awake. Dovewing tells him that she has probably already thought of that.
As the ThunderClan cats are going to Gathering, Dovewing runs to catch up with Bumblestripe. She remembers that they had basked earlier that day in sunshine, and she was feeling more affectionate towards him. Bumblestripe teases her to hurry up, calling her "little legs." They continue to walk to the Gathering with the rest of the Clan, and Bumblestripe uses his shoulder to steady Dovewing back onto her feet when she trips over a branch. Dovewing snaps at Bumblestripe when he asks if she is okay, causing Bumblestripe to flatten his ears. Dovewing feels guilty and thanks him for catching her, as she would have looked dumb if she had fallen down. Bumblestripe tells her that he will always be there to catch her, muzzling her head. They keep walking, their fur brushing.
When Dovewing sees Tigerheart at the Gathering, she reminds herself that she is with Bumblestripe now. Bumblestripe comes up next to her and asks her if they can sit next to Blossomfall, as he does not want her to be all alone. She agrees, feeling fond of him, and they sit next to Blossomfall and Thornclaw. After the Gathering ends, Cinderheart wonders aloud that nothing needs to change after the Great Battle, but Bumblestripe, twitching his ears, says aloud that he feels the Great Battle has changed everything.
When Dovewing offers to sleep in the elders' den so Briarlight can sleep in her nest in the warriors' den, Bumblestripe, surprised, tells her that he would miss sleeping next to her, and Dovewing tells him that it would not be for a long time.Two night later, Leafpool tells Dovewing to share a huge squirrel with Bumblestripe and Purdy. Dovewing calls to Bumblestripe to join. Dovewing wants to move away for a bit, so tells Bumblestripe that she’s going to the dirtplace to deter him from following. After Dovewing and a patrol defeats a fox, Bumblestripe asks if she is alright. Dovewing breaths in his warm scent and says she is okay. The former Dark Forest trainees are forgiven, and Bumblestripe tells Dovewing he doesn’t know exactly what happened, but whatever Dovewing did it means so much to him. He thanks Dovewing and she sees she knows this means so much to him.

In the Field Guides

Battles of the Clans

He appears as an apprentice, having just learned ThunderClan's special battle technique, called the Lightning Strike. Mousewhisker and Thornclaw taught it to him, and he is now eager to show it to Dovepaw and Ivypaw.
He gives a brief demonstration on Dovepaw and Ivypaw by using Lionblaze and Purdy as trees, stalking low, then quickly pouncing onto them. When Lionblaze suggest something, Bumblepaw tells him to be quiet, saying trees don't talk. Ivypaw asks how it's powerful when he didn't even touch her. He replies that he didn't want to hurt her, and in a real battle, he would have done as much damage to them as he could have quickly, and then retreated. Then, after a few moments, when the enemies would have assumed he had retreated, he would have struck again, as the enemy would never expect the same attack twice in a row, because "lightning never strikes in the same place twice," and is warned to not scare Dovepaw and Ivypaw.

The Ultimate Guide

He appears briefly on Dovewing's page. Dovewing found something in Bumblestripe and began to see a future with him, instead of Tigerheart with secret and suffering love. As the echoes of the final battle died away, Dovewing made her choice. It is mentioned on Briarlight's page that she was born in the same litter as Blossomfall and Bumblestripe.
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