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In the A Vision of Shadows arc

Darkest Night

When Hawkwing leads a patrol to search for SkyClan's missing Clanmates, they stumble upon Barley's barn. Cherrytail squeezes through a gap and asks Barley what's going on, before seeing the visitors, and running to meet her son. Hawkwing asks anxiously where Cloudmist is, and Cherrytail calls for his sister. The white she-cat pops out and asks her sibling where he's been, and what he's been up to. Before the tabby can start on his adventures, Cherrytail spots her other kit and races to greet her before listening to Hawkwing again.
Hawkwing decides to wait, despite his mother's questions. The tortoiseshell spots Violetpaw and asks who she is. Barley responds that she is Hawkwing's kit, and Cherrytail exclaims that they must be Pebbleshine's. She asks if Violetpaw has any littermates, and the she-cat replies that she has one: Twigpaw. The apprentice desperately searches for words before the tortoiseshell calls for Cloudmist to meet Violetpaw. Surprised, she meows that she didn't know Pebbleshine was expecting, and asks where she is. Hawkwing's gaze makes Cherrytail ask if something's happened, and he tells his mother how the speckled queen was carried off by a monster when she wanted to steal prey. She birthed Twigpaw and Violetpaw alone by a Thunderpath, and disappeared. Violetpaw mumbles that they think Pebbleshine was killed on the Thunderpath.
Cherrytail rubs her cheek against the black-and-white she-cat's, and Hawkwing adds that his kits had barely opened their eyes when his mate vanished. When asked how they survived, the tabby responds that they were found by Clan cats. At once the tortoiseshell's eyes light up, and she eagerly exclaims that they found the other Clans. Her son explains that the Clans found them, after wandering far and long, and after many deaths. Cherrytail asks if Leafstar is among them, and Hawkwing says she's well, but their medicine cat died. She asks how, and her daughter tells her that they should explain the whole ordeal slowly, with so much to tell and so much loss. First they tell their mother the good news.
As her Clanmates list off what's going on, Violetpaw stares at Cherrytail and Cloudmist, and wonders if they are really her kin. She sees nothing of herself in them, or vice versa.
Later, after they are finished eating the rats Molewhisker and Barley brought them, Hawkwing meows that they didn't come just to visit. His mother guesses that he wants her and Cloudmist to come with them. He gazes at her and says they should be in the place Echosong saw in her vision, with her kin. Cloudmist replies that they have a good life, with plenty of fresh-kill and water. Her mother adds that it's safe in Barley's barn, her eyes filled with shadows as though dangerous memories are still fresh in her mind. The SkyClan deputy promises that they'll be safe. They only stayed in the barn because the tortoiseshell was injured, and Cherrytail interrupts with the fact that it's closer to her mate, Sharpclaw. Violetpaw heard stories about the tom who was killed by Darktail.
Hawkwing explains that they can't hide from the future, and Blossomheart urges both of them to come, as both her kin and SkyClan need them. Rabbitleap describes the situation back home. Their Clan hardly has enough cats inside it, and they don't even have a medicine cat. Cloudmist meows that it's not easy to start over, especially with all the pain. Her brother says he understands, but urges them to promise that they'll think about it. Cherrytail responds that they should, as they said they'd rejoin SkyClan one day; however, leaving would be a great loss.
The patrol heads back, with all the other cats from SkyClan that are still alive, plus Mintfur and Nettlesplash's kits. Violetpaw suspects both the tortoiseshell's and her daughter's paws must be sore; they aren't used to this kind of traveling. As they near SkyClan territory, she exclaims that she can smell their scent. Upon arrival in camp, they see ShadowClan warriors in their camp. After Hawkwing asks what's going on, Leafstar rushes to greet them, and touches noses with the new Clanmates the patrol brought back. Cats pepper them with questions, asking if they're fine, how was the journey, and more cats join in.

The Raging Storm

When ShadowClan destroys SkyClan's dens in retaliation for losing an earlier battle, Cherrytail and Mintfur attempt to catch Scorchfur, but he forces his way past them and escapes.

In the Super Editions

Firestar's Quest

Firestar and Sandstorm are resting in the gorge when they are woken by two cats asking if he is there. Suddenly, the two cats hurl a pebble down, and tease Firestar for staring at the sky, and that he cannot catch them. Firestar scrambles up but they have disappeared. Sandstorm and Firestar decide to talk to the two kittypets, about cats that once lived in the caves in the gorge. Firestar sees them heading to the Twolegplace that evening, but hesitates to talk to them as he doesn’t know what to say. The two cats have left a rotten mouse for them though, so Firestar decides he really needs to talk to them.
They wait for the cats the next day, and Sandstorm starts to lead the kittypets away. The tortoiseshell follows her tabby companion, and Firestar wonders if they ever pick up a scent. They tease whoever they think Sandstorm is, asking about the rotting mouse they left the previous day. The tortoiseshell calls out crazy old furball, and starts to say "mangy old" before Firestar sneaks up and interrupts them. The kittypets spin around, realizing they are trapped. The tabby says they are not talking to anyone, and Firestar calls them weird for talking to no one. The tortoiseshell defends them, saying they are not weird. The tortoiseshell steps beside the tabby, knowing they cannot escape. They spin around to realize they were following Sandstorm, not the cat they thought they were following. Sandstorm asks for their names, and the tortoiseshell introduces herself as Cherry and the tabby as Boris. Sandstorm asks if they know about a group of cats that could have lived in the gorge a while ago. They describe these cats, and Cherry says they know stories of them. She explains they heard stories of fierce cats that ate kittypets used to live in the gorge.
Boris defends himself, saying he can fight as well as any cat. Cherry points out that he didn’t fight against Firestar. She continues to say that these cats are gone now, except for Moony. Sandstorm asks if they thought she was Moony. They look embarrassed again, and Cherry explains that he was just a mad cat, he doesn’t live at the gorge but comes at full moon. He spends his time staring at the full moon, that’s why they call him Moony. She also adds that everyone knows he is mad, and if they try to talk to him he’ll just talk about cats in the stars. Boris tries to say something, but Cherry shoves him and calls him a mouse-brain. Firestar wants to cuff their ears, but decides that scaring them won’t help. He points out that Moony hasn’t done anything wrong, so they should leave him alone. Cherry hisses to Boris that she told him it wasn't Moony as the moon isn’t full. Firestar makes them promise they won't torment defenseless cats, and lets them go. Cherry gives a great leap as she runs back to the Twolegplace, and Sandstorm notes she has spirit.
Firestar and Sandstorm meet Moony, who reveals that his name is actually Sky. He can tell they have talked to the kittypets, and exclaims they live in a Twoleg nest and eat their food. He snarls that they call him mad. Firestar explains they scared them off so he won’t be bothered anymore. Sky explains that Cherry and Boris have SkyClan blood, so are related to him. Firestar goes to hunt alone, and is followed by Cherry and Boris. He decides to show them how Clan cats hunt. He then asks for them to come out, and Cherry pushes out through a gorse bush, with Cherry snapping at Boris that he was too noisy. Firestar points out they both were, then offers to show them how to hunt. Cherry is surprised that he is willing to, and asks why he buried the prey he caught. Firestar explains he brings it back for cats that can’t hunt first, that’s the warrior code. Firestar asks what they can smell, and Cherry points out him and Boris. Firestar asks about prey, and Boris sniffs a mouse. Cherry shows the hunting crouch she saw Firestar do, and Firestar admires it, noting she is doing good for a first try.
They practice a bit before Cherry starts stalking a mouse. She blunders into bracken though, and scares the mouse off. Cherry lashes her tail as she sits up, complaining she’ll never get it right. Firestar reassures she will, and the bracken was bad luck. He scents a squirrel in a tree, and asks if they can catch it. Cherry says she will, and both kittypets charge off. Cherry leaps up and snags a claw on the squirrel's tail. It falls where Boris catches and kills it. Cherry seems astonished that she caught it as Firestar congratulates them. He asks if they both can do it. Boris says yes, and other cats say to stop showing off, but they always could do it. Firestar admires it is a good skill. He explains that they inherited this skill from their ancestors. If they are watching, they would be proud. Both kittypets eat the squirrel, and Cherry start to explains if they don’t eat all the food their housefolk gives them, they get worried and don’t feed them as much next time. Cherry decides she doesn't care though, stating they can always catch more squirrels if needed. Back with Sandstorm, Firestar explains what has happened, and Sandstorm comments they'll make great warriors.
Cherry and Boris wake Firestar and Sandstorm the next morning, demanding for another training session. Cherry explains that she had so much fun yesterday, and asks if they will take them today again. Firestar is surprised at their enthusiasm, but pleased too. Sandstorm takes Boris while Firestar takes Cherry, and Cherry boasts she can catch more prey than her brother. On the way, Cherry asks if they are hunting where they hunted before, and Firestar explains they are going upstream this time. Firestar has to stop because the rocks are damaging his paw pads, but Cherry is surprised as her hard gray paw pads aren’t even grazed. She exclaims she never thought a cat’s paw pads can become like that. Firestar explains that she inherited the paw pads from her ancestors too, they settled at the gorge because they had the right build and skills. Cherry is surprised he is telling the truth, and asks how he knows so much. Both cats settle down and Firestar explains about the five Clans of the forest, but SkyClan was driven out and settled at the gorge. They broke up and scattered, but some cats, including Cherry are descendants of them. Cherry is excited by this, and Firestar points out the separate caves of the gorge. Cherry can see how a large number of cats can settle, and asks why he is telling her.
Firestar says that the cat they call Moony, Sky is the last warrior of SkyClan and is kin of Cherry. Cherry doesn’t believe this, but Firestar continues, saying that he is finding the scattered descendants of SkyClan and rebuilding the Clan. Cherry realizes that he is starting with her and Boris, but Firestar explains it is her choice. He’ll show all about Clan life, then she can decide. They soon head back with lots of fresh-kill. Cherry races ahead, unaware of the hot rocks. She tries to explain to Borris everything that they talked about but Boris reveals that Sandstorm also told him about SkyClan too. They settle down to eat, and want to come back tomorrow to learn more. Firestar explains to them though that if they want to become Clan cats, they have to give up their kittypet life. Boris is unsure, but Cherry insists they are SkyClan cats, and prey is better than kittypet food. Firestar is unsure she’ll think the same way when leaf-bare comes, and warns they don’t need to try now. Both cats promise to try, and head back to their Twoleg nest to come back tomorrow. Sky later comes to the gorge, and tells Firestar he is wasting his time with them. Sandstorm defends them, saying they can jump and are eager to learn.
Scratch, Clover, as well as her kits Bounce, Rock, and Tiny, all join the new SkyClan. Firestar holds a teaching session, explaining about dawn patrols. Cherry points out to Boris they do not have borders yet, so they are the first proper hunting patrol. Cherry is excited, but is disappointed she cannot sniff anything. Firestar reassures that it’s wet and even experienced hunters struggle in the wet. Cherry asks about living at the gorge permanently, but Firestar reminds her about her housefolk. Cherry admits she likes what the housefolk give to her, but she also likes hunting and wishes she could do both. Cherry demands to know how much longer before they can become apprentices, but he question isn’t answered. Back at camp, Cherry runs to Firestar and says she and Boris had an idea, but Boris points out he had the idea. Cherry tries to shoulder him into the water, but both cats start to tussle. Sandstorm interrupts, asking they can tell when they are finished. They sit up embarrassed with Cherry thinking that apprentices don’t do that. They suggest holding a meeting to recruit new members, and going around the Twolegplace and letting the kittypets know. Firestar agrees to both.
Cherry, Boris and Firestar head to the Twolegplace, and they first talk to Oscar. Oscar is uncooperative, and runs away. Cherry’s neck bristles as she admits she knew they shouldn’t have talked to him as he is very annoying. Boris suggests talking to Hutch next, and Cherry gets exciting, stating his housefolk gives him cream. They run into Bella, who Cherry insists for her to come to the meeting. Bella refuses, but wishes that Cherry will enjoy her new life. Cherry states she’ll miss Bella, but moves on to Hutch’s den. Hutch agrees to go and invites Cherry and Boris for cream. Firestar points out they can be an apprentice, or go to Twoleg nests and eat cream. Cherry retorts she isn’t an apprentice yet, but Firestar gives her a choice of SkyClan or cream so Cherry decides SkyClan. They move on to cross a fence where a yappy dog is. She throws insults at the dog, and comments to Firestar that it cannot climb. They go to Rose's and Lily's den, and Firestar repeats the process of explaining about the meeting. Cherry asks if they will come, but they both refuse. Cherry apologizes as says it was worth a try. One of their housefolk start howling for them. Cherry asks if it’s wrong for them to miss their housefolk, but Firestar says it’s okay so both kittypets go to their housefolk.
The next night, Cherry and Boris arrive at the meeting. Cherry comments she knew they should have fetched Hutch on the way, but Sandstorm points out cats are coming. Hutch does come, and sits with the young cats. Firestar gives a long explanation on Clan life, and afterwards, Cherry and Boris decide to permanently join the Clan. Oscar insults Firestar and the Clan, so Cherry calls him a mouse-brain. The kittypets come back the next day, ready for patrol. Cherry begs to lead a patrol, but Firestar says that only warriors lead patrols. Cherry is part of Firestar's hunting patrol, and they head to a new area that doesn’t have any prey. Cherry complains that she'll never hear the end of it from Boris. They stop to practise stalking, and Firestar admires Cherry's grace and control. Hutch, now Shortwhisker is startled by a squirrel, but Cherry swarms after it and tries catching it, but misses. Firestar reassures she’ll get better. Back at camp, Firestar calls for a Clan meeting to perform ceremonies. Firestar performs Cherry's apprentice ceremony, and renames her Cherrypaw. She is given Scratch, now Sharpclaw as a mentor. Cherrypaw asks if she has to do what he says, and Sandstorm says yes.
The next day, Cherrypaw and Boris, now named Sparrowpaw head out for dawn patrol to make the new borders. Sparrowpaw wonders how his housefolk is, but Cherrypaw reassures they are okay and so are her and Sparrowpaw. She shots out of the apprentices’ den, asking to go hunting as she is starving. Sharpclaw reminds her that elders and queens eat first, but Firestar says they are allowed to hunt as they are the border patrol. Cherrypaw sets the second border mark in excitement as Firestar teaches the patrol all they need to know. The apprentices haven’t been in thick woodland before and as they enter it, Cherrypaw gives an excited squeak but instantly slaps her tail over her mouth. Sharpclaw retorts that she frightened the prey, but Cherrypaw's spirit isn’t broken. She spots a blackbird and goes to catch it. She brings it to Sharpclaw, and Sharpclaw compliments on it. Eyes gleaming, Cherrypaw wonders off with her tail in the air. After they eat, Cherrypaw points out a good border mark, but Firestar disagrees. They finish up and head back to camp, where Cherrypaw announces that they set the borders.
Skywatcher, the cat the apprentices called Moony dies, and the Clan prepares for vigil. Cherrypaw asks to help bury him the next morning, as she and Sparrowpaw never apologized for teasing him. Firestar reassures he knew, and that becoming SkyClan apprentices was sorry enough. Cherrypaw doesn’t do well, yawning and closing her eyes until Sparrowpaw nudges her so she jerks awake. They both eventually fall asleep. Two days later, Sandstorm hosts a battle training session, and Cherrypaw leaps at her. Both she-cats roll over in a bundle of paws and tails. Sandstorm eventually breaks away and compliments the apprentice, stating if she was a fox, she wouldn’t want to meet her. She later play-fights with Sparrowpaw while their mentors watch and give advice. Firestar takes Cherrypaw on dawn patrol the next day. That night, they explore a cave the kits claim that has shining moss and whispering cats. Firestar snaps for Cherrypaw to be careful as the rocks are slippery. They go in and soon Cherrypaw and Sparrowpaw exchange guilty glances, as if embarrassed they believed the stories the kits told.
Several days later Rainfur, a rogue that refused to join SkyClan previously, comes to the gorge. Cherrypaw stands with Sparrowpaw and their mentors close by, ready to attack if they have to. A patrol goes and successfully rescues Rainfur's mate, Petal, and their two kits, Sage and Mint. When they all return, Cherrypaw bounds up and exclaims they did it, wishing she was there to help. Sharpclaw mentions that she should have seen the Twoleg blundering around. Clovertail gives the new kits milk, and Cherrypaw and Sparrowpaw minds the queen's own kits. She gives them a lesson on the hunter’s crouch. Soon, Cherrypaw is at another battle training session, and leaps onto her mentor’s shoulders. Sharpclaw tries to trip her, but they both end up wrestling each other. Firestar stops them, and says she is doing really well. Cherrypaw states she will beat Sharpclaw one day, and Sharpclaw says then his job will be done. Firestar decides that it is due for Cherrypaw and Sparrowpaw to have an assessment. Cherrypaw asks what that is, and Firestar explains that their mentor gives a task then they follow to see how they go.
An injured hunting patrol suddenly comes back, saying they were attacked by a huge hoard of rats. Sandstorm orders Cherrypaw to get moss from the Whispering Cave for Patchfoot. She brings back a huge bundle of moss to the medicine den. Firestar selects Cherrypaw as part of the patrol to check out the rats, and Sharpclaw mentions he is glad they had a training session. Cherrypaw just gives an excited wave of her tail. They head out, but are soon surrounded by a giant hoard of rats. Cherrypaw looks terrified, shaking from fear as she tries to stand firm. Firestar gives a signal and they run for the fence, racing across open ground together before reaching the safety of the bushes. Cherrypaw exclaims she has never seen so many rats in her life. Firestar remembers that one of the rats talked, and that it said they killed before. He knows what it means. Cherrypaw asks what he means and Firestar explains that rats have scratched their marks on the gorge. Cherrypaw realizes they were at the gorge previously at the gorge. The rats drove out the ancient SkyClan cats.
Firestar insists to the Clan they have to fight for their ancestors sakes, not just their own. Cherrypaw asks why, and points out they never met them. They are living in their camp, but why do they have to fight their battles then. Clovertail agrees with her. Sharpclaw convinces her otherwise, and she eventually agrees to fight. Firestar sorts out extra patrols and battle training immediately, but Cherrypaw is unsure, stating that is hard work. Sharpclaw states otherwise, the rats will defeat them and says his apprentice will do it without a complaint. Cherrypaw opens her mouth to object, but Firestar silences her. She takes the first shift for the permanent watch on the Skyrock. On the night of the full moon, SkyClan has their first Gathering. Cherrypaw crouches beside her mentor, looking eager to battle the rats. Sharpclaw reports that his apprentice is doing well, explaining his ears would have been clawed off if Sandstorm didn’t stop her. Cherrypaw exclaims for him to wait as Sandstorm won’t be there one day. Firestar politely asks her to keep her mentor in one piece. During the Gathering, Firestar introduces SkyClan's new medicine cat, and the kittypet that is selected is given the name of Echosong. The Clan cheers her name.
A few sunrises later, Cherrypaw complains that she is tired of rat patrol and asks to be on hunting patrol. Sharpclaw snaps because Sandstorm put her there, and says for her not to argue. Cherrypaw mutters the rats won’t come anyway. Days later though, Cherrypaw wakes up the Clan in the middle of the night as rats swarm the gorge. She exclaims there are so many rats and they came over the top of the cliff. Firestar orders Cherrypaw to let her brother know then fight where they will do the most good. After the battle, Patchfoot and Sparrowpaw drag Cherrypaw to be treated. Sparrowpaw explains that they were trapped in the den and Cherrypaw rasps they killed lots of them. Sandstorm inspects her wounds and thinks Cherrypaw will live. Cherrypaw mutters of course she will, she will kill more rats. Cherrypaw goes with a patrol to attack the rats the next night. She leads the way towards the rats' den. She is selected as part of the patrol that will draw the rats out of the Twoleg nest. They go inside, and Cherrypaw glances around with more curiosity than fear.
The patrol is attacked, and Cherrypaw fights with Sharpclaw, side by side as they force through the waves of rats. Firestar orders them out, and Sharpclaw says something to Cherrypaw. Cherrypaw wants to argue, but a rat jumps on her back. She staggers and slips on the blood, collapsing on her side. Sharpclaw rips the rat off then hauls his stunned apprentice away to safety. Cherrypaw and Sparrowpaw wait under a tree as most of the patrol climbs it. She tells Firestar, who just lost a life to quickly climb the tree. The apprentices stay at the foot of the tree, ready to jump up to safety if the rats attacked. The patrol decides that they need to find the Rat Leader, so descend down to taunt it. Cherrypaw along with fellow SkyClan descendants stand guard outside the group, protecting those who can’t climb as fast as they can. Firestar locates and kills the Rat Leader, ending the battle. After they return, Shortwhisker decides he is not a Clan cat and wants to leave. Cherrypaw states they’ll miss him. She says goodbye, and tells him to keep Oscar in his place. Firestar later wants to take Cherrypaw to see her hunting skills, mentioning that it’s time she and Sparrowpaw become warriors.
StarClan selects the Clan's new leader, and Leafstar calls a Clan Meeting. She performs Cherrypaw's and Sparrowpaw's Warrior ceremony. Leafstar asks Sharpclaw if his apprentice has learned everything about the warrior code. Sharpclaw agrees, commenting that she fought against the rats like a seasoned warrior. Both apprentices make the promises of the warrior ceremony, and Cherrypaw is renamed Cherrytail. Leafstar mentions that StarClan honors her bravery and enthusiasm. Cherrytail licks Leafstar's shoulder in respect before the leader moves on to giving Sparrowpaw his warrior name- Sparrowpelt. The Clan cheers the new warriors' names. Cherrytail gives a massive, excited leap into the air. Leafstar then performs Clovertail’s kits apprentice ceremonies, and gives Rockpaw as Cherrytail's apprentice. Leafstar comments she is a new warrior, but all of SkyClan has seen her dedication. Cherrytail looks thrilled at being awarded an apprentice. Sandstorm and Firestar have to return to ThunderClan, and as they say their goodbyes, Cherrytail mentions that they told her and Sparrowpelt off for teasing Skywatcher. She thought she has never seen such a dangerous cat, but now she is dangerous too.

SkyClan's Destiny

Cherrytail is first seen during Leafstar's dream. She and Patchfoot are heading down the trail with prey and they both stop in surprise. A flood is washing through the gorge so they turn and try to flee up the cliff. The water surges after them though, and carries them deeper into the gorge as they yowl. Leafstar loses sight of them as a tree rolls between her and the drowning warriors. In the waking world, Cherrytail’s apprentice Rockpaw, is having his Warrior Ceremony. Cherrytail rises with the other mentor’s and sits a couple of tail-lengths away from their apprentices. Leafstar asks Patchfoot if his apprentice is ready to be a warrior. Patchfoot agrees, but Cherrytail interrupts, saying Rockpaw has too. Leafstar wishes Cherrytail waited, but could tell she is just as excited as Rockpaw, so there is no point in scolding her. Rockpaw is given the name of Rockshade, and Cherrytail cheers alongside her Clanmates.
Cherrytail is reproachful when Shrewtooth shocks the whole Clan with a false alarm. She informs him it’s just Ebonyclaw, Billystorm, and Snookpaw. She asks why Shrewtooth is making such a fuss, calling him a mouse-brained tom. She also remarks that he is permanently confused. Sharpclaw then organises patrols, selecting Cherrytail as part of his patrol. After one of Fallowfern's kits fall into the river, it is revealed that Billystorm taught them battle moves before. Billystorm's explanation as to why is that they can be protected from hawks and foxes. Cherrytail hisses from the other side of the fresh-kill pile what Billystorm knows about hawks and foxes. She clearly isn't fond of the daylight warriors, as she sneers the word kittypet, even though she was born a kittypet.
It suddenly starts to snow despite it being newleaf. Sharpclaw says it’s a good time to clean the dens since it smells like a dead fox. Cherrytail exclaims her disgust, slapping her tail over her nose. Shrewtooth soon starts stressing about climbing up an icy cliff. Cherrytail gives Shrewtooth a half impatient shove. She asks what if a large hedgehog spears them with its prickles, and states she never knew a cat could worry so much. The next day, Cherrytail leads a border patrol. On the way back, the patrol bumps into Harveymoon and Macgyver. Cherrytail notices they look dejected, so asks what the matter is. She tells them they look like they lost a squirrel and found a beetle. After the toms explain they are banished for fooling around, Cherrytail says tartly it sounds like they deserved it. She adds they have bees in their brain if they think they can just come to the gorge and mess around. Ebonyclaw agrees with her. The patrol heads to Leafstar and Cherrytail states they spoke to the banished warriors. She asks if they will still patrol the border, or hunt. Leafstar decides they better hunt. Cherrytail then yowls for Billystorm and Snookpaw at the bottom of the cliff.
When cats begin arguing about whether they have SkyClan roots, Leafstar holds a Clan meeting. Cherrytail’s brother, Sparrowpelt, claims that Firestar chose them to be the first SkyClan cats because they had SkyClan ancestors, and Cherrytail agreed with him. Fallowfern disagrees; pointing out that Firestar chose them first because they were nearby. They had no more right than SkyClan’s current kits. Cherrytail springs to her paws but sits back down when Leafstar signals her to. During the meeting, strange cats are seen making their way to the SkyClan camp, and Leafstar sends Cherrytail and a few other cats to warn the intruders. The patrol escorts them into camp, and Cherrytail flanks them as they climb down. After being scorned by Billystorm, Rockshade whispers into Cherrytail’s ear what would a kittypet know.
The visitors stay with the Clan, and are confused when they see the daylight-warriors leaving. Cherrytail explains that they still have housefolk, and spend part of their time at the Twolegplace living as kittypets. She twitches her whiskers in contempt while she says they sometimes come out at night, sometimes during the day. Later, Frecklepaw mentions that Cherrytail told her the story of the battle against the rats. Leafstar organizes a meeting with the and the cats that fought in the battle against the rats. Cherrytail arrives at Leafstar's den with Sparrowpelt. They dip their heads to their leader before settling down, curling their tails over their paws. After everyone has gathered, Leafstar explains she has found a Twoleg dump site where a rat infestation is. This is shocking to SkyClan as they had to fight a giant nest of rats to survive previously. Cherrytail exchanges a horrified glance with her brother and tells them to not say they have to go through that again.
One of the visitors, named Stick, suggests helping. He starts with surrounding the nest and blocking most exits. Cherrytail asks why not all of them as she lashes her tail in excitement. Stick explains the rest of the plan, and comments that they eat rats. Sparrowpelt expresses that he would rather starve, and Cherrytail agrees with him. She says that thinking about it makes her sick. Stick builds a training mound, and Cherrytail and Sparrowpelt are seen nearby with Patchfoot. Patchfoot is telling them about the Twoleg dump and rats in every gruesome detail. When Leafstar suggests hunting patrols, Cherrytail protests and says they don’t want to hunt; they want to learn how to fight rats. On the eve of fighting the rats, everyone can feel the tension of the senior warriors and the cats that fought against the rats before. Cherrytail is in charge of one side of the pile, making sure no rats escape through a tunnel.
The attack is a success, but Waspwhisker is badly injured. Cherrytail and Leafstar help the injured tom down the trial to the medicine den. A few days later, Cherrytail returns at the lead of a border patrol at the top of the gorge. She leaps down the last tail-lengths and bounds up to Leafstar. She says they checked the waste heap and there was no sign of rats with all scents stale. Coal reports of a scent of a loner. Cherrytail says the loner’s scent was between the rubbish heap and the Twolegplace. She flicks her tail to show the direction. She also says the trail seems to veer into SkyClan territory then head out again. After finishing their report, they choose some fresh-kill from the fresh-kill pile and settle down to eat. Coal chats with Cherrytail about the morning patrol while they eat.
It is the night of the full moon, so Harveymoon and Macgyver return to the Clan. Cherrytail helps fill in what they have missed. At the mention of rat battle, Cherrytail explains there was a huge heap of old Twoleg stuff that was dumped, and it was full of rats. Her eyes also stretch wide in excitement. During the Gathering, Cherrytail asks about the loner her patrol scented before, do they need to do anything about it. Leafstar replies to just keep a lookout for the loner. There is an accident and both Leafstar and Snookpaw are washed into the river. They are both washed up on shore, and Cherrytail is there, calling Leafstar's name. Leafstar rasps for her to check Snookpaw. Cherrytail bends over the apprentice to see that his alive. Snookpaw requests to go back home to his housefolk, so Cherrytail offers to go with him. She lets him lean on her shoulder and says she’ll make sure he’s okay. Leafstar thanks her, and notes she was once a kittypet, so should be familiar with the Twolegplace. Cherrytail guides Snookpaw over the Rockpile and away to the Twolegplace.
The next day, Cherrytail is part of a border patrol checking on the place they fought the rats. Leafstar smells another cat, and asks Cherrytail if it’s the loner that keeps crossing the scent line. Cherrytail tastes the air and confirms it is him. She notes it’s also fresh, he’s been there again. They follow the scent trail to the border in the direction of the Twolegplace. Cherrytail asks if they should follow it, but Leafstar says no. Later that day, Cherrytail is getting ready for the final border patrol for that day. The next day, Cherrytail calls to Leafstar as she bounds down the gorge trail. She leaps the last few tail-lengths down to Leafstar. She puffs Leafstar has to come quick, as there’s something she has to see. Without waiting for a reply, she whips around and bounds back up the trail. Cherrytail leads Leafstar and Sharpclaw, explaining she was on border patrol with Sparrowpelt, Petalnose and Sagepaw. They picked up the loner’s scent again beside the rubbish heap. This time, they followed it over the border.
Leafstar interrupts she shouldn’t have done that. Cherrytail says sorry, not sounding guilty at all. She continues on, saying they didn’t go far. They found the loner, and he doesn’t know yet. They run through the woodland and pass the border. Cherrytail drops into a crouch and creeps forward through the undergrowth. The rest of the patrol is waiting for them in the shelter of a bramble thicket. They watch the loner, and he has amazing jumping and climbing abilities. Cherrytail hisses his just like them as she presses against Leafstar’s side. She comments he must be a descendant of SkyClan. The patrol approaches the loner and starts explaining of the old SkyClan. Cherrytail immediately offers to show him. Leafstar nods and Cherrytail quickly swarms up a beech tree. She balances on the branches until she crosses onto the tree next to it, and then drops neatly onto a lower branch, just as the loner has done. She says see, as she curls her tail. The loner says she just copied him. Cherrytail’s fur fluffs up and she retorts she did not. She explains she was always able to do it, and now she teaches apprentices to do it too.
The loner refuses the offer to join SkyClan, and Cherrytail tries to persuade him by telling it’s great at the gorge, and they look out for each other. He still refuses, and Sagepaw says he wishes he stayed after he vanishes. Cherrytail agrees as she lashes her tail. She says he’s already a good trained warrior, and he has no idea what his hunting skills mean. Petalnose says she wishes she was a descendant of SkyClan, and Cherrytail meows loyally she might be. Petalnose says she can’t climb trees like Cherrytail does though. Leafstar later calls a Clan meeting, so Cherrytail appears from the warriors’ den and pads down the trail. Leafstar explains to the Clan that the Twoleg that terrorized Petalnose and her kits had tormented Shrewtooth too. Sharpclaw wants to take revenge and warn the Twoleg off for good. Cherrytail asks why she is telling them, and what they are going to do about that. When thinking of a plan, Sparrowpelt suggests digging a large hole and lure the Twoleg into it. Cherrytail agrees with her littermate, and suggests they could throw things at it. Sharpclaw asks them sarcastically to tell him when they dig a hole big enough, like Leaf-bare.
A plan is made, and the Clan heads out in the night. Sharpclaw orders Waspwhisker, Shorty and Cherrytail to collect debris, and drag them outside the nest’s door quickly, but quietly. They don't want to wake the Twoleg yet. The patrol twitches their ears in acknowledgement before melting into the shadows. They soon creep along, dragging branches and tendrils of brambles. They make several trips before a dense bristling mound is made in front of the door. The patrol then melts silently into the shadows. They draw out the Twoleg, and it trips over the bushes. The Twoleg then uses a branch to swing at the cats as they advance. Cherrytail and Tinycloud are side by side, hissing hatred as the Twoleg swings its branch. After the Clan’s final yowling, the terrified Twoleg races back inside and is never seen again.
Back at camp, Cherrytail expresses her surprise that they took on a Twoleg. The problem with the attack is that the daylight-warriors were left out and they do not know it yet. Cherrytail informs them that they are too late. They did it last night and did it really well. Leafstar takes the daylight-warriors away to explain a bit more, and is disappointed that Cherrytail decides to follow. Cherrytail agrees with Sparrowpelt that they come to do the fun stuff, and then go off for strokes and comfy beds. She says when Firestar was there, she and her brother had to choose and that’s what they did. Billystorm points out that they were left out of the rat attack. Cherrytail flashes back they did well without them. A few days later, Cherrytail is part of a hunting patrol. Cherrytail and Snookpaw bring up the rear as they talk about hunting. Cherrytail says Snookpaw can’t stalk a bird like a squirrel, calling them a mouse-brain. She points out they have wings. Snookpaw points out they both hide in trees, so leaping up and stalking along a branch will work for both. Cherrytail admits reluctantly maybe.
Leafstar is relieved that Cherrytail is bossy and talking to Snookpaw like a normal apprentice, not a daylight-warrior. Cherrytail says they have to be really careful when they jump on them though. Cherrytail soon gives a yowl, and talks to the loner they talked to before. When Leafstar invites Billystorm to go hunting later on, Cherrytail stares at them, eyes wide in amazement. Days later, Cherrytail is mentioned to have hunted a fat squirrel at the far side of the border. Later, Cherrytail reports that Sharpclaw’s patrol has not returned yet. Leafstar asks this because there is an eerie wail. After investigating, they find a Twoleg kit with a damaged leg. After deciding what to do, Cherrytail and Sparrowpelt are sent ahead of the patrol to warn the cats back at camp of what’s going on. Cherrytail is selected as part of the patrol to go find the Twoleg’s parents in the Twolegplace.
The patrol approaches a Thunderpath. After a monster passes, Cherrytail whispers it didn’t see them as the noise dies away. They cross and Snookpaw leads them to the wrong garden. Cherrytail thanks StarClan, as if it was, they would have to deal with a dog. They find the garden, but the Twolegs throw stuff and scare the patrol away. Cherrytail watches this all as she kneads her claws on a stone. The patrol flees back to the gorge. They find Twoleg stuff with the kit, and it is suggested to leave a trail of it for the parent Twolegs to track. Cherrytail thinks it’s a great idea, and asks if they are going now. They leave the trail with Cherrytail hanging the last bit, a headband on a branch. She pants now what as she jumps down the tree. The patrol heads to the Twoleg den with a different Twoleg thing. Leafstar holds and tries to get the parent’s attention while Cherrytail watches on top of a wall, horrified. The Twolegs finally notice, and starts following Leafstar. She is relieved that Cherrytail has moved out of sight. She starts the Twolegs on the trail, and Cherrytail exclaims they did it. She gives an excited bounce. The patrol heads back to the gorge.
Cherrytail is selected as part of the patrol to check on the Twoleg kit later on. Concern of the Twolegs wanting to stay or come back prompts Cherrytail to point out that the Twolegs know they are there. They did lead them to there. The patrol heads back to the gorge. Cherrytail later returns back from hunting, carrying her catch. During the night, she goes with a night patrol, bouncing excitedly. She is shown how to climb a wall, and she climbs up in two leaps. Sparrowpelt complains she has an advantage since she is lighter. Leafstar, who is unknowingly following the patrol, notes that Cherrytail and Sparrowpelt look unsettled, despite formerly being kittypets. Leafstar finally confronts the patrol, and Cherrytail looks uncomfortable. They go back to camp, and Cherrytail is sent to the warriors’ den to rest. It is revealed that the former rogues need the Clan’s help with a rival group. Leafstar agrees to help and Cherrytail is chosen as part of the patrol that will make their way over to the place and fight.
Sparrowpelt and Cherrytail stand side by side as they wait for the Clan. The patrol leaves the Clan and after many twists and turns, they settle down to rest under a bush. Cherrytail gives a hiss of annoyance as she steps on a thorn. Sparrowpelt tells her to watch where she is going, calling her a mousebrain. He also mutters for her to take her tail out of his ear. Cherrytail takes the last watch so Sharpclaw calls to her when they are ready to go. They travel on until it is time to rest and hunt. Cherrytail thinks the water from the river looks cool, and goes to rest her paws in it. She lets out an appreciative trill, and encourages everyone to try it. All the cats follow her in. When the patrol approaches the Twolegplace, Leafstar is reassured to have Cherrytail at her side. They go to the Twolegplace cats' camp and are introduced around. They soon go out to hunt, and Cherrytail dives into nearby bushes with Sparrowpelt. During that night, the patrol heads out to study the camp of the enemy, Dodge and his group. Cherrytail reassures Stick that the cats going to investigate the camp further won’t be caught.
The battle plan is made, and Cherrytail is part of the group that will attack at the other end of the ditch. During the battle, Cherrytail fights with a silver and black she-cat. A makeshift den of boxes has collapsed, and the two she-cats tussle over the damaged walls in a screeching tangle. Shrewtooth spots a ginger tom sneaking up on Cherrytail, who is busy emerging from a ruined den and tending to a wound on her side. Both Shrewtooth and Egg save her by attacking the ginger tom. When Leafstar loses a life, Cherrytail is standing with her body, waiting for her to wake up. When she wakes up, Cherrytail says they hoped she was losing a life, but admits it was scary. Red, Stick’s daughter sees the fight and just when Stick tries to kill her mate Harley, she jumps in the way and takes the blow to her throat. Leafstar commands for cobwebs, but Cherrytail is already hurrying with a pawful of cobwebs. In the end, the she-cat doesn’t survive.
On the way back to the gorge, Cherrytail is noted to be the most injured out of all the Clan cats. She has scratches on both flanks and a wound keeps oozing on her neck. The cats find cobwebs for Cherrytail, and Leafstar promises to have her to Echosong soon. Cherrytail flicks her tail and says to not worry about her, she'll be okay. The next day, Leafstar makes a poultice for Cherrytail. At the manga ending, Cherrytail is part of the patrol that helps to drive away a dog that is terrorizing cats at the Twolegplace. They separate from Leafstar and Rabbitpaw, only to realize they are walking into a trap. The patrol attacks the dogs, and scares them off. She later watches the warrior ceremony of Nettlesplash, Creekfeather, Plumwillow and Rabbitleap.

Bramblestar's Storm

She and Sparrowpelt are mentioned by Sandstorm as she tells Bramblestar of SkyClan. She recalls the two apprentices, who were the first SkyClan cats to join them, with fondness. She says that she and her brother were a pawful, but they helped gather more cats from Twolegplace to build SkyClan.

Hawkwing's Journey

Cherrytail is first seen with Sharpclaw among the gathering throng after a dying Duskpaw is brought back to the gorge. She joins Hawkpaw's wail upon his death, flinging herself forward towards her son's body in anguish. Inconsolable, she barely reacts when Hawkpaw tries to comfort her. After several moments, Sharpclaw joins her in grieving at Duskpaw's side. She eventually gets to her paws and approaches a catatonic Hawkpaw; she firmly assures her son that Duskpaw's death was not his fault, and that saving Pebblepaw was heroic.
After Cloudmist receives her warrior name, she sits beside Cherrytail and she gives her an affectionate lick on the ear. She nuzzles each of her newly named kits, Blossomheart, Cloudmist, and Hawkwing, in turn, pronouncing that she is proud of them. The newly-named Hawkwing observes that despite the excitement, Cherrytail still holds grief in her eyes.
During the departure of the first patrol deployed to find the estranged Clans, Cherrytail pads up to bid the leaving cats farewell. She warns Hawkwing to be careful, and to hurry home with new information about the Clans.
Later, Waspwhisker reminisces about Duskpaw with Hawkwing. He mentions Cherrytail joking that her paws would fall off in all the time she spent chasing his late apprentice back to the nursery in his kithood.
Leafstar calls a Clan meeting after the first patrol fails to complete the quest. The SkyClan warriors express skepticism about Echosong's interpretation of the prophecy; Cherrytail is one of the first to vehemently defend the medicine cat's credibility.
While admonishing Hawkwing for his hostility towards Darktail and his general attitude, Sharpclaw mentions having consulted with Cherrytail about their son's growing recklessness after Duskpaw's death.
After the second raccoon attack on the gorge and the return of the second patrol, Sharpclaw confronts Hawkwing about his eagerness to clash with his father. Irate, he accuses Hawkwing of attempting to replace Duskpaw with Darktail's companionship. Cherrytail tries to defuse the conflict between father and son without much success, reasoning that Hawkwing does not feel this way.
A skirmish with a group of rogues later that day stirs the Clan into a clamor. Cherrytail, galvanised, suggests boldly that they challenge the rogues outright and deter them from ever trespassing onto SkyClan territory again.
At sunhigh, Hawkwing ponders seeking his father's counsel about SkyClan's many quandaries and dangers. He is driven away by his own insecurity about Sharpclaw's anger; Cherrytail, chagrined, tells him to let go and apologize. Her quiet sympathy coaxes from Hawkwing a confession of his anxiety about the Clan's future. Cherrytail divulges her own uncertainty and confides that she fears SkyClan may be destroyed for good if it were ever exiled again.
The Clan is scattered and diminished after the rogues annex the camp, and Cherrytail is separated from Hawkwing, along with his sister Cloudmist. Days pass, and Hawkwing despairs of ever reuniting with his family, until a routine search turns up Cloudmist and Cherrytail in hiding under a bush. Cherrytail learns of Sharpclaw's demise and the many casualties of the attack, and is visibly distressed. Her wound is treated to by Echosong, with help from Fidgetkit. While Echosong puts a poultice on the gash, she asks her son what the matter is. He apologizes for involving himself with Darktail, and says he didn't know he would do something like killing Sharpclaw. She tells the gray tabby she knows, and Cloudmist says it's not his fault.
She sleeps for a while before emerging, but her eyes are glazed over and her body gives off a heat. Hawkwing worries that his mother is too weak to travel because of her infection, despite Echosong's efforts.
A couple of days later, after the skirmish with Dodge and his cats, Leafstar announces that it's time to move on. Cherrytail stumbles as she tries to get to her paws, and Hawkwing asks if she's okay. She admits that she's still a bit weak, but she doesn't want to slow anyone down and she'll be fine.
At Barley's barn, Curlypaw catches a mouse and her mentor praises her, then tells the gray she-cat to take it over to where Cherrytail, Clovertail, and Plumwillow are. Hawkwing catches a couple more mice, and brings them over to his mother. She thanks him and comments that the barn is a good place. He agrees and says that Barley will be able to help them find the other Clans. She hesitates before replying.
The next day, she announces that she will be staying, until she's recovered from her injury. Cats exclaim in surprise, and Hawkwing cries that she can't stay. The tortoiseshell insists she has to. She hasn't felt right since leaving the gorge. It's not just the infection, but also leaving where her mate died. He was her mentor when Firestar first came, and now it feels like she's leaving him behind. Cherrytail whispers to her kits that she loves them all, but she isn't sure about the journey. She's too weak and her heart is pulling her home. Cloudmist points out that the gorge isn't their home anymore; Darktail has taken it over. She replies that she doesn't know where she'll go, but for now she's staying put.
Cloudmist then announces that she's staying with her mother. She can't lose her after losing Sharpclaw. Her mother protests that she belongs with her Clan, but the white she-cat responds that Cherrytail does too. They'll both find their Clan again. Hawkwing stares at them in disbelief, and thinks that his family is breaking up, and he knows he'll have to go on without his mother and sister. He bids both of them goodbye after Pebbleshine nuzzles him, and hopes they will one day meet again. His mother hopes the same, and tells him she knows he'll go on to do great things.
In Hawkwing's dream, he's with Pebbleshine again, and their kits. Cherrytail brings in a mouse, saying Pebbleshine can do with some fresh-kill. However he's woken up by a bird, and is angry at it for interrupting such a happy dream.

In the Novellas

Ravenpaw's Farewell

Cherrytail is part of a patrol that piles up stones for a new marker. Riley is part of this patrol, and mentions that Cherrytail told him he was great at pushing stones.

In the SkyClan and the Stranger arc

The Rescue

When Ebonyclaw shares that she bent branches on the fox trail to see how far it came into the territory, Lichenfur sniffs that it isn't bad for a daylight warrior. Cherrytail comes up, surprised that she said it was only "not bad", and truthfully tells Ebonyclaw that any warrior, daylight or otherwise, would be proud to think of something ike that. Ebonyclaw replies that it was nothing.
When Leafstar notices her about to go hunting with Sharpclaw, Leafstar asks Sharpclaw if he will check the fox trail the patrol had mentioned. Sharpclaw stammers that he and Cherrytail were just going to hunt in the woods for a bit, but Cherrytail interrupts that they could easily pass through the place where the fox was scented. Leafstar thanks them. When they leave, Leafstar wonders why the two were acting odd and fairly close, and Clovertail says that it's obvious that Cherrytail could possibly become Sharpclaw's mate. Clovertail also says that there might be more kits soon. Leafstar is surprised that those two would be together, and is surprised that Sharpclaw would take a mate. Echosong assures her leader that he will be dedicated to his deputy duties, whatever he feels for Cherrytail.
Later, after Leafstar's kits are born, Cherrytail looks at them and says that it makes her almost want some of her own. After Leafstar tells her not to hide it anymore, she admits her interest in Sharpclaw, saying that he's quite nice.

Beyond the Code

Cherrytail and Waspwhisker ask Sol to join a hunting skills session Birdpaw and Honeypaw, and Sol agrees. Cherrytail always gives the order on when to pounce, and supervises the training session with Waspwhisker.
Cherrytail is briefly seen at the Gathering. After the flood, Cherrytail stands on top of a log and looks down, yowling in anguish. She places a paw on Lichenfur's body, and announces that she is dead. As SkyClan gather around, she looks mournfully at the elder's body.

After the Flood

As Sharpclaw orders warriors to clear away a tree trunk out of the water near camp, she is seen looking on with keen interest, wanting to help out as well.
Cherrytail is now Sharpclaw's mate and is expecting his kits. She and Sharpclaw have had arguments about how hard she is working to rebuild the camp after the flood. Cherrytail tells Sharpclaw to stop overreacting about the kits, and asks him why he's so afraid to tell the Clan she's expecting them. He goes to talk to Leafstar, Cherrytail seen behind him, and Sharpclaw asks his leader if she will torment him too.
As the rogue cats come to attack the camp, Cherrytail hides in a cave with the apprentices. When Sharpclaw and his patrol come to help fight the rogues, she is seen congratulating him on his timing when he accurately slashes a rogue's face. After the battle, she and Sharpclaw and seen happily standing together, and her tail waves.

In the Field Guides

The Ultimate Guide

Cherrytail is mentioned on Sharpclaw's page, and it is said that the young warrior and her growing closeness to the SkyClan deputy is what gave Sharpclaw a new sense of purpose and meaning in SkyClan, that he hadn't known before.
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