Burr is a tom.[1]


In the Warriors Adventure Games

The Plaintive Howls

Burr travels around when he notices the smell of food. He follows the scent to an area where it seems that humans have temporarily inhabited. Unknowing of what was going on, Burr wanders into a cage and becomes trapped. Stuck in the cage for nearly a day, he cries for help nearly the whole time. Meanwhile, Burr hears other cats doing the same thing, and he assumes they too have been trapped in similar cages though he can't see them.
A day later and clouded with exhaustion, Burr is taken into a sleeping monster. He and several other cats remain in metal cages, until a group of Clan cats enter the monster. The Clan cats manage to free all those in the cages inside the monster if all goes well. Once free, Burr still plans on staying within the area, though he promises to stay out of the Clan territories.


Notes and references

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