"It's okay to be sad. If you ever want to talk about your brother, I'm always here."
— Cherryfall reassuring Stormpaw about Benny in Bramblestar's Storm, page 456

Cherryfall is a ginger she-cat[2] with amber eyes.[8]

Cherryfall is a ThunderClan warrior under Bramblestar's leadership in the lake territories. She was born as Cherrykit to Berrynose and Poppyfrost with her brother, Molewhisker. As an apprentice named Cherrypaw, Foxleap was appointed as her mentor, but her training was taken over by Whitewing after he was killed in the Great Battle. She served as a messenger with her brother during the battle. After becoming a warrior, Cherryfall gained Sparkpaw as an apprentice and took part in Alderpaw's journey to find SkyClan.


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Omen of the Stars

Sandstorm: "You had a big scare. But there’s no need to invent mysterious cats coming to the rescue. Brightheart and your mentors did a great job scaring the fox away"
Cherrypaw: "But we’re not making it up!"
Sandstorm to Cherrypaw after a fox attack The Forgotten Warrior, page 62
Cherrykit and her brother Molekit are born to Poppyfrost and Berrynose during a greenleaf drought. She catches whitecough, but recovers and receives her apprentice name, Cherrypaw. During their training, the siblings are attacked by a fox, but are saved by an unknown cat, which the Clan believes to be Sol. Later, she is poisoned after mistaking water hemlock for parsley. In the Great Battle, she and her brother wish to fight, but are assigned instead as messengers.

A Vision of Shadows

"I think Sparkpaw is right. Something is . . . off about these cats. I think they’re beyond our help. Is all this really what you saw in your dream?"
—Cherryfall to Alderpaw about Darktail's group The Apprentice's Quest, page chapter 15
Cherryfall receives Sparkpaw as an apprentice and is selected to accompany Alderpaw on his quest to find SkyClan, along with Molewhisker, Sparkpaw, Alderpaw, and Sandstorm, but is horrified when a ShadowClan apprentice, Needlepaw, forces herself into the group. She grieves when Sandstorm dies of infection, and after they escape from Darktail, Cherryfall comforts Alderpaw when Molewhisker calls the quest a failure. The journey concluded, Cherryfall swears an oath of secrecy about the existence of SkyClan. When the Kin are defeated, Cherryfall doubts SkyClan's ability to stay at the lake, given the lack of territory. However, she joins Twigbranch's patrol to bring SkyClan back.

The Broken Code

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Super Editions

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In Bramblestar's Storm, Cherryfall is a new warrior, along with Molewhisker. When hunting, she falls from a tree branch and injures her paw. Later, she befriends the kittypet, Frankie, comforting him after the death of his brother, and befriending him after he becomes an apprentice, Stormpaw. She later retrieves the Stick of the Fallen.


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In Dovewing's Silence, Cherrypaw and Molepaw remain distrustful towards the former Dark Forest trainees. The apprentices devise a plan to lead them to a crazed, trapped fox in order to scare them. Though the fox is killed, it injures many, and the apprentices are scolded for their recklessness. Ultimately, Cherrypaw and Molepaw make amends with the Dark Forest trainees.


Interesting facts


  • In The Forgotten Warrior, Molewhisker and Cherryfall are said to be almost six moons old.[10] However, judging by the season they were born and the season they were apprenticed in, both of them were over a year old and roughly six moons late in being apprenticed.[1][11]
  • She and Molewhisker are mistakenly listed as kits in the allegiances in The Forgotten Warrior[12] and The Last Hope,[13] despite having already been apprenticed.[11]
  • She is mistakenly said to be Mousewhisker's sister.[14]
  • She is mistakenly shown to have darker and lighter patches on the official tree.[15]

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Cherrypaw's apprentice ceremony
Firestar: From this time forward, this kit will be known as Cherrypaw. Foxleap, you have shown courage and perseverance in serving your Clan, and I trust that you will pass on these qualities to your apprentice.
Reference: The Forgotten Warrior, page 49



Cherrykit: "That was the worst pounce I've ever seen!"
Molekit: "You do better, then."
—Cherrykit and Molekit playing Fading Echoes, page 26

Cherrykit: "Look, Molekit! She's doing it herself!"
Molekit: "Go, Briarlight!"
—Cherrykit and Molekit admiring Briarlight Fading Echoes, page 178

"You're so brave!"
—Cherrypaw to Ivypool about spying on the Dark Forest The Last Hope, page 237

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Molepaw: "We’re very sorry. What we did was wrong, and we broke the warrior code."
Cherrypaw: "It won’t happen again."
Birchfall: "I believe you. Will you patrol with me tomorrow, Cherrypaw?"
Cherrypaw: "It would be an honor to patrol with any of you."
—Molepaw, Cherrypaw and Birchfall Dovewing's Silence, page Chapter 9

Ivypool: "And hedgehogs can fly. You can barely stand. And don't try to hide your paw from me, Cherryfall. I can see the blood on it."
Cherryfall: "It's only a ripped claw."
—Cherryfall slightly irritated over what she considers a minor injury Bramblestar's Storm, page 87

"Careful, Molewhisker. You don't talk to our Clan leader like that!"
—Cherryfall after Bramblestar accidentally steps on Molewhisker's tail Bramblestar's Storm, page 103

Sandstorm: "I'm not sure . . . You know that warriors don't eat kittypet food."
Cherryfall: "It's not kittypet food. It's Twoleg food."
—Sandstorm and Cherryfall arguing over whether they should eat Twoleg food The Apprentice's Quest, page 131

"Come down! You'll fall in, and how will we get you out?"
—Cherryfall telling her apprentice to get down from the trash can The Apprentice's Quest, page 131

Cherryfall: "At least they caught something. Some of our visitors as still too weak to hunt."
Twigpaw: "It's not their fault. They've been through a lot."
Ivypool: "Jayfeather said they're supposed to rest until they get their strength back."
Cherryfall: "And who's going to help us get our strength back after we've finish feeding half the forest?"
Lionblaze: "Complaining isn't going to help anyone."
Molewhisker: "She's allowed to have an opinion. Besides, are we even sure that SkyClan is a real Clan?"
Cherryfall: "They might just be another bunch of rogues."
—Cherryfall complaining about SkyClan Darkest Night, pages 8-9

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