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Cherrytail is an energetic, humorous, and bubbly she-cat.[1] She was eager to become a warrior apprentice with her brother, Boris, and they were some of the first cats to join SkyClan when Firestar was rebuilding it.[1]



Cherrytail has a good relationship with her brother, and they often played together when they were younger.[1] They liked to prank other cats, and often visited the gorge to make fun of ‘Moony’.[1]


Cherrytail: "Would you relax, Sharpclaw?"
Sharpclaw: "I could, if we didn’t...if you weren’t..."
Cherrytail: "You can say it out loud, you know. It’s not as if it’s a secret that I’m carrying your kits."
Sharpclaw: "'Shh!'"
—Sharpclaw and Cherrytail talking about their kits After the Flood, page 11
When Cherrytail and Sharpclaw began spending more time together, Sharpclaw wanted to keep their relationship a secret. Cherrytail thought this was funny, and everyone knew she was expecting his kits.[2] She and Sharpclaw loved their kits when they were born, and Cherrytail grieved for many moons after Sharpclaw was killed by Darktail.[3]

Hawkwing, Duskpaw, Blossomheart and Cloudmist

Cherrytail loves her kits, and is always there to support them. She is proud of the warriors Hawkwing, Blossomheart, and Cloudmist have become, and is sad that Duskpaw never became a warrior. Cherrytail chooses to leave her kits and stay in the barn with Barley when SkyClan stops there on their journey to the lake, and Cloudmist decides to remain there as well with her mother.[3] Blossomheart and Hawkwing are dismayed, but overjoyed when Cherrytail and Cloudmist return to SkyClan.[4]

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